The Plasmasphere is part of the Ionosphere, which is our PSI BANK. Let’s have a Look.

Time is Art. This is how I feel aboit the Earth, and how astronomy makes me feel…stars and gravity and coming down to the ground in the body. Sara is Yellow 4 Star


STRANGE TIDES IN THE PLASMASPHERE: Tides are one of the oldest phenomena known to physics. Ocean waters rise and fall like clockwork in response to the gravitational pull of the sun and Moon. There’s nothing surprising about tides.

Yet, researchers studying tides have just found a big surprise. There are tides in Earth’s plasmasphere, and they are very strange. The discovery was published in the Jan 26th edition of Nature Physics.

It looks like Red Moon tribes gate with the hole through the middle. And it’s red like blood and like the tribe archetype. Synchronicity.

The plasmasphere is a lopsided donut of cold plasma inside Earth’s magnetic field. It is created by leakage from the top of Earth’s atmosphere (the ionosphere). The outer surface of the plasmasphere is called “the plasmapause”–and that is where the tides have been found. (PSI Bank leakage. It’s leakage of time because the timelines are changing. It’s no different than the fluids in your body changing as YOU change your life, water diet, feelings, thoughts. They’re all manifested)

Lisa’s comment-plasma is a huge part of our blood. In holism, all over the world, blood is Qi or Prana with ELM charge of electrons and protons. The patterns are delineated in the Tzolkin because they are in our amino acid proteins, which are in our BLOOD). I think this is a Psi Bank mind bleed, letting go of memory of the past, the AC strand. Or a recalibration of Kin9, Red 9 Moon coming up. My mind feels like it bled after the last three years! Who we were as a society is gone. We can only let it bleed and go forward. We can’t go back in time… like Turkey and Syria. It’s the ancient past. This is pulsing with my post on the earthquake and the Red Dragon timelines, I Ching, and new cycles all lining up. This is another Tzolkonic event appearing in the PSI Bank. What will be next? The asteroid belt turning to dust because Tiamat’s dreamspell (It’s Psi Bank) will be absorbed into Earth’s crystal core, Earth’s Library? You heard it hear first. Then the earth changes will really come quickly because the karma will manifest from the Maldekians who decided to grab power and used the sun to do it.

I have listed a correlation between all the kin of HF33 and HF3. As I discussed in recent posts, especially with the lemniscate of HF33, we are pulsing off the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131, Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey.

What is plasma in humans/animals?

Blood is composed of solid and liquid components. The solid part contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets — about 45 percent of the total blood volume. The remaining 55 percent is plasma, the liquid component. Though it makes up more than half of this vital fluid, it is often overlooked. Plasma plays many important roles, including carrying the solid blood components throughout the body.(It’s our feelings, which is RED MOON METHIONINE, the START CODON in a DNA sequence. Red Moon is universal feelings and tied to our moon and lunar cycles.)

“We can think of the plasmapause as the surface of a ‘plasma ocean’ surrounding Earth,” says one of the lead authors Quanqi Shi of Shandong University. “Using a 40-year database of satellite observations, we report the first identification of lunar tides on the surface of this plasma ocean.”

It is not surprising that Moon’s gravity would stretch and modulate the shape of the plasmasphere. After all, the plasmasphere is made of matter, and matter responds to gravity. But the response is not what the researchers expected.

Shi explains: “Interestingly, the lunar plasmaspheric tide forms a few percent bulge that is offset 90 degrees ahead of the Earth-Moon axis, which is significantly different from the high tide in Earth’s liquid oceans.” This inexplicable offset was verified by nearly 36,000 plasmapause crossings by various spacecraft over almost four solar cycles from 1977 to 2015.

This looks EXACTLY like Red Moon archetype.

Above: Sample images of the plasmasphere taken by NASA’s IMAGE spacecraft (left) and China’s Chang’e-3 spacecraft (right). [extended caption] [source]

What’s going on?  The researchers aren’t certain, but they believe gravity and electromagnetism may have joined forces to produce a new kind of tidal effect.

Space physicists have long known that the Moon’s gravity affects winds in Earth’s ionized upper atmosphere. This means the Moon can actually modify electrical currents in the ionosphere, altering electromagnetic fields. The research team looked at data from NASA’s Van Allen Probes and found that, indeed, electric fields reaching up into the plasmasphere appear to be modulated by lunar tides. Computer models suggest that these fields can shift the  bulge to a 90 degree offset position and explain its daily and monthly variations.

“Our discovery of this plasma tidal effect may indicate a fundamental interaction mechanism in the Earth-Moon system that has not been previously considered,” says Shi. “Understanding this phenomenon could lead to better forecasts of space weather and improved safety for spacecraft and satellites.”

For more information about these strange tides, please read the team’s original research.

What is earthquake light that is seen in Turkey before the massive jolt?

The earthquake lights occurred on 11-23-22, AND with this quake of 2-6-2023. They are the northern lights or the auroras, which are emanating from the magnetosphere, which is the Tzolkin Psi Bank in the cosmic web.

TIME is manifested SPACEtime for the purposes of evolution as DNA life forms. Our lessons wouldn’t be very valuable to us as muggles if it was all INVISIBLE. So to talk about it, I, we, use SYMBOLS to represent manifested thought forms and waveforms. All life around us is at the level of symbol representing the thought form and feeling that the thing is. What is real is mind and heart, thoughts and feelings in 4D and 5D. Then we see it because we and millions of others INTEND to. We are magical co-creators and could be much more mindful than we are about what we are creating.

Our eyesight relies on a certain wavelength to see things in 4D in TIME because our brains and spirituality are still quite low compared to other universe species. We need to see the matrix movie playout in front of us in order to learn from it.

Mayan symbols are representations of amino acids and hertz levels of sound, which is PHYSICS.

The Binary Sunspot Cycle MANIFEST as Bipolar Psi Bank Calendar Matrix

After you read this, please keep it in mind when you listen to propaganda about the sun killing us. That’s like suggesting it’s natural for mothers to kill their children. Men kill children but it’s extremely rare for women to. So much of our violent world is a projection from the male psyche. I’m tired of the no love paradigm. Just lust, food, servitude and useage? Not in my female world.

The magnestosphere around the earth measured by the Scumann Resonance IS the Tzolkin. It is also called the Van Allen Belts after James Van Allen of the notorious Manhattan Project. I note him and Einsteins’ letter in my book “The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method”.

It’s fluctuations affect time and thus the timelines as the two strands of the DNA double helix, the past to the present and the future to the present (AC/CA).

Earth Ascending map 31, page 97. Tiahuanaco is in the Andes mountains in Bolivia South America; the Gate of The Sun. 🌞 Note Tone 7 right in the middle under the Axis of the Eternal Present, The Mystic Column; our Spine.
Gateway of the Sun in Bolivia

Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) is a Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca, about 70 kilometers from La Paz, …

Location: Tiwanaku Municipality, ‎Bolivia

Founded: c. 110 AD?

Cultures: Tiwanaku empire

Tiwanaku Empire · ‎Gate of the Sun · ‎Puquina language

The Mayans and their MesoAmerican kin, through precise attunement and DEVOTION TO THE SUN and related celestial cycles, represent the terrestrial correspondence to but a single sunspot movement; the north equatorial one. The sunspots are binary, operating within thirty degree latitudes north and south of the equator, so we should anticipate a complementary bipolar solar calendar south of the terrestrial equator corresponding to the southern sunspot movement.

This south equatorial solar calendar is to be found on the Gate of the Sun in Boliva, South America, the chief feature of the site now known as Tiahuanaco, the mysterious high region of the Andes.

The South Equatorial Calendar is in Bolivia, The Gate of The Sun. Guatemala in Central America, home of the Maya is just north.

Similar to the 260-day calendar of the Mesoamerican civilizational pulse, the monumental stone-hewn site of Tiahuanaco has long baffled and mystified archeologists, giving rise to numerous fantastic theories. The principal reason for the mystery is the altitude of this site. At 12,596 feet above sea level, Tiahuanaco is unique among man’s architectural efforts. Little grows at this altitude, so the idea that Tiahuanaca is an urban center in the usual sense of the word presents problems.

However, if we consider Tiahuanaco as a hieratic solar research center, then its altitude makes more sense. The altitude, for an era predating satellites and rocket ships, is perfect for solar investigation, particularly if the chief tool of study is the finely tuned human organism. The results of the high-altitude solar investigations are carved into the monolithic Gate of the Sun, the single most outstanding artistic/scientific monument of Andean civilization. (This is in the Yellow Human Time Portal, a Core Kin, Equator–105°west, most appropriately as a monument to human achievement.)

The Tiahuanaco calendar emphasizes the larger rhythmic pattern of thirteen. Though comprised of twelve main units, the central figure counts for both one and thirteen, alpha and omega. Reading below this main figure to the left, we have, in alternating units figures two, three and four, the solstice. Returning in alternating manner are the figures five through nine, arriving at the next solstice figure, ten. A final return with figures eleven and twelve brings us again to the large Viracocha figure, thirteen.

It is to be noted that the seventh figure is directly beneath the central alpha and omega figure, signifying numbers 1 and 13. The central axis thus corresponds to the mystic column, the seventh of the thirteen columns in the Mayan calendar, which we see slipping down behind the head of the central Tiahuanaco figure. Like the central solar figure representing 1 and 13, these two numbers are at the very center of the mystic column. In the bipolar calendar matrix only thirteen units of the mystic column are visible, the other seven being within the central solar figure.

Finally, since it contains the matrix from which the binary triplet and the crossover polarity are derived, the bipolar calendar serves as an integral description of the holonomic code of time. What it also demonstrates in comprehensive manner is the way in which the key primary numbers seven and thirteen fit with binary progression figures and their multiples, including two, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen.

Jose Arguelles (today’s Hidden Wisdom) in Earth Ascending page 96

If You Don’t Understand the Meaning of my Schumann Resonance Posts, Check this Out from Jose

Clear as mud. LOL. Again, you just have to stare at this stuff. The Earth sends messages to the Sun and the Sun responds. I call it Magnetosphere Forcing or DNA/RNA Forcing. As Corey says, “It’s up to us.”

But, we can’t have it both ways, Us forcing things or the Sun forcing things? But he doesn’t publicly agree with me. He follows Ben.

Sunday-New Podcast on Time is a FREQUENCY, not measurable by a clock. Our bodies measure and absorb the frequency.

The biosphere frequency is measured by the Psi Bank, the magnetosphere, called the ScR or the Schumann Resonance.

The Psi Bank/Magnetosphere

Black out.

See the black patches in the ScR? I think we’re in a black out in the magnetosphere. I have a massive headache and there is absolutely no physical reason for it. I can hardly move. Something is going on, probably between c+×÷=/ and E.T. Showdown?

We are currently moving through Blue 9 Solar Night…Saturn.

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