The 57th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Deep State led by his Vice President, LBJ and the CIA. His own party killed him because he was going to reveal secrets about the Moon and the solar system that would kill profits for multi-national corporations who were benefitting from business operations locally.

Now it’s November 22, 2020 and the corrupt cabal is finally being chipped away person by person by the current Administration because of the incredible damage they have done to the entire world population. It’s a small world. This is obviously no longer just about the U.S. In fact the CV2 oppression is worse in Europe especially than it is here.

Americans have a talent for ignoring what makes no sense to them, what they don’t like and what goes against the law. We are only communal and cooperative to a point and it’s way past that point. We are a FREE PEOPLE on this continent despite the wishes of the elite and the state and local governments. How? Because we say so and that is very American. I don’t actually know one person in my local area in Michigan who would not go Harry Carey if the Governor actually tried to step on our necks. She’d have to be out of her mind and she basically is. This is not a passive state by any means and it’s part of why I live here. We are very independent and rely on each other and the earth, not the government.

Today is White 4 Self-Existing Mirror. We define in order to reflect. A good way to define is by making a list, pro and con, a maybe column, talking to a good friend, or journaling. We are trying to wind up TIME, the time we have on the planet to make sure we’re using it wisely. Timelessness is an attribute today which says time isn’t real anyway. It’s ironic. There is Time and there isn’t Time. I suppose it’s part of duality like light and dark.

The energy supports being alone and pondering our own current situation, what we want, what we intend, and ideas about how that might occur and what to do next if anything. Neptune is the mediating planet which is very dreamy and even sketchy. Red 4 Dragon is the support so that is the grounding here. Red Dragon was the beginning of everything on Earth and they are Tribe #1. White Mirror is Tribe #18 but that is only in the context of the 20 tribes of time.

In the context of the 0-19 code they are #2 and #19 which add up to 21. The 0-19 code runs the interplanetary HOLON which controls the galactic inbreath and the solar outbreath of TIME. That is the implicate and explicate order of the matrix. What we SEE in 3D is the solar outbreath of manifestation or what is EXPLICATED. The Source of that is Galactic Center or what is IMPLICATED. What is implicated is breathed INTO BEING by the GROUP MIND. This can get very complicated but every single person and sentient being with intention, feelings and mind is part of the SOUP that is LIFE in the solar system. It truly is a super power and and great, great equalizer of all beings on a planet that is convinced that there is no justice and the politicians are more powerful than us to exact justice. It’s not the case. Justice is an inside job. Be JUST to yourself first and it will snowball to everyone outside of you automatically. You don’t have to EXACT it. It’s a universal truth by the laws of karma. Take your own hands off of what belongs to the Universe because their vision is wider than yours. Mind your own business. How are you not being true or fair to yourself? Take care of that.

Yes there is justice. We all have a body, Mind, and Heart with great power of pondering and decision making. If people knew how powerful they were when they make a decision ABOUT THEMSELVES they wouldn’t be so distracted by Twitter and Instagram. All that does is distract us from focusing on our own power of creation. That’s the motive of A.I., artificial intelligence; to siphon our power from us to feed itself. A. I. is a vampire.

The Guide Power is White 4 Self-Existing Wizard. This is a very receptive, spiritual kin. It is conducive to chanelling.

The Antipode Challenge is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star . As I said above, what do you want to beautify and create? Where is your harmony and balance?

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 10 Planetary Night. This says that the answers are already there in your grounding, in your body, in the dark fertile corners of your being. It’s the blessed dark that balances the blessed light. We are in that season with Winter Solstice coming up December 21. Blue Night is about abundance. Everything we need is in our HEALTH, a focused mind and body in balance.

The 5GForce is White 10 Planetary Wizard. That is manifested timelessness on Earth. What does that look like? Art. Writing, getting your creative mojo going so that you’re spinning it out and EXPRESSING something that comes from your dance with the Universe IN YOU. You can’t do that if you’re distracted by others, food, alcohol, partying, accumulating more stuff, etc. Time to focus.

I Found Another Piece Related to TODAY and OldJoe’s Destiny Kin

I was staring at the Tzolkin some more after lunch and started looking at the next 3 wavespells which will take us up to December 16, 2020, the very last day of the Galactic Spin which is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun.

Ok, but see if you can wrap your head around this. The antipode or CHALLENGE for today is Red 2 Skywalker. Red 2 Skywalker is Joe Biden’s ANALOG SUPPORT in his Destiny Gateway which reads;

White 2 Worldbriger;

I POLARIZE in order to equalize. (a false and contrived equivalency if it’s done through politics). Stabilizing opportunity (same contrived opportunity), I seal the Store of DEATH with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of endlessness. I am a Galactic Activation Portal. Enter me.

The first themeplex is Biden. See Red 2 Skywalker to his right.

The second themeplex is TODAY, on the day he lied about becoming President along with the media, in the CHALLENGE, antipode, negative position, behind him.

Then, with Yellow Warrior shifted over ALSO as well as the other two. AMAZING! Histidine affect the adrenal glands (adrenochrome).

The predatory eagle is no longer a cooperative 12 tone under him but has turned polarizing Tone 2 and is guiding him.

White 2 stabilizing Mirror is no longer guiding him, it turned to White 12 Mirror which is the COMMUNAL PUBLIC REFLECTION ON WHAT HE IS DOING and look at the chaos around the world because of it.

This is one of the most telling and amazing synchronicities I’ve seen in thirty years.

If Red 2 Skywalker is his ANALOG Support which is one and the same as himself, as it is for all of us, AND IT FALLS AS THE ANTIPODE CHALLENGE ON THE DAY THAT YOU ILLEGALLY DECLARE YOURSELF PRESIDENT…??? You’re screwed. Your support has just literally stabbed you in the back because that kin is BEHIND…you, the theme. The analog is always in front of you to the right of you as you know like the infinity symbol.

In effect it says, “This energy supported you your whole life but because you chose SHADOW during your life, it no longer supports you. It will now be your doom on this day of Blue 2 Night, Nov. 7, 2020″ He just put a nail in his World Bridger death coffin.

IN FACT, Obama, Clinton and John McCain were all Red 4 Skywalker and always supported old Joe. That’s double the Red 2 Skywalker. But to no avail. And there is a streak of disloyalty in all of the Red 4 Skywalkers. Watch your back with them!

My cosmic memory with them is when Maldek blew and we had a plan in place to survive, which we did barely, they did not stick to plan and did what they thought was best. (Tone 4 being self-existing and into keeping a form in place are known to usurp and they did.) They got too clever. I have known four, Red 4 Skywalkers in my life and they were all a bad deal in shadow. They can come into the spiritual light. It’s karma and is their choice.

This used to be Joe Biden’s support. TODAY, it is HIS ENEMY by his own choosing.

The Day Old Wobbly Joe Declares Himself King. The Trump Card Has Yet to be Played

Let’s take a look at this inauspicious day in light of the Universal Tzolkin Harmonic Oracle that is never wrong; not the for the thirty years I’ve been working it. Also, this was the themeplex on 1-1-2018, 11:11 gateway and Full Super moon so everything happening is part to the ascension plan.

Nothing is official. The MSM (mainstream media) has no legal authority. Their job is to DRUG the public psyche with their mojo juice to set them up for a hard, emotional, superficial crash; Like a rollercoaster crashing at Disneyland. God Bless America. Be sure and get some cotton candy.

It’s right here in the themeplex and in synchronicity with Joe Biden being White 2 Polar Worldbridger which is polarizing death and polarizing change so he’s definitely bringing that about with his mediating planet Mars RETROGRADE. Good job man!

Today is Blue 2 Polar Night in total synchronicity with his Tone 2 themeplex. It is deep, secret, hidden, mysterious dark supported by Yellow 2 polar Warrior which is the amino acid histidine. It is about fighting, war, working the adrenal glands, (ADRENOCHROME) clever intelligence, so he’s helping to bring about Dark Night Warrior energy of Saturn today.

We are mediated by Saturn which is a planet of severity, disciplined harsh control, lockdowns, fear, evil stuff like that. restriction of freedom for people he and his kind views as slaves.

Then he’s guided by Jupiter in Blue 2 Polar Eagle which is dualistic vision. It’s got the claws of the eagle of course, a carnivorous predator, the United States symbol of the Eagle that he’s Guided by, the polarizing energy of a an aggressive Eagle that picks up its prey with his claws and takes it home and eats it. Blood lust.

The challenge to him is my tribe the Skywalkers. In this instance it’s the Red 2 Polar Sky Walker who will do anything to stabilize a dark situation, an aggressive extreme situation with truth and integrity. He’s going to be challenged by the Skywalker’s going forward.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 12 Crystal Mirror which is very Cooperative, high level examination and reflection on what is actually going on. This is not to his benefits because he functions in Shadow, an absolute shadow because he’s from a crime family. So his lessons in this lifetime revolve around everything that’s Crystal and Cooperative although he resists it at every turn and the reason he resists it is because he’s White 2 Worldbridger, polarizing death. So to a certain extent he’s come to this planet to shake things up in a bad way. That is some people’s destiny because they like it. They like the bad resisting way.

His 5GForce from the Fifth Dimension is Red 12 Earth which will be antipodal or Red. This is Crystal navigation and complex stability. It’s not going to last long as we move through the next three wavespells.

Bottom line, President Trump is still the President until January 20, 2021 regardless and no legal authority has declared him President elect…at all. In the meantime there will be a pile of legal suits filed against him and the DNC for fraud in the voting process, rightly so. Trump told us ahead of time about everything that was coming and many months ago laid the groundwork for himself to be back in the White House…legally…with tons of popular support. He got it with 71,000,000 legal votes counted so far, more than any President in the history of the U.S. Kaboom.

The Electric Storm is at HAND. He has the Trump Card.

His Own Party with the Help of LBJ Did Him In.

President John F. Kennedy, in power during this Total Solar Eclipse, was a youthful, visionary and electrifying figure for America and much of the world. Therefore, you will not be surprised to learn that he was born on May 29, 1917 — the day of a Uranus station (stoppage) at 23+ Aquarius! He was definitely a revolutionary ambassador from the planet Uranus who stirred up so much change within our country and all of Planet Earth. In addition, Mercury was motionless on his date of birth, the ruling planet of his Sun-sign Gemini. His solar degree (7+ Gemini) catalyzed the triple Neptune-Pluto unions of 1891-1892 (at 8-9 Gemini) — which ushered in a 492-year cycle of human history and global evolution. Most remarkably, his Sun was conjunct America’s natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) from July 4, 1776. (SEE MY POST ON JULY 4, 1776 just a few days ago!)

One of his greatest achievements was negotiating a limited nuclear test-ban treaty in July 1963 to eliminate atmospheric (equates with Mercury, Uranus, Gemini and Aquarius — air signs) testing of atomic weapons by America, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. He also presided over Americans entering outer space (Uranus rules aviation and space travel) with the initial “Mercury” astronauts and he sounded the call in Congress for us to land a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s — accomplished on July 20, 1969 at the exact time of a Jupiter-Uranus union!

At JFK’s assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Aquarius was rising with both the Moon and Saturn in that sign of the zodiac. That rising sign at his death was a celestial pointer to his mission on Earth as a supreme Uranian figure.” –

In the Mayan Tzolkin, JFK comes up White 10 Planetary World Bridger which is mediated by Mars. Maybe he had dual citizenship in our local system. Saturn and Jupiter are right there in his themeplex as Yellow Warrior and Blue 4 Eagle. Both of those show he had karma with the U.S. Government. Being that he was Guided by White 10 Wizard it was once again due to MALDEK karma which most of us on earth were involved in. He was in the Light in this lifetime, trying to do the right thing and he was killed for it. That’s Earth.