Sunday-Daily Reading; A Strong Survival Instinct Guided by Intention Can Go Far

That doesn’t mean the kins’ actions are in light. All of our Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin are likely in the ringer currently because of repressed emotions or held trauma they need to release.

It could easily be the opposite but there is no judgment, only natural karma. That’s why it’s a waste of time to attach too much to the wrong-doing of others and neglect to do your own good and create your own joy. They can easily draw you in to their shadow vortex if you are attached.

We begin a new HF42 today at 226.8 Hz. Crystal Store. Remember the elegance of cooperation as we end with Yellow 12 Star. This is I Ching 62; Preponderance of the Small; Conscientiousness.

The 5GForce is Blue 5 Overtone Eagle, Kin#135;

I empower in order to create. Commanding mind I seal the output of vision with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of abundance.

Body Frequency

Red 9 Solar Serpent Serine. It pulses to the right breast and surrounding area and tone 9 pulses to the left shoulder joint

Serine is classified as a nutritionally non-essential amino acid. Serine is critical for the production of the body’s proteins, enzymes and muscle tissue. It is needed for the proper metabolism of fats and fatty acids. It also helps in the production of antibodies.

It is tribe #5 in the Tzolkin and in the red family of leaders; females and males, all Red 9 Serpent kin from all cultures. That is the way of the Tzolkin.

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power is 14.

We have a new location due to a new Hexagram today. Hx62 is on Winter Plate II of earth at 30 degrees N, 270 degrees West which is longitude 90 degrees W due to the curvature of the earth. It lies in the Yellow Warrior time portal REGION encompassing NW Africa and the Atlantic Ocean west of it. We’ll pay attention to events in that area for the next 4 days.

This was last year so there could be more movement; “Several small earthquakes shook the island of La Palma in the Atlantic Ocean off northwest Africa on Tuesday, keeping nerves on edge after a volcanic eruption on Sunday. The island, with a population of 85,000, is part of the Canary Islands archipelago.”

Authorities said the new fissure demonstrated that the area was unstable and unsafe, and kept people at least 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) away.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by the asteroid belt and the karma in Tiamat’s Psi Bank holding the belt in place. Pulsing are Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, all outer planets with problems.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Mars stations and turns retrograde today, and there can be some difficulties knowing what we want as the shift occurs. During the Mars retrograde cycle itself, which spans from today until January 12th, 2023, we need to re-assess our current projects, our approach to getting what we want, and our desires. Rather than directly asserting what we want, we are more reflective and cautious. Mars in direct motion is straightforward, assertive, and even aggressive, but with Mars in retrograde motion, Mars energy is essentially turned inward – it’s internalized, intensified, personalized, and perhaps pressurized. We can be hesitant about taking action, second-guessing our instincts or natural impulses rather than acting upon them. This cycle affords us the chance to learn more about what we want and how we pursue our desires.
  • With Mars retrograde in the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini, passive-aggressive communications can be prominent. There can be some stalling of intellectual and mental initiatives. Today, we’re shifting gears, suggesting we might reserve judgment.
  • The Moon spends the day in practical Capricorn, (the Hidden Wisdom)and we approach our day with common sense.

Saturday Daily Reading-We are in Hx62 at 30°N. The Time Portal is at 60°N

There is a contraction of energy. I Ching is Preponderance of the Small/Conscientiousness. There are sure signs of the Earth’s geomagnetic field weakening.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 9 Solar Serpent or 9Serine: physical passion. Pulse is to the right breast.
  • Analog is White 9 Solar Wizard or 9Lysine: Timelessness. Pulse is to the left breast.
  • Guide Power is Red 9 Solar Dragon or 9Cysteine: blood memory
  • Antipode is Blue 9 Solar Eagle or 9Arginine; Vision. Pulse is to the left arm
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior or 5 Histidine; Intelligence. Pulse is to the left shoulder.
  • 5GForce if Blue 5 Radiant Eagle or 5Arginine. Vision. Pulse is to the left arm in synchronicity with the Antipode today.

The I Ching, DNA, Earth, and the seasons are a playground

  • We land on Hx62 which is the Atlantic Winter Plate. It is at 30°N/Hieratic Pause
  • Tyrosine (White Mirror) is the governing amino acid for this nucleotide; TAT
  • In the Tzolkin we start HF42, Kin 165/Inv.24 Red 9 Solar Serpent-9Serine-MALDEK (the asteroid belt). The time portal is 60°N–75°E in the N. USSR
  • This is a Polar Kin and sits in the N. Polar Zone but on Sunday we enter the Z.O.T.
  • This is a GAP kin

Earth Holon

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt, Maldek/Tiamat. The Cancer moon is in synchronicity with Red Dragon primordial mother.

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, drawing our strong attention to our personal lives, attachments, home, family, and familiar places and faces.
  • The Moon’s trine to Jupiter and sextile to Uranus open us up to new ideas or methods for approaching any of these things.
  • The Moon opposes Mars tonight, and reactions tend to be defensive or competitive. We can be averse to negotiation or compromise. Energy output can run high if we can focus, however.
  • The Cancer Moon seeks familiarity, but events, people, and circumstances tend to pull (or jar) us out of our comfort zone temporarily.

Friday Daily Reading; The Aztec Calendar says We’ve Entered the Sixth Sun

The Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 was the beginning of the Sixth Sun according to them. Apparently, the Aztec Calendar which is a bit different than the Mayan said it was May 26, 2021. It feels to me like it’s the END of the Beginning of the Sixth Sun as though this was a transition period between December 21, 2012 and May 26, 2021. It’s been an 8.5 year period or 3078 days. That’s also 109, 28 days Moons. Divided by 20 it’s 153.9. I felt a significant energy shift from Wednesday to Thursday night but the math isn’t exact. One half of a katun is 3600 days.

I pulse in order to Survive. Realizing instinct I seal the Store of Life-Force with the solar tone if INTENTION. I am guided by the power of Birth. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
  • Theme is 9Serine or Red 9 Solar Serpent; Pulsing Life Force, instinct to Survive.
  • Analog is 9Lysine or White 9 Solar Wizard; Realizing Timelessness, receptive to psychic heart knowing that is beyond the intellectual clever mind. It’s HIGH rationality. Rational does not mean WITHOUT feelings. It means incorporating feeling in its natural place
  • Guide Power this morning is 9Cysteine or Red 9 Solar Dragon; realizing our powerful birth into these bodies via our primordial mother. Blood memory is supportive.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 9Arginine or Blue 9 Solar Eagle; Exacting pulse of vision, technically inclined and hopeful. This will be mental acuteness TODAY with Sun and Venus in Gemini and a Moon in Capricorn.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Histidine or Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior. This warrior has a knock out punch that is on target. Commanding Intelligence with passion.
  • The 5GForce is 5Arginine or Blue 5 Radiant Eagle pulsing on the antipode today.
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