Kari Lake-R, in a Super Close Governors Race in AZ. Here is Her Public Figure Mayan Gateway

Kari spent 22 years working in media so she knows what they are made of and who pulls the strings. She is tight with Trump and MSM is trashing her all over the place calling her “conspiracy performance art” she learned from Trump. She is Light and they are D.S. shadow. Of course they have to try to destroy her.

Well, these days, free will, empowerment and healing is a conspiracy of wholeness for humans. The media really are scum and need to be taken down. They are controlled by Democrat corporate interests that use humans as victim slaves. It’s very profitable for them. Conservatives are about EMPOWERMENT. The left will never stand for human empowerment. Not in a million years. Humans are supposed to be dependent children. If they are empowered, happy, and whole, the democratic party would have no reason to exist.

I have her back with my Light worker energy, which is not minor.

Blue Hand is her Analog; Trump

House Republicans Won or Lead in 221 Race, Enough For a Majority.


My Alternative News Page

Misinformation is now defined by the left as something they just don’t like because they might not get their way. Then a tantrum and censorship ensues. It’s like Romper Room. They don’t want to share power because they have to see themselves as victims who have no power. Yeah…no.


I’ve added 4 new interesting posts to this page that you may want to check out. MSM won’t change their narrative even when presented with evidence by reputable professionals. But of course this has been going on for 2.5 years now.

The Other Planets Also have a Psi Bank (an ionosphere)

Since the main ionization source is solar EUV, every planet and moon with an atmosphere also possesses an ionosphere. (a Psi Bank) At IRF-Uppsala we study ionospheres of Earth, Mars, Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus.Feb 1, 2021


When Ben legitimately posts what is happening on the Sun and he says, “The CME is pointing away from the earth and won’t affect us much if at all.”, it is hitting one of the other nine planets because the Sun is reacting to them also. It would be narcissistic to think our Sun was just for us or just reacting to or picking on us. That is not the case at all. In fact, the Sun is keenly tied into the entire cosmic web grand universe-wide so its function in our local system, serving our local system, is by no means trying to DESTROY US.

Why does no one talk about this? Because they are selfish and have an agenda that might not be the most positive for humans. Anyone who cooperates with NASA I question. I’m not saying NASA is always wrong but they work for the Federal c+_)(. They have to shore up the official narrative in a big way just as the sick-care does.

Trump’s social media SPAC is soaring. Here’s what you need to know. – The Washington Post

“Trump’s social media SPAC is soaring. Here’s what you need to know. – The Washington Post” https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/10/22/donald-trump-spac-truth-social/

My intuition is he is going to finally take over MSM and get rid of them. Do we get to say good riddens to FB and Twitter, CNN and all the rest?

I knew he wasn’t done. No way. The presidential election was stolen from him and Biden is a nightmare.

Monday Daily Reading; Yellow 9 Solar Seed

My Rose of Sharon bush

We are currently under the Guide power influence which is Yellow 9 Solar Sun and the sun is shining brightly where I am. It feels like it will be a good day to target our awareness of things that were hidden on our society.

Enlightenment is good. Either way, good or bad it’s essential to know the power of the human soul for good and evil.

Why is there surprise for evil and an assumption of good? That is dangerous denial propagated by Disneyland mainstream media to keep us asleep. The analog is Blue 9 Solar Eagle. Like Icarus, he is flying so close to the sun (guide power) his wings melt.

We need a balance of light and dark. The antipode today is White 9 Solar Wizard who is RECEPTIVE. Its the feminine, the dark of the womb. The Wizard has dark vision meaning, like a cat, he’s nocturnal. Big synchchronicity there.

Lately the evil of Adrenochrome production is being talked about. Now most of us know what it is. There’s been a tremendous amount of vampirism on our planet between humans; adults and children. I guess because we’re early on in our evolution we’re not very spiritually mature. The abuse of small children for their prana is the height of blood cult vampirism.

We have everything we need on this planet; the DNA in the seed, the radiation and light in the energies from the Sun have long been known by our ancient ancestors to provide our minds and brains through our eyes with everything we need. There is special energy in the Sun and in the Earth itself to provide for us. There is no need for us to hurt other people especially children, to have life force energy; prana or Qi.

But as we find ourselves, some humans, a very small number, have found themselves so enamored with the Earth plane that they’ve given their souls to money, sex, and manifested things. They don’t believe in God or anything outside of temporal time.

That’s all Luciferianism which hails from Maldek; the asteroid belt, the blown up planet. They are evil seeds indeed, false gods that cause people to forget powers that are intrinsic in their mind, body and soul and then they do things that suck the energy off of other people.

As much as we want to judge what’s going on with this abuse in order to harvest Adrenachrome, the fact is is that a large majority of the planet believes that they have to follow each other or their families and suck energy off of each other in order to survive and thrive when the truth is you have your own soul power.

When we see our own body and our own blood, when you focus our mind and breath, we start to feel the life force in us or what some would call God. You don’t have to call it God. The spiritual movement says Source.

This is something that’s going to need to be discussed in the human community. How do we access Source? How do we stop this vampirism in society where we feel that we need each other’s energy in agreement all the time. The politics has practically destroyed us because of that demand for agreement! Journalists focus on manipulating the masses to agree with the political narrative that pays their salaries. That’s all journalism is now.

We can sit in our own sovereign soul space and share instead of sucking energy off of one another and getting so desperate that we have to be violent. This is the end of the road. It’s time to receive Enlightenment from the Sun from Source and have radiant synchronicity guiding us every day because we choose it ourselves.


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