True Time Update for Saturday-3/11/23

Red 11 Spectral Earth. Tone 11~3 pulse on 3/11. Very good synchronicity on a tribe that is the archetype for synchronicity.

We enter HF10 today with Hx5-Waiting for Nourishment in 3D. The 3D Hx pulses in proximity to the 4D Red Earth Time portal at the equator in Liberia, Africa.

This is a magnetic matrix to self-regulate the universal fire of purpose as we move to Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun by Tuesday. We are on the AC strand of DNA in the prehistoric deep past, Stage 1 of our evolution.

5gforce for Meditation to Uplevel Your Mind

I activate in order to dream. Bonding intuition I seal the input of abundance with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

Kin #3

Earth Holon

The frequency goes low lately and the amplitude goes up on the frequency.

Interplanetary Holon

11Uranus 3x, 11 Earth, 3Jupiter
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Pisces for 1 more week
  • Venus forms a sextile to Mars this morning, and we take a creative approach to our relationships and projects. This transit supports flow and ease in close personal interactions without sacrificing engagement. We can make connections that prove fruitful and fortunate, and business relationships and pursuits can prosper. We might express our affection through our actions and feel compelled to create something beautiful. We are also more interactive and charming than usual.
  • Mercury’s sextile to Uranus encourages alternative approaches, new ideas, and scientific thinking. Intuition is strong, and insights are quick and exciting. Original, creative ideas and theories come naturally. We can take advantage of this by solving problems in new, innovative ways. Varying our usual routine may be especially rewarding, and ideas to do so abound. (Our THEME, ANALOG, and GUIDE POWER all mediated by Uranus in 4D)


Friday Daily Reading; Synchronicity that Dissolves Old Habits

We land on Spectral Tone 11 which releases liberates, and dissolves.

Our earth observatories for the Schumann Resonance Psi Bank are up! The Sun observatory is down according to NASA.

The Evolving Body, Ever-Changing

11phenylalanine, 11glycine, 11phenylalanine, 11isoleucine, 3valine. The 5gforce is 3Alanine

Earth Status-ScR

The peak frequency is 54.

The 5GForce Human Helping Today as 3Blue Night

Eridaneans from the Eridanus Constellation, the 6th largest in the sky. They have light blue skin and advanced meditation practices which is an attribute of Blue Night (Alanine)


The theme is Red 11 Spectral Earth with the support of 11Wind. The Guide Power is Itself so Uranus is heavy-handed today. Aquarians, like to move things along and do something new and innovative. The challenge is accomplishing and healing something that needs finishing. The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 3 Electric Seed, FOCUSING, setting a goal or target for the DNA body and then zapping it into action. Uranus isn’t great at that but White Wind or Glycine IS. The 5th density support is Blue 3 Electric Night. This points to a human E.T. help in meditation such as the Eridaneans.

Uranus, Earth, and Jupiter are pulsing today.

We are mediated by Uranus today which rules Aquarius ♒️.

  • The Moon spends the day in deliberate, steady Taurus.
  • However, as the day advances, the Moon’s alignment with Uranus suggests an itch for change. (Synchronicity with theme and analog)
  • As well, we can become wound up relatively easily with Mercury moving into a minor challenging aspect to Pluto. Mental tension is possible now, ideally motivating us to handle problem areas. We can have a slightly suspicious way of looking at how things work. If others are not agreeing or adopt our ideas, we may take this as a personal affront. Instead of getting where we want to go directly, we could take a roundabout route and manipulate others. Some irritability is likely as we sort things out. (This creates karma and is not recommended.)


Thursday Daily Oracle; Liberating, Superficial Energy if You Need to Get Out of a Rut

I dissolve in order to evolve. Releasing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled

Kin# 37-The Mayan Oracle

Body Holon

There is some party energy afoot to release tension
  • Theme is 11Phenylalanine or Red 11 Spectral Earth; synchronicity in navigation, internal GPS.
  • Analog is 11Glycine or White 11 Spectral Wind; chaotic communication along with the Mercury retrograde.
  • Guide Power this morning is itself
  • Antipode is 11Isoleucine or Blue 11 Spectral Hand; liberating accomplishment
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Valine or Yellow 3 Electric Seed.- charismatic targeting of DNA or pregnancy if you are of the age.
  • 5gforce is 3Alanine or Blue 3 Night; a surge in spending or temporary abundance. This aligns perfectly with these energies today. Better be careful.

Interplanetary Holon

Uranus rules Aquarius

We move into a new harmonic today; I Ching 5; Waiting for Nourishment. I’ll go ahead and wait thanks. Most people won’t. This is potent dissolving energy via sex. Given that the overarch Nucleotide is Threonine, change is at the top of the picture. That and Blue 13 Storm hits in 2 days; Cosmic Self-Generation.

We are mediated by URANUS today under Tone 11 so today is a shake-up. By all accounts though, the aspects are positive for enjoyment in relationships if you like superficial. The Sun is in Libra until October 22 so the theme is relationships. There isn’t much synchronicity with the Mayan Oracle today which means these energies are space-time movers only, not seriously changing the densities or soul of a matter.

Venus changes signs today, entering Sagittarius for a stay until November 5th. When it comes to superficial affection and relationships Sag is king and queen. Taurus comes in second and Uranus is in Taurus so they will likely be prowling, even the ones who are or were married. Venus rules Taurus. They are very lusty for money, sex and power being a cardinal earth sign.

The Moon continues its transit of Libra until 10:22 AM EDT, after which the Moon moves into Scorpio, and we’re more inclined to focus and specialize. Scorpio likes to get experimental and go deeper. In addition, the Sun and Mars are heading into alignment, exact just a minute into tomorrow.

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