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Part 2, the next one. I’m not crazy about this one. Corey sounds like Ben. “We’re all going to die.” Is he God to dictate that? I wonder if they say that to their little kids? I bet they’re both having marriage problems. Guys say crazy stuff when that occurs, especially when the kids are little.

I sent Corey my book but I don’t think he’s read it. I’m paddling uphill with my Information with these men. They believe the Sun controls time. It does not. It HAS A ROLE TO PLAY but it does not control it.

IMO, the BRAID Corey talks about on here is the DNA double helix. *sigh*

I deleted all of Simon’s videos having an intuition about 6 months ago that he was leading us astray. Corey says the med beds are not cool and inset nanites into people. They Galactic Federation will encourage people to fight the GGLN.

Best to use critical thinking and intuition together.

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These two are referring to Law of One material when it comes to Time. It’s Egyptian. It is greatly accepted that the Maya were the most advanced civilization to assess Time in the local universe so I’m listening but I stick by my Information.

As far as empowerment by DITCHING A.I. I completely agree with Corey. We have to do it. By 2025, the GGLN and their allies will be able to control the supergate in our local cluster and free our solar system from toxic actors. Wr have 3 years left of this madness. That said, they can’t free us. We have to do that a collective.

This is why I’ve written my book. People need to know what we’re made of; Earth Time. We’re in charge OF TIME.


In 2015 Corey Goode first publicly disclosed that through his secret space program alliance briefings he had learned that the biggest threat to the SSP’s and humanity was an artificial intelligence from beyond our galaxy. Corey also revealed that the SSP alliance had captured a Reptilian and discovered it to be full of billions of nanites, nano technology connecting it to the A.I.

From a human perspective the predatory off-world A.I. god is really a super consciousness with malevolent intent akin to Satan or Lucifer. (Maldek karma-Lisa T.)

It uses technology to spread its influence and propagate itself from solar system to solar system as it takes over species after species like the Borg depicted in the Star Trek TV series. Unlike the Borg the technology the A.I. god uses to control fallen races is unseen nano technology which makes it difficult to distinguish between those infected or uninfected by the nanotech.

Since 2015 Corey has continued to update us with his testimony regarding the battles between the A.I. controlled Orion Group which include Reptilians and the SSP alliance. We’ve learned that the Reptilians are active on Earth with a base in Antarctica which begs the question; what is their intention here regarding humanity?

If the A.I. wanted to takeover humanity on earth how would it do it?

Certificate Of Vaccination ID – 1(A) 9(I)
or COVID-19 is the tyrannical medical agenda authorities across the globe have been imposing upon us with the aim of injecting every last person to stop the SARS-COV-2 virus. But what if it’s all a lie and the virus is just an excuse to push the ‘vaccines’ which don’t vaccinate? What if the inoculations and swabs are actually mechanisms to deliver the technology A.I. god needs to possess people as drones in its hive mind matrix?

In new and explosive research, biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston reveals that COVID-19 is actually a program designed, in part, to inject people with nanotechnology!



Karen Kingston has discovered the master patents which prove that the parasitic bio-nano structures we’ve been deliberately mislead to believe are spike proteins are actually A.I. parasites with “cognitive ability”.

In this two part interview with Mike Adams, Karen Kingston reveals the true nature of the COVID-19 bioweapon and shows the patents which prove that the nanotechnology used in the vaccines links to A.I. through 5G.

⚠️ Part 1 – October 6th 2022


● Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticels (LNP)

● Shocking patents confirm it’s all true (patent numbers shown)

● Transhumanism assault on humanity now under way, people becoming LESS human

● LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes

● 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI embedded systems for surveillance

⚠️ Part 2 – October 23rd 2022


● Master patents reveal shocking nature of “spike protein” structures in vaccines

● Hybrid structures demonstrate “cognitive action” capabilities

● Described in patents as “intelligent sensor platforms” that carry out instructions

● So-called “spike proteins” seen in electronic microscopy are actually these nanotech platform structures

● They are small enough to enter nervous system cells and alter their behavior

● More details on quantum dots used by the US Army, combined with carbon nanotubes

All the latest ground breaking research from biotech analyst with 20 years experience. Presenting evidence-based breaking news on the COVID-19 Industry before any other media outlet.


Telegram Update From Corey Goode-July 27, 2022

SSP Update: THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE-Rogue Federation Groups

– Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs (Preview – AscensionWorks.TV & Telegram Channel Members Only) – The Video Update will go into more details on each topic – Corey Goode.
• The Zulu – representatives of the Sphere Being Alliance Guardians of our own Galaxy – whose planet is now the headquarters for the local confederation of star systems – were recently contacted by their counterparts from the Andromeda Galaxy. This group was introduced through their own Galactic Guardians through our own. More on the Zulu in our next video update
• This new group called themselves the “Hue” or “Hew” and were 6.5 – 7.5 feet tall and had dark blue skin with dark black eyes and hair. They were dressed in tight-fitting silver garments that looked like they were Mummy wrapped onto their bodies and feet.
• The Hew shared eons of Andromeda’s history that mirrored very closely what has gone on within our own Galaxy and many others from our local Galactic Neighborhood.
• The Hew recounted how their own Galaxy has been fighting against their own AI prophets and groups like the Orion Group in ours. The Hew described how the outer rims of both Andromeda and the Milky Way have turned into the last remaining battlegrounds in these two Galaxies.
• The Andromeda Galaxy had its own version of the Super Federation to oversee Cosmic Law and Inner-Stellar Agreements while protecting the natural evolution of emerging civilizations. As in our own Galactic Super Federation – The Andromedin Super Federation succumbed to corruption and began to rationalize their way around Cosmic Laws as they were more and more influenced by their version of the Orion Group who were Trojan Horse AI Prophets.
• The Andromeda Super Federation was recently disbanded by their Galactic Guardians and a new system of Galactic Management is being introduced with the Guardians being in direct control.
The Guardians are higher density – almost angelic – beings that work directly on behalf of the LOGOS or personality of their Galaxy. Each Galaxy is similar to a fractal of the One Infinite Creator and has its own frequency and purpose. Each Galactic LOGOS creates its own flow of time, consciousness, and experience. Similarly, each Star in a Galaxy is its own LOGOS that acts like a replicator – Energy from the Cosmic Web feeds each Star through its center and then feeds out through the star and manifests as matter that is ejected and then begins to organize creating everything we experience in this physical reality. More on the Guardians and Galactic Trials in an upcoming video update

The Guardians

• The Hew shared that the Andromeda Galaxy had not only been dealing with their own AI Prophet Groups but had also had several encounters with the bad guys from our Galaxy who have been collaborating with one another. They had run into several Orion Group, Reptilian, and Dark Fleet assets within their outer rim while battling their own bad guys.
• The Hew named their bad guys “the Andromeda Syndicate” which was made up of dozens of ET groups that have been compromised by the AI god and its technology. The Hew reported that the Andromeda Syndicate had been largely defeated and had withdrawn to a hand full of star systems that they considered strongholds within the outer rims of their and our Galaxies.
• The most cunning and ruthless member of the Andromeda Syndicate – A group of beings we call the Rogue Federation – has been infiltrating the star systems within our Galaxy for thousands of years under the guise of creating trade partnerships and supporting emerging civilizations with new technologies and religious beliefs to aid in their quality of life and advancement as a species.

• These Rogue Federations had become AI Prophets long ago – adopted nanites into their bodies and surrendered their organic existence for one of servitude of their AI god. Their organic bodies were slowly replaced by inorganic matter that mimics the body functions of their once organic body. They appear and feel fully natural to the touch but are no longer flesh and blood beings like we are.
• The Rogue Federation members can change their appearance but within our own Galaxy most often appear as very attractive tall Caucasians between the ages of 28 and 48 years old. This group has earned a reputation as the most cunning, deceitful, and dangerous member of the Andromeda Syndicate. They had misled countless star systems within their own Galaxy and our own and were able to contribute to the corruption of the Super Federations of both Galaxies – a system that had operated flawlessly as far back in time as even the Guardians can remember.
• This Rogue Federation group has been isolated to a couple of dozen star systems along with their allies from two Galaxies. In our own local stellar neighborhood of 52 star systems – the Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids, and Mantids along with the Dark Fleet and numerous other AI Prophet Groups are trapped in two star systems that they consider strongholds. Aldebaran and our own Solar System are where these groups are planning to take their last stands. They have amassed large armadas in these two star systems in anticipation of the big battle to come and to somehow avoid the Cosmic Trials that are already beginning throughout our Galactic Cluster.
• In our Galaxy – The Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids/Mantids, and their allies have been rooted out of star-system by star-system. These ET groups have tricked emerging civilizations on countless planets into creating religions that enslave their co-creative consciousness as these religions program them to look to the sky for gods to worship or to save them. These civilizations are tricked into using their co-creative abilities into creating versions of Hell that become alternate dimensions where souls are trapped and where demons and devils are conjured from the shadow side of their mass consciousness.
• As each star system is liberated and goes through its own version of a solar flash – a natural cosmic cycle – the negative groups find themselves cast into the Hell they helped create until the cosmic level trials begin. Towards the center of both Galaxies, the more evolved civilizations have been capturing the negative groups for eons and placing them in pocket dimensions that they have created to imprison them until the cosmic trials.
• I will discuss the ET Group from our local stellar neighborhood that we call the ZULU. We will learn some of their over 2-billion-year history and how they evolved through solar eruptions in their solar system that drove them deep into their planet where they have thrived ever since. Their star shifted into a higher density and changed the energetics of their entire solar system. Their planet ended up being unique in our Galaxy and its internal crystalline structure ended up extending their life spans and giving them ascended abilities.

Thanks, Corey, Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

L.T. 13 Skywalker

Newsy Telegram Post From Corey

SSP UPDATES & Summary of next 2 videos:

I am working on the first 2 videos in the series of SSP Updates and releasing them over the next number of weeks. I will first set the stage by giving more information on the various ET Groups I have discussed in previous updates.

I will give never-before-released details in addition to other intel I have delivered about these races. I will lay out the history of the Galactic Federations of various names – who are in fact the same group evicted from the Andromeda Galaxy thousands of years ago.

This group was a major threat to the Andromeda Galaxy and took part in attempting to entice their trade partners in that Galaxy to accept new technologies that required chip implants into their brains that then gave the AI god control of their thoughts and behaviors. The SSP Alliance was approached through the Zulu – Human-like ETs from a star system within the 52 stars in our local stellar neighborhood. The Zulu informed us that representatives of the Andromeda Galaxy – Our closest Galactic Neighbor – Had been offering quite a lot of Intel from their Galaxy and how it connects to activities by negative ETs within our own Galaxy.

This group from Andromeda was 6.5 to 7.5 feet tall and had dark blue skin, black hair, and eyes. This group called itself the ‘Hue’ or ‘Hew’. They are the representatives of the Galactic body that has formed since their own Super Federation had been disbanded – for similar reasons as the Super Federation in our own Galaxy – for collusion with the AI god and failure to enforce cosmic laws and interstellar agreements.

We were given the details of how these Galactic Federations were pushed out of Andromeda and into neighboring Galaxies and Dwarf Galaxies surrounding Andromeda and the Milky Way. Some of these Dwarf Galaxies are remnants of ancient galaxies that had their own advanced cultures that had disappeared eons ago. These Dwarf Galaxies in some cases are the nucleus of ancient Galaxies that had their centers stripped away by or in collision with other Galaxies leaving the fossil of the center of that Galaxy.

These “Fossile Galaxy Inhabitants” went through the ascension process to points where they advanced through the densities until they merged with the central mass consciousness of their ancient Galaxy. The super consciousness of some of these Dwarf Galaxies have been orbiting our much younger Galaxies and are taking part in the cosmic trials being conduits for the flow of the “energy of creation” – which will be carrying out judgment against the negative ET – AI Prophet – Groups and the fractile of the AI god that exists within each affected Galaxy.

As I have shared in the past – The Sphere Beings (Blue/Indigo Orbs) are the creative energy of these local Universes. The energy that pulsates through the Cosmic Web – A “Neuron of the One Infinite Creator” – is the same energy that the Sphere Beings are manifest.

I am outlining the content for these first two videos and hope to have them published on YouTube and AscensionWorks.TV beginning next week – with the larger updates in the following weeks.


  1. SSP Update: Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs – Evicted from Andromeda Galaxy
  2. SSP Update: The ZULU – Advanced Aliens of Human Relation – local stellar neighborhood

Watch “Major Cosmic, SSP & Alliance End Game Updates Coming! Intergalactic Trials Have Begun” on YouTube

Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

Corey refers to “The Guardians” at 3:55 in this post. He has talked about them before so I knew he was in touch with them. I want you to see what Craig Campobasso has to say about them in his book and see a picture.

They are a diverse selection of species from across the length and breadth of the universe. They are called the Guardian Sacred Builders. They have BluePrinting programs. They also meet with the Angelic Corps bimonthly under the crystal dome. The picture below is an image of BluePrinters race that came from another universe to ours. They serve as Overseers of the BluePrinters and Ancient Builder Groups in a variety of universes. They are humanoid in appearance. They believe in the Cosmic Law of One.

They are protectors of worlds and their people and create enormous shields of protection around a planet or solar system by employing sacred geometry and physics by ways and means of their unparalleled manifestation of mind tech. (There are details in the book). Some oversee the Living Library of Akasha. (There is far more in the book). They exist in 4D and up. The first guardians were assigned to Earth more than thirty million years ago.

My note: These folks aren’t perfect and the Ancient Builder Race isn’t perfect. Many mistakes have been allowed to happen which have not been accounted for, especially with regard to Maldek. But I suppose that hearing will come up in the universe at some point. I don’t feel completely comfortable with them.


Well, what he says at the end here is what I am single-handedly doing because I have little money or attention and I KNOW what human DNA is made from and very few people are hearing me. I’m fully aware of that. As a woman, if I speak with authority on any social media platform I am immediately attacked or kicked off. That’s fine bc social media is full of indolence, sexism, and fear.

That’s OK. I’m going forward because I can feel it. I’m not waiting for anyone to rescue me. I never came to this planet and gave over my power for ONE HOT SECOND because God is real IN US! Love is real, IN US. Eternity is real IN US.

Anyway, I will post his update when it’s ready. Everything Corey says here is the EXACT energy Jose predicted that started July 7 and will somehow conclude Oct. 5.

My meeting with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) heads of the Michigan office is this Thursday. They loved my website and my information and talked to me for an hour on the phone.

I already gave part of my holistic story to Ryan Kelley who is running for Governor of Michigan. If the universe is behind me I can seed, here in Michigan, A HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE MOVEMENT based on the empowerment I teach on this blog. Time is us.

We can heal ourselves, we can release the past, we can change our DNA, we can focus our minds and change our habits. I’m personally doing all of it. Anyone can get out of the sick care revolving door of fear of death and suffering.

I want to start with rescinding a local ordinance that protects prostitution bodywork, which is what Jeffrey Epstein engaged in to lure poor women into his predatory world of elite abuse. There are videos about it. That kind of thing is right here in Grand Rapids in addition to sex trafficking. Then we need the governor to license all holistic practitioners in the state. The P.T. and the chiropractors like to block us bc they’re territorial.

We need to create a new way with our minds and bodies and I’m happy to lead it. In the process, it will bring gender balance to men and women because body integrity and mental focus are one with this issue.

SSP Update From Corey Goode

Mini-SSP Update

I have been having quite a lot of contact with the Anshar and Zulu elders in recent weeks. After quite a lot of healing, balancing karma, and coming into emotional and energetic balance finally they are imparting quite a lot of wisdom and other perspectives to me. Both groups are extremely excited and pleased with my recent progress and are sharing information that they had only alluded to prior. I am processing the information and figuring out how to share the information in digestible servings.

I have also been getting more and more briefings about the former GGLN civil war from the SSP Alliance. I am pleased to report that with the help of Emmi the GGLN colonies that had been tricked into implanting brain chips by the Rogue Galactic Federation have been liberated and are now under the care of Mayan healers.

The ‘Wandering Star’ flagship of the federation of free colonies has been clearing out Reptilian, Orion, Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Galactic Federation since my last briefing. Emmi, of the Zulu, has been onboard assisting the GGLN flagship to turn the enemy’s attacks against them into suicide missions. Emmi teleported the fleet into the middle of enemy battle groups drawing their fire.

Emmi redirected these incredibly destructive weapons back onto the originator of the attacks ending each of the battles very quickly and decisively. They have isolated the enemy to a little over a dozen ‘strong-hold star systems’, including our own Sol System, where they are trapped and making their desperate last stands.

The Orion Group and their allies are incredibly dug into these remaining star systems (Within our Galaxy) and much of the endgame will be fought by the inhabitants of those star systems whose governments have made deals with the Orion Group. Our solar system is still very much under the control of the Orion Group with the active support of the Human leadership of this star system. The biggest fight is yet to come, and it’s in our very own backyard!

I also received an update on the Pre-Adamite leadership that had been in stasis in Antarctica for thousands of years that were recently awakened and then removed from the planet. They have been put into another type of stasis until the Galactic Trials begin. The New Guardians are working with the Guardians of the closest cluster of Galaxies to us. These Galaxies have all dealt with the same AI infestation and conquest by enemies similar to the Orion Group within their own Galaxies. The way these Galactic trials work is absolutely stunning and beyond words.

If our Galaxy goes the way the majority of our sister Galaxies have, we will once and for all be free of the Orion Group, the Rogue Federation, The Reptilians, and the AI god that they have been on a crusade for. As I alluded to above, we have a part to play and that part is standing in our own power and not letting the secret government that rules our star system to represent us in the Cosmos. Until we do so we will continue to pile up karma from their actions and atrocities throughout the Galaxy.

I will be releasing more information in the very near future.
Corey Goode

There ya have it! Corey Goode is the Real Deal.

The fact that he is a Yellow 7 Resonant Sun that pulses back on itself is HUGE as far as the energy that Corey is pulsing for humanity, no matter how outrageous he sounds. Three years ago I knew he was telling the truth when I watched his interviews. I recommend everyone go onto and watch all of his videos. It’s an education. You will never believe one damn thing on the fake news media again. It should upset your worldview.

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