The Current Disaster Cycle and a Visual of the Van Allen Donut Taurus Around the Sun. The Tzolkonic Nature of the Psi Bank in the Van Allen Belts…see below. Suspicious Observer Thursday BELOW. This is what is REALLY happening in our system on multidimensional Tzolkonic levels. This is far past Science. You'll need to magnify it to really see it. Jose's explanation is below. Van Allen Belts and HOLONOMIC RECOLLECTION PLATES from Earth Ascending. Closer shot. "This is the holonomic model of the …

Tuesday Suspicious Observers; Our Days Are Speeding Up…Literally

CME's are coronal mass ejections. The literal changes in the earth's core and mantle CHANGE the time per day. This correlates exactly to OUR BODIES which are in synchronicity with the earth. Our DNA, controlled by us, changes time. This is proof. It's not mysterious; it's natural science. C

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