Friday-Daily Reading; We Can Attune to Free Will

Schumann Resonance (ScR)- The Psi Bank of earth

We’re in the 7th Psycho-atmospheric Weather front moving from Hx48 back to Hx49, until Oct. 5th, from CA to the AC template in the Psi Bank (no longer the focus on the past but the future, INTO the present).

8 am-It’s increased 25% in the last hour

DNA Evolution in the Mayan Tzolkin

We land in the red square, Yellow 7 Resonant Human, on day 23 of this new cycle of ascension. It is also a green GAP kin, a galactic activation portal so our chromosomes are pulsing at the 5D level to evolve the telomeres, electrical switches in our RNA. It only happens as our minds focus on meditation.

Look exactly diagonal up to Red 7 Resonant Moon. It is in HF48 which is the Inverse harmonic with HF 18 soul lessons; Formulate the free will in manifestation through authentic feelings, love and loyalty, magic and play, and free will.

The Hidden Wisdom in HF 48 is about channeling in order to purify emotion, flowing it out, releasing, and attuning to the power of birth. There are big sensitivities here.


In fifth-density, we pulse to Yellow 7 Resonant Star Bringing in the influence of Venus.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the earth today.

  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. Channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential might open to us. We can be filled with ideas and possibilities on this day after a New Moon in the sign.
  • The Moon aligns with Mercury (Red 7 Moon O.P.) but also forms squares to Mars and Uranus, and we can feel wired or on edge. We process information very quickly today, and we’re impatient with situations or people who seem to be slowing us down.

Tuesday Daily Reading; Resonant Channeling. Listen to Your Intuition

I channel in order to purify. Inspiring flow I seal the process of universal water with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of birth. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.

Kin 189

We are in a new Harmonic 48: Planetary Process. Formulate your Free Will of Manifestation (the HF ends with Yellow 10 Planetary Human)

Coordinate: 48:9:7:189-2D

I Ching 52; Keeping Still Mountain-Meditation (For 4 days) DNA: TCG-SERINE in 4D

Our Bodies

We are evolving Red 7 Resonant Moon or 7Methionine, the Start Codon with 7Aspartic Acid, 7Cysteine, 7Tryptophan, and 7Glutamic Acid. The 5GForce is 7Asparagine: Red Moon, White Dog, Blue Storm, Yellow Human, and Blue Monkey.

Nutshell: Our emotions are resonant meaning they can touch off other realizations and epiphanies that we should pay attention to, supported by love and a helpful guardian. We are guided by protective helpful energy and challenged to catalyze our minds and bodies to get moving. We have to take responsibility for ourselves during the changes. Underneath all of that is wisdom and free will to do it. We are a VESSEL OF HIGHER POWER according to the oracle. Don’t listen to haters of the human race. They’re wrong. We are abundant, hard workers as long as we stand in the light. Humans in shadow, you know where I stand. Their days are numbered.

Our Earth

This is from Black Dawn, Bright Day, page. 97

“Let’s look at one connection between people and the weather. When it snows, people often curse the snow. The snowplows come out as if they were removing some sort of bad disease. Many people have negative feelings about snow. A lot of people feel negative about rain as well. This isn’t good. In the southeastern United States, there was a major drought because people weren’t respectful of the forces. When the earth forces don’t get respect, these powers withdraw. A few years back, New York City was on very heavy water rationing. Then mayor Koch asked people to pray for rain. Someone did a good job because then they got plenty of rain. Their reservoirs became full again. Praying for rain and that kind of spiritual, focused mind medicine can work no matter who does it if they do it in a strong and proper manner.”

One, focused, faithful, skilled person can manifest something they pray for. It does not take a whole group. Be careful what you sincerely wish for. Make sure it’s in light, not shadow or you’ll make karma for yourself.

If you habitually watch Ben’s videos, and I know some of you do, when he starts talking about something bad because astronomers observed it recently, with authority, reverse it in your mind and set intentions for the opposite to happen. SEE the GOOD happening on the planet and do it strongly with belief, just as you would over your own body if the damn doctor with his hexing said, “You have heart disease and have 3 months to live.” as though he’s God. He’s not God over us. We are God over ourselves with God. This is my big message to everyone during these changes. Our own intentions and prayers for ourselves and the earth will win. We just have to listen to ourselves and the earth and not the damn news, T.V., Google, scientists, or the internet!

FOCUS and feed it Love and Intention Daily

Today’s Reading; Monday, June 21, 2021

I Channel in order to Purify. Inspiring flow I seal the process of Universal Water with the resonant tone of Attunement. I am guided by the power of Birth. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

Today is 7 Resonant Methionine. It’s the start codon in the DNA sequence which is Red 7 Resonant Moon.

Body Frequency

  • Theme is 7Methionine or the start codon which is Red 7 Moon. This in in synchronicity with Mercury stationing Direct. Mercury mediates Red Moon/White Dog. Also, the full Moon is coming up or waxing gibbous. With the Sun entering Cancer today which is ruled by our Moon, and the deep emotion of the Moon in Scorpio today our emotions are centered around being peaceful and home. We are at the START of a new DNA frequency, a new way to flow and feel with one another that will now bring equality to RECEPTIVE FEMALE energy. The reason for poverty on the planet was the closure from the patriarchal institutions who felt they were in charge, to this receptive, abundant, life-giving frequency. The male energy will no longer be dominant. Women won’t be dominant either! so there is no point of fighting. However, just having them at the table as intelligent humans will seem like they are dominant. Power sharing is here and the frequency on the planet and in specific regions is going to change. The EARTH and SUN will respond to the collective Human Frequency in those areas on the planet.
  • Analog is 7Aspartic Acid or White 7 Dog. Attunement to loyal, helpful, mellow, strong leader, and guardian energy. This is PERFECT MALE energy. Take a hard look at White 7 Dog. That is your example of what men need to be equal with women.
  • Guide Power this morning, of the Sun in Cancer and Summer Solstice, is 7Cysteine or Red 7 Dragon. She is blood memory, family, life that generation after generation is woven through the loom of our Mother’s DNA. She is the primordial Mother Spirit equal to the Creator Son and part of the Trinity. The Urantia book says she works next to J.C. as an equal. The religious books edited that out.
  • The Antipode this afternoon is 7Tryptophan or Blue 7 Storm. It is a stormy day for weather but may help balance human frequency.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 7Glutamic Acid or Yellow 7 Human, the Holder of the Chalice, the Holy Grail.
  • 5GForce is 7Asparigine or Blue 7 Monkey. That is in synchronicity with the beneficial aspects with Venus (mediates Blue Monkey) and Neptune on this first Day of Summer.

Watch “We’ve Found The Resonant Frequency”

When you watch the video, not that Tone A at 440Hz pulses on HF38, Hx31 which is a mirror of today’s harmonic as I look at it. It’s Red 6 Moon, today’s analog White 7 Dog, 8 Blue Monkey, and 9 Yellow Human! Note that the tone that dissolves the physical entity is Tone 11 which is Spectral and the attributes of dissolving, liberating, freeing. Also note that it moves into 12 Crystal tone. This frequency therapy, like attracts like is the basis of a holistic therapy called homeopathy. It’s not new. Every bit of holistic medicine is ancient and has been around forever. It’s just been repressed by the bad actors in the sick care system for Time is Money. These frequencies that destroy unwanted microbes can be generated by your own body.