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The Tzolkin Maps Our Multidimensional Conscious DNA Cells. The I Ching Maps our Holographic 3D Manifestation

The Chinese hexagrams are ancient and spot on. They are in the center of this image as the 6 line trigrams. The 5D Tzolkin harmonics are below that as the smaller black numbers. This is sort of, generally, a computer program but it’s conscious free will so the destiny quality is limited. No one can ever 100% predict what the bulk of sentient life will choose.

We owe much to the Chinese culture for being a library of human history over the eons via the I Ching. That and Chinese medicine and QI are just what our manifested bodies need.

I’ve posted much on here regarding how the 64 I Ching hexagram overlay 64 harmonics or sections of Earth that comprise 8 earth plates. It is mapped out in Earth Ascending with latitude and longitude but not terribly precise.

So when we go through the earth changes the hexagram will give us exact location coordinates IN SPACETIME and the Tzolkin will give us the place on the timeline which is 5D multiverse but merged with all of the 3D holons.

This can seem complicated but the hexagrams are where the rubber meets the road. The Tzolkin is where our minds meet the sky and as we know, earth and sky ARE ONE. We traverse one with a vehicle or a body and the other with our minds. Such is earth.

Saturday-New Podcast on The New Physics that Join Space to Time. We Perceive in 4D and Our Bodies at a Base level are 4D; Time (4D) is DNA (3D)

This is a huge leap past Newtonian Materialism which is where our sick care view of the body is, but it is even behind what we know to be true in the quantum world. People FOLLOW whatever media science espouses but you know as well as I do that people have their own intuition and know things about themselves and their bodies that doctors just don’t get. Please frequent a holistic practitioner and trained energy worker and then do public reviews for them instead of being afraid of what others will think because you’re not a materialist only seeing a white coat. The new science backs us up and our outcomes prove it.

By the way, you don’t need mushrooms to wake up the pineal gland. It’s not that hard to do.

New Evidence of Gravitational Wave Background Permeating All of Spacetime

From the article link below;

“The gravitational wave background is formed by many different overlapping gravitational-wave signals emitted from the cosmic population of supermassive binary black holes (i.e. two supermassive black holes orbiting each other and eventually merging) – similar to background noise from the many overlapping voices in a crowded hall.”

“All dimensions are local just as time is local within them. Gravity is pulling in space and space starts piling upon itself and comes to a termination point. Gravity creates space-time. Little electromagnetic multidimensional eddies, microscopic twists occur and they spin down toward the center of the Earth. That’s what creates time and gravity and our experience of Time. It’s LOCAL to our planet, this little time bubble. Within the time bubble and the eddies, it’s like microscopic rain. Within those twists are other dimensions. In some of these dimensions, time is traveling backward and faster or forward and slower and there are other realitites all within the little twisting space-time right now.

The ELM field of the earth interacts with the cosmic web, ley lines, and different energetic areas are activated at certain points. When things are in a certain position in space, planets, and stars, it activates that little region and it’s a time portal. You can either see bleed-through of beings on the other side or they can come across.”

Corey Goode, U.S. Military SSP, Oct. 9, 2020

Youtube video “Truth Quest, Episode 21.5, Aired October 26, 2020

“Time is DNA” page 17-18

Gravitational Waves
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