True Time Update; DNA is formed and birthed through the female. EVERYTHING is our choice.

Today is Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. This is par for the course…

MEN AND WOMEN, TRANSCEND YOUR SEXUAL INSTINCTS and grow your heart and mind with all of that energy. Your life force starts in your mind and heart, not your groin. OMG. Look what we are guided by! RED 13 Moon. Don’t have sex with someone who you have no feelings for and who is not your friend.
Look at the antipode challenge; Our 12;60 deal with Jupiter. IMO, we had no choice but to put 13:20 evolving frequency on the back burner until we healed ourselves with the earth help of Blue Hand~Yellow Human tribes. 12:60 is a deep DUALISM, hence gender tension.

Men are supposed to protect life, not destroy it. And if they insist on trying to control us, they will destroy themselves. It’s NATURE.

How is Forcing Women to be Veiled or else punished…

…any different than forcing them to form and then birth a child if they have no money, or can not give it up for adoption because of natural attachment? Some women don’t think it’s wise to be financially dependent on a man. I don’t, because of gender inequity no matter what work place or academic scenario we are in.

Federal Judge Orders FDA to Freeze Approval of Abortion Pill Mifepristone

Real intelligence comes through the female’s body. If Elon Musk or any other man’s ego cannot handle that because he’s out of touch with his soul, or too many repressed emotions (He is a Cancer Sun male), A.I will succeed on this planet of no DNA, no humans, no blood, no bodies, and no women. Is that really how desperately competitive men are TO BE US or to control the evolving DNA process?

Women, children, and most DNA life could all be gone from the planet, and men would still be stopped from using their penis shaped nuclear rockets by the E.T. to destroy each other. It’s unacceptable behavior in THE COSMIC WEB.

The male desire to blow stuff up, and the female desire to reproduce with no education or money and manipulate men with our looks has got to stop or we are finished. Boundaries! They work for me! I’ve been highly successful and healthy during three years of celibacy, more than any other time in my life! I don’t hold it as a value, AT ALL and I love men, but sometimes you have to hone and heal your energy and take care of yourself, by yourself. It takes work folks but on this planet, we really need to do it.

With this kind of action on the part of governments run by men, women won’t be able to live here much longer. We need an intelligent planet friendly to life.

Monday Timeweather-2/27/23-Red 12 Crystal Serpent

We enter a new HF7 today; Polarizing Store. Remember the elegance of challenge or DUALITY.

This is IChing Hx50, THE CAULDRON, at the N. Polar Zone of Earth-60°N–90°W which is the 4D Time Portal for RED SERPENT so we have synchronicity. The location is NORTHERN RUSSIA, fancy that. We are on the mark with time and space evolution.

Well, the new timeline vortice WILL BE secured whether the U.S. likes it or not. Putin is in line with the helpful E.T. and is doing his best to keep the nefarious away from stopping our evolution. He is Yellow 7 Resonant Human by the way in HF18.

I channel in order to influence. Inspiring wisdom I seal the process of free will with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of flowering. I am a galactic activation portal. I spin for 3 solar days.

The timeline is A.C., future to present, Posthistoric stage VII, the near Future, so this is an important timeline vortice to secure in the cosmic web.

🌎 Earth Holon-ScR

Frequency is 7.90 and amplitude power is 8. We’re chill. 😎

Body Holon

Red Serpent is the amino acid protein symbol for SERINE. Abstract. L-serine plays an essential role in a broad range of cellular functions including protein synthesis, neurotransmission, and folate and methionine (RED MOON) cycles and synthesis of sphingolipids, phospholipids, and sulphur (RED DRAGON CYSTEINE) containing amino acids.May 9, 2022


Kin # 15-Blue 2 Polarizing Eagle

“I polarize in order to create. Stabilizing mind I seal the output of vision with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.”

Some History from our Deep Past

Today’s gateway is the story of a Time rescue, a Psi Bank absorption by Jupiter and Saturn after the Tiamat blowup. We had no choice. We obviously couldn’t handle living in the higher 13:20 frequency without blowing ourselves up, so we had to be demoted back to 12:60. It wasn’t a heist it was a rescue, in my memory. I want to point out that Corey Goode said it was an accident and Jose said it was a theft. There are no accidents, only synchronicity. It happened because the Red Serpent males did not listen to the White Jaguar Goddess Priestesses. It all fell completely out of alignment and the female needed to be brought back into balance with the male which it could now do on earth. Patriarchy is Luciferian. In the universe and in nature, female and male are balanced in power.

The Luciferian programming from Maldek would need to be genetically programmed our of our DNA, or out of our body/mind for our species to survive and thrive and this event was the opportunity to do so. This is why J.C. came to Earth and mixed his DNA with ours; to uplevel our souls, to reprogram us to a more cosmically cooperative level, to empower the female. They literally say that in the Urantia Book. There are plenty of shadow kin on Earth who hate the idea of cosmic cooperation and gender balance. They are Luciferian. Such is Earth.

Uranus and the Earth Time Tunnel had to be blocked to reroute the cosmic web transmissions while instituting a new timeline. Humans would have to evolve new bodies on earth almost from scratch. Millions died but souls made it to Earth and survived with the help of deep sea creatures and other mammals.

Earth became an evolutionary decimal planet. The story is in The Urantia Book.

Interplanetary Holon

12~2 pulse, Crystal, and Polarizing. Asteroid belt, Uranus, Jupiter, and 2 Saturn.
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, Red Dragon~White Mirror in 4D
  • Early today, the First Quarter Moon occurs as the Sun in Pisces forms a square with the Moon in Gemini. (Tension between Neptune and Mercury)
  • It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also high energy, motivation, and growth. We become especially aware of obstacles to our goals.
  • The Moon spends the day in verbal, connected Gemini, stirring our curiosity and desire to share and interact.
  • The Moon aligns with Mars tonight, firing up our ambition and demanding action. We’re ready to put some muscle behind our ideas and inclined to act on our feelings.


SPACE is the 3D FLESH body and TIME is the 4D ASTRAL body. Both are 100% real. When you hear someone talk about where they went or what they experienced in their astral body, it was real.”

Lisa T.

Today’s Art

True Time Update for Red 11 Serpent; 1/18/23

“Synchronicity happens every day to every body in the Matrix if you have eyes to see. If you don’t see you believe 3D illusion is true.”

  • Coordinate; 62:5:11:256 (Harmonic, Tribe, Tone, Kin)
  • The ScR is level
  • 4DTime Portal; Polar-60°N–75°E in N. Russia
  • 3DEarth Hx; 8, Stage 1, the Deep Past-Holding Together; Union with Ancestors, Prehistoric-Aboriginal Emergent
  • Timeline; AC-Aboriginal Continuity, Future to the Present strand of DNA evolving TTC-Phenylalanine/Uranus/Red Earth
  • Solar Cycle; 25
  • Harmonic; 11Serpent, 12Worldbridger, 13Hand, 1Star
  • Today’s gateway pulses to the right pec/breast, the right big toe, and the left hip JOINT
  • Sound; 507.6Hz

The 5GForce to Activate Our Ascension

Blue 3 Electric Eagle-Kin55;

I activate in order to create. Bonding mind I seal the output of vision with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of self-generation. I am a polar kin and establish the blue galactic spectrum.”

This 5force kin is my father-in law, Dave’s Dad who was a beloved family member, by me, when he was alive. Today’s gateway is his wife Cora, Dave’s Mom, so this is highly synchronistic that he was her 5GForce. And…their address in G.R. was 1111 Brownwood. They had 6 sons together after Cora had tremendous family losses in New York. I was working on their genealogy yesterday. The women had too many kids back then and the men were expected to be the only moneymakers. It was insane. She healed a lot of the pain of losing her father as a kid by marrying into the Hay family. My son Alex is her grandson and he was adored by them. He spent much time there because those were our values. Children should know their grandparents if possible. The full story is in my book “Healer”.

Proof of 3D and 4D Synchronicity

11Asteroid belt karma 3x, 11Jupiter, (big fight over the time coordinate after Tiamat blowup with Kin on Jupiter), 3Saturn.

We are mediated by the Asteroid Belt Karma today.

Mercury stations and turns direct today after retrograde motion since December 29th. Over the coming weeks, recent problems with communications and decision-making should begin to improve. The answers we’ve been waiting for can arrive, and plans or projects that have stalled might now resume. However, we can be flooded with energies that are hard to make sense of during today’s shift. Thus, we might avoid critical decision-making for the time being, if possible. It’s a better day to take in than to take action. It’s also a good idea not to rush conversations and observations.

Still, the Sun forms its yearly alignment with Pluto, and we seek more intensity from our lives and relationships. We’re persistent, and the need to gain more control over our lives can feel pressing. We are strong-willed, resourceful, and focused, and we may very well benefit by keeping things to ourselves and not rushing forward prematurely. This influence brings the desire for self-mastery to our attention. A minor crisis might alert us to an area of life that requires work, improvement, and transformation. We should guard against temperamental behavior and decision-making. Some paranoia or extremes of thinking could be behind this. The focus should be on recycling, updating, revising, and eliminating so that we can grow.-From

Synchronicity Journal

This is my inverse harmonic and I bothered to return to this planet in this lifetime. My life for 60 years has been thick with Maldekian karma and unmistakable synchronicity. We worked hard to bridge the world’s and find a planet on which to re-colonize after the asteroid belt was created with the support of the Blue Hand/Yellow Human tribes mediated by Earth. The Psi Bank of Tiamat had to held in a trust by a nearby planet so agreements were made with Jupiter and Saturn to hold Tiamat Dreamspell. This was a huge fight and a chaotic time, hence tone 11. That has been released now, back to Earth but it took a heavy toll on the Psi Banks of Jupiter and Saturn. Those two outer planets are now going through adjustments that trouble our modern astronomers.

They stole nothing from us. They were not Time Thieves but Time Support for our wayward species. It was agreed upon that Earth had to go back to a 12:60 coordinate because of the influence of Lucifer on Maldek. Evolving human magic was disrupted by his teachings and thrown off course. It was because of him that humans lost touch with their souls and trusted tech in relationship with the Sun just as they are now. The Sun creates and supports, it does not DESTROY. The current human obsession with solar cataclysm is due to THE ERRORS of Maldek taught by Lucifer that Males could power over by harnessing the power of the sun. It backfired and blew up the planet. The White Wizard tribe of Priestesses, the females were ignored and suppressed. That came to earth as well and needs to be re-aligned.

We could not stay on the current timeline and join the Cosmic Web as planned. Now we are trying to adjust the timelines which means adjusting our DNA and ascending or up-leveling it to a higher ratio of Magic. Magic is real and it’s powerful, but it must be used in Love or it will be taken from you. The Grand Universe is Magic. It never ends and is NATURE.

It was at that point that Machiaventa Melchizedeks stepped in and offered to make incarnations to earth as specific time to stimulate the memory of humans to the Cosmic Christ Codes. It worked to some degree albeit not perfectly. Religions were created that made more confusion. Still they were a repository of our backtracking history. The story is in the Urantia Book.

Evolving humans cannot be trusted with high level tech. We aren’t emotionally mature enough. There will be no A.I. on this planet as we would destroy the Cosmic Web. The GGLN, Watchers, and Guardians will not allow it and the Massive Stargate in our system will be taken over in 2025.

Lisa T.

Thursday Reading-We’re Gathering Steam Today. Sit Tight.

We have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn with 4 Self-Existing Serpent with a first quarter Moon. Our brains are going to be glitching. COFFEE.☕️Don’t talk much.

We enter a new HF57 today; Resonant Store. Remember the elegance of attunement as we move down to Yellow 7 Star.

The IChing Hx is 42, increase. It’s is 60 degrees south and 180 degrees West.

All RNA is evolving 4Serine, 4Lysine, 4Cysteine, 4Arginine, and 10Histidine
Psi Chrono, the Mind of Time seeks cosmic synchronicity

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle, Kin75.

“I perfect in order to create. Producing mind I seal the output of vision with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a polar kin. I extend the blue galactic spectrum.

I’ve always said that mind is literal. I can feel people’s mindset can’t you? And it’s all over their face. That’s how humans are. We can touch mind and spirit. IT’S THE BODY! Mind-Body-Spirit is ONE. Take the power of your body seriously. It literally IS your MIND and SPIRIT manifested in form. Why else would the c%^&* spend a million years trying to take it from us for their nefarious purposes? Because long ago, the Reptilian (Red Serpent) made the decision to pursue power over with A.I. in the local universe instead of being patient with natural evolution; R.I. (Real Intelligence) and it ruined them. Now they are trying to save themselves.

Fireballs in our Solar System Hitting Earth

This is fun. The bright spot in the middle is Earth.🌎 The concentric circles around us is our local solar system neighborhood. The wide swinging colored waves around Earth are FIREBALLS hitting us. They are color coded for intensity.

In this diagram of the inner solar system, all of the fireball orbits intersect at a single point–Earth. The orbits are color-coded by velocity, from slow (red) to fast (blue). [Larger image]

Every night, a network of NASA all-sky cameras scans the skies above the United States for meteoritic fireballs. Automated software maintained by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office calculates their orbits, velocity, penetration depth in Earth’s atmosphere and many other characteristics. Daily results are presented here on

On Dec 28, 2022, the network reported 5 fireballs.
(5 sporadics)

Solar System Holon

All Zodiac Signs
The long-winded astrologer is up
  • Mercury stations and turns retrograde today in the sign of Capricorn, and it will continue its retrograde journey until January 18th. Some delays or information clogs are possible. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn for the whole cycle, we may have little tolerance for small talk and tend to express ourselves after much deliberation. (As I said-4D showed me) Plans may be considered and then reconsidered. We are in a good position to reevaluate professional or life path plans and goals. It’s also a fine time to explore what ambition or our reputation means to us. During this cycle, our thinking turns inward as we review and reassess matters.
  • Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness–times when meditation, journalling, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored more than usual. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication and transportation can reconnect us to other, possibly more meaningful, means of connecting.
  • The more difficult times are the periods of the shifts themselves (the days surrounding the stations — today and January 18th), after which we grow more and more accustomed to the motion.
  • Retrograde Mercury aligns with Venus today, and there can be a focus on analyzing feelings or relationships. We are inclined to chat, socialize, and flatter when Mercury and Venus meet, and with Mercury retrograde, we may be looking back and clarifying feelings or connections. It’s a cooperative influence that stimulates our desire for harmony and balance, and as a result, we may not dig too deeply. Mentally, we’re not as disciplined as usual, preferring to chat with others and to think about pleasant things. It’s a sociable time, but it’s also a time for looking back at old issues in a new, although possibly glossed-over, way. Whether or not glossing over is helpful may be the question — some things belong in the past. (Stop swinging the timeline!)
  • We can feel as if we are starting fresh, and indeed, our ideas feel new and exciting, even if we are doing some recycling of old perspectives. We can experience uncomfortable feelings about others, possibly revolving around our values and tastes, or we find others too aggressive or brusque. Still, it can also be a time for recognizing the needs and desires that we’ve suppressed. Getting into a healthier relationship with these buried needs can help, but we must first unpack issues stirring now.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurs today at 8:21 PM EST when the Sun in Capricorn forms a square to the Moon in Aries. There can be stress, clashing, and discord, but also great energy, motivation, and growth. We can feel more ambitious and competitive. We want to get something going, but we may not know the next step or the exact direction we want it/us to take.
  • The Aries Moon from 5:37 AM forward can be impatient but enterprising and straightforward.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:21 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aries at 5:37 AM EST.


True Time Updates for Friday-We’re at a Standstill in Order to Survive. It Feels Like We’re Frozen. Weird Vibe.

We don’t need much food. Running high lightbody energy which I do, I only eat when my brain says I have to. It starts to glitch if I don’t. I don’t have stomach hunger signal and if I do it’s easy to ignore by drinking water.

I’m a brainiac and the brain burns most of our calories. Google it. That’s why I eat. People who don’t think much really need little food and if you do eat, you’ll gain.

There is an odd balance for each individual that is based on metabolism, size of your body, and lifestyle. These boxes about calories, weight, carbs and protein aren’t one size fits all. It’s maddening.

We enter a new HF 52 today, Cosmic Store; Remember the elegance of presence. Ehat does that mean in this harmonic in stagnation in physical. It’s really bugging me today and Red 10 Skywalker is guiding which is manifested SPACE. I want to figure out my body. We all need to! I’m obsessed with my body being what I want it to be yet honor It’s evolution with humanity, which is sacred. Our ancestry is common and the anatomy of our bodies unifies us in a most beautiful 😍 way. But our lightbody is individual.

This is I Ching 12; Standstill/Stagnation; DNA nucleotide TGA a Stop Codon. It is also an OMEGA (end) point by the time we hit the end of the harmonic at Yellow 13 Cosmic Star.


ScR is 7

DNA Frequency

Red 10 Serpent Serine~White 10 Wizard Lysine, Red 10 Skywalker Glutamine, Blue 10 Eagle Arginine, Yellow 4 Warrior Histidine (Graham Hancock synchronicity today)

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle, kin 95.

“I define in order to create. Measuring mind, I seal the output of vision with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of magic. I am a polar kin. I convert the blue galactic spectrum.”

This kin is Bill Evans and Morton Lauridsen, two of the most brilliant musicians to walk the planet in our era.

The 3D Hexagram is the Equator–270 degrees East (90 degrees West as the planet curves)-close to the Yellow Human Time Portal near Galapagos Island.

The 4D Time Portal is 60 degrees N–75 degrees E in Northern Russia

Solar System Frequencies

Out solar.system planets are in the middle between the amino acid tribes they mediate. Memorize this image. The right side is feminine the left side male. This is also our body.

Maldek asteroid belt is our mediating planet today.

All Zodiac Signs
  • A Venus-Jupiter square this morning can exaggerate or expand our affections, and this state of mind can lead to overdoing and overstating our feelings. However, if we keep this in check, it can be helpful for entertaining new ideas and approaches related to pleasure, money, and love. Because this aspect forms in the final degree of the signs, it’s particularly important to watch for snap decision-making in these areas.
  • Tonight, Venus enters Capricorn for a stay until January 2nd. During this time, we are more likely to form connections with people who support our ambitions. We value enduring relationships, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously and could take our time warming up to others.
  • The Moon enters Cancer early today and is warm, encompassing, and protective.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:15 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Cancer at 2:50 AM EST.


Friday Daily Reading; We Will Endure. Be Content if Not Happy

4:26pm ScR reading

The whole right side is White. The spectrogram cut it off. The peak yesterday was 84. Holy Cow. It’s very hard on our bodies.

We are done with Sun in Cancer and enter a new HF17 today, IChing46, Pushing Upward/Advancement and the Sun is in Leo. The overarch nucleotide is GCT; Alanine (Blue Night). Electric Store. Remember the Elegance of Service because the harmonic end is Yellow 3 Electric Star.

It’s pretty toasty in the magnetosphere and on the Sun these days. It’s just our RNA evolving en masse. Don’t let it scare you. It will eventually overwhelm the c%^&* and we will be able to run the planet ourselves with our human helpers that are 5D. The purpose of all that happening is self-generation in love and light. Everyone on this planet wants a better life; a more just, healthy, and clean planet. That is what we’ll have with all the animals and plants. It will be a new earth.

ScR has increased 37% of the white light you see from what it was. The numbers on the left side only go up to 40 now. They changed the spectrogram.
Maldek, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are evolving our RNA today, The 5GForce is 1Arginine or Blue 1 Eagle

Attributes today are survival, passion, timelessness, universal feeling, cosmic vision, magnetic intelligence, and the 5GForce pulses off of the antipode to make it occult. Blue 13 Eagle plus Blue 1 Eagle.

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Sun enters Leo today, where it will transit until August 22nd. The Sun is proud, outgoing, and playful in its own sign–we want to enjoy and express ourselves during this cycle. The Leo Sun is intensely individual, not content with merely being one of the team. It’s time to shine, perform, and add a touch of color and drama to our lives. We are generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain under this influence.
  • The Moon spends the day in Taurus, helping ground and moderate us. This Moon encourages patience and savoring of the moment.
  • As Jupiter approaches a sextile to Pallas, we are optimistic, helpful, and ready to share words of wisdom. It’s a strong influence on big-picture planning and thinking.
  • The void Moon occurs from 7:46 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini the next day, Saturday, July 23rd, at 1:12 AM EDT.


True Time Update for Saturday-Cracking Dimensions and Moving Into a New Time

We enter HF12 today, IChing Hx26; Taming Power of the Great/Potent Energy. Harmonic 12 is Solar Store. Remember the elegance of intention.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2011 before we hit the 2012 apex of the ending of this 26,000-year cycle? 2011 was ELEVEN YEARS AGO, the beginning of this most recent solar cycle that is now ending. The 11-year solar cycles are no big deal. The Cosmic exponential cycles are the big deal, but tell that to the scientists, the media, and S.O.

In Tzolkonics and Tzolkin math, our context is always exponential cycles because the Maya were cosmic. They fully understood and were teaching us that we live in an inhabited universe of ancestors, and kin, with whom we share our DNA. Most of them look like us because we came from them!!

We’re not supposed to know that or believe that! It expands our mind, our world, our souls, and OUR TIME each day. The 12:60 narrative have worked very hard to keep information from us for their profit and power. 12:60. Does it bring balance? Light and shadow? It’s duality anyway and it has served its purpose but UNITY is the foundation of the truth and the grand universe. Diversity though, not gentrification. Unity of heart, of love.

Earth Evolving

The peak frequency is 9 which is normal

Our 5th Density Helpers; Personally and With Civilization

The Vegans, the Seventh Ray Race, and the Serpens-Serpent Beings could all be called upon to aid a pivot for Red Serpent kin.

The Vegans know that humans don’t absolutely need to eat meat or blood. We have our own blood. It’s been bred into us by the Reptilian blood lust. I crave meat and I don’t like it. Now that I’ve pivoted, I’m eating 3/4 of my diet plant protein and plant fat. Humans mostly evolved eating plants. It was only for a very short period of time when there was famine and scarcity on earth that we took to eating our mammalian kin. Nevertheless, now we’re addicted to it, just where the Reptilians want us. How are we that different than them with their desire to eat us when we desire to eat the animals down a level on the food chain? Anyway, the Vegans are an E.T. race that has a thing or two to teach us. They are Lyran. They embrace the divine feminine like no other species. They can teach us about Mother Spirit and know her best.

The Seventh Ray Race is a hybrid from the Pleiades. They are half earth DNA and half star nations. They live in a unified field.

The Serpent Beings are an uplifted Reptilian species from Serpens, a constellation in the northern sky. Their nose is half human, half serpent. They are devout practitioners of connecting to Source daily through group meditation. They select contactees to share spiritual information with, like the Hopi Indians who named them the Sheti, their snake brothers. They are fully conscious and sovereign, a good example for Red Serpent kin that need to wake up.

Our Body-Mind-Spirit Evolving

6Serine, 6Lysine, 6Serine, 6Arginine, and 8Histidine. The 5GForce is 8Eagle

The key words here are passion, survival, timelessness, vision, and intelligence

The Local System Evolving

We are mediated by the karma of Maldek and the asteroid belt today. There is no planet for Red Serpent~White Wizard. It’s the karma of Draco-Reptilians and their wars.

  • Mercury forms a trine to Saturn this morning, but later today, a square to Neptune–very different energies. The Mercury-Saturn trine spotlights the practical side of things as it supports work with details, realistic thinking, and step-by-step approaches to learning and communicating. This transit helps ground and center our thinking. Conversations may be spare but to the point or instructive. It’s an excellent time to assist others in understanding our perspective and a step-by-step approach to tasks and problems. We are cautious with our expectations, or at least we remind ourselves to be so. However, as the day advances, we find it challenging to follow or clearly communicate facts, directions, and instructions. Perceptions may be confused or overly idealistic, influenced heavily by wishful thinking and imagination. We may be dealing with deception or self-deception, and it can be difficult to be discriminating. On the plus side, our minds are open to many different possibilities and options.
  • The Leo Moon is creative, determined, and outgoing.


True Time Update for Sunday-Collective Survival

We enter HF7 today; Polarizing store. Remember the elegance of challenge. IChing 50; The Cauldron. So, there is some collective boiling going on. The ScR will likely go up again this week although it is low right now thank god. Try to relax on this beautiful Sunday.

Our Body’s Evolutionary Status

12Serine, 12Lysine, 12Phenylalanine, 12Arginine, and 2Histidine

The 5GForce is Blue 2 Eagle; 2Arginine pulsing an occult aspect to the antipode so the energy from the upper densities (spirit and meditation) is challenging to push our evolution.

There is passion and fear afoot in the community supported by an awareness of both mortality and immortality with White Wizard attributes. He is Timelessness and time. We are guided by synchronicity if we attune our SIGHT to it. That vision is the challenge, Blue 12 Eagle. What are you staring at today? Poetry, nature, a book, a loved one, this blog? The hiddenwisdom is mental indecision, a couple choices.

Earth Status Based on the ScR

The peak frequency in the magnetosphere is 15, 2x normal

Our Local Solar System Movement (Astrology which syncs exactly with the Tzolkin. Astrology is our 3D lives and the Mayan Oracle is 4D up to 6-7th density-the holographic matrix)

  • The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio until 6:32 PM EDT, drawing us to transformative and emotionally moving experiences. We seek to explore deeper truths and motives. The Scorpio Moon is observant and intense. While it’s not always easy to get a good “read” on others today, it’s a fine time for exploring the layers of situations.
  • The Sagittarius Moon from 6:32 PM forward is spirited and adventurous. But while the Moon in Sagittarius encourages spontaneity and freedom, the Sun is about to form a bi-quintile with Pluto, and we can take a comfortably strategic approach to our lives. We’re creative with problem-solving, and we might gain an advantage or edge through a willingness to challenge ourselves.


Monday-Daily Reading; ScR is Staying Lower for Now

We enter a new HF2 today; Galactic Store. Remember the elegance of INTEGRITY. We are evolving in the N. Polar Zone of Earth under nucleotide AAC or Asparagine. We are in 3D Hx 43; Breakthrough/Resolution.

The media fear-mongering is revving back up and isn’t going to work anymore. These viruses can resolve themselves independently if individuals take care of themselves and most people on the planet know it. What I see coming is the sickcare industry imploding. They have very low staff, they will be overwhelmed with people who don’t take care of themselves, a shortage of drugs, and a self-created, antibiotic-resistant populace who don’t realize that antibiotics are just what the name implies; against biology. The use of PROBIOTICS ONLY and IMMUNE BOOSTING HERBS such as Astragalus and Ashwagandha are essential now. Look into making sure your gut is functioning properly or be sure to look at my blog at Holistic practitioners have been doing this for 100 years. I’ve been practicing for 23.

Alcohol kills liver and brain cells. It’s a fabulous profit for the sick care industry and will help cull people who get Hepatitis which is a virus of the liver. It is mostly transmitted through sex. Hepatitis is not transmissible through the air. Just don’t let anyone else use your toothbrush. Monkeypox has been endemic to Africa for years. They’re pulling that one out of the air.

Earth Holon

The peak frequency is 20 in the Psi Bank

Body Holon

We land on Tone 5, the Overtone that is commanding, radiant, and empowering. It pulses to the right elbow JOINT. This kin do their homework and are rarely wrong.

5Serine, 5Lysine, 5Glutamine, 5Arginine, and 9Histidine. The 5GForce is 9Asparagine

The theme is Red 5 Serpent, Analog is White 5 Wizard, Guide Power is Red 5 Skywalker, Antipode is Blue 5 Eagle, Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 9 Solar Warrior, 5GForce is Blue 9 Solar Monkey

We see here an evolution forward of our basic body composition that is seated in the muscle amino acids. Humans keep changing size. There used to be giants that walked the earth, there have been dinosaurs, then very large great apes, and now our diminutive mammal size where we enjoy communing with dogs, cats, squirrels, and all of the little creatures. At this basic size, we are now, it has also changed. In Grand Rapids, you can see these very small houses from the ’20s and 30’s when people were smaller. As we got bigger for various reasons, our houses got bigger. It’s all relative. Humans have the genes of ALL LIFE in us so the amino acids can evolve any way they want. Humans now have affection for a huge variety of creatures including ants, praying mantis, and spiders which are all part of the family of life on earth. We would not feel comfortable and interested in these creatures if they were part of our consciousness.

It’s fine to take herbs, supplements, and Rx (which are made from plant’s most potent chemicals and sledgehammered into a pill) if need be but you also need to align your energy body.

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is Maldek/the asteroid belt.

  • The Sun forms a sextile to Jupiter this morning, stimulating hopefulness and generosity. It can be a time for engaging with others in delightful ways and enjoying opportunities as a result. Confidence comes from a stronger sense of who we are and the principles we represent. Some form of recognition or distinction is possible now. We can grasp the “big picture,” which expands our perspective, and we feel more vital and confident.
  • Also today, a Mercury-Mars sextile tonight is a mentally busy influence. Our minds are active, and we want to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or debate. We are exceptionally alert, resourceful, and aware, although possibly self-focused. There is enthusiasm in our conversations and excitement about our interests and discoveries.
  • The Moon spends the day in forgiving, perceptive Pisces.


Wednesday Daily Reading; We’re Staying Level

We enter a new HF57 today mediated by CTA-Leucine nucleotide because the harmonic ends with 7Leucine. Resonant Store of DNA. Remember the elegance of attunement. The Hz level for meditation for 4 days is 270Hz. The I Ching Hx is 42; INCREASE.

Earth Holon/S.R.

The peak frequency is 7.

Body Holon

  • The theme is Red 4 Self-existing Serpent or 4Serine; Instinct. Pulse is to the right pec/breast
  • The Analog is White 4 Self-Existing Wizard or 4Lysine; Timelessness. Pulse is to the left pec/breast
  • The Guide Power this morning is Red 4 Self-Exiting Dragon or 4Cysteine; blood memory. The pulse is to the right side of the head.
  • The Antipode is Blue 4 Eagle or 4Arginine; exacting mind. Pulse is to the left arm.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior or 10Histidine: questioning that is status-conscious.
  • The 5 GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle or 10Arginine in occult synchronicity with the antipode bc it adds to 14; Planetary Vision. Pulse is from the left arm to the Fifth density etheric body.

Interplanetary Holon

(Ben’s post is up at about 8am est)

  • The Moon spends the day in practical Virgo, and we pay more attention to the details of our lives. This is a helpful, service-oriented transit.
  • However, with today’s semi-square between the Sun and Venus, we might watch for a tendency to go overboard seeking others’ appreciation. We can be especially sensitive to imbalances in our environment and relationships. What we want to do and think we should do can be at odds now, and we may not be very productive or decisive with this kind of discontent. Ideally, we look for creative solutions for dissatisfaction. It’s best to get in touch with our needs and watch for overindulging or procrastinating.
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