What Is Schumann Resonance and How It Is Connected to Human Consciousness

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Schumann resonance consciousness

The Schumann resonance may not only affect the earth, but it can also align or implement changes in human consciousness.

The Schumann resonance – It’s called the heartbeat of mother earth by some and the earth’s vibration by others – is actually a frequency. It’s the measurement of 7.83 Hz or the electromagnetic frequency of our planet, to be exact.

This energy can increase or decrease at times, and many think it affects our consciousness. Is this true? Well, let’s take a look at the facts we know first.

Understanding the Schumann resonance

It starts with electrical storms – these are more than just spectacles and frightening events. An electrical storm generates lightning, which creates electromagnetic energy.

This energy, circling as a wave between the ionosphere and the earth, bumps into itself amplifying frequencies and turning them into resonant waves. The discovery of these resonant waves was made in 1952 by W.O. Schumann, a German physicist, hence where the Schumann resonance gets its name.

In simpler terms, we don’t live on the earth, we live inside it – in a cavity of sorts. This cavity is created by the connection of the surface of the earth to the ionosphere that surrounds our planet. Everything within that area, namely energies and frequencies, can be influential to the earth’s inhabitants.

Mother earth’s natural energies

Although the frequency can spike up or down, the Schumann resonance primarily levels off at this same measurement…until recently. Lately, frequencies have been lingering around 8.5 Hz, and even as high as 16 Hz.

Even at a stable measurement of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann resonance is thought to have a great effect on humans and animals. We surmise that these spikes in frequency can have an even greater effect, wouldn’t you say?

There are factors that cause the fluctuation of the Schumann resonance. Influencers such as seasonal changes, solar flares, and electronic interference can alter the frequency at any given time.

The recent increase in the average frequency could also be the result of an increase in human activity, maybe even the increase in human brain wave activity.

Schumann resonance and the human mind

Studies show that this phenomenon may indeed affect human consciousness. As I mentioned before, solar flares may contribute to spikes in frequencies as well. The recent increase in measurements may not only be a result of an increase in human brain activity or disruption but can also be the cause of altered brain activity.

We already know that increases in electromagnetic frequencies do affect satellites and power grids, so is it possible that we are being influenced as well? Basically, it’s a connection we’ve yet to fully understand. However, signs do point to “yes”.

Viacheslav Krylov, The Russian Academy of Sciences

Krylov suggests that the Schumann resonance may not only affect telecommunications services but can also affect melatonin influencing biological functions such as the circadian rhythm of both animals and humans. Not only does melatonin regulate sleeping patterns, but also regulates blood pressure and reproduction too.

Some of the worst influences could even include cancer or neurological diseases which can lead to death.

Krylov believes that human consciousness is affected simply because SR frequencies occur in the same range as human brain wave frequencies, precisely where theta and alpha brain waves intersect. And after all, everything we do is done within this area of electromagnetic influence.

The tuned oscillator example

The Schumann resonance may be better understood when examining matching vibrations. When a system of oscillators is tuned, one oscillator will affect the other.

When one starts to vibrate, the other will eventually vibrate at the same frequency. Now, remember the fact that our brain waves.

This creates “entrainment” or “kindling”. The word kindling refers to the matching of neurons across the brain creating synchronicity. This is the same effect that successful meditation has on our minds.

We are in a coherent consciousness, vibrating softly at the same level. With all this being said, meditation keeps our coupling with the Schumann resonance or the fluctuating frequency of the earth.

“Ample anthropological evidence shows that humans have intuitively synchronized with the planetary resonance throughout human history and back into the mists of time.”

-Psychobiologist, Richard Allen Miller

Many cultures implement vibrational techniques in hopes of synchronizing with the frequencies of the Schumann resonance, or the ‘heartbeat of mother earth’.

They believe that these frequencies can heal the body and mind as energies connect. Even in the ebb and flow of these energies, high blood pressure is reduced and depression is somehow alleviated.

Some think synchronizing with these energies can lead us to enlightenment or awakening. It’s true, with the ever-increasing frequencies of the Schumann resonance, we could be evolving into higher consciousness.

Our connected frequencies

The earth has music for those who listen.

The earth has music for those who listen.
-George Santayana

What we know about our conscious connection with the Schuman resonance is complex. While we know we are influenced by the electromagnetic field, we still have much to learn.

Considering what we know now, I think evolution will be greatly affected by the circling frequencies of the Schumann resonance, increasing activities of the brain and possibly healing aspects of our consciousness previously damaged by negative energies. The future will help us understand more about our relationship with our planet, and the frequencies we share.


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Monday-High Synchronicity Between 4D and 5D

The 5gforce is White 8 Galactic Dog which gives us very high integrity support in Fifth Density for Loving and communal ways today. Please see through Google’s destructive gossip and conjecture and realize that D.S. is at its end. They cannot stop a more cosmic, enlightened humanity. The whole planet knows that E.T.’s are real and most are helpful. They can’t stop it anymore. They’re ridiculous.

Earth Holon

Since 4:30 am ScR is up 62%. Power is 29

Body Holon

White 6 Rhythmic Dog~Red 6 Rhythmic Moon. Remember we’re in the Reptilian 13-day cycle so that’s our context of operation until we hit Red 13 Earth next Monday. The Reptiles ate trying to bite off a HAND. This is a GAP kin.
Notice the start and stop codon opposite each other on this GAP kin, Red Moon Methionine, and Yellow Sun Stop Codon.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated today by Mercury today on the opposite strand, the outgoing male solar outbreath starting with the left sky foot on a triple pulse until Noon. Pluto and Venus are also pulsing. We have an upload to the galactic center this afternoon via the Sun and Pluto.

  • Venus enters Virgo today, where it will transit until September 29th. (Virgo is ruled by Mercury so that is total synchronicity and our Hidden Wisdom is Blue 8 Monkey ruled by Venus)
  • Virgo is sensual but also reasonably practical. We might enjoy our work or wellness routines more than usual while Venus is in Virgo, and the satisfaction of a job well done cannot be underestimated during this cycle. Pleasures and pastimes that serve a useful purpose are more attractive. We express our love through practical means and gestures–running errands, doing detailed work, or just being there for our loved ones. Still, there can be some nervousness, and we should watch for a tendency to worry or fret, especially in our relationships.
  • With today’s Venus-Chiron minor square, we can feel a little out of sync on a social level. There is some tendency to keep our emotional distance, and we tend to focus on differences rather than similarities in our relationships.
  • Today’s Moon in Capricorn is earthy and practical-minded.

From cafeastrology.com

Sunday-New Podcast on The Tzolkin as the Light Body and Its Activation

My previous blog post goes along with this podcast.

The Violent Flame is a Meditative “go-to” when you are feeling sick or out of sorts. Hold the image in your mind and see it traveling through your body.


Thursday-New Podcast on the Auroras

I personally can’t pull myself into apocalyptic thinking in 3D as the men are; Ben, Corey, and Jose. I SEE that our society, in the last two years has had a MIND cataclysm. Yes? Good Grief. Who knew how lockstep most humans were with media? If the TV tells them something they think it’s the truth and if the TV tells them to do it, they do it without question. Good God. It was shocking to me and a few of my friends. Not once did I obey. Here we are two years into realizing how obedient and programmed most humans are. But now they are doing a very good job of saying, “Hey wait a minute! No.” I’m very pleased. But they had to think about it.

It has taken many unnecessary deaths for humans to see the abysmal, unethical failure of mainstream science and sick care in the face of an artificial virus. Now, how metaphorical is that with the artificial TIME VIRUS of 12:60. Everyone accepts the clocks on the wall and the Church Gregorian Calendar as well which completely throws our bodies and minds out of alignment. We are now in 13:20 galactic synchronizations with our E.T. ancestors and friends in an inhabited universe. Let us commence with a better world, please.

Jose foresaw a circumpolar rainbow bridge and the end of an age in 2012, manifesting in 3D. It didn’t happen that way. It’s been more gradual. It’s been spiritual and mental. There HAVE been major changes since 2012 so he wasn’t totally wrong but the men have fantasies dominating their minds on so many levels. But, women know that. Ben sees us being shot back into the Stone Age by our magnificent, but apparently dangerous sun in his view, and his thousands of followers agree. Corey agrees with Ben apparently, not me. Jose left the planet before 2012 and didn’t actually finish illuminating the manifestation aspect of his phenomenal vision, which I respect.

I’ll stand alone in wishing good things and empowerment for all humanity and seeing it unfolding that way. I hope you do as well.

Stockholm, Sweden.
The Auroras are caused by the ELM energy created by the Tzolkin Harmonic working in tandem with Galactic Center and our Sun. They are precipitated by the Evolution of all DNA in the local system, in other words, us and all DNA sentient life; humans, animals, and planets in a Collective Mind Field creating the Psi Bank


A Huge New Cycle is coming on July 7, 2022. Head’s up.

Here it is. Once again, I posted this twice giving warning. THE MAGNETOSPHERE IS THE PSI BANK. There is a chapter in my book about it if you want to know more.

Man do I have a headache. Time to meditate.


The Changes in our Local System Outer Planets Control 10 of the Mayan Tribes

The top 10 planets on the image are the outer planets which are a matter of astronomical fact. And, their atmospheres are collapsing or something else. That is also a matter of scientific fact and not a happy one.

The right and left karmic/dharmic sides of the body channel the five outer planets starting with;

  • Pluto mediated byYellow Sun and Blue Storm tribes-The Stop Codon and Tryptophan in 3D. Pluto’s atmosphere has already collapsed
  • Neptune mediated by Red Dragon and White Mirror tribes-Cysteine and Tyrosine in 3D.-https://mashable.com/article/neptune-space-unexpected-changes
  • Uranus mediated by White Wind and Red Earth tribes-Glycine and Phenylalanine in 3D. Uranus atmosphere is being sucked into space.
  • Saturn mediated by Blue Night and Yellow Warrior tribes-Alanine and Histidine in 3D. Saturns rings are disappearing
  • Jupiter mediated by Yellow Seed and Blue Eagle tribes-Valine and Arginine in 3D. Jupiter’s huge storm is reversing or stopping.

All five of those planets have atmospheres that either have collapsed already or are collapsing or the storms are entirely reversing. It’s going to pulse through our bodies synergy because we’re connected to the ten local planets. In addition the left skyfoot also coincides with those five planets but they run up the left side of the body.

These are located on the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms, all upper body issues can start pulsing due to the evolutionary changes in the outer planets.

The right fire hand and the left blood foot are connected by the URANUS Time Tunnel in the cosmic web. Uranus is going through big changes.

The rotation axis of Uranus has a very large tilt that causes extreme seasonal changes. This results in increased activity in its atmosphere during the planet’s spring and fall seasons.Nov 4, 2021


NASA scientists looking back through decades-old data from the Voyager 2 spacecraft have discovered a mysterious gas escaping from Uranus. The data showed some mysterious force sucking the atmosphere straight out of the planet and into space.-Sep 22, 2021

Last but not least, our home planet of earth is warming, the poles are about to shift north to south and the mantle is heaving from the core which is how the tectonic plate shift will occur. All of the MIND of all DNA on the planet is causing these changes to earth and to our sun. WE are changing the earth and the Sun, they are not changing us. Anyone who thinks DNA is not sentient and has no real power to change anything is in for a shock. DNA is Time itself. It is vitally important to meditate and set your intentions, mind and heart daily and take full control of every cell of your body. Unless you love cataclysm and fear mongering and look forward to suffering and decimation. I don’t. And it’s not necessary. Cataclysm focus is end times madness and it’s violent and mean. If that is your focus then that is what will come to your neck of the woods. We are co-creators with All That is.

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