The Sun Could Reach ‘Solar Maximum’ in November 2024

Reaching solar maximum is the time the Earth’s poles flip. The north becomes the south and the south becomes the north. Michigan might become warm!

November 1, 2024 starts with Red 13 Cosmic Earth. The first 13-day cycle is kin 118, White 1 Magnetic Mirror which figures prominemtly in my book “Time is DNA” as the impetus for the holomovement in our local system. It’s the key that unlocks the door if you will.

Then November 13, 2024 is Red 12 Crystal Moon which begins HF33. The next day is White 13 Cosmic Dog, kin130, the exact center of the Tzolkin. I’d lay my bets on November 14, 2024 for hitting solar maximum.

The next 13-day cycle is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. It’s pretty interestimg that the last day of the month, Nov. 30, 2024 is White 3 Electric World Bridger, Elon Musk’s gateway. The solar flash is going to end A.I. on the planet which means Elon will have little reason to be here.

I wonder who the new prominent people will be on the planet? Without Luciferian MSM there probably won’t be such a thing. People will be equal.