Timeweather for Wednesday-3/15/23

Better sit down with your ☕️ for this one.

We land on the pulse of 2~12 crystal tone for the collective in Red 2 Polar Dragon. I just posted what I woke up to at 4;30 am. Ya never know what you got out of bed for other than work, which for me is patients in the afternoon. My mornings are always busy analyzing the matrix for the 2 people that follow me. 😆

We enter a new HF11 today; Overtone input, inform the flowering of radiance as we move to Yellow 5 Seed over four days. Our solar date adds up to 5 which is the overtone; synchronicity.

This is IChing Hx 57; SUN, the gentle. The penetrating wind. Wow is that exact if you saw my spaceweather.com post yesterday. You have to keep up!

The alignment with the Sun and Mercury, we just did a turnabout with the Yellow 1 Sun~Yellow 13 Sun 5gforce so the pulse went from kin 260 to kin 40 and the beginning of the Yellow Sun 13-day cycle. It was a significant upload to Galactic Center regarding our status. Then the CME and the solar wind hit in 3D.

We are on the AC strand, the DEEP FUTURE, Stage VII posthistory, WHILE WE SIT IN OUR BODIES centered in our CNS, brain, and spinal cord. Please visualize a “Groundhog Day” the movie kind of deal, in your body awareness. We sit in the eternal present where it doesn’t change. It’s our etheric 4D mind in Time that is 4D DNA and perceives illusory change like a movie so we grow in our soul. We are remembering and forgetting daily, but love from an open heart always.

5gforce-for meditation-uplevel your mind to the astral level. Service to others.

You don’t have to like or agree with others to just be good to them. This isn’t Twitter where people don’t understand basic sandbox behavior. I hope Twitter gets banned. It’s bad for humanity.

I dedicate myself to catalyzing. Universalizing energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of magic.

Kin 259

Earth/Body Holon

I Ching 57 is 30°N–90°E in alignment with the 4D Time portal for Red Dragon which is 30°N–30°E keeping in mind that the area covering the Time Portal is 20:64. The time portal is a smaller spot WITHIN the 3D Hexagram area but, you see my point. The coordinates for the 4D Time portal are EXACT. It’s near Cairo, Egypt which is in AFRICA. As I’ve posted for 3 days now, Africa’s environment is cataclysmic right now.

3D and 4D Sync

Major synchronicity between mediating 4D NEPTUNE and THE SUN’s annual conjunction. 👌 WOW! I’m sayin’.

2Neptune Dragon, 2Neptune Mirror, 2MARS Skywalker, 2 Venus Monkey, and 12 Pluto Sun. Perfect🥰
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Capricorn.
  • The Sun aligns with Neptune today. With this yearly conjunction, we find meaning (which is synchronicity) in our experiences more readily than usual.
  • We’re tuned in, inspired, and charitable. With this combination, we can be extremely sensitive to the moods and undercurrents around us. We make judgments intuitively and instinctually. We might resist defining our actions and goals; instead, we seek alternate ways of connecting with our dreams. Our morals may be flexible as we tend to stretch our usual boundaries.
  • This transit stimulates and enhances spiritual awareness. It’s a generally good time to connect with our dreams, ideals, and romantic or spiritual selves.
  • Still, the Sun and Mercury are heading toward a square to Mars, and tension is building. Discontent with current situations can be pronounced. (sync with our 4D guide power Red 2 Polar Skywalker)
  • The Moon is void from 4:50 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Venus), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 8:06 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Sunday Mayan Timeweather

Please check this out. I added to it since this morning because my Reiki student came in and said, “Did you know that Africa is splitting further apart again?”

I had just looked at the location of Hx 5 this morning as Africa but didn’t Google Africa to check the status. I had to prep to teach.

IChing 3D Hx5 is the 4D time portal for Red Earth which is our current harmonic. Look at yesterday’s post. It’s in Africa and we are in a Spectral tone 11, DISSOLVING, splitting apart harmonic.

So…it’s happening further in the 4D time portal in synchronicity with the harmonic. See the link below.


Africa splitting apart #earthquake #geology #naturaldisaster #volcano #continents #africa #trench

♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic

We’re on a CRYSTAL 12~2 pulse today, cooperative and polarizing for growth.

I have a Reiki student and doing an attunement today. The alignments are perfect for doing so. Synchronicity.

The 5Gforce For Meditation

I polarize in order to communicate. Stabilizing breath I seal the input of spirit with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Kin 2-White 2 Polar Wind Glycine mediated by Uranus

Interplanetary Holon

12 Neptune, Mercury, and Venus. 2Saturn
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces ♓️
  • Jupiter aligns with Chiron in the sign of Aries today. This standalone transit encourages an increased need for greater understanding, wisdom, and awareness, as well as a more vital interest in the healing arts and holistic health. It may be a time when we update or enrich our personal belief system. The potential is high for ridding ourselves of negative attitudes that have held us back.
  • As this conjunction occurs in the sign of Aries, we can be especially interested in dealing with personal demons that have fractured our confidence and ability to assert our boundaries. It’s also a good time for motivation and dedication levels regarding work or projects, research, and personal interests. There can be opportunities to pursue absorbing topics and projects of interest. More joy and meaning can be found in our commitment to wellness, health, work, duties, and responsibilities, and we are exceptionally resourceful today. The desire to work on problem areas is powerful; to that end, we’re courageous and willing to break through barriers. It’s a strong time for tapping into our inner genius or personal potential and putting it to work for us. We can be determined to take better care of ourselves, and discoveries made now can fuel or reignite our motivation to pursue a particular path. (So maybe we should lose our lack of faith in humanity? They might have to rip it out of my hands.)
  • The Moon spends the day in Scorpio.

From cafeastrology.com

Time is Art

Yuja is Yellow 11 Star, Analog Blue 11 Monkey (Jose. A.)

Thursday Timeweather-2/23/23-Red 8 Galactic Dragon. ScR is 33

We start a new 20-day cycle, a particular 260-day cycle of kin 21-kin 20, a new HF6, and a new 13-day cycle. We’re still evolving forward here despite collective negativity in the news and politics. The majority of people on this planet are positive, and of course, you never hear about them because they aren’t complaining or blaming others and are working in their own life. Right now in our society, the problem children are acting out and getting the most attention because they don’t understand the new frequency. Bear that in mind and pivot to a positive mindset for yourself.

HF6 is Spectral input as we move to Yellow 11 Seed by Sunday. We’re DISSOLVING and freeing ourselves from things, thoughts, and feelings we no longer need.

We are in IChing 34, The Power of the Great. This is Stage V of medieval world history on the CA strand of DNA, past to present. The great overwhelms the small, as it should be. But the great changes, always. It curbs the ego. The only thing that remains great on Earth is mutual love and having a child, which is why 98% of humans do it. That fits perfectly with the nurturing of Red 8 Dragon today. Nurture is our reason for harmonizing with integrity.

Body Holon

Red Dragon pulses with White Mirror to both eyes and both sides of the brain. Tone 8 pulses to the LEFT shoulder joint.

Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid important for making protein, and for other metabolic functions. It’s found in beta-keratin. This is the main protein in nails, skin, and hair. Cysteine is important for making collagen. More on cysteine can be found at the link



Kin19, Blue 6 Storm. We just landed on it on Tuesday when the big storm hit which is still in MI.

I organize in order to catalyze. Balancing energy, I seal the matrix of self generation with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled

Earth Holon 🌎 -ScR just went up

Frequency is 7.5, and amplitude is 33 at 7am. Nodes on the new timeline on kicking in on regions of the planet where change is the dominant mindset attracted by the residents.

Interplanetary Holon

Neptune, the asteroid belt, Venus, and Pluto. Pluto is in CAPRICORN which is ruled by SATURN.
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Pisces Ruled by Neptune in 3D which is our mediating planet in 4D today.
  • Saturn forms a semi-square with Chiron today–the first of three perfections; the other two are to come on August 15th and November 25th.
  • During this minor challenging longer-term transit, there can be fears of not being competent or effective enough to meet our responsibilities. We could find it hard to strike out on a unique path, again due to fears or insecurities. The desire to break from the status quo is strong, but we may not have the necessary confidence to do so temporarily. (These are subconscious fears due to the 4D presence of Pluto in Capricorn in the subconscious position of Yellow 5 Sun. Just let it go.)
  • Today’s Moon is in enterprising, assertive, and direct Aries, and we’re looking to start fresh and pioneer.

Aries are not always this way. Many of us are shy introverts that just make waves quietly since we seem to have a target on our heads, in no small part due to the way astrologers generalize about us. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars mediates Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger in 4D. We were responsible for the escape from Tiamat to Earth and making sure humans had another chance to evolve again despite the mistakes made. Skywalkers want PEACE, not war.

From cafeastrology.com and Lisa

Monday Oracle-2/20/23; Command Order to Your Mind Through Meditation. Today is the New Moon and Thus a New Cycle

Today is White 5 Overtone Mirror Tyrosine-This is Rosalind Franklin’s birth gateway. She was just mentioned in the post yesterday on finishing the genome. She is featured in my book, Time is DNA on pages 16 and 17.

I don’t mean command in a fascist military manner but like, “expecto…petronum” Harry Potter kind of way. 🧙‍♂️. Tone 5 is the Overtone of Radiance. There is everything right and good about being radiant in your focus and work so that you are intimidating to those who don’t focus and are here for ego and not the service and empowerment of others. Lightworkers on the front line are called to excel in love and empowerment of others.

First stop complaining, second make a plan, and third, execute the plan. Cue for jealous sabotage and eat it for breakfast. You will get full quickly. Fourth, focus on execution and envision success.

White Mirror is a powerful reflection of what you really love, think, feel, and believe. Your mouth can lie, but YOUR VIBRATION can’t, and people can feel it. That’s why lying is so odd. Everyone I know can tell if someone is lying. You don’t have to be intelligent. It’s an animal instinct like smelling pheramones you like. You can smell a rat, too.

With three planets in Pisces today and the synchronicity with timing pulsing on White 5 Mirror~Red 5 Dragon, the vibration is kindness with power and boundaries. Nurturing calls for firmness and accurate information. Empathy only works with DETACHMENT. We’re not called to be drawn into other’s energy vortex and take it on and take it in like a sponge. That’s not helping and we need a major revolution in the idea that if I suffer with you we will heal the suffering. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve been a professional empath for 23 years and I read people’s feelings like a book and then problem solve and pinpoint. I don’t absorb it. It’s important to apply the rational mind to feelings as well as feeling it and letting it go. We all need to pivot. Acknowledge the feeling, see where it comes from then move on.

The 5GForce

White 9 Solar Wind, Kin 22

“I pulse in order to communicate. Realizing breath I seal the input of spirit with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of endlessness. I am a galactic activation portal. I spin in 3D for 3 days.”

“The genome read by scientists is not the human genetic code. The Tzolkin, given to us by our universal ancestors is the human code and it will forever come naturally through the womb of the mother, automatically, and beautifully as a child.”-Time is DNA page 17

The Body Holon

We pulse to the LEFT EYE and FACE and Red Dragon, the analog, is the right eye and face. This is essentially THE BRAIN and indeed, tyrosine is a brain chemical. Synchronicity. Tone 5 pulses to the voice, C5, the voice chakra and that is in synchronicity with TONE 5 and communication and the GForce White Wind. We have the sextile between Mercury and Chiron in 3D so that is in synchronicity also with the vibe today.

TYROSINE is an essential component for the production of several important brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Neurotransmitters help nerve cells communicate and influence mood. Tyrosine also helps produce melanin, the pigment responsible for hair and skin color.


The Earth Holon-ScR

The frequency is 7.58 @1:30pm EST and the amplitude is 7. Nothing is blowing up. Shucks.🙃😊

The 4D Time Portal is a Signal Kin at the solar plexus of earth–30°S–30°E on the east coast of South Africa.

Interplanetary Holon

Neptune is our mediating planet in the 4D Mayan Oracle and our ruling planet of Pisces in 3D. Sun, Moon and Neptune ARE IN PISCES~!

5 Neptune, Mars, and Venus, 9Saturn
  • The New Moon occurs early today–at 2:06 AM EST–in the sign of Pisces, and it’s a time for a new beginning or fresh start. We’re gathering the inspiration to take a leap of faith. With this potent Pisces energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives in the weeks ahead. We’re motivated to carve out time for peaceful and rejuvenating activities or to entertain a dream and perhaps share it with someone special.
  • With the Sun separating from an alignment with Saturn, we have our responsibilities in mind, but we’re also picking up steam in the faith or inspiration department.
  • Venus is at the very end of the sign of Pisces as this New Moon occurs–it enters Aries 50 minutes later–suggesting an ending in the social or financial department could power or drive our new beginnings.
  • Venus transits Aries from today until March 16th, and we are bold, fresh, and a little impatient regarding matters of the heart. We don’t look back–we’re not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. Our desires are strong, and we express them spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Our tastes are simple, but we can feel the need to fulfill them urgently in the weeks ahead.
  • Today’s sextile between Mercury and Chiron is strong for opening healthy dialogues. We approach problems holistically, and our problem-solving skills are high. This transit brings subtle but enhancing energy for communications.

From cafeastrology.com, time passages, and Lisa

Monday Daily Reading-It helps to have a Plan Before Exploring

We are in a new HF44 today, Resonant output, express the intelligence of attunement is the message given to our flesh body by our 5D light body. I Ching 53 is about development and gradual process, in other words, patience with how things play out in 3D. Today is a GAP kin so it powered up.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain were 4 Skywalker public figures. I know 7 people in my personal life in this gateway and one patient I had to kick out of my office.

The 4, 5D gateways in this harmonic, 4 SW, 5White Wizard, 6 Blue Eagle and 7Warrior are light body chakra pulses for I Ching Hx53 location on Earth

Body Frequency

4glutamine, 4threonime, 4methionine, 4alanine, 10leucine on a 10~4 tone pulse. Manifestation and form are transcendent.

Glutamine is important for removing excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body). It also helps your immune system function and may be needed for normal brain function and digestion. You can usually get enough glutamine without taking a supplement because your body makes it and you get some in your diet.

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Hand, Kin 127.

“I perfect in order to know. Producing healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of vision.”

Earth Frequency

ScR is 23 at 5:30am EST in the U.S.

Red Skywalker 4D time portal is located at 30 degrees south–60 degrees west in N. Argentina, South America, North of Santa Fe in the Andes Mountains.

3D IChing hx 53 is located at 60 degrees north and 270 degrees East on the N. American Plate.

Interplanetary Frequency

Plenty of synchronicity between 3D and 5D today. The 4D Time portals are the bridge between the 3D solar system/IChing and the 5D Tzolkin

Mars mediates while Mercury, Saturn, and Venus pulse which you cam see in the 3D astrology.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness 😉
  • The Moon leaves Aries and enters Taurus at 12:16 AM EST, and the desire for more security motivates us.
  • Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Jupiter this morning occurs not long after a Venus-Saturn square, and we can move from overly negative to unduly optimistic. We tend to make more of an issue than it deserves and should watch for exaggerated perceptions and communications or news. (This shows tension between the Saturn ruled antipode and Venus ruled Hidden Wisdom)
  • A creative aspect between Venus and Mars is excellent for seeing relating patterns and using them positively to encourage creativity and excitement. (Here is the helpful occult relationship between theme and Hidden Wisdom).
  • While the Taurus Moon is peaceful, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in the sign early tomorrow, and emotions heighten today. (No Taurus I know is peaceful. They are The Bull)
  • The void Moon continues today until 12:16 AM EST, when the Moon enters Taurus.

From cafeastrology.com

The next time we see Neptune pulsing in 5D is in 5 days with White 9 Solar Mirror. This is the DAY AFTER 11/11/22 so we will find ourselves applying this transit energy to whatever we learned about ourselves the day before.

Some great music from Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. Artists tend to be Tone 13.

Saturday-Daily Reading; We are in HF 33, Frequency of Dreams. This HF is SILENT. There is no Hertz (Hx) Frequency.!!!

Kin 129-132 turn INWARD on themselves. This is the only harmonic in the Tzolkin that does this. Meaning, every kin in the Tzolkin or day, has a 3D mother hidden wisdom governing the subconscious mind. THAT IS ABSENT HERE. Of course, we all have a mother but likely, if you were born in HF33 your mother was very unique. The Hidden Wisdom in this harmonic are Yellow 2 Human, today, Blue 1 Monkey, tomorrow, White 13 Dog, Monday, and Red 12 Moon, Tuesday. Also, tomorrow is an Omega ending point in 5D and Monday is an Alpha beginning point in 5D. The New Moon is tomorrow challenging our sleep.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Human also in HF 33 hitting on Tuesday. These are some very odd, special humans born in HF33. I know one. My mom’s mate is Yellow 2 Human. Nice fellow. Mom says he is ever so odd. Mom is a rabid Dem and he is a staunch conservative and loves Trump. They barely get along but are analogs; Blue Hand and Yellow Human. It’s interesting.

I was chatting with him on a visit and he told me he likes to just sit on his tractor in the middle of his field (in Illinois) and meditate. Open space, nothing happening. I knew at this point that he was 2Human so it made perfect sense. Mom couldn’t believe he told me that. (Repressed Dems don’t tell the truth about their experiences nor is anyone else supposed to!) People tell me lots of things they wouldn’t tell anyone else, for 23 years now because they know I’ll believe and respect them.

Suffice it to say, there are little time vortexes everywhere where dimension cross. And the areas around military installations all over the country are not normal. Anything can happen. They have the tech left by the E.T. and they use it. I’ve had a couple patients tell me about what they experienced near a military base in addition to all the military whistleblowers interviewed.

HF33 is the Lunar, Polarizing Process. We are here to formulate the FREE WILL of CHALLENGE (Yellow 2 Polar Human on Tuesday). There is NO overarch DNA Nucleotide which is huge for people born in these gateways. They are dreamy folk. This pulses on the neck, the mystic central channel of timelessness, the axis of the eternal present. There is no I Ching Hexagram. The I Ching is composed of 64 trigrams. The Tzolkin is composed of 65 harmonics. This creates the binary triplet configuration that makes all that is, EXIST.

3/6 is the I Ching trigram, then 2, 4, 8, 12 up to 364, and the solar cycles and astrology affecting us in the 4D body. The Tzolkin is 13:20. You know our math. It’s exponential and vigesimal (20) The two sprocket together perfectly so that all the dimensions are UNIFIED. We are one with eternity, NOW. Our bodies ARE TIME and Eternity. We are not finite, we are infinite. It’s the big news and it’s in every cell of our bodies. Gee, if we actually believe and know this we will be FREE, no longer slaves on this prison planet for the Luciferian C^&*(. That’s why we are programmed to believe the opposite. It’s been pummelled into the human race for thousands of years by the time thieves. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. They like money and stuff more than Love, and the Universe. It all goes back to that…guy. The Angel of Light who decided to go deep into Shadow.

The increase in ScR will increase at 2pm today. Right now it’s still 6.
We are mediated by Mercury then pulsing are Neptune, Pluto, and Earth but only the 5D aspect. I feel very nostalgic and emotional today about all the changes occurring. Humans still have big decisions to make for our planet.
Red 12 Crystal Moon~White 12 Crystal Dog. Hidden Wisdom is in HF33, this one, Yellow 2 Polar DUALISTIC Human. We are dualistic for a reason. We are spiritual babies that need to learn to crawl and the resistance on earth helps us learn. We are always watched over. If we acknowledge it we’ll be safe. If we don’t, we’re living In a crap shoot. That’s one way to go I guess. You are still loved but not reciprocating. We’re supposed to love and respect the universe in return.

Whatever the 3D lineup, it’s not getting through until Wednesday. We are swimming in 5D. Astrology is allowing people to be born obviously and come into the body but our minds and bodies are immersed in 5D.

The 5GForce

It is extra potent today. It is Blue 2 POLAR Monkey. We are seeded as dualistic primates and to a great degree, we still are. That’s what the Rh factor is in our blood; Rhesus Monkey in your DNA which means you have a + sign. If you are O-, A-, B-, or AB- negative you are more humanoid, meaning your E.T. ancestor DNA comes through more than your human DNA which is based on the Rhesus Monkey DNA. We are all humanoid, mixed with our E.T. ancestors but those with a + sign, less so. I am B+ but my mother is B-. She is severely ADHD and I am less so or not at all. My son, whose guide power is today, Red 12 Moon in HF33 is very ADHD inattentive looking up at the sky. Kin who are born in HF33 or have it in the destiny oracle is very likely diagnosed with ADHD. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just heavily influenced by 5D.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 24

For us, that applies to Red Dragon~White Mirror kin and days where this kin pulse. They relate to the right and left brain and right and left eyes. What he talks about here I talk about often in my blog posts. This is actually some crazy stuff IMO. It’s true we project an image but there is authenticity and people are different and everyone has their own vibe. Then we mesh vibes with boundaries. That doesn’t mean our perceptions of others are us, IMO.

This retrograde happens now until October 12, 2022

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