Monday-Daily Reading. Catalyze Activation Bonding Energy

It looks dodgy on the app. The spectrogram is flatlined to 2 since 8pm Russia time!!

We are 11 hours behind them. They are 10:30pm now and we are 11:30 am. The ScR is 2 according to the image. It is severely low.

Amplitude power is 2. The app says it’s 5 but I see 2. That sits low and is as flat lined as I’ve ever seen it. The binary triplet configuration says the movement begins. See my post.

As you see it begins to flat line again…very low. I have a big headache, low energy and my BP and BS are normal. It’s not that.

The four Q factors are not in sync either. Q1 is almost flat. That is the upper layer of the ionosphere. It means The Sun is becoming more active bc the collective mind is. And it’s almost a new moon.

Meditate on and guard chakra 4, the heart. ❤️
All Zodiac Signs
  • With the Moon in Libra all day, we find the most emotional satisfaction when we feel that our interactions and environment are balanced and harmonious. Pleasing one another is a theme now. The Libra Moon inclines us to seek out the other side of a story. We’re looking at things from a different perspective and giving our relationships their due attention.
  • The Moon is Balsamic on this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, suggesting we should avoid new beginnings. Instead, it’s a good time to reflect on what we want to improve.
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:36 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th, at 3:20 AM EDT.


Planet-size sunspot could launch solar flares toward Earth | Live Science

This could be evidence that we’re collectively flipping to the “future into present” AC timeline by Oct.5. This is analogous to our minds activating a light body node GAP kin and changing our physical body.

The sun is ours, in our Sol Ring, changed by our collective mind. It doesn’t own or control us. Nothing in the universe OWNS us. It goes against universal law. Anything that effects and changes us comes from our MINDSET, what we intend, want, change and allow. All of Creation serves conciousness and consumes unconsciousness. There ya have it. Eat or be eaten on a spiritual energy level.

Are you hungry for spiritual food to be a co-creator with All That Is? Even a flicker of creative intent from our soul activates our Cosmic parents to protect and nurture us in the Matrix. Just like human parents gush over their baby expressing the smallest coo, the universe does the same for us 100 times more. We are loved, only perfectly by the cosmos. Human parents don’t love their children perfectly. That’s how we learn forgiveness. Human error has a spiritual purpose which is good.

S.R. Is up to 86. The Sun is Calm

Be careful with these ELM levels. You can’t over exert yourself. On the website the whole right side of the spectrogram is solid yellow. Not sure why it isn’t showing here. Perhaps it’s coming soon bc of the time difference. But you can see the frequencies jump up below. You see the intense yellow at the link.

2 hours ago Ben posted that the Sun was calm and he was off for the morning, so once again, the Psi Bank rises due to evolution on the earth.

86, 11x the normal 8 that our bodies are used to.

Saturday-The Sun Blew a Major Filament Yesterday.

I knew Ben was going to post early. It was 4:45am yesterday and I was putting a sock on. I stood up and was very dizzy. My brain was boggling my eyes a bit so it was kind of scary.

I’ve been fine, healthy, working out, hydrated so my immediate intuition was the sun. I received this one prophetically because it hasn’t hit earth yet. That will be tomorrow night and I predict stronger than Ben says on here. I felt very strongly that something significant changed on the sun. I even saw it with remote viewing.

I immediately took 3 Chinese herb capsules for sinus and eyes that are antiviral and it kicked in a bit but I had to send my patient home and go to bed. Holy crap. That hasn’t happened in 22 years. The viruses are tied to the solar changes as part of our evolution.

Ben’s video is exact and he talks a mile a minute. I feel sick from this. Call it spaceweather head. It’s 10:08am est

When the earths magnetic field weakens so does our own physical field. It un-levels our pineal gland in the midbrain. It’s like a compass or our GPS system so pay attention to your head.

The earth’s magnetic field is weakening because of the sun. It’s not a joke. Be sure the area where you live can survive a quake or flooding and be prepared.

Earth is in flux and so are our bodies.
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