A Powerful New Super Moon in Scorpio for Saturday and Sunday with Tzolkin Synchronicities

Hard to keep up over here!! Please read my post for today about Red 8 Galactic Moon which is the gateway to the New Moon in Scorpio. Red Moon attributes are; Purification, Flow, Universal Water, Deep Emotion, imaginative, self-remembering, communicator, fantasy prone, mutable, aware, romantic and expander. Notice the Synchronicity with SCORPIO.

We’re coming to the end of a GINORMOUS cycle pushing this dark spiritual energy OUT in order to balance the NATURAL Light and Dark on our manifested end; female and male. Is that making sense? I feel it and that’s what we’re counting on. I feel some kin are really holding onto the old way because it’s all they know with the 3D clenching reality that is not reality and believe and feel like they’ll die without it. That remains to be seen. We all have to follow our instincts and make choices through our mind and heart. Keep the T.V. off and you’ll be able to hear your inner voice. I mean it when I say that right now, everything coming from the mainstream media is SPRITUAL DARKNESS.

The order of things starting tomorrow is:

White 9 Solar Dog, Blue 10 Planetary Monkey and Yellow 11 Spectral Human. So the march of mediating planets is Mercury, Venus and Earth. However, PLUTO is in the themeplexes influencing through The Sun and Blue Storm Tribe. Pluto rules Scorpio and mediates Yellow Sun and Blue Storm Tribe!

A New Moon of Epic Proportions

Posted on November 12, 2020 in Configurations | 
By Henry Seltzer for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This weekend’s New Moon in Scorpio, taking place on November 14-15, late Saturday evening on the west coast, early morning Sunday for the east coast and Europe, is a rather remarkable lunation. The triple conjunction of SaturnJupiter, and Pluto is reaching its peak, now that Jupiter has moved forward to lie between the other two, in a culmination of the SaturnPluto combination that has been active all year, beginning January 10th, and that has signaled a societal transformation that was being discussed by astrologers several years back, when the November timeframe was singled out.

This New Moon serves to further exacerbate this crescendo of SaturnJupiterPluto. The New Moon degree of 23 + Scorpio makes, once again with this series of New Moons, a close aspect to Pluto at 22 + Capricorn, in this case a sextile. Another T-square to SaturnJupiterPluto is in fact also present in this New Moon, quite exact to JupiterPluto, from Eris at 23 + of Aries, opposite Venus at 22 + degrees of Libra. This is dramatic, and enhances the significance of this potent arrangement of outer planet energies. The structural transformation thus implied is coming down on all of our heads, affecting us both collectively and individually.

It is quite interesting to note, as well, that Mercury, returned now to Scorpio, its retrograde motion having finished earlier in the month, is approaching an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, bringing further surprises. Meanwhile, in this configuration also, Haumea remains in partile square to SaturnHaumea is another new KBO planet, officially named along with Eris in the 2006-2008 timeframe, and represents profound connection to Nature, including concepts of Natural Law, or finding the motivation inside yourself for taking the moral path. This refers to finding within your Higher Self the “right” thing to do – wise action, right relationship, and those spiritually viable principles that go beyond purely egoic responses to situations.

As far as Eris goes, as Feminine Warrior for soul intention, and as a fundamental part of this ongoing T-square, this archetype implies that we have the mandate now to pay attention to our deepest principles, and to courageously act upon them in all that we do. With Haumea in the mix, we must do this in accordance with Natural Law, arising within us, as we can manage to discern it. As these energies come to a head over the closing months of the 2020 year, this astrological symbolism will take us far. Rather than bemoaning our difficulties, the astrology urges us to rise above these in a way that builds character, and that instead of leaving us helpless, empowers us. In terms of the biggest possible picture, as prominent Jupiter signifies, we must in the long-term look to our sacred evolving selves.

In this we are enjoined to emulate the lowly caterpillar, that surrenders itself to the ultimate dissolve, into its own primordial goo, until getting itself together in new ways begins its days of ethereal flight. We must let go of all that hinders us in this sacred development, referencing our true mission here, that which we came into this lifetime to perform, and which will take us forward in our spiritual evolution even beyond it.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon may provide an additional perspective. For the Sun and Moon at the 24th degree of Scorpio, or 23 +, we find, “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.” This veiled reference to the Christ image, on a symbolic level can be seen as listening to the still small voice of Spirit that arises from deep within ourselves. Marc Edmund Jones makes reference to, “the supremacy of spiritual over other more tangible forms of authority among us,” and goes on to state that “any higher realization must be brought to earth for… its ultimate sharing among the many.” For all of our sakes, as we move forward through the divisive waters of this end-of-year timing, may it be so.

Planting Seeds on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Today is both a solar eclipse when the earth passes directly in alignment with the sun to block it’s light and a new moon where the position of the earth is in direct alignment with the moon so that the light from the sun that usually hits the moon, allowing us to see it, it also blocked from our vantage point on earth.

One could conjecture that much solar and lunar energy is blocked but really it’s a very powerful, DIRECT alignment of the EARTH with the sun and the moon at the same time. It’s a reset point INSIDE of us, much like a seed that is in the dark of the soil, has it’s DNA packet and is getting ready to sprout. Humans are doing the same thing. The DNA/RNA SEED PACKETS for humans are the VIRUSES that humans have always been exposed to for a million years. Running from a virus seed packet that is helping us evolve forward is like being afraid of seeds you put in the ground!!! No one said it would be easy. It’s not easy for the little seeds we plant to sprout and expand either. Everything on earth tends to be struggle, for the animals and the plants too! Why do humans think it should be easy for us?

The purpose of this particular virus is to open our pineal gland and change our brains. Thus, if you’re relaxed, most of the symptoms will be in your head, eyes, sinus, and ears. That’s how it was for me. And it’s not exactly a simple procedure to clean out the pineal gland, (the 3rd eye) because of the toxins on our planet and calcification. It’s important to relax with this thing and let it change you. It is a novel virus but that’s because we’re in a paradigm shift. Our brains have to become more telepathic, enlightened, conscious, psychic, ability to focus and meditate; all the things that are actually normal for humans.

The media narrative of this thing is one more psychopathic hatred for the earth and humanity from our sick care system that has taught us our whole lives that our bodies are weak and bad and need HELP from drugs and vaccines. No they don’t. We only need the earth and an aligned mind and heart. Every natural thing that we are and are exposed to they cast as a monster so they can possibly bring Artificial Intelligence to the planet and hijack the beauty of the human race. It’s all a big profit to them as well. That’s a long story but they aren’t going to get away with it. Hopefully, pretty soon here, our sick care system will be done. It’s all lies.

This is solar system lineup but as we know, we live in multidimensional universe of True Time. Today is Yellow 6 Seed or VALINE, mediated by Jupiter. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest LIGHT of the year and it is a time of planting seeds. Not only 3D seeds but mental, emotional, and spiritual seeds.

  • Theme: Yellow 6 Seed; ordered, rhythmic growth targeting awareness
  • Analog: Blue 6 Eagle; balancing equality with independent vision, ALL people from ALL cultures who believe in themselves, dreamers, and the hopeful.
  • Guide Power; Yellow 6 Seed; Balancing equality with being a spiritual creator, individual potential, and influence.
  • Antipode; White 6 Wizard; Being receptive, psychic, listening, sensitive, aligned with Divine will.
  • Hidden Wisdom; Red 8 Earth; Modeling integrity, harmonizing within the ONE HUMAN RACE in order to EVOLVE in synchronicity in the Matrix. Red Earth are Earth keepers, crystal healers, free, and confident.

The 5GForce today is Yellow 8 Warrior. We harmonize in order to QUESTION. When we model fearlessness we seal the output of intelligence. The galactic tone is INTEGRITY and is guided by THE SUN.


We are on microscopic levels here, like the virus, like very tiny seeds that then expand to the same order to macrocosmic levels. They can’t be stopped by anything, not even a mask. The mind has to be prepared though. In the areas where the virus is exploding again, people thought they were immune and ignored it. No one is immune from getting the virus. Everyone has to get it. Do you know anyone on the planet who has never gotten a virus? Everyone gets them. We have to. We’re supposed to. It’s nature. I marvel at those who profess to be environmentalists and in love with nature and their OWN BODY is not aligned with natural cycles, they are not whole, they are not healthy, they are not vital. Such is the nature of media programming that is largely unconscious in our society.

We see it happening again here on the molecular level as I always see and that is the Tzolkin Code illuminates the genetic code. It’s synchronicity. Lysine has more carbon on the left, arginine has more nitrogen. Otherwise, they are almost exactly the same and sit in the Tzolkin themeplex right next to teach other. If you follow this section, you can see it every day on here.

Yesterday I was studying Jose’s book “Earth Ascending” again and on page 29 I saw;

Earth Ascending in not a speculation, but a precise set of keys, a code, a matrix, and ultimately a display of the underlying patterns governing the conscious experience of LIFE on this particular planet.

These are the levels where the patterns are the same;

  • Radiogenetic
  • Human Form
  • All of Humanity
  • The Planet
  • The Solar System
  • The Galaxy
  • The Universe

It’s only by looking at the universe wholistically that we’ll be able to understand our own DNA and our bodies. The reductionist approach isn’t going to get us to the goal line. If Americans keep believing the media and the sick care, corrupt science approach but still claim to be tuned in, they’ll go over the cliff. I will too if I’m unconscious of something. That’s why I meditate daily. Our bodies have no limit.

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