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About That Sleep! – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

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About That Sleep! - Laka - Pleiadian Collective

About That Sleep!

November 2022

About That Sleep! – Pleiadian Collective. By Family Of Taygeta.


Family Of Taygeta – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends!

Knowing That You Only Experience Timelessness In Your Soul’s Experience, Will Allow You To Relax And Stay Present As There Is Only This Moment.

Living In 3-D Earth With Clocks, Calendars, Phones And Appointments Will Surely Convince You Of Time! If You Took This All Away And Aligned With Your Soul, You Would Find Contentment In All Moments!

For We Tell You Often That This Moment Is Perfect!

But For Sharing Aspects Of Being While You Remain In 3-D, Let Us Explore Some Truths To Assist! As You Live On One Part Of The Planet That Is Sleeping, You Understand The Other Side Is Fully Awake And Busy!

In Truth, You Are In The Same Moment!

Before Sleep And Upon Waking Each Morning, Know That These Are The Most Beneficial Moments To Meditate! The Reason For This Is Programming Your Subconscious Mind. For Once Your Subconscious Accepts An Idea, It Will Use All Resources You Have Ever Known And Mostly Forgotten To Bring About This Idea Which To Your Subconscious Is Truth.

This Allows You To Understand The Importance Of Intentionally Thinking Positive Thoughts. Through Your Waking Dream, Your Thoughts And Beliefs May Change, The Brain Is Rewired With Neurons But The Significant Changes Only Occur When The Subconscious Gains Control. Then You Are On The Right Path!

It Is Very Important To Speak And Believe The Words You Allow Before Going To Sleep And When You First Wake Up! Now, We Come To The Great Part To Remember!

While You Are Sleeping, You Travel In Expanded Consciousness.

Telomere Stimulation on the GAP Kin is Hidden Wisdom Energy

Reverse Aging or Stop Aging. Internal Mind Tech

The Tones in the GAP kin that are exactly diagonal from each other add up to 14. That makes them Hidden Wisdom or the subconscious mind from the mother seen on your destiny oracle at the bottom as the Occult partner. Your theme tone and the tone of your Occult partner always add to 14.

1Dragon, top left is occult to 13Sun, bottom right. 7Sun, bottom left is occult to 7Dragon, top right, and so on around the GAP kin green squares. Look at yesterday, 4Moon is occult to 10Human. The number on the square is the tone. The tribes are lined up, going down the left from Red Dragon to Yellow Sun.

Go down one; 9 White Wind, green square, top left diagonal from Red Dragon. Go down to the bottom right, 5Blue Storm, go straight left, 13 Blue Storm, top right corner, 1 White Wind. They all add up to 14 and are occult kin to one another. They are each other’s INVERSE HARMONIC. 4 kin lined up vertical are a harmonic. Going across to the right horizontally from the kin archetype are all the tones belonging to that kin. It’s beautiful and perfectly aligned when you see the patterns as I have for 30 years.

Once again, as I note in my book, Time is DNA, the hidden wisdom and DNA from our mother is key to aligning the telomeres on the ends of our chromosomes healing the electrical system of the body. The key to that system is perfecting our potassium and sodium levels daily at a base physical level to ensure we’re generating ELM energy for our heart and CNS.

What we will continue to work on with this blog is bringing the higher energies INTO the body via meditation and movement to change the DNA, reverse and stop aging, and align the telomeres. I get will get this information from my dreams and Spirit Helpers. This is Ascension 101. We do not need to age, suffer, and die. It should be fairly easy to prove whether this system is working with basic lab tests and by looking at you! As I feel better and get more fit myself I will likely include videos! My patients are commenting on how young I look so, I think it’s working. I can’t even conceive of getting old, frail, and dying. It’s not in my mental files and never has been.

  • One of the first things we need to do is remedy any stress around those attributes of our own hidden wisdom in our birth gateway around our parents’ effect on our subconscious minds as children. Study it well.
  • Second, be sure to understand your soul lesson focus in your inverse harmonic. If you have any questions about how to find this, contact me. It will only take a minute. lisa.townsend76@yahoo.com

Re-Program; Curtains

curtains at Moms

I’m editing my blog posts (8/31/19) and just noticed this synchronicity. I posted this blog on the curtains on 12/2/18. Look at my post below from 11/18/18 where I blogged about my dream when Spirit put literal pictures in front of me of my Twin Flames Family at Thanksgiving. Then at my Thanksgiving time at my Mom’s, I see the same curtains as his. !!!!! Synchronicity of family Thanksgiving and curtains.

Here is the previous post that has my dream in it before I posted this.

Telepathy is a function of Intuition


I was just visiting my Mom last week for Thanksgiving and was excited to see her new house. She has an extra room where I slept for three days.

I walked in…and the curtains on the windows were exactly the same print as the curtains on the front windows of my Twin Flame’s house in California. As you may recall I visited there two months ago, meeting him for the first time. We just hung out. I even remember photographically etching the pattern in my mind as though something was unconsciously telling me to remember the pattern. I specifically “noted” his curtains.

I was aghast and told my Mom as she helped me bring my things in. She said, “That’s impossible. I just picked those up at a garage sale at the old place where I used to live.”

“Mom, it’s the same pattern. Oh my gosh.” What is the meaning of that?

curtains 2 at Mom's

When you’ve met your Twin Flame, all kinds of crazy synchronicities happen to stimulate the release of your self-identification with the subconscious mind. As I’ve said on here before, the subconscious is our GPS system given to us by our birth family, imprinted irrevocably on our minds by our mother between in utero to about age six.

Ok, so, this is my Mother’s room! She picked out the curtains. I guess the question is, who picked out the curtains on the front windows of his house?

The talking to I got from my spiritual guidance team yesterday was, “The two of you have work to do and need to get cracking! Move your vibe to warmth, faith, and love and release fear, the past, and negativity!” I’m stubborn-seriously- and fairly cynical about this planet so they have a hard time with me. Especially with regard to men, I know I really need to get over it. My readers may agree.

That is what meeting your Twin Flame is about. Your male and female selves become ONE and there is no more subconscious conflict. You both are individuated adults, no longer sitting in emotional choices programmed by your mother. It’s not for everyone but if you have been called to the Twin Flame journey there are major revelations about who you are and who you are not.

When I finally realize that my mother’s projections onto me do not define who I am, it’s “curtains” for my subconscious mind and hopefully that of my twin flame as well. Then we can be together without fear or resistance but love instead. A reminder here; Twin Flame relationships are spiritual and don’t necessarily translate into living in partnership or romance. Many times the mirroring is a bit too intense for the physical dimension. We’ll see.




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