Sunday-New Podcast on the Difference Between the Mind and the Brain

I have a blog post on this too that I posted months ago. Just search on “the mind and the brain” in my posts. I come from a holistic perspective based on what I experience in my office working on patients bodies for 23 years.

The Role of Intuition in The Scientific Method by Nicholas M. Smith Staying on Earth Through Our Ascension

I bought the copyright to this paper so It's my book. His family didn't want it. I wrote the Preface, glossary and history. Dr. Smith worked with James Van Allen on the MANHATTAN PROJECT. Van Allen is the namesake for the Van Allen Belts or the magnetosphere ELM field around the earth. Tzolkonics calls it the Psi Bank and the Schumann Project measures the Resonance in Russia as well as other places. I post it on my blog daily. I read to you here, the letter that Albert Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt during WWII before the atomic bomb was built. I find the letter to be quite controversial. I hope it stimulates discussion.
  1. The Role of Intuition in The Scientific Method by Nicholas M. Smith
  2. Time is DNA by Lisa K Townsend
  3. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Science and Spirituality Revistited-Chapter 11
  4. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Essay30 from 2018|Science, Spirituality, and Religion
  5. Patterns of Connections by Fritjof Capra-Science and Spirituality Revistited-Chapter 11

What You Choose to Be Healthy Depends on Your Tribe and Tone

One size does not fit all when it comes to stimulating your light body. If you’ve listened to my podcasts you know by now that mass is not a substance but energy spinning very fast in the cells. Or…if you have a hard time with that, understand that substance is pure energy spinning at a certain speed so that you can see it. It takes a form due to MIND which is one with DNA which is time. Once your energy or mind stops spinning with your own intention you die. That happens when you’ve allowed yourself to accept the doctor’s or family’s intention and programming for you to die which profits many death industries and inheritance schemes. You don’t have to die. There are other ways to leave.

Conceivably, there are 260 basic physical workouts for each tribe and tone and that is amended based on personal preference but that would be another book. I may do that. Let’s start here and designate Unconscious, Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious (ascended) Mind and apply it to the tones.

  • Destiny or Theme and Analog kin are your Conscious Mind.
  • Guide Power is your Superconscious Mind where you observe synchronicity
  • Antipode is your Unconscious Mind or your dream state
  • Hidden Wisdom is your Subconscious mother-father/family mind. You’ve manifested into duality on purpose and it shows up as the opposite polarity in your inverse harmonic
  • Your 5GForce is your Fifth Density or Ascended Mind. It works in tandem with your Guide Power. This is likely how you will be of service to humanity.

First, you have to have all of that noted down then you can figure out how to make sure your manifested body is in alignment with your light body. If you need me to do a chart for you let me know.

Tones 1, 6, and 11 have the same Tribe and Tone as their Theme or Conscious Mind as their Guide Power or superconscious mind. What does that mean? You are activators of DNA for humans (yourself). You magnetize, make it rhythmic, and blow it apart to get it moving. Many artists and musicians are in these tones. It could be good to incorporate music, drumming, and highly aerobic activity into your workout.

Tones 2, 7, and 12 are 12 tribes forward from their theme for their Guide Power. (see above). You crystalize or conduct ELM energy for humanity. You then send it to the crystal core of the earth to store as memory. You are a great friend to humanity and usually well known. It could be good to do deep meditation, long walk, and yoga breathing/stretching meditation as a workout.

Tones 3, 8, and 13 are 4 theme tribes ahead of their own theme as their guide power. That means they teach humanity how to be more self-existing, more independent, and interdependent by moving, getting off their butts, and not making excuses. The universe has your back if people don’t so…tune in and let it in. This kin tends to be dynamic and can easily overdo just going through their day. It could be beneficial to do deep relaxation, breathing meditation, and simply sit still or channel pure light energy mentally into all their cells. This kin can program their own cells via their mind. These tones cannot do drugs…at all nor do we need them.

Tones 4 and 9 are 4 seals back from their theme for the guide power. That means you teach people to remember their past lives and what they’ve already accomplished to become self-existing. You don’t have to rehash it. It could be beneficial to do an active adventure like hiking or rock-climbing, horseback riding, or hand gliding.

Tones 5 and 10 are 8 seals ahead of their destiny kin for their guide power. That means that in order to be radiant and galactic in your mindset you need to be superpowered in integrity and accomplishment if you want to align your soul and karma. This kin is given gifts of good looks and money to catapult them past their own troubled past. They are obsessed with beauty and manifestation because they need to be. Do not judge them. It’s likely that in past lifetimes they were overly ascetic or introvert. It could be beneficial to do muscle resistance training and mainstream workouts that test the limits of the body. These kin tend to be athletes.

It’s Crunch Time Folks for Our Brains, Our Eyes, and Our Minds as we Are Ascending. The CNS is on Stage, the Axis of the Eternal Present IN OUR BODIES

Our Universe Hears our Thoughts and Feelings.

This is head-focused.

Be super circumspect, meaning;

  • Take brain supplements like Fish Oil, Evening Primrose, Bilberry, and LUTEIN!! I use Ocuvite.
  • Get your eyes checked. Our vision is going to change. It happens in the occipital lobe of the brain which is right behind the PINEAL GLAND. That has to be spinning now. Covid changes the occipital lobe and covid continues to mutate. It’s just a virus and is not going away. Everybody’s vision changes but how many people realize it’s because their brains change. Your eyes are ONE with your brain. The doc said that Covid has been shown to cause small blood clots and small strokes. My guides at the time, in 2019, told me that it opens the pineal gland to stimulate changes in the occipital lobe.
  • Nix any negative emotion. Don’t fight with anyone. That has absolutely been shown to affect the brain, caused by the mind obviously. Turn off the T.V. and keep media to a minimum. Live in peace.
  • Get some Sound Medicine alignment and Reiki alignment. I do so much of it in my office and people really benefit from it. I’m busy. We all have to uplevel our 12 chakras with Sound Medicine and meditation. It’s not really a choice if you want to stay on the planet and survive end-times madness.
  • Don’t hesitate to get counseling talk therapy if psychologically you’re in too much fear and anxiety. Prayer is great for that as well. J.C. is always with us.
  • Do your best to nix alcohol and cigarettes unless you have a plan to go out in a blaze of addiction glory. I’m not judging, at all. Anyone is free to leave in any way they want with no judgment.
  • Ascension is a literal physical event. Changes are going to happen in the body. Just stay calm and breathe. Drink a lot of water and rest.

Intuition; Intuition Supports Reasoning

Intuition guides heartset.

Emotion does not guide heartset.

Intuition is the higher rational mind and emotion is like the wind. You are the airplane flying on Earth and you have to know direction and speed of wind. The air holds you up in fact!

That is the emotion and you have to factor it into your flight plan or it’s not safe. You can’t pretend the wind changing direction doesn’t exist or you’re insane.

Such is our world and women are blamed for which way the wind blows because we understand it.


Intuition; Intuition Supports Reasoning

Intuition guides heartset.

Emotion does not guide heartset.

Intuition is the higher rational mind and emotion is like the wind. You are the airplane flying on Earth and you have to know direction and speed of wind. The air holds you up in fact!

That is the emotion and you have to factor it into your flight plan or it’s not safe. You can’t pretend the wind changing direction doesn’t exist or you’re insane.

Such is our world and women are blamed for which way the wind blows because we understand it.


Body Truth; Network of Mind IN the Cells

Steven Holl-Shadow Art

Chapter 9 of “The Molecules of Emotion” gets juicy. Dr. Pert says, on page 185

The three classically separated areas of neuroscience, endocrinology, and immunology with their various organs-the brain; the glands; and the spleen, bone marrow, and lymph nodes are actually joined to each other in a multidirectional network of communication linked by information carriers known as neuropeptides.

“…it might make more sense to emphasize the perspective of psychology rather than of neuroscience, for the term psycho clearly conveys the study of mind, which encompasses but also goes beyond the study of the brain. I like to speculate that what the mind is, is the flow of information as it moves among the cells, organs, and systems of the body…the mind as we experience it is immaterial, yet it has physical substrate, which is both the body and the brain.”

Molecules of Emotion coverThe mind, then, is that which holds the network together, often acting below our consciousness, linking and coordinating the major systems and their organs and cells in an intelligently orchestrated symphony of life.  This view of the organism as an information network departs radically from the old Newtonian, mechanistic view where we saw the body in terms of energy and matter. But there is intelligence running things.  Intelligence in the form of information running all the systems and creating behavior.”

Creating behavior?  Now there is where I part ways with her.  My son, who is studying psychology believes our behavior is determined by chemicals in the brain. That makes him, and those who agree with him, materialists. Many people believe our behavior is pre-determined or determined, that there is no real choice or free-will.  Frankly, this seems to be the central debate as we are squarely in the high-tech age, moving from Newtonian materialism to Einstein quantum states where something we see only exists because we see it collectively.  It doesn’t exist in and of itself, by itself.

What do your intuition and experience tell you here?  How has your life unfolded?  My life has taught me that I create my reality and my body condition by the habitual feeling, beliefs, and thoughts that I run. So I check myself every day. It’s called mindfulness. While I am part of an agreed-upon collective mind field as I look out my office window at the snow-covered roofs, my individual perception, interpretation, feeling, and thought processes are chosen by me.  Am I kidding myself?  Am I just a puppet on a string? Or are we truly at choice?

It makes no sense to believe we’re puppets. Otherwise, our lives would all be the same and unfold in a gentrified fashion and have no meaning or differentiation. There is an observation! Many people’s live ARE gentrified because they are not acting on their power to choose; free will. It is possible to abrogate your rights in the universe and then your mind goes into default mode, programmed by your family, Facebook, and CNN and you are part of the herd mentality. There are a thousand ways to free yourself from that and uplift your mind. Follow your intuition.

While it’s true that in my personal life, death/change has been a constant around me, it’s not something I chose to happen; I’ve witnessed it happening to others first hand. The universe allowed it to occur around me for a reason or maybe I did. However, my individual choices are indeed the reason I find myself in my current situation. It’s all good.

My mind is run by my intuition 24/7 and always has been, for as long as I can remember. Personally, I feel like I live in a kaleidoscope. When others see static sameness, I see and feel minute details of an ever-changing landscape of colors, vibes, temperatures, shapes, dimensions, and souls coming and going. Even sitting still, I feel in my body that life around me on earth is a dance of changes in light and shadow and I interpret them as quickly as I can and respond.

Re-Program; What Does Cognitive Mean?

The modern meaning of cognitive has to do with mental processing or thinking. The thesaurus puts emotions under cognitive process as well but that’s not working for me based on seventeen years as a professional bodyworker and reiki master.

Emotions don’t come from the mind or the brain nor manifest there. Emotions come from the emotional body and the astral body and manifest in the digestive system and the heart. So emotions are not cognitive; they are cardioactive and digestive which would account for the fact that humans literally feel like their physical heart is broken when they separate from someone they love, they can’t eat, have no appetite, and what they do eat doesn’t stay in.

good chakra imageThe emotional body is hooked to the physical body at the abdominal chakra 2 (the orange circle) through the etheric body which is chakra 1, (the red circle) low back down to the bottom of the feet. The mental body is hooked to the physical body through chakra 3 (the yellow circle) the stomach or solar plexus. There is an energy body attached to all of the chakras as well as a certain type of mind.

The first problem in communication regarding all of this is the assumption that the physical brain is the same thing as the mind. Based on my experience, that is incorrect. The brain is a physical organ, spinning at a different energetic rate of manifestation than the mind. The mind moves between dimensions and is disembodied part of the time.

Our mind is active at night while we dream but our brain has no cognitive activity. They’ve measured it with their electrodes. The physical brain is resting. There is no thinking going on, but there is mental activity from the mind going on, which they don’t know how to measure with their instruments, so to them, it doesn’t exist.

The thesaurus states that the antonym of cognitive is body/physical. There you have the reason our health care system is so materialistic and messed up. It separates the mind from the body. If you’re going to do that you may as well be dead. Many people stuck in materialistic thinking are slowly trying to kill themselves with addictive behaviors that supply instant gratification because they feel that they are only a body, nothing else.

The mind is one with the body. The body is the mind. The body exists because of your mind. In short, your mind, all MIND is eternal or life would be one useless pile of nihilistic crap which makes absolutely no sense at all. A person has to be seriously disconnected to believe that mind dies. The brain dies, not the mind, and some would say, the soul doesn’t die either.

There is much to learn on this topic. To be continued.

Body Truth; Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief”

The Biology of Belief

I read Bruce’s 1st edition of this book several years ago when it came out and now finished his latest one with changes just now.  I recommend this new 10th Anniversary Edition.

I was reading it because I’m writing my own book that is a memoir encompassing the first half of my life, with the theme of synchronicity cues I saw throughout my life that helped me navigate family and relationship scenarios.  His recent research on epigenetics and the subconscious mind really opened up another panorama for me as I was raised in a genealogically myopic family.  Ancestry was a very big deal.  It was all well-intended, not to be elitist or biased in any way, as my family heartily embraces other cultures.  But it was still overkill.

In my family, I think the purpose was to sweep some skeletons back into their graves; to portray a picture of our family as better than it was in terms of behavior.  This is nothing new.  Welcome to the human family on this planet!  Everyone wants others to believe they’re better than the other guy, that their family is somehow exceptional.  God, it’s nauseating.

So, here’s the new deal though.  Bruce has scientific study upon a scientific study showing that we are in the 2:98 ratio.  Meaning, 2% of our DNA is from our family and 98% of our DNA is from our environment.  What we hear, learn, see, speak, do, pick up like a sponge and imprint on and continue to morph ourselves on is mostly what makes us who we are.  Your DNA keeps changing after birth and throughout your life.  DNA is not static; it’s active!  Your birth genes are practically squat.  All they did was give you a blueprint for your body, but they don’t control your body.  That’s the first breakthrough.  YOWSA!!  Right?

The 2nd big piece of news is that again, tons of studies have shown that your subconscious mind, as a baby, and even pre-conception, conception, prenatal, and early post-natal are completely formed by your mother and father.  Holy crap Batman, we are SCREWED!  Right? No.  You still have a conscious mind and free will, if you use it and activate it.  What your mother thought, felt, watched, said, experienced, ate, the people she hung around, imprinted your subconscious mind that you have no control over and cannot change.  I thought I was going to fall off of my chair when I read that.  The best thing you can do with this is create a good power-sharing relationship between your conscious self (your will) and your subconscious mind (your programming).

Now, before we all panic, do you really know your facts here?  What year were you born? Now go back 12 months (or so) and FIND OUT, if you don’t already know, what your mother was doing, thinking, feeling, and experienced a few months before you were conceived, and then when you were in utero.  That is if you can. This is big information for you because the way it works is, when you as a personality are not consciously picking your life today, willing the way you want things to go, making decisions, etc., you mind relaxes into vigilant subconscious mode, which  you are not in the least aware of, controlled by…your parents.  Holy crap!!  This is frightening to me. When you wonder why you do something that you did not choose…look at your parents.  You imprinted on it like a sponge in utero!  It’s not your fault and you can’t change it.

I was born in 1963.  My mother’s conscious mind, while I was in utero was in the 1950’s world.  That is accurate.  My house today tends to be retro, I’m traditional, love baking, homemaking, cooking, gardening, eating, Leave it To Beaver nauseating stuff feels natural to me.  I can’t help it!  My conscious, birth personality is the opposite, thank god.  I’m a free spirit gypsy, end of the line hippie, artist, dreamer, holistic, musician.  Ah…that’s better.  June Cleaver with hippie flowers and peace sign tattooed on her back is more like it.  I will be going toward that light from now on.

So, if you want to understand yourself better, take your birth year and go backwards into your mother’s time, her way of thinking, and what mindset she was in when you were in her and you will find some BIG answers.  Secondary to her is your father and then all the others in the home and others around them.



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