Ex-Military Intelligence Officer Reveals PSI Psychic Unit Used Remote Viewing to Predict Disasters

Anyone can do it and you should.

Ex-Military Intelligence Officer Reveals PSI Psychic Unit Used Remote Viewing to Predict Disasters https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/ex-military-intelligence-officer-reveals-psi-psychic-unit-used-remote-viewing-to-predict-disasters_4872654.html?utm_source=andshare

Sunday night remote viewing

I did this the other night 5 nights ago. I’m posting it for the record. Take it for what it’s worth. Remote viewing is easy for me but I’m busy with other things I enjoy more.

8:15pm 8/28/22

The problem with remote viewing is that I feel like I’m going on a trip I don’t really want to be on. I want to just stay home in my own space

It feels like something’s trying to come through though so we’ll see. Spain keeps coming into my view.

I’m seeing Trump with a certain amount of worry about traveling on some kind of craft or plane, he’s worried about the American people and the changes were going through and wondering whether most people will be able to handle it. He is fully aware of an inhabited universe and he’s already met a few different species. The ET are just people so he’s concerned about humans, about the world and how we’re going to handle all these changes and what’s going to happen. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen anymore than anybody else does.

I see events in Spain in terms of political issue and upheaval. I’m also seeing something in South America being very chaotic there’s some kind of upheaval, I guess Argentina and Peru. I’m seeing something with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden swings being a targeted country there’s some infiltration and attempt to spread some biological agents just to make them look bad. That’s some crazy stuff to see right there see I don’t want to see any of this.

United Nations is falling apart there’s a lot of tension and political brinkmanship.

I see something with the name DeKlerk which was the name of the South African guy but this is somebody else same name it could be someone in his family if they’re in politics in South Africa I have no idea I pay no attention to the politics there. There’s something happening that has to do with power balance and the scamdemic but covid, well there is some illness though it’s not, I don’t think it’s Covid it’s something else.

Looks like these social media companies are starting to fall apart I’m picking up that heavy energy.

The airlines are starting to fall apart or maybe they’ve been falling apart I don’t know there’s bad energy around that.

Sick care is falling apart all the staff are leaving everything’s in a big shift. Transportation, so I’m feeling a very big shift in energy consumption with regard to planes,trains and cars that’s going to be a huge switch over for people and then it’s going to be another good switch over and energy Supply to our homes so what’s going to happen is when all of this changes the federal government’s going to have to literally sponsor or pay for the different kind of energy for everyone’s homes.

Remote Viewing Saturday, 8-27-22

Our overseers:

  • J.C.-Christ-The Creator or us and our overseers, and our best friend
  • Andromedans
  • Angelic Corp from the Isle of Paradise (Galactic Center)
  • Arcturans
  • The Guardians
  • The Melchizedeks (more administrative)
  • Super angels from the Isle of Paradise (Galactic Center)
  • Watchers from Central Control, the nerve center of the universe
Remote Viewing is doable for anyone. You have to have your pineal gland humming

Saturday night

I’m picking up a tremendous amount of chaos and chatter at the LOC mostly the small greys doing a lot of the grunt work. The GGLN has pulled together a mixed group of helpers to reorganize the LOC. They’re trying to research secret organizations but there’s a lot of secret communication going on between GGLN, the Watchers, and Andromeda. It’s just a travesty. ICC was not a friendly group but not all of them were completely bad. It’s pretty much a war zone. There was a group of traitors among the Tall Nordics that was surprising, there were some splits in these groups that attacked that surprised those watching; GGLN the SSP, and Corey.

I see the US-cloned super soldiers working with the Greys now and with the Orion group which is really bad. Trump is involved and cooperating with the white hat GGLN. He’s doing things no one would imagine and has been a trusted defender of Earth since Maldek in past lives. He is Blue 3 Hand mediated by Earth.


Sunday morning

I see that in some of the documents, Trump has proven the nuclear intent of certain parties that broke earth agreements made long ago. We blew up one planet and significantly disrupted the Cosmic Web. We weren’t going to be allowed to do it again. If the GGLN can prove to the entities above them, what humans have been doing, then the universal powers have the right to dismantle those governments or groups and be off with them for adjudication. This will be a tipping point near the timeline crossover in favor of humans having the secret future tech to aid our quality of living now so we can continue to evolve here.

It looks to me like Trump’s motivation with N.Korea was to get secret information about another country’s nuclear program FROM N.Korea. N.Korea wasn’t the threat at that time. Things have to be legal by universal law and it is absolutely illegal for humans to use nuclear weapons on earth or to further develop them proven by the debacle of Maldek and its karma, the asteroid belt. What happened in Maldek was instigated by Luciferians and is on earth with the current regime.

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