– Synchronize with your galactic kin!

Maybe some people would like what this fellow is doing with the Tzolkin. He cleaves to Dreamspell and I don’t but I do use them sometimes.

South Atlantic Anomaly

This region is named the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) and it covers a part of South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean: it lies roughly between latitudes 5 and 40 degrees South, and between longitudes 0 and 80 degrees West — the precise strength, shape and size of the SAA varies with the seasons.

We’re going to look at this in Tzolkin-IChing context with regard to the organization of the earth holon time portals.

It looks like the main S.Atlantic time portal is White Wizard at 60 degrees S.–15 degrees W mediated by the asteroid belt, the remains of Tiamat and its PsiBank, but the area includes Red Moon, Red Skywalker, Yellow Human and Yellow Star.

Every planet has their own. It’s the upper dimensional MIND of the planet just like earth. A planet Psi Bank remains after the death of a planet just as our minds/memories remain after our bodies die.

Take a look at this cursory position of the anomaly over S. America, south of the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the Maya. The White Wizard Jaguar were their priests. The time portal is over the South Atlantic Anomaly. Which is…? I will post more.

What is the Meaning of Tzolk’in

Tzolkin is literally translated as “count of days” and it is a Mayan word.

Definition of tzolkin

a period of 260 days constituting a complete cycle of all the permutations of 20-day names with the numbers 1 to 13 that constitutes the Maya sacred year.

It sprockets exactly with Earth’s 365-day solar year and the 64 Hexagram I Ching. The IChing and the 65 Harmonic Tzolkin also sprocket exactly and can be seen in my book “Time is DNA”

Since the Tzolkin is the count of days and the count of kin, kin has two meanings that are equivalent. A kin is a person and a 24-hour day that is governed by one Mayan Tribe that is an archetype for an amino acid glycoprotein. Since a person is made of trillions of DNA molecules, it follows that for humans, “Time is DNA.” We are time itself. Because we can control our own minds and bodies we can control our time.

Lisa T.

Watch “From DNA to protein – 3D” on YouTube

At point 1:56 you can see the tRNA as the 5-amino acid Tzolkin themeplex match up with the ribosome.

On this one you can see the 3D double helix unwind to the 2D Tzolkin with which we are familiar. The three parts called nucleotides in this video are ordered by the ancient I Ching TRIGRAMS OR HEXAGRAMS. A 3 molecule nucleotide controls each Tzolkin harmonic except for HF33.

You will see in my book how the IChing trigrams merge exactly with the Tzolkin oracle to illuminate our genetic code. The IChing has 64, 3D hexagrams. The Tzolkin has 65 multi-density harmonics formed by the 5-member amino-acid themeplex that makes us who we are via the daily evolution of our RNA; mRNA, tRNA and others that cannot be controlled by the scientists, even though they try.

RNA is soft and jelly-like, like a female or your mother. She is the source of our lives, the loom of the 13 Moons on which we are woven into a FORM (TONE 4) in her womb. It is through her that we are MANIFESTED time in the holographic matrix.

Here is the 2D flat one. When you wind this together, the opposite occult partner kin touching ends from one corner to the other and at opposite points all the way through, it is a DNA double helix. EACH SQUARE OR KIN, AS WE KNOW IS A 24 HOUR DAY IN TIME IN ADDITION TO BEING A 5 MEMBER AMINO ACID COMPLEX. DNA IS TIME.

Tuesday-Daily Reading; Resonant Connections are Bouncing Off of the Walls.

“I Channel in order TO KNOW. Inspiring Healing I seal the store of Accomplishment with the resonant tone of Attunement. I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.

2:7:7:7-The Tzolkin Oracle

Body Holon

  • Theme is 7Isoleucine or Blue 7 Resonant Hand; Accomplishment
  • Analog is 7Glutamic Acid or Yellow 7 Resonant Human; Free Will (Corey Goode)
  • Guide Power this morning is 7Tryptophan or Blue 7 Resonant Storm; Self-Generation. (They are calling for a damaging storm in MI today)
  • Antipode this afternoon is 7Phenylalanine or Red 7 Resonant Earth; Navigation. (The storm balances the ions and cleans up the energy on the planet)
  • Hidden Wisdom is 7Lysine or White 7 Resonant Wizard; Timelessness
  • 5GForce is 7Glutamine or Red 7 Resonant Skywalker; Prophecy

It’s a Tone 7 Resonant day so the energy is bouncing off the walls. These days it’s rare to actually KNOW anything because of all the manipulation and lying. But if you sit and use your own intuition and meditate you can know the truth. Today is a day to do it. I’m in a very good mood because the energy is like a carnival for me; a Ferris wheel, spinning tea cups or a merry go round.

At the age of 52 you can jump off of the CA strand, past to present karma in your body and jump onto the AC strand; future to present DHARMA. There is no death, aging or illness unless you leave the belief there.

Also, Whoever and whatever we’ve allowed ourselves to be corded to is here to be paid karmically. We always have a choice about how to respond. The purpose here is to clean house (Virgo) so we can use our soul energy to be of service in the light instead of wasting in on spinning in chaos reacting to everyone else’s karma. Stay out of their karma. You can’t fix anyone’s karma but your own. It’s misplaced empathy and turns to co-dependence.

Human empathy is tricky. It gets in the way of FOCUS. It comes from a natural emotional sentiment we have for other DNA in affinity; all sentient life. But there is a problem with a knee jerk, automatic empathy; their secret psyche that even they not be aware of, their ability to lie or pretend and so forth. We can feel it around each other.

I dial people up in the Tzolkin, analyze Sabian symbols and do numerology on their name to get a read on their line-up in the matrix; light and shadow and remote viewing. It’s correct and shows choices based on soul alignment, not facts. Your soul alignments upon coming to the planet are in stone and can be read in the oracles. Your choices about those alignments while here, are not. They are the oracles giving a readout on the Matrix; The Tzolkin Harmonic, the I Ching, Sabian Symbols, Numerology, and your BODY! Our bodies are an oracle of truth for all to see showing what we do, how we feel and what we think. What people say is not the truth. It’s in their body language (science has proven this) which is why digital “relationships” are a joke and based in fantasy. If someone doesn’t want to meet you that means they’re hiding something.

You can’t change or fake these oracles in the ether. We all have light and shadow. The truth is we are all working out our own salvation and there is no judgment. But choose what you want to be around and what you don’t because it comes into your space if you empathize with it.

Here is where reason comes in and feelings need to be left at the door. Does a person or group have the facts straight? What is their track record of behavior? Do they follow through and DO what they say, etc. Integrity is in the limelight today. Let go of only seeing what you “want” to see.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by earth today with the theme of 7Isoleucine or Blue 7 Resonant Hand and analog 7Glutamic acid or Yellow 7 Resonant Human.

I empathize with this, on the surface and underground.

The Human species would have been lost at Tiamat if GAIA had not allowed us to come here. I am forever grateful and at her service. Humans and many species have thrived and evolved in a fantastic manner on earth. We will not die out. It won’t be allowed. If you watched the video yesterday that I posted, the GFW is at the ready if need be but they will not intervene if it’s not in the directives. We have to advocate for ourselves; self-regulate.

  • The Sun is in Virgo; organization and details
  • Mercury is in Libra; Balanced communication and aesthetic
  • The Moon is in Virgo coupled with the Mayan line-up we can get clarity on relationships. The Moon transit draws out our desire to heal, help, and fix in big synchronicity with the Mayan Oracle. USE CARE!
  • Moon aligns with Mars during the antipode this afternoon putting muscle behind it.
  • Mercury in Libra-Chiron in Aries OPPOSITION. These two are opposites in astrology. Aries likes the truth, Libra likes to cover things over so it’s “nice and pretty”.
  • During the Hidden Wisdom, the moon moves into Libra at 11:30pm

Personal Synchronicity on Red 11 Serpent

An example of personal synchronicity

I want you to see how personal synchronicity can get when you have your family and close kin dialed up and you follow the Tzolkin daily.

Tone 11 pulses to the left hip. This is my grandmother’s birth gateway as well as 4 other significant people in my life. It is also the start of my inverse harmonic which holds the most powerful life lessons for us.

My mom has scheduled LEFT hip replacement surgery on this gateway unknowingly; in 9 days. It’s her mother’s gateway, who she did not get along with at all. The analog is White 11 Spectral Wizard which is my Mom’s Hidden Wisdom. So her hidden wisdom was her mother’s support!! Not only that, my cousin Wayne Dirksen died on this gateway and he was my Grandma’s best chum as a teenage.

Real Justice. No worries.

The freaky part for me is my grandmother, Red 11 Serpent, died on my mom’s gateway; Blue 3 Hand. Is my mother going to die on her mother’s gateway or is she just going to have a meeting over there to square some things away with her mother? It is her choice. My guess is there will be a major pow-wow. I’ll let you know what happens or what she reports back to me.

This is how the matrix works with families. We use each others gateways to make passages, learn lessons and resolve karma. Best to know them in your own circle and be ready to face true feelings and issues if they come up for a hearing. Yes, there are family courts over there. You can run but you can’t hide from The Universe.

Trinity was in Room 303. We are in Harmonic 33

Room 303 was a room within the Heart O’ The City Hotel from Mega City in the Matrix. It contained a hardline, and so was a location that redpills could use to safely escape from the Matrix. I don’t think hardlines actually exist by the way although you can encrypt your hard drive. Otherwise, anything that goes through our router can be spied on. The archetypes for the Red Pillers, Trinity and Neo, 303 and 101 are archetypes for the Tzolkin Matrix Harmonic 33. We enter that today.

The Matrixovies are a Hollywood hack of HF33 to attempt to turn earth I to an A.I Controlled machine planet. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Today is kin #129, Red 12 Moon which is about being dedicated to community, universal flow. We’re sealing the process of universal water with the crystal tone of cooperation. There is no energy support in the grid for DICTATORIAL egos so humans need to act on the freedom that is given them by universal forces and act accordingly. The dictator politicians will be swept away with no support. Ignore them.

The analog is White 12 Dog, the Guide Power is Red 12 Dragon, the antipode is Blue 12 Storm and the Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Human. We are in the very center of the Tzolkin and this harmonic turns in on itself meaning it’s inverse is itself whereas, for example, HF1’s inverse is HF65, the first and last harmonic in the Tzolkin.

Crystal, community, Flow of Emotion.

This is the center of the binary triplet configuration that creates the DNA double helix spiral, radial polarity that is our DNA and Time itself. I believe it’s the doorway to Implicate order that David Bohm, physicist, speaks of in his work, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”. The Implicate order is Galactic Center, where God is. You could think of this kin as the Door to the Spiritual Crystal temple where the collective gathers. It’s the universe and the temple is everywhere.

Tomorrow, kin 130 is the Trinity, 303, 33, The Father-Mother, Son-Daughter, and the Holy Spirit. The female is equal to the male in the Universe. Patriarchy on Earth is not in reality at all and has wreaked havoc. That is over now. Kin 130 is also the Omega point, the end point, White 13 Dog, Cosmic Love, Loyalty and Heart. Christ Consciousness.

The next kin, 131 is the Alpha point, Blue Monkey Wavespell 11, Power of Magic, the Dragon Genesis Complete as the Dragon Tribe, Red 1 Dragon began our evolution on Earth. Kin 131 is Blue 1 Monkey which is about unifying and creating.

The last kin of this harmonic is Yellow 2 Human, dualistic, stabilizing, 2 strand DNA humans. We polarized in order to influence. Polarization is not negative! It stabilizes wisdom and creates free will. We’re going through it right now. We have Red Pill and Blue Pill, Republican and Democrat, Right wing and Left wing, Lovers and Haters, Empowered and Victim, Independent and Dependent and the list can go on. At some point in our lives we have been on both sides. It depends on where we are in our personal lives. But we should not judge or abandon each other because we’re DIFFERENT. Polarization is challenging but by no means does politics DEFINE OUR SOULS. This is where we find ourselves today and I believe it’s because humans have given over control of their bodies to the system. Your body IS your soul and your mind. It’s time to take control of your body and mind for yourself and stop giving it over to everyone else and letting the sick care system hex you into oblivion with their bad magic.

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