Change happens in us first, person by person. As those who become empowered and spiritually awake to be co-creators with Source stack up, we hit a tipping point and the earth, local system, and the sun change. ALL LIFE, us, the animals, life in the oceans and inside the earth are creating evolution and then we see a big leap. Something outside is very apparent. Don’t wait for others to change or to see it outside in the world before you get to work on yourself to hone your body, mind, and spirit and be of service on the planet. One person feeling and seeing something in themselves that is good, that they didn’t see before is apocalyptic. So is changing your own body yourself and forgiving those who have wronged you. Be your own Healer.

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We Already Knew This, Right Followers? It’s Ancient Mayan Science

The kicker is, however, when an observation device is set up to observe what slit the particles goes through, the particle then only goes through one, thus collapsing the wave pattern and forming a pattern that is representative of the particle only going through one slit. In other words, the behaviour of the matter changes when we decide to measure it, almost acting as if it was aware that it’s being watched. 

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This proves what I’ve contended for a year now, that OUR MINDS, the collective of ALL the sentient DNA on the planet, billions of humans, the wonderful animals and plants in the ocean, on the surface, and IN the earth underground, changes the magnetosphere measured by the Schumann Resonance. This is basic physics folks! We are NOT at the butt end of astronomical movement from the sun, earth, and local system! We are affecting it by paying attention to it. And God Almighty, what happens when we focus on our own bodies? We really change them. It is not minor. we are not victims abused by the sun and destined for a firery death and the species will continue on.

What happened in the past can change the future and vice versa. Or, what happens on the CA (Civilizational Advance) strand changes the AC (Aboriginal Continuity) strand of our DNA. It’s in my book, Time is DNA.

Who were the founding mothers of quantum theory? Gee, probably all mothers since quanta are the smallest particles possible and we’re the ones that conceive and make them in our bodies until it turns into a human, automatically? Oh, but, no biggie.

Consciousness is fundamental  and it is directly intertwined with what we call physical material matter. You cannot explain consciousness in terms of the existing fundamentals like space, time, mass,  and charge. As a result, the logical thing to do is postulate whether consciousness itself is something fundamental to the existence of reality, to view consciousness itself as one of these fundamentals, but I digress.

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What Are the Mind and the Brain? How Do They Interact?

They are resonant on this Tone 7 Resonant day. Look on the top right of the image below where it says Upper Dantien and points to the 3rd eye, the 6th chakra, or the pineal gland. This is key right now. You must have this open and spinning to ascend. You can open it yourself or a Reiki Master can open it for you and coach you in boundaries so you don’t go galloping out into the ether while you meditate with no knowledge of where you are going or why. You must have intent and focus when you consciously travel out. Getting high catapults you out into the ether. Be very careful.

QI Flow, heaven to earth, Yang to Yin, Dharma to karma. Yin grounds in the feet, and Yang enters through the head/brain. The TCM meridians flow the QI based on our unconscious habits and conscious choices which is why BODY AWARENESS is primo for you to spiritually ascend.

The mind is timelessness or eternity interfaced with the brain in time which is your DNA in every cell of your body. It is our Higher Selves speaking to our earth self or embodiment through a genetic biological computer.

That is a vulgar analogy because the brain is an amazing organ. Every cell of our body receives MIND! Every cell of our body absorbs our thought and feeling habits. That is why we feel the way we do. Don’t blame others for how you feel when you allow their thoughts and feelings to be dumped at the doorstep of your body. Boundaries! You have to nicely but firmly say, Please stop. No thank you, or just turn it off.

The mind is especially efficient at getting through to our brain and then our unconscious mind in our dream state when asleep because our brains aren’t distracted by the illusion of the holographic matrix we call our lives.

Our Higher Selves have EXACT navigation coordinates for the manifestation of our chosen destiny if only we’d stop blaming people and events in our matrix for the fact that we are not paying more attention to the voice of our Higher Selves, as though we have no choice over distraction or focus. We do have a choice about which voices we heed and which ones we ignore. You will know which way to go if you use your Intuitive radar and remember your dreams.

I’m big on being distracted or entertained when I get bored which is often. I want someone or something to distract me from my own mind in the matrix. But the mind in the matrix is fruitless and leads down wrong paths. I realize that now.

It is vital to walk to balance your QI and let your arms swing. The less thinking the better while you walk. You must be mindful of what you put in your mouth. We are not yogis yet to be able to radically change the QI inherent in our food. The QI in your food DOES affect us until we ascend. Cane sugar is always toxic and non-nutrient, it is a high like cocaine, and highly addictive if you tend to have bad moods. As soon as sugar touches your tongue you feel happy, at least I did. I don’t do it anymore. Sugar will eventually kill all of your tissue, especially the nerve tissue. White flour foods are always non-nutrients. Alcohol is worse than non-nutrient. Salt is a mineral. The amount needed is only the size of your pinky fingernail. Do not buy anything with added salt. Eat fresh.

What Does Meditation Do to the brain?

Meditation is shown to thicken the pre-frontal cortex. This brain center manages higher-order brain functions, like increased awareness, concentration, and decision making. Changes in the brain show, with meditation, higher-order functions become stronger, while lower-order brain activities decrease. Apr 20, 2020
Mind-Body-Spirit all ONE

“Change Your Mind: Meditation Benefits for the Brain – Ask The Scientists”

Turn off the T.V. and meditate. When you feel like eating sugar, pumping caffeine, smoking, having a drink, or calling a friend to offload your emotions, meditate instead and drink delicious ice water with flavored sparkling water. That’s what you really want and it will make you feel better. Love yourself, yourself. You don’t have to wait for a mate to love you. You don’t have to wait for anyone to love or approve of you. Do it yourself. Pure empowerment. No ego.

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