Timeweather for Friday, 3/17/23


I perfect to evolve. Producing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of the life force.

Kin 257, Red 10Planetary Earth

The Celts knew what was up with The goddess and found her an equal to the god. They have much in common with the White Wizard Tribe from Maldek, the Mayan goddess Ixchel whose archetype was a rabbit. The Irish use it as well. And thank you for the potatoes! They are VERY nutritious, healthy food. Don’t let anyone talk you out of potatoes. They are loaded with potassium which none of us get enough of. This music is close my heart.

Patrick was not a canonized Catholic saint. He was British, from a wealthy English family, and was enslaved by some Irish traders who attacked his estate. But the Scottish, English, Irish, and German are practically the same cultures and were all earth based before 12:60 got to them. Everyone back then was pagan or earth honoring and the Catholics were working them over to convert. Patrick did and then went to Ireland as a missionary. He let the pagans keep their symbols and one of them became the Celtic cross with the sun behind it.

The first one has a circle or sun in front and in the back. The second blue one is the original, before the Irish went green. The third one is how we see most now with one open circle in back. The fourth one is interesting. Because all 4 arms are equal in length it is wastika which is an ancient pagan symbol for life and represents the number 4. Most world cultures bent the arms left which means a symbol for life and the Nazis bent the arms right as a symbol for death. The lesson is, humans in particular cultures take any symbol, change it, and make it mean what they want it to mean. It’s art and it mutates. The last one, with arms bent is appropriated by most world cultures. The 4-armed cross is an extremely ancient symbol all over the world representing earth and the 4 directions.

Earth Holon

The frequency is quite low at 7.51 but starting to rise with Blue Storm as the G.P.

Interplanetary Holon

4 Saturn Night, 4 Saturn Warrior, 4 Pluto Storm, 4 Mars Skywalker, 10 Neptune Mirror.
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces ♓️ The Moon is in Aquarius.
  • The superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs today, and ideas and realizations now are pivotal. This Mercury-Sun alignment offers us a nice window of opportunity to see our goals. It can stimulate an epiphany, illumination of a matter, or a clearing of the air. We are sharp, communicative, and open at this time, and what we say or write now has a strong impact. An idea or plan can come to full bloom.
  • Venus forms a sextile to Saturn this evening, encouraging a considered, practical approach, particularly in our social lives. (Our theme is mediated by Saturn)
  • It’s a grounding influence that helps stabilize our affections. We place a higher value on security, steadiness, and loyalty. This transit boosts the appeal of the ordinary and reliable–we appreciate longstanding alliances or tried-and-true pleasures. We are more responsible with others and with our feelings and affections. Our judgment is sound, and we’re a little more conservative with money under this influence. We can enjoy planning and organizing. (10~4 pulse, but this isn’t very gracious or intuitive. This is a very repressed frequency. So be it.)
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:13 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 10:25 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Timeweather-3/10/23-Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior

5GForce is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed on the astral level

I define in order to target. Measuring awareness I seal the input of flowering with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of universal fire.

We are mediated by Saturn which rules Capricorn.

In time, I perfect in order to question. Producing fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of flowering. We are guided by 10 Seed in time, and seal the input of flowering with 4Seed in Spirit.

Saturday Timeweather-2/25/23-Blue 10 Planetary Night Alanine

We are in the Red Eastern 52-day cycle of Turning until kin 52.

Kin 23

Interplanetary Holon-3D astrology synced with 4D TIME

SATURN, Venus, Mars, Neptune. 10~4 pulse
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun and Neptune are in Pisces ruled by Neptune. We see that in the White 4 Mirror Hidden Wisdom today, so dreaming and intuiting is ripe.
  • The Taurus Moon today is an even-tempered position, and we seek comfort, harmony, familiarity, security, and pleasure. We are primarily concerned with our practical or material goals under this influence. There can be a stabilizing of our feelings. However, with today’s transits, we’re taking the best of the traditional and progressive worlds and using them to make updates that improve our lives. The need to do our routines just a bit differently can arise. It’s best to put few restrictions on projects and keep our options open.
  • PLUTO is in Capricorn.
  • Those 2 placements together are beneficial for revolutionary change gradually which I mentioned before.
  • Venus is in Aries and Mars is in Gemini

From cafeastrology.com, Time passages, and Lisa

The 5GForce for MEDITATION

Kin17, Red 4 Self-Existing Earth

“I define in order to evolve. Measuring synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of space.”

The Body Holon-for HEALTH

Blue Night is just a Mayan symbol for the amino acid protein Alanine.

Alanine is an amino acid that is used to make proteins. It is used to break down tryptophan (Blue Storm) and vitamin B-6. It is a source of energy for muscles and the central nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body use sugars.


Blue Night pulses to the right shoulder flesh and it’s analog Yellow Warrior to the left shoulder flesh. Watch your shoulders today. Tone 10 pulses to the left wrist and tone 4 to the right wrist. Keep your arms moving today.

*The Earth Holon info. is on my previous post today*. I may add to this later. I’m working on other things.

Where the Rubber Meets the 3D Road in the Body

So, I just texted with my acupuncturist and friend with whom I have great affinity. He is 4~10 pulse, Blue 4 Eagle~Yellow 4 Seed mediated by Jupiter with White 10 WB hidden wisdom. He shattered his tone 10, left wrist pisiform bone on the left ulnar side of his hand last week and has to get surgery tomorrow.

I’m sitting here having a past life memory with him and Harry, connected by synchronicity, a collision of the past and future. I have the same injury only all of the TISSUE on my right hand and wrist. I have to stop doing manual therapy because of it.

We were trading treatments, manual therapy and acupuncture. Now we’re both laid up in our healing work at the same time. If it wasn’t for him I would not have been introduced to the estim acupen therapy. He is Chinese and we both love Chinese holism.

I feel we were part of making these agreements in past lives with species on Jupiter and Saturn to continue healing work with humans after the blowup.

My hand has been pins and needles for 7 months now, ever since my workout injury on my Red Skywalker Hidden Wisdom gateway May 6th! The next day was Harry’s birthday.

And who is also the Yellow 10 Seed on the 10~4 pulse? Harry. And my other friend is 4~10Yellow Warrior Saturn. The right arm pulses to Yellow Seed. The left arm pulses to Blue Eagle, like wings of a bird.

Jupiter and Saturn rule Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle and Yellow Warrior~Blue Night. They were called Time Thieves by Jose A. but my Skywalker memory after the Tiamat blowup is that we gave them control over 13:20 timing because we could no longer be trusted to keep the Cosmic Web safe from timeline disturbance. So…we gave Jupiter and Saturn control and restriction with 12:60.

That’s why the time tunnels were blocked in the cosmic web between Uranus and Earth. We had to get the timing back on track and it is now even though Corey doesn’t think so.

Never in this local universe was there such a MASSIVE fuckup as the timing mistake made with Tiamat due to Maldekian/Luciferian/Reptilian ambition for POWER.

I may have been partially complicit, I have to meditate on that. But I was more aligned with the White Wizards not the Red Serpent kin. (Dave and Michael).

What I’m sure of is agreeing to the restriction that had to be put on our evolving species of 12:60 once we escaped to Earth. That was an agreement made between Jupiter and Saturn and Earth. The Healers, the Blue Hand~Yellow Human kin knew it had to be this way because the timeline was completely thrown off and we barely survived. Millions died. And as I type, we are in Yellow 1 Human antipode!!

Last night at 2am I was woken wide awake by a strong left hip jolt and “Maldek” loudly in my mind. Idk 🤷‍♀️ It feels like all of this is a huge synchronistic release in my body, my friends bodies, and our minds.

Synchronicity with the analog of Red 1 Magnetic Earth today.

Wednesday Reading; Questioning the Status Quo is Intelligent

A critical mind is a sign of Fearlessness as long as you actually do something different and help not hinder.

We enter the Yellow Warrior 13-day cycle today 💛, power of intelligence. It never hurts to crack a book or keep learning some other way, your own way. Otherwise you’re easily programmed and want to be told what to do. That takes you over the cliff with everyone else who is mentally lazy. Just sayin’. Nor is it good for humanity since we’re part of a collective. My Yellow 4 Warrior friend Marlin says, “I like that you’re not drinking the koolaid.” No, I don’t, and then some.

You’re smarter than you think you are.

Pulsing are Saturn, Mars, and the asteroid belt ouliving its purpose.

The amplitude is 16.

4D time portal is located at 30 degrees N–60 degrees west in the N. Atlantic near the Bermuda Islands and the infamous triangle. Gee, that must be the Mayan Time Portal. Who would have thought?😋

I had 4Skywalker fellow come in for treatment and specifically tell me there was no such thing as the Bermuda Triangle. Once he got on the table he asked me why I was holistic and criticized me. I get sabotage toxic characters coming to challenge me a lot. It must be karma, especially with them.

The 5GForce is Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed (My sister who I talked to for 2 hours 2 days ago. Excellent family grounding.) Kin 104

I endure in order to target. Transcending awareness I seal the input of flowering with the cosmic tone of pre-sence (PRE-Sense or psychic foreknowledge which the Yellow Seed kin tend to have and Tone 13 people have). I am guided by the power of elegance.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, encouraging the need to connect with our inner world.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurs as the Sun in Sagittarius forms a square with the Moon in Pisces at 9:37 AM EST. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. Shortly after, we become aware of how our actions affect those close to us, perhaps through trial and error. It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also high energy, motivation, and growth.
  • Venus and retrograde Mars are heading into opposition, exact very early tomorrow, pitting wants and desires against one another. Passions run high, and jealousies are possible. Impulsive decisions affect our finances and/or established relationships. We might stir up problems to fulfill a need for excitement if we are not aware of the tendency. Our desires can be difficult to understand–or difficult to satisfy. Brewing relationship issues can come to a head. Venus energy is compromising, but Mars, complicated by its slow pace, is independent and self-directed. Mixed signals can be frustrating and even maddening now.

From cafeastrology.com

Saturn is ‘tilted’ after a moon smashed into it, scientists say

WTH? Today is mediated by Saturn.


This just happened 3 days ago. I’m sorry Blue Night~Yellow Warrior kin if you feel tipsy and off center. This may be part of the reason along with Pluto and Neptune collapsed atmospheres, Jupiter’s ginormous Storm reversed, Saturn’s rings dissipating and Uranus time Tunnels in the cosmic web back on line after being locked by the time thieves. Thus, we are spiralling in the Age of Aquarius mediated by Uranus!!!

Wednesday Daily Oracle;DNA Creates Gravity and Gravity Creates Manifested Space-Time.

It’s only one level of reality though. We’re in a holographic matrix organized by The Tzolkin. A kin is a day in time AND a person. They are in fact equivalent. We are organized DNA with intention and intelligent consciousness. Our existence creates gravity and gravity creates space-time. Mind what you feel and focus on. You are a powerful creator adding to our collective reality here!

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is SATURN.

Histidine and Alanine, Yellow Warrior and Blue Night

Both Mars and the Sun form a quincunx to Uranus today (the Sun and Mars are heading toward alignment, exact early on the 8th).

The New Moon occurs this morning in the sign of Libra.

  • Today’s Venus-Mars semi-square can add to a tense and competitive environment.
  • This transit has a way of highlighting differences in our approaches, desires, and needs, and tensions in relationships can result.
  • As well, Pluto stations and turns direct today, and there can be inner rumblings as we sense something is coming.
  • Pluto’s direct turn comes now after over five months of retrograde motion (Pluto turned retrograde on April 27th), and its station adds intensity to all we do and feel today and this week.

David Wilcock on GAIA Regarding Saturn

There are so many synchronicities with my Tzolkin research in this! And Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel winner molecular biologist is brought up. He worked with Dr. Chavez.


Saturn changes are highlighted in the video

Saturn rules Capricorn and mediates Yellow Warrior-Histidine Blue Night Alanine.

Dec. 5, 2010, the date they saw the huge “serpentine storm” on Saturn was Red 7 Resonant Dragon. Major synchronicity.

They all keep wondering where the changes are coming from. All Sentient DNA in our local system! My opinion; Physicist David Bohm’s bridge between implicate and explicate order connects galactic center to the interplanetary holon, all 10 planets. They all have Psi Banks and they all function according to the binary triplet configuration where the Zone of Transformation is in the middle, then there is a N. Polar Zone and S. Polar Zone.

The planets own Psi Bank regulates how Time moves on each planet according to the role it plays in the Tzolkin Harmonic. And of course they all regulate two archetypes or amino acids for evolution of life in our particular solar system. 13:20.

Saturn played a key role in keeping our species together after the Tiamat blowup. The changes are occurring bc it’s role for us is changing with our ascension. We no longer need its control.

David is Yellow 10 Planetary Seed.

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