R & B Mix

I’m addicted to this mix. Check it out. Get ready to dance around the house. This might seem retro to the young pups but Bruno’s music is based on this. All the current music is based on what your hippie parents listened to. My 20 year old says, “I don’t know what you old people are about.”



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Music can get you in touch with your true feelings.

True feelings come from within you, your body and your heart.

If a song you’re hearing starts to touch you, follow it to the end and decide what you felt as you were listening or who you were thinking about.

This is key, truthful information for you.

Then, your mindset will decide what to do with the information.

You don’t have to stay in or sit in the feeling. Just let it flow out like a stream.

Knowing your heartset needs to precede your mindset so you don’t just follow any advice or a guru. You’re following yourself. That’s true empowerment.

Instead of watching the Inaugural…

I ratcheted up the volume and sang and followed the lyrics to R.E.M. “Ignoreland” just to get it out for two minutes.  How long has this been going on?  I’m trying to imagine how the hippies who were born in the 50’s are feeling.  I was born in 1963 and we still had all kinds of reasons to resist, and did.  I’m doing inner anarchy with love now and it’s changed my life and others lives.  I think it happens one person at a time.  It seems like a slow slog but patience is a virtue.  Keep your own peace.

Song of the Week 51: Águas de Março (Waters of March) – Tom Jobim

I’ve listened to this tune for years. Love it!

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Olá a todos!

I’ve always loved Brazilian music, because of the mix of jazz improvisation, African and Latin rhythms and its harmonic sophistication, but I never really knew too much about it. I just knew I liked it. After today’s song of the week, you and I will know a little more about that corner of the world. We’re going to talk about one of Brazil’s most famous and fondly remembered sons, one of her greatest musicians, responsible for several of the twentieth century’s most well known melodies; one of which is this week’s Song of the Week…

Águas de Março was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s rainiest month, March, which is usually marked by storms, heavy rains and strong winds that often cause flash flooding around the city. The music and lyrics both progress downward symbolising streams of water flowing down streets into gutters, carrying sticks, stones, bits of…

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Lisa Townsend, Musician

Lisa Townsend, Musician

The link to my music is in Blue. We finished some Demo tracks.  There will be 2 more coming as we get the editing done.  Recording is quite a process.  When you click play on my page you will hear “God Bless The Child”, “Funny Girl”, and “Groovin’ High”.  I sing and play the flute.  David Hay is the Pianist.