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So…the alignment of Mercury, Mars Venus, Jupiter and Saturn instigated this. As I’ve said 100 times, the Interplanetary holon is one with the earth and the earth holon is one with us.

Tzolkin followers, what are we looking at here?

Red Moon~ White Dog, Red Skywalker~ White World Bridger, Blue Monkey~ Yellow Star, Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed, and Blue Night~ Yellow Warrior.

Let me meditate on what is going on here and I will find the previous post unless you find it first. A CRACK in the Psi Bank is a breaking of the Earth’s mind.–photo-june-2022

What is the Meaning of Tzolk’in

Tzolkin is literally translated as “count of days” and it is a Mayan word.

Definition of tzolkin

a period of 260 days constituting a complete cycle of all the permutations of 20-day names with the numbers 1 to 13 that constitutes the Maya sacred year.

It sprockets exactly with Earth’s 365-day solar year and the 64 Hexagram I Ching. The IChing and the 65 Harmonic Tzolkin also sprocket exactly and can be seen in my book “Time is DNA”

Since the Tzolkin is the count of days and the count of kin, kin has two meanings that are equivalent. A kin is a person and a 24-hour day that is governed by one Mayan Tribe that is an archetype for an amino acid glycoprotein. Since a person is made of trillions of DNA molecules, it follows that for humans, “Time is DNA.” We are time itself. Because we can control our own minds and bodies we can control our time.

Lisa T.

Examining March 17, 2022, kin208-209


Uranus in Taurus retrograde is over. Since August 2021, it was causing difficult rebellion in all things Taurus; money, security, banking, crypto, the throat, and comfort. Note that the new varient of CV2 omicron’s symptom is a sore throat!

Uranus rules Aquarius. The Sun entered Aquarius on January 22, 2022 so we and our institutions are getting a major shakeup in the way they run. See my recent post from Pars Kutay, Portal 22:22. There is more though in this season of shifting.

In the higher density Harmonic we have the issue of the time tunnels to Uranus (Age of Aquarius) becoming unblocked as well. This is 5th density movement. That blockage occured a long time ago and created the time warp we’ve been in for millenia. The end of this retrograde coincides with the shakeup in the Uranus transfer cell that is Red Earth-White Wind and Yellow Warrior-Blue Night. Those are mediated by Uranus and Saturn and are the source of the time theft.

Why did they do this at the 208th kin and what is going to happen on March 17th on kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star when it comes around again during ascension? I was brought to this subject for you by my Higher Self. Let’s examine this a bit.

We just went through HF33 and finished the Central Channel or the spine of the holon, the axis of the eternal present. HF33 is preceded by Yellow 11 SPECTRAL Star- kin128, or a dissolving of harmony. Then we hit Red 12 Crystal Moon, kin129 as the first kin of HF33. After that is kin130, White 13 Dog, the center of the Tzolkin and our bodies, the dan tien right below the navel. It vibrates with sacral chakra 2, human emotion. This is also ancestral QI given to you by your mother in utero as you were connected to her by the umbilical.

The nerve root out of T10, thoracic vertebrae 10 innervates our dantien or seat of the soul. Reminder: there are 33 vertebrae in synchronicity with HF33; 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 9 sacral and ischial fused vertebrae, ischial curving under going into the body. It used to be our tail. We call the top one the tailbone.

In HF 52 where the time theft happened in ancient history it was Yellow 13 Cosmic Star and Red 1 Magnetic Moon, a difference of 2 kin for both. In the body we are seeing a change in Leucine and Methionine. Leucine is a signaling molecule in humans according to science and in the Tzolkin Harmonics’ Signal Family. Big synchronicity.

Methionine is the star of the sequencing show as the Start Codon. So there is the set up as humans QI was supposed to rev up to magic levels except the time thieves tripped us at the starting line or more aptly the starting timeline which is naturally 13:20. They changed it to 12:60 to hijack the female/mother energy on earth thus our gender problem and patriarchy as well as demonizing #13. Mother Spirit and Father God are EQUAL in power at galactic center. You’re not supposed to know or belive that even by Christian teaching. Time/DNA/Power thieves.

Next is White 2 Dog then Yellow 3 Human in HF52….to be continued. I’m still vibing this out.

2D Form to 3D Form

The Tzolkin; 65 Harmonics

Now that the book is published I’ll be helping people visualize how time is DNA.

This is the 2D version of The Tzolkin. If you folded this point to point with the occult partners touching ends via a curved thread you would see the double helix.

Most people know the Maya as the greatest timekeepers and know that their harmonic organizes time. Each day is a kin. What they don’t know is that THEY are a kin and so is every person on the planet. We are time itself and the Maya said it quite a bit but no one was able to hear it until now.

I hope you’ll check out my book “Time is DNA” on the main page “Books for Sale” tab.

The Binary Pulse of Time in Our DNA

It’s the STRANDS of Time, not the hands of time. The hands of time are the hands on a clock. A clock is not time, it just approximately keeps track of solar time which only observes three dimensions. The clock is blind in other words.

“From an ocean itself evolved from the stars, the crossover polarity dynamic of the double helix emerges; two currents of energy simultaneously processing information in opposite directions; two strands of information, the one containing the template of the other, a mere microscopic fragment–yet encompassing the pattern of the whole process of growth, evolution and universal order itself. Alive, therefore pulsing; a rhythmic counterpoint of negative and positive pulsations. Everything pulsing, dynamic and full.

And time, so completely a manifestation of this primal process is no different; a binary pulse, a back and forth sweep of vision, transformation and synthesis, the interweaving of aboriginal continuity and civilizational advance.

As a magnification of the binary triplet configuration exemplified in the primal pattern of DNA, time, the process of planetary hominization remains obedient to the fundamental principle of crossover polarity. With this simple image in mind, we may begin to probe beneath the conditioned words, the slogans, the competing ideologies, to the actualities of the holonomic process of planet earth. In so doing, we may discover that what we call history has been only a dramatic instance of transformation resulting from a moment of utter uniqueness in which humans as DNA, in crossing heaven and earth in themselves, jump-started the consciousness of the planet.”—

Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 66

Humans…jump-started the consciousness of the planet. We did it, not the E.T., not the Sun exactly, although it helped. We started it, we can keep it moving and evolving as free actors and we can improve this corner of the galaxy! Humans have great potential if we can trust ourselves and one another. And how do we do this? Through our MAGNIFICENT, superliminal BODIES. Your body IS TIME. Meditate on that and feel how super magnetic your QI is, focused by your mind and feelings.-Lisa T. Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Two Timeline Choices Simplified

They were better artists than us.

780,000 years ago was the last pole shift, during the Stone Age. In that time period, sentient humans evolved and burgeoned the planet. We stood up on two legs and our brains turned on so that we could make choices, at least most of us. It’s called Free Will and it is High Frequency Universal Law. We are not called to be slaves or prisoners in someone else’s drama whether it’s 3D or a holonomic simulation controlled by A.I. But if we don’t speak up and exercise our freedom to choose, by default, we’re in THEIR game.

780,000 years on the C.A. timeline of 12:60 are 65, 12,000 year cycles which is why those that believe 12:60 is THE REALITY are now in synchronicity with the 12:60 sprockets. 13:20 coordinate controls the 65 harmonic Tzolkin. That synchronicity is giving them a temporary lens into other dimensions so they can get a glimpse of the choice they have. Thus the E.T. are around A LOT.

780,000 years on the A.C. timeline of 13:20 are 60, 13,000 year cycles which is why those of us following the 13:20 coordinate are saying it’s not fair, we need more time, the kids aren’t mature enough yet, the universe actors who made mistakes need to admit it and give us some slack, meaning, give us the other 5 cycles left in the HAAB sprocket where 12:60 sprockets with 13:20. That would give earth 10,000 more years to achieve inter-frequential synchronicity with our E.T. ancestors who are already on the Universal Circuit and lessen the loss of humans, or genetic diversity that they have worked so hard to achieve on this genetic library planet.

Before the pole shift 10,000 years from now, we would be absent the Deep State, the Cabal and the elite bad actors who should be exiled to a different planet. Humans need to be in charge now. It would give us time to;

  • Learn to meditate daily and love ourselves
  • Wake up our pineal gland and get into daytime Delta Brain Waves for wakeful dreaming
  • Learn how to change our DNA and completely change our bodies ourselves.
  • End our belief in illness and physical death
  • Evolve so that we’re not so reliant on food for energy
  • Learn more about biology and our incredible bodies and immune systems so that we approach our body as a WHOLE, not in pieces.
  • Learn about the 12 other energy bodies we have and how to get them aligned
  • Full Disclosure, terra form the planet, apply zero point energy and anti-gravity, no more fossil fuels and more.

OUR ENERGY and mindset are ONE with the planet. As millions have the chance and time to raise their consciousness frequency so will Earth. Then the cataclysm can be checked and happen gradually. I choose 13 root time cycle. It also incorporates equal power of the female with the male. That has to happen for the earth to balance whether you like it or not. Every other planet in our local universe shares power equally with the female. If a capable and smart female leader steps forward, stop knocking her down and show some respect for her Mind, not just her body.

When Ben Davidson Talks about The Sun on S.O. Videos, if you Follow the Tzolkin System, Here is the True Context Multidimensionally Included with Third Density.

ALL OF THIS INFO. IS FROM EARTH ASCENDING BY JOSE ARGUELLES. This is just the tip of the Mayan iceberg. I’ve studied every inch of the book and discovered new patterns Jose didn’t see. I believe he channelled this book from the Maya.

I interpreted the crossover details between the I Ching and the Tzolkin Harmonics which will also be in my book. Both oracles are hugely important for understanding evolution of earth and us.

  • Tropic hieratic activity from 30°south as 11.3 solar sunspot activity and magnetic reversal climax.
  • Arctic shamanic activity which generates intensified aurora borealis.
  • 11.3 year sunspot cycle = 260 days x 16 = 4160 days or 368 Sunspot cycles over that time. (The sunspot cycle is a DIRECT EXPRESSION of Mayan Calendrics. You cannot push that to the curb.-Lisa)
  • A 260-day cycle is 13 tones repeated in 20 DNA amino acid intervals imprinted on the terrestrial magnetosphere (-belt). It’s also called a galactic spin.
  • It precipitates psion (mind) information units translated by the Mayans as Tzolkin or Sacred Calendar (13 tones and 20 amino acids.)
  • Sunspots at 30°N account for 8 x 260 day longitudinal pulsations. 2080 days.
  • Sunspots at 30°S accounts for 8 x 260 day latitudinal pulsations. 2080 days.
  • 22.6 year total sunspot cycle
  • Total movement = mirror of crossover polarity of DNA/Psion membrane matrix weaving beneath extrahieratic leaves represented by
  • I Ching Hexagrams 54 and 12 (Tropic), Hx43 and 21 (tropic), Hx11 and 53 (arctic)—North and Hx22 and 44 (Antarctic)—South
  • Hx54 is A.A. nucleotide AGT or Serine. HF22; “The marrying maiden-subordinate”
  • Hx12 is HF52 is a Stop Codon, an Omega point; “Standstill-Stagnation”
  • Hx43 is A.A. nucleotide AAC or Asparagine;HF2-“Breakthrough-Resolution”.
  • Hx21 is HF53 or A.A. nucleotide CGG which is Arginine; “Biting through-Reform”
  • Hx11 is HF14 or A.A. nucleotide ACT which is Threonine; “Peace” This is also an omega point.
  • Hx53 is HF44 or A.A. nucleotide TCA which is Serine; “Development-Gradual Progress”
  • Hx22 is HF45 or A.A. nucleotide CCG which is Proline; “Grace”
  • Hx44 is HF3 or A.A. nucleotide GAA which is Glutamic Acid; “Coming to meet temptation”

“As an expression of resonance with the more rarified factors of the terrestrial atmosphere, the twenty-four part psionic membrane structure of the psi bank reflects the coding pattern of earth, the gravitational field of the holonomic model functioning within the two radiation belts of the electromagnetic field, the psi bank is also resonantly determined by extraterrestrial factors most important, the sun.

The most significant are the visible sunspot cycles. The movement of these magnetic spots which continue unceasingly, produce cumulative electromagnetic effects upon the radiation belt expressed periodically in the upper atmosphere as aurorae and in the lower atmosphere as disruptions of radio waves.

Given the holonomic principle of MUTUAL RESONANCE (Tone 7), we may be certain that there are connections between the magnetic fluctuations of the sun, the radiation belts and atmosphere, and the psi bank. The sun is divided into 30 degree latitudes. What is immediately striking is that the total movement of the sunspots is a perfect mirror of the cosmic dynamic, the binary crossover polarity pattern. (This pattern will figure prominently in my book, “DNA is TIME” and turned into tables so you can see the DNA pattern that is ever so obvious in the Tzolkin.

Moving in binary pairs, beginning at the thirty-degree latitudes north and south of the solar equator, one spot is positively charged, the other negatively. Over a period that averages 11.3 years, these two binary spots slowly pulse inward until they meet at the solar equator. When this occurs there is A JUMP, the polarity is switched, and the spots—now in opposite places—begin their movement at thirty degrees north and south through another approximately 11.3 year cycle.

Though the complete cycle is about 22.6 years, it is at the 11.3 year crossover polarity points that the effects of the sunspots attain maximum effect in the earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere. As the cycle runs its course, the outer radiation belt becomes saturated with negative solar electrons. Corresponding to the moment of crossover polarity, the oversaturated outer belt rains solar radiation down upon the earth. The most visible effect of this unique solar-terrestrial synchronization is the manifestation of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis in the vicinity of the north and south magnetic poles respectively.

The pulsations of each of the binary spots would account for eight Tzolkin apiece, the same number of Tzolkin that comprise the psi bank warp (Map 1). From this information it is possible to conclude that the Mayans, expert calendar makers, sun worshippers par excellence, in devising the sacred calendar for whatever purposes, were actually RECORDING IN BINARY CODE form both the pulsation of sunspot cycle activity and the warp texture of the psi bank.” Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles, p. 94

On the left is our Sun and on the right, the earth.

Saturday. It’s 8:37am Here in the U.S.-S.O. Video, Planetary Change and Manifestation

Folks, it’s Suspicious Observers with Ben Davidson

Mercury Retrograde is in synchronicity with this inward theme-plex which deals with some truth. The Capricorn moon also has an opposition to Mars which we can see with Mars mediated Red Skywalker as the analog next to manifested planetary changes as the theme.

  • Theme; 10Theronine which is White 10 Planetary World Bridger; Manifested, 3D Earth Change/Death. This one is in your face.
  • Analog; 10Glutamine or Red 10 Planetary Skywalker; Perfected WAKEFULLNESS or Truth from an initiator kin in the TRUTH CLAN. Exploring space and time.
  • Guide Power this morning is 10Lysine or White 10 Planetary Wizard/Jaguar. Again, we are bringing right in front of us; timelessness, enchantment, our own psychic abilities, intuition, and spirituality
  • Antipode this afternoon is 10Histidine or Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior which we saw in all it’s radiance on the front lines last night with the Truth S.O. Video. I posted it so please watch and share!
  • Hidden Wisdom is keeping to itself with 4Arginine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle. It was in the theme plex yesterday as the antipode and today anyone with vision is mulling things over. The truth takes out the ego which is a good thing. The heart has to break open to release it’s power.
  • The 5GForce is 4Lysine or White 4 Wizard which is also the Guide Power today on a planetary level. Big synchronicity to RECEPTIVENESS today.
I Perfect in order to Equalize. Producing Opportunity I seal the store of Death with the planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Timelessness.

Friday Daily Reading; The Aztec Calendar says We’ve Entered the Sixth Sun

The Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 was the beginning of the Sixth Sun according to them. Apparently, the Aztec Calendar which is a bit different than the Mayan said it was May 26, 2021. It feels to me like it’s the END of the Beginning of the Sixth Sun as though this was a transition period between December 21, 2012 and May 26, 2021. It’s been an 8.5 year period or 3078 days. That’s also 109, 28 days Moons. Divided by 20 it’s 153.9. I felt a significant energy shift from Wednesday to Thursday night but the math isn’t exact. One half of a katun is 3600 days.

I pulse in order to Survive. Realizing instinct I seal the Store of Life-Force with the solar tone if INTENTION. I am guided by the power of Birth. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
  • Theme is 9Serine or Red 9 Solar Serpent; Pulsing Life Force, instinct to Survive.
  • Analog is 9Lysine or White 9 Solar Wizard; Realizing Timelessness, receptive to psychic heart knowing that is beyond the intellectual clever mind. It’s HIGH rationality. Rational does not mean WITHOUT feelings. It means incorporating feeling in its natural place
  • Guide Power this morning is 9Cysteine or Red 9 Solar Dragon; realizing our powerful birth into these bodies via our primordial mother. Blood memory is supportive.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 9Arginine or Blue 9 Solar Eagle; Exacting pulse of vision, technically inclined and hopeful. This will be mental acuteness TODAY with Sun and Venus in Gemini and a Moon in Capricorn.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Histidine or Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior. This warrior has a knock out punch that is on target. Commanding Intelligence with passion.
  • The 5GForce is 5Arginine or Blue 5 Radiant Eagle pulsing on the antipode today.
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