There ya have it! Corey Goode is the Real Deal.

The fact that he is a Yellow 7 Resonant Sun that pulses back on itself is HUGE as far as the energy that Corey is pulsing for humanity, no matter how outrageous he sounds. Three years ago I knew he was telling the truth when I watched his interviews. I recommend everyone go onto and watch all of his videos. It’s an education. You will never believe one damn thing on the fake news media again. It should upset your worldview.

Ascension Chronicles

I am making a YouTube video, not paid promotion but by my choice showing this Collectors edition live. You can find this on Amazon for sale. It is nonfiction and radical.

This arrived on my front porch yesterday when Corey’s birth gateway was the Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. Great synchronistic confirmation.

Corey Goode and his testimony
The back cover where he states that it’s based on his true testimony.
White 8 Galactic Wind-April 30, 2022. This is a voluntary video, for the team who believes and understands that we live in an inhabited universe where we have to fight for our freedom.

Watch “SSP Alliance Update: RECON – Reptilian ET bases on the Moon, Mars, & Antarctica Pt. 1” on YouTube

Stick with this as you watch. There is an important section on the Maya. There are two groups; the E.T. (who I am in meditation with one woman Alishka) and the Olmec group here on earth.🌎 The Maya are great healers and have worked with me now for 30 years in all of my work and now in my office. I did 10 minutes of Reiki on another patient today and she really felt it.

They are responsible for healing Corey Goode, Yellow 7 Resonant 🌞 Sun after all of his trauma.

Email from Corey Goode Last Night

Corey Goode, SSP, Earth Alliance and Intuitive Empath
From Corey Goode:More detailed updates to come? YES and Soon.

I will be giving more details of my recent briefings with Gonzales, Anshar Delegation, and the SSP Alliance Leadership that was flown around by the Mayans in a cloaked ship on a tour hosted by Aree and an Anshar Elder (Ka-El-Lil).

We were given quite a briefing on what has been going on while visiting these locations one by one (Investigating until we were detected and left) over several separate briefing tours that were held weeks apart. The ICC has locked down the Solar System in much the same way we have seen lockdowns on Earth due to a ‘pandemic’.

Before Sigmund’s death, he received the entire Dark Fleet database on a number of hard drives. He was killed over this information but was able to get it to the SSP Alliance prior. The SSP Alliance released the info within the other SSP’s and the ICC used it as an excuse to lock down the Sol System while they searched and rooted out these ‘security threats’. This was an epic backfire for the SSP Alliance.

We were taken to locations on the Moon, The Asteroid Belt, and Mars. We made two separate trips to Antarctica where we were briefed and at the other locations witnessed the Mayan cloaked/out of phase probe enter facilities and Reptilian Cities until they were detected by Psychic Soldiers and Beings at these locations.

We then went to the Super Federation bases (Close to Saturn and Jupiter) for the SSP Alliance to be briefed by custodians of these bases on the role humanity has been playing in their meetings since Earth was given a seat at their table. We were also informed of meeting at one of these bases that the New Guardians are expected to appear at and deliver messages to the members (A first time for any of the Super Federation including the new ICC members to see them). We were told to expect to attend this meeting when it happens.

The Anshar believes we are on the optimal timeline though we teeter back and forth between a number of timelines, some partially ‘optimal’ others are not optimal at all. It fluctuates with the mass consciousness of Earth which is in great chaos right now. Seeing the doubtful look on my face she explained that chaos occurs at the end of every age due to the energies and it was a part of their own timeline. I am trying to figure out the best way to bring this briefing to everyone Written or via a video as Aree is guiding me on the timing of the update.

These briefings/tours were going on as recently as this past week. I am still compiling my thoughts and information at the moment. I have also had some interesting encounters with the Zulu where they actually communicated with me directly in a few dreams that Aree confirmed as actual contact. They and the Anshar are working with me on a number of levels preparing me for what is to come over the next year. They have also assisted my family with quite a lot of Black Magic that was being used against us (Shadow People & Demonic Intrusions in our home etc…) I will speak more about the spiritual warfare aspect that many are overlooking.

We are in scary but amazing hopeful times if we can see past the fear, propaganda and begin to understand our own power of manifesting reality. This co-creative power has been manipulated for eons to control reality and it is time we took that power back. No waiting for saviors to rescue us, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Remember, in the end-times, even the elect can be deceived. Discern now more than ever! That included my information and everyone else, no matter how sincere the source may seem. TY CG

[Updates Posted on Facebook & YouTube – The Video (YouTube) and Text above (From Facebook) are two separate updates recently shared by Corey Goode]
Watch Update from Corey (YouTube) Stacy Goode Interview – Free Replay from Aug 14th 2021Ascension Summit Event Replays – Free on YouTube. Full replay package here. 

Watch “WTF IS GOING ON? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars – As Above So Below” on YouTube

Nut-shell of what Corey said (But do listen and read the comments);

  • The hopeful narratives are not true at the moment. They may be more like wishes
  • The GFW is not going to save us but imo, Salla’s post about their Directives said that. We have to do the work, demand representation.
  • Lisa’s Comment below.
  • (Is he saying we need to be politically active?? Good God. We’ve already done that. AGAIN, imo opinion, THE WHOLE FREAKING PLANET, en masse, needs to cease movement, shut down and MEDITATE. Talk to Source. Get the deal going or we’re done. All at the same time. THE CABAL NEEDS TO BE GONE FROM THE PLANET.)
  • In The Galactic Super Federation, Earth is represented by ICC Earth Cabal. (Is he talking about Musk, Bezos and the other guy?)
  • We sit by giving up our power still looking for a savior. (I’m not)
  • The battle s are real out in the solar system but we are not winning (That contradicts Salla then. Not good)
  • He gets Earth Alliance briefings. They failed at the highest levels.
  • The Generals are spewing propaganda and associating with dark actors. Don’t buy the polarizing.
  • Earth Alliance v. Cabal propaganda now
  • They’re not arresting D.S. Cabal (I had that figured out a while ago. If they had, Biden wouldn’t be spouting off like he’s relevant.
  • The SSP is back on their heels now. The Dark Alliance has been exposed but it’s integrated with all of the other programs. They are “most wanted” hiding in gross Reptilian bases.
  • ICC pretended they didn’t know the dark fleet existed. It does.
  • Illegal E.T. are being held in life stasis on the moon for coming into our solar system.
  • The briefings he’s getting are not good.
  • He has been blackmailed extorted, and threatened in the community.

I have personally been threatened extorted and banned by my family this week, partly for being holistic, loving myself and not getting the vaccine, so something is separating the wheat from the chaff. I’m non-plussed after how I’ve been treated my entire life by criminals that call their actions love.

It’s dangerous to be an empowered Lightworker. Fortunately, I have friends.

Corey Goode’s Quote about DNA

I heard Corey say this on a YouTube interview last year. The date is below. I e-mailed it to him and told him what I thought it meant and asked him if I could use it in my book. He emailed me back and said yes. He wanted to know more about what I was working on and at that point I didn’t have enough to give to him. I may send him parts of the book now.

I read it over and over and feel this huge synchronicity with what he’s seen off planet and what I’m finding for my book.

The part that blows me away is that it sounds like, from what he said, that DNA creates TIME and GRAVITY and our experience of Time. He says that here. DNA is not just 3D it’s multi-dimensional and he says that also. That means WE are not just 3D. He says everything Jose says in Earth Ascending but has never read any of it. He has been on the Mayan ships though and knows them. I do as well. They did some healing on him but could not complete some to it. I need to ask him about the blockage they had on that.

Corey is married and has two kids. He lives in CO.

Of course, Corey has been through the ringer big time from E.T., U.S. military and just life. He is Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. Here is his quote;

“All dimensions are local just as time is local within them. Gravity is pulling in space and space starts piling upon itself and comes to a termination point. Gravity creates space-time. Little electromagnetic, multidimensional eddies, microscopic twists occur and they spin down toward the center of the Earth. That’s what creates time and gravity and our experience of Time. It’s LOCAL to our planet, this little time bubble. Within the time bubble and the eddies, it’s like microscopic rain. Within those twists are OTHER DIMENSIONS. In some of these dimensions, time is traveling backward and faster or forward and slower and there are other realities all within the little twisting space-time right now.

The ELM field of the earth interacts with the cosmic web, ley lines, and different energetic areas are activated at certain points. When things are in a certain position in space, planets, and stars, it activates that little region and it’s a time portal. You can either see bleed-through of beings on the other side or they can come across.”

-Corey Goode, Secret Space Program, U.S. Military, Oct. 9, 2020

Watch “The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé” on YouTube

SSP or Secret Space Force are prepping for a space war. I fundamentally disagree with any militarism whatsoever. It’s always the men talking about this so in addition it’s a gender issue.

This puts me at odds with Michael Salla, Corey Goode, David Wilcock and Ben Davidson who are all very smart people who have done work I respect. But they are full of fear and prepping for cataclysm instead of focusing on peace, meditation, and love. Not enough testosterone in all of that?

The exception is Corey although he is heavily indoctrinated in the military beyond his control, unless he exercises his Free Will, even in the face of the Blue Avians saying to him, “What right do you have to request there not be  cataclysm where millions of people die?”

Under free will in the Universe he has every right and humans need to exercise that now in the face of government elite and their lies for profit and E.T. that act like authority over us. I believe Corey will honor his God given power of mind and heart.

Dr. Stephen Greer, White 13 World-Bridger, my direct analog, made this video. E.T. are not a threat? Some are. Our government, their psychopathic control and their secrets ARE.

August 16, 1945 was Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. Synchronicity.

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