Update of TSR as of Late Last Night

I showed you folks this which is a table I created on my laptop. It’s all condensed and all the tables are in my book; “Time is DNA”.

which was transferred from this which I did by hand months ago;

They are the same thing. What I realized yesterday is that there are two different polarity designations which I did not see before. the 0’s and 1’s are computer binary code designation as the Tzolkin “could be” translated into binary code. I was going to do that but it would need to be processed through a QUANTUM COMPUTER. The Tzolkin is far past our 64/32 bit computers as it’s multidimensional. In fact, the only thing on earth that processes it precisely is OUR BODIES. Our bodies ARE ONE WITH THE TZOLKIN and The Universe. Think of Baby Yoda. LOL!! Don’t tell the biologists, white coat doctors, 3D clenching microbiologists, virologists and god knows who else, that truth. They don’t believe it anyway. Their careers will be ruined by HUMANS knowing the power of the DNA in every cell of their body WHICH WE CAN PROGRAM OURSELVES along with the superpower of our blood.

So, the way the Tzolkin aligns the anode and cathode, positive and negative electrical charge of the molecules is in a different order than the I Ching Square of 8. The above alignment is a study in the I Ching Hx’s which are in order specifically according to Hx number. They are not numerically progressive. The order is based on something else.

For instance, the Square of 8 starts with Hx 56 and Tzolkin starts with Kin#1. They are two very different oracles with different spins and electromagnetic realities. I believe that’s because they communicate our cellular alignment in different dimensions (if that can be said). I don’t know. Science says the dimensions are ONE but I have see HOW in these Oracles. The hexagram numbers adding up to 260 horizontally is a fascinating start. Again, Jose did not do the work of joining the two oracles and examining them as amino acids. I’m doing that.

This is the Tzolkin alignment of polarities which make the DNA spin in the double helix. Again, I had to figure this out by hand myself. There was no document to look at. I deduced it from “Earth Ascending”. Jose didn’t figure this out. I did. But he drew graphics “pointing” to it.

But now, I have to figure out the polarities according to the 64 hexagrams which are helter skelter, in no particular order and get those corrected on the I Ching square of 8.

My Mom asked me on the phone last night, “Don’t the Stellar Species already have this information?” That’s a fair question and reminds me of what Corey Goode said are assumptions about E.T.’s by humans; that they are further advanced than us or smarter. No, they are not. They actually do homage to us when they meet us. It’s a mutual admiration society but not all E.T.’s are ahead of us.

Why would they be? They’re not from this planet. Some are geneticists but they don’t necessarily see it the way we do. Some of them seeded us here and monitored our evolution but The I Ching and the Tzolkin were both IMPORTED here by Red Dragon Tribe and probably Yellow Star Tribe for the Tzolkin. Humans are different but not all together different. We are ONE universal family, but just like humans on this planet have different perceptions and cultures the same is true of our DNA spread among stellar species. I’m trying to prove we are more alike than different but that takes examination.

The Maya came from Venus so it was either Blue Monkey or Yellow Star. The oracles are recent in Earth’s 14 billion year history before there were any humans here at all. The human species is only approximately 1 million years old. We basically just got to the planet and have been in charge of our own evolution to a great degree.

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