Synchronicity with the Head of Draco.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2): Geomagnetic storms are possible on Aug. 1st when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Minor G1-class storms are likely with a chance of escalating to category G2. The CME was hurled almost directly toward Earth by the eruption of a magnetic filament in the sun’s northern hemisphere on July 28th. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

Comet 12P is currently crossing the head of Draco not far from the north celestial pole. If you have a backyard telescope, take a look, and submit your images here.

This is a major synchronicity with the Tzolkin. Tomorrow is Red 12 Dragon, and we enter the N. Polar Zone. This is 1:1 exact synchronicity between 3D space and 4D Time.

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Synchronicity-Earthquake in Turkey Assessed per Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles

Today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed. The 5GForce is #36, Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior.

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake. As of Tuesday the death toll is closing in on 8000 people. This in synchronicity with the antipode, White 10 Planetary World-Bridger or planetary death. The Guide Power is the same tribe as the 5GForce so this is significant. A SEED is a DNA packet. There is a new DNA seed packet of VALINE on an energetic spectrum being seeded here by the new timeline.

Corey Goode posted on Twitter that there was a strange, huge white light in the sky before the earthquake. I said.

“This was a big synchronicity according to the Mayan oracle. I believe it was a congruence of the 3D IChing hexagram 1 in that earth location and the Red Dragon 4D Time portal in the same location that caused a time quake in the earth’s timeline first in the cosmic web and then an earthquake in 3D.

Turkey’s coordinates are 38.9637° N, 35.2433° E. This is the Red Dragon TIME PORTAL and we are currently IN the Red Dragon 13-day cycle. The nucleotide is AAA Lysine which is the White Wizard Tribe, Maldek Karma and the goddess Ixchel.

This is in total synchronicity with what I posted about this morning. There is no bigger gender disparity on Earth than in that area of the world. Things are moving. The I Ching governing the area is I Ching Hx 1 which is located 30 degrees north, 30 degrees east!

This is a prehistoric timeline, Stage 1, the Deep Past, AC, aboriginal continuity, future into the present.

Watch “Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent Seed – ROBERT SEPEHR” on YouTube

This highlights the origins of the Red Dragon tribe. Note at 41:30 the mention of Tiamat, the goddess of the chaotic Serpent.

Now recall that Tiamat/Maldek is the mediating planet for karmic Red Dragon/Serpent and dharmic analog White Wizard. Do watch this video. It gives insight into Tzolkonic archtypes.

Also note that the word dragon means “to see clearly”. On the body holon Red Dragon and White Mirror, its analog, rule the eyes. And of course we use our eyes to look into a mirror clearly once we’ve advanced in consciousness.

Listen for, “America is the land of the plumed serpent” according to the Inca.

China…The Dragon Family, Human Progeny of Red Dragon Tribe Who Founded Life on the Planet

Cysteine contains sulfur which is a foundational element on Earth!

Cysteine and methionine are two amino acids that contain sulfurMethionine is an essential amino acid, whereas cysteine is synthesized from methionine and therefore is nonessential.

Methionine is the START CODON in the A.A. Sequence. Red Moon Tribe is Methionine and contains sulfur.

  1. Dragon Tribe is Tribe #1; Cysteine which contains Sulfur. The #1 element starting life on Earth.
  2. Red Moon Tribe is Tribe #10; Start Codon which contains Sulfur. It’s the central A.A. starting the sequence in the chain Amino Acids; BOTH RED.

This is a big synchronicity with science.

Top 9 Benefits of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)-Red Dragon

This is very telling as far as what I posted yesterday about the progeny of Red Dragon. These changes are going to affect our DNA specifically. Look at the link below.

Red Dragon

My intuition sense over this week, before I saw the massive storm reversal on Neptune, was that Red Dragon or the amino acid Cysteine is on the move in our evolution, in our DNA as a collective. Red Dragon~White MIrror is mediated by Neptune.

This Healthline article notes that cysteine’s job in the body can be taken up by Serine (Red Serpent) and Methionine (Red Moon). For the last week the RED TRIBES and their mutation has been looming large in my intuition so I was on to something.

The role of Red Dragon in the Tzolkin harmonic has just reversed. Red Dragon is Tribe #1. Neptune could just be making an adjustment rather than a full tilt TIME REVERSAL which would be changing our timeline.

One thing is sure is we will feel all of these adjustments in our body, that is if you’re not going through end times madness by making the media headlines God, which I’m seeing on Twitter. No big surprise there.

Pay attention to your BODY and INTUITION right now, keep drinking plenty of water and taking care of yourself. I’ll see you on here in the morning.

Tweet from Corey Goode (Official) (@CoreyGoode)

Neptune mediates Red Dragon/White Mirror Tribe. Cysteine and Tyrosine are going to be hammered in our DNA.

Please note what I said in my previous post today it applies directly to this. So this astronomical event with Neptune backs up what my intuition was saying earlier today, like this morning.

Corey Goode (Official) (@CoreyGoode) Tweeted: The Next Sign: Neptune Dark Storm Reversal | S0 News Dec.16.2020 –

I feel this is a dimensional message to all the Reptilian tribes from their mediating planet that they are to ABOUT FACE and leave our local system because we are in charge now. They’re job is done here.

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