Biden Would Like That Wouldn’t He?

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Mr. Biden told a crowd at the second of two fund-raisers he attended on Thursday evening.

And I just posted a video on today’s blog from 1963. I’m surfing timelines today folks. No atomic weapons are allowed on Earth anymore. The E.T. will STOP them. End of story. He can stop pouring billions into a money laundering war in Ukraine, Mr. Corruption.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was October 16, 1962 – October 29, 1962. That is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey – Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed. Wow! That covers the entire Yellow Human Wavespell;#8, the Power of Free Will. What we know is JFK, who was the President at the time, believed in democracy and free will and was going to disclose everything about the ICC and the LOC to the American people. That’s why they assassinated him, his brother, Marilyn Monroe, and Martin Luther King. 1963 was a bloody year for the C!@#4. What was Joe Biden doing in 1963? JFK, RFK, and MLK.

GEE, look what I found from the NY Times dated October 23, 2021~! Post is below.

As you read and ponder what Biden is doing TODAY, what he is saying and what the FBI did to Trump and is doing, Biden and Trump are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN THE TZOLKIN. White 2 Worldbriger leads to Blue 3 Hand. So we are playing out Maldek karma, intervened on by WB~Skywalker and seeded on Earth by Blue Hand~Yellow Human tribes. It is no mistake that the Cuban missile crisis happened exactly over Yellow Human Wavespell. We are still trying to get freewill manifested on this planet. Continue reading…

JFK assassination records. Hmm, who might have those as we speak and is being investigated by Biden D.O.J.? Do you see below where they say the National Archives need MORE TIME TO WORK ON REDACTIONS? Holy crap. Well, we already know the truth. The Biden Admin. is so corrupt. The Dems weren’t always like this. It really turned in 1963. The root of all this trouble is the existence of ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate in our local system and the continued suppression of E.T’s. I found all of this after I finished today’s blog. I’m really time traveling today. It’s all connected with synchronicity.

An estimated 50 million people dies in WWII. War needs to end on Earth.

What is Putin Really Doing?This is What I Saw Remotely Earlier Today. Just Saw it Posted on Telegram by CG.

EXACTLY what I am hearing in recent briefings… I am hearing about a lot of Labs, Mercenary (CIA) bases and CIA operations centers. I also was told of massive document vaults that are booby trapped to destroy the documents that the Russians are guarding until specialists can open them and preserve the documents. The Labs were experimenting on unwilling humans who eventually have their organs harvested. The ‘criminal syndicate’ running the Ukraine is being routed out. The human trafficking that the invading Russians are uncovering are extremely shocking. Some of the former Alliance groups in the west are now fighting against what is left of the Alliance.-Corey Goode

Watch “Short Film – History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda & the Coming Global Revolution” on YouTube

This illuminates who is in the Earth Alliance as far as world leaders, Trumps family connection to Disclosure via his uncle who promoted Tesla’s work for humanity and who the negative E.T.’s are and who the good ones are. The Galactic Federation is in charge.

While it’s true that our DNA contains components of all 20 amino acids or the Tribes of Time, it is my belief that with the visitation to this planet of Jeshua, White 3 Electric Dog, his release of White 13 Cosmic Dog or 13 Aspartic Acid in HF33 onto our planet has given humans the ability to uplift the negative DNA in our bodies to ascension and become ONE with Source…via the heart of Christ. It’s in the Mystic Column or the human spine. That energy activation through the Sun is the key to healing any cellular defects NOW PRESENT in us.

Have a great Sunday.

White 12 Crystal Dog.

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