Tuesday Daily Reading; Blue 9 Solar Storm

Today is the birth gateway of Princess Diana

Body Frequency

7th Crown Chakra Radial Plasma pulse is in sync with Blue Storm pulse to the left eye, face, and brain. The pineal gland, third eye is dominant here.
Blue 9 Solar Storm 💙 Tryptophan. Tone 9 pulses to the left elbow JOINT.

Week 3: (Blue) Patience Transforms Conduct

Dali – thermic force (target)

The 5GForce

Today’s 5GForce is Red 5 Overtone Dragon. Red Dragon portal is 30°N-30°E in Cairo Egypt which is the location indicated for Hx49 in the timeline shift tomorrow. Hx48 time portal is White Mirror, 30°S-30°E in S. Africa. Watch for earth movement there soon.

“I empower in order to nurture. Commanding being I seal the input of birth with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of universal water.”

Kin 161

Earth Frequency

The amplitude is 6 at 5am

To help keep the earth vibe straight. The greatest real jazz ever. Non-music industry live 🎶.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by PLUTO today. Also pulsing are Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn until 6:21 AM EDT, after which the Moon is in Aquarius.
  • The Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Venus and heads toward a trine to the Sun. We’re friendly and fair, and we seek intellectual stimulation. Friends, community, groups, causes, and happiness goals are in stronger focus. We’re attracted to the unique, extraordinary, and uncommon. Just a splash of emotional detachment can be refreshing today.
  • With a creative Mercury-Saturn aspect, we’re inclined to sort, categorize, and create order. We’re mentally disciplined. The void Moon period continues today until the Moon enters Aquarius at 6:21 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Friday-Youtube Video on the Hidden Wisdom, Inverse Harmonic-6 minutes

She is Blue 9 Solar Storm, the Hidden Wisdom tomorrow so we may see a time pulse to the Queen and her funeral.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/Shutterstock (252296n) Princess Diana visiting New York, America – Dec 1995
Her funeral is on September 19, 2022, Monday of this coming week, Yellow 7 Resonant Seed. She was Red 7 Skywalker so it pulses on her tone. Her death day pulsed on her Skywalker tribe.
Map 43 in Earth Ascending moving from IChing Hx48-49 on the left.

This move from Red 10 Planetary Moon/Methionine/START codon in a DNA sequence to Yellow 10 Planetary Sun/Stop Codon in a DNA sequence. It’s huge synchronicity.

377869 16: (FILE PHOTO) A photographic portrait is displayed showing Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Retired physician and medical historian, Norbert Hirschhorn wrote a study that suggests Lincoln’s use of medication in the form of a blue pill for depression contained enough mercury to cause uncontrollable bouts of anger in the President and could have eventually killed him had he not stopped taking the pills. (Photo by Hulton/Archive/Getty Images)

Lincoln’s Death and the end of the Civil War hit on Kin 122; White 5 Radiant Wind which is tomorrow. There has been too much talk about a civil war in the current media.

Yellow 13 Human; Rene Fleming
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