11/11/22 is Coming up Next Week. It is Four Elevens, not just Two. HF33 Will Become Unhacked! Implicate Order Will Come Through

It is unbelievable synchronicity that the governing 3D I Ching hexagram for this 5D Tzolkin harmonic is 22; Grace. It is a week from today on Friday. You heard it here first. Please share this with your friends and send them to this site. Look at the link below. This Hx is also about Love seeded by the White Dog Wavespell. More synchronicity. Please read all the info. in the link about the trigram.

Also, be mindful of the fact that while the trigram pulses on a section of Earth for 4 days it also controls one amino acid nucleotide in our DNA. It’s not like the Tzolkin day that evolves 5 pieces of tRNA each day in 5D to total 20 evolutionary pulses at the end of the harmonic…in your light body. It controls your ELM energy, your natural electrons/protons that make you visible because you intended to manifest for this adventure. Your mother wove you in her womb. It’s sacred. The Loom of Maya is magic.


11/11 and the 5th Dimension

The number 11 also grants us access to the 5th dimension, where time and space are constraints that don’t exist. On 11/11, we experience 5D energy in the form of synchronicity, alignment, and acceleration. You might experience that “right place at the right time” kind of feeling – the reassurance from realms beyond (but they are right here-Lisa T.) that you’re on the right path and everything you’re seeking is seeking you in return. When 11/11 comes around, pay attention and actively tap into the 5th dimension.

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11/11/22 will bring 11:11 11:11, quadruple 11:11 manifestation and magic. Note that in the Tzolkin we have 3:11:11:11 in HF3 as Blue 11 Monkey 🐒, our visionary Jose’s gateway. But this day coming up is more.

11/11 is a day that’s incredibly potent for manifestation – one of the most powerful of the year. It’s a day when we’re reminded that our guides are always near, supporting us on the path to our deepest desires and dreams.

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Red 8 Galactic Earth phenylalanine on 11/11/22. RED EARTH IS SYNCHRONICITY AND 8 IS DOUBLE MANIFESTATION.

In the tarot, the number 1 corresponds with The Magician, a card representing creation, beginnings, willpower, and leadership. The Magician uses all of his tools – both physical and spiritual – to manifest his dreams. He corresponds with Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and makes things happen in divine timing. The number 11 is The Magician’s power doubled, and it symbolizes manifestation – our dreams coming into physical reality.

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Next week it’s going to be quadrupled! Use it wisely, in light, truth, and integrity.

Thursday Daily Reading; Putting the Brakes on Our RNA Movement As We Come to the End of a Sequence.

We move into a new Harmonic (4 kin) today; 45. Spectral Matrix. Regulate Universal Fire of Liberation because we end the harmonic with Yellow 11 Spectral Sun. The 4D I Ching governance is Hx22; GRACE. The DNA nucleotide is CCG-Proline which is a sub-stop codon like Tryptophan. Yellow Sun IS the stop codon for a DNA sequence so the Tzolkin is putting on some breaks in our DNA evolution to keep it level. We are pulsing in the S. Polar Zone, away from the equatorial solar wind.

Little Reminder. Our RNA is completely malleable and responsible for absorbing all the changes in us before it solidifies into DNA in the nucleus of each of our cells. For years, scientists have called it “junk DNA” because we control it, not them. What good is that right? DNA is rigid, RNA is jelly-like. The ratio is 98%RNA, 2%DNA. The carnival is in our RNA which no one but us can control unless you decide to get mRNA vaccines which completely wreak havoc on the future of our body’s evolution and especially our children’s bodies.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 8 Galactic Earth or 8phenylalanine. Collecting Synergy. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • Analog is White 8 GalacticWind or 8glycine. Divine Breath. Pulse is to the right neck.
  • Guide Power this morning is Red 8 Galactic Dragon or 8Cysteine. Primordial Mother. Pulse is to the right head and eye.
  • Antipode this afternoon is Blue 8 Galactic Hand or 8Isoleucine. Opener of Gateways. Pulse is to the right abdomen above the navel.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed or 6Valine. Potential. Pulse is to the right arm.
  • 5gforce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Night or 6Alanine. Introspection. Pulse is to the right shoulder.

Earth Holon

The time portal on the planet for Red Earth is located at the Equator–15°W in the mid-Atlantic off the coast of Liberia. Red Earth is a Core Kin at the heart of Earth to transduce energy from the cosmic web

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today; Red Earth~White Wind. Uranus is in Taurus right now and rules Aquarius.

Hubble’s October 25th view of Uranus puts the planet’s bright northern polar hood in the spotlight. It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere and the increase in ultraviolet radiation from the Sun seems to be causing the polar region to brighten. Researchers aren’t sure why. It could be a change in the opacity of atmospheric methane haze or some variation in the aerosol particles. Curiously, even as the atmospheric hood gets brighter, the sharp southernmost boundary remains at the same latitude. This has been constant over the past several years of OPAL observations. Perhaps some sort of jetstream is setting up a barrier at that latitude of 43 degrees.
  • Mars formed a sextile to Neptune (mediates Red Dragon) yesterday, and Venus does the same today, encouraging us to open up and embrace loving, non-possessive feelings. We’re finding the best in people and our relationships or pleasures. We approach one another more gently and sensitively than usual with this transit. We are inclined to see our relationships’ spiritual dimensions and treat others with increased compassion. This aspect first formed in late November and then recurred in January while Venus was retrograde, and there can be more to an ongoing story.
  • As gentle as this transit is, a Mercury-Uranus (OUR THEME) square later today can add abruptness and tension to our thinking patterns and conversations. Our senses are hyper-stimulated. There can be sudden flashes of insight or fresh new ideas, but they may not come together well just yet. We may be impatient with routine matters or monotonous tasks. Disorganization or bluntness with our communications is likely. Information can surface now that upsets the status quo. Even so, this transit can also stimulate our minds, encouraging new ways of thinking.
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:24 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Neptune), until the Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow, Friday, February 25th, at 11:27 AM EST.

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Local System Lineup

  • Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces. Two fish are swimming opposite in Water.
  • Moon is in Sagittarius
  • Mercury and Saturn are in Aquarius. Societal structures and communication are being shaken up.
  • Venus, Mars, Pluto and Midheaven are in Capricorn trying to level out out emotions
  • Uranus, N. Node and Ascendent are in Taurus shaking Taurus folks loose.
  • Chiron is still in Aries shaking up our sense of self in all of us.
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