The Introduction to My Book Healer

My first book

Lisa spent her youth as a very talented young singer and actor; skills that her community thought would bring her fame and fortune. They were counting on it. Her destiny looked imminent when she won a full four-year scholarship to study opera in Chicago at the age of eighteen, but what everyone hoped for was not to be. She lost her voice but regained it later. As it turned out, Lisa had her own dreams that did not include a performance career.

In her twenties, she was a free spirit, traveling, and disengaging herself from a rigid upbringing. That prodded her to reject what the adults wanted for her and to follow her heart and intuition to set her course. During her journey, she remained sober and courageous by taking her life into her hands and pretty much doing whatever she wanted to do and going wherever she wanted to go.

Along the way, synchronous signs told her to keep yielding to a wider view; a universal view centered in love and freedom that was available to everyone regardless of family, religion, or class. She learned that we are one family; the human family; express itself through different cultures, and mores. When she landed in Sedona, Arizona she found the Tzolkin Cosmology that opened up er worldview wider with the study of the Mayan Thirteen Moons.

Throughout many synchronistic personal events, she observed improbable but all too real events across time and place. To Lisa, these meant the universe was guiding her destiny; the old way was giving way to something better. No matter what left her, which was quite a bit, something wonderful became a gift.

An underlying thread runs through life. We can leave the provincial shore of home and family seed in the subconscious mind and become more rooted in the conscious mind so that the world of possibility opens up and all life on earth becomes our tribe.

Friday-Daily Reading; We’re Headed Into a Mercury Retrograde and Tomorrow is the Full Moon

The Tomsk Russia ScR station has been down for many days. We don’t know what the ScR amplitude power is but it feels like we’re getting hit. NOAA has a version that I posted but I haven’t studied it.

27 Days until October 5, Yellow 10, Planetary Sun when we move on to the FUTURE to present timeline strand of our DNA.

Body Holon

We’re evolving planetary Lysine in our RNA mediated by the asteroid belt, or since the planet is blown up, maybe we are missing it? We don’t make Lysine in our bodies and get it in food, mostly grains. White Wizard and Red Serpent kin’s brains are particularly vulnerable right now due to the changes and not having a planet. My two Maldekian autistics left the planet in 2015 and 16. If you have either of this kin in your destiny oracle check your Lysine levels. app

Body Holon-The Tzolkin and the 13-Moon Calendar

White 10 Planetary Wizard is LYSINE~Red 10 Serpent is SERINE. This is a GAP kin. The 5GForce is White 4 Self-Existing World-Bridger
We pulse on Chakra 2 today, the sacral chakra that processes feelings. This is also the alignment with the Full Moon.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt. Uranus, Jupiter, and Earth are pulsing. The energy feels off-kilter today. Try to stay positive with your good mood items bag of tricks that help you pivot.

  • The Moon enters Pisces early today, at 12:44 AM EDT, and we’re adaptable, compassionate, and wise.
  • The Moon’s opposition to Venus and square to Mars could stir discontent. Relating can be animated and somewhat disruptive, and we could feel torn between our duties and personal time.
  • Today’s Venus-Jupiter quincunx is a minor aspect, but it can stimulate further restlessness and indecision about putting ourselves out there. A strong desire for the pleasures of life is in emphasis, although our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs. Challenges in relationships today are likely due to overblown expectations. Just for now, it can be challenging to find a balance between what we want to do and what we think we should do.
  • Tonight, Mercury stations and turns retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde lasts until October 2nd, beginning in the sign of Libra and ending in Virgo. During this cycle, our thinking turns inward as we review and reassess matters. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness–times when meditation, journaling, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored more than usual. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication and transportation can reconnect us to other, possibly more meaningful, means of connecting. The more difficult times are the periods of the shifts themselves (the days surrounding the stations — today and October 2nd), after which we grow more and more accustomed to the motion. It makes sense to observe and review rather than make critical decisions with today’s shift.

Friday Daily Reading; We Will Endure. Be Content if Not Happy

4:26pm ScR reading

The whole right side is White. The spectrogram cut it off. The peak yesterday was 84. Holy Cow. It’s very hard on our bodies.

We are done with Sun in Cancer and enter a new HF17 today, IChing46, Pushing Upward/Advancement and the Sun is in Leo. The overarch nucleotide is GCT; Alanine (Blue Night). Electric Store. Remember the Elegance of Service because the harmonic end is Yellow 3 Electric Star.

It’s pretty toasty in the magnetosphere and on the Sun these days. It’s just our RNA evolving en masse. Don’t let it scare you. It will eventually overwhelm the c%^&* and we will be able to run the planet ourselves with our human helpers that are 5D. The purpose of all that happening is self-generation in love and light. Everyone on this planet wants a better life; a more just, healthy, and clean planet. That is what we’ll have with all the animals and plants. It will be a new earth.

ScR has increased 37% of the white light you see from what it was. The numbers on the left side only go up to 40 now. They changed the spectrogram.
Maldek, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are evolving our RNA today, The 5GForce is 1Arginine or Blue 1 Eagle

Attributes today are survival, passion, timelessness, universal feeling, cosmic vision, magnetic intelligence, and the 5GForce pulses off of the antipode to make it occult. Blue 13 Eagle plus Blue 1 Eagle.

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Sun enters Leo today, where it will transit until August 22nd. The Sun is proud, outgoing, and playful in its own sign–we want to enjoy and express ourselves during this cycle. The Leo Sun is intensely individual, not content with merely being one of the team. It’s time to shine, perform, and add a touch of color and drama to our lives. We are generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain under this influence.
  • The Moon spends the day in Taurus, helping ground and moderate us. This Moon encourages patience and savoring of the moment.
  • As Jupiter approaches a sextile to Pallas, we are optimistic, helpful, and ready to share words of wisdom. It’s a strong influence on big-picture planning and thinking.
  • The void Moon occurs from 7:46 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini the next day, Saturday, July 23rd, at 1:12 AM EDT.


Galactic Activation Portals – Effect On Earth/Gaia – Disclosure News Italia

This explains things very well. Please read it so you can understand your body changes from a Cosmic perspective, not just what the white coats diagnose. Listen to both and use what you need from them while reading your own vibration.

It is a fact that you can change your own DNA but they don’t even know that yet. They still sit in the old fear and death narrative until they’re told differently by their bosses of fear, profit, and death.

I Don’t Like Fireworks, I Like Math. Happy 4th.

I stared at this Psi Bank Image and figured it out.

The Psi Bank, The Collective Mind of Earth Composed of ALL sentient thought from DNA

This looks like a 260-day Tzolkin but it’s not. As I mentioned before, look at the 52 green Galactic Activation Portals or G.A.P. kin! They are divided into 3 days or 3 kin, or 3, 24-hour periods on one square. Why?

Because in the 4th dimension, it takes 3 days for DNA to activate in a sequence. It could also have to do with the action of the tRNA or the transfer RNA. I did the simple math;

  • 52 x 3 (The G.A.P. kin) adds up to 156 days, not 52 days
  • The normal Tzolkin is composed of 5, 52-day castles that add up to 260. Now we have more than that.
  • 52 x 4 = 208 days and 52 x 3 = 156 days. We now have…364 days! The approximate length of a solar year (or will be in our lifetime since the rotation of the earth has sped up, so the days are shorter. Right now we are at 365.24 but that decreases daily now.

The image above is actually the earth’s solar year merged with the 13, 28-day moons in a solar year and the 260-day galactic spin.

What are the amino acids where the G.A.P. kin land and sit for 3 days in 4D?

I’m going in numerical order on the green squares. Notice that these are occult kin to each other as the tones add up to 14. Therefore they pulse directly to Hidden Wisdom, the subconscious mind, and the mother’s DNA. It’s obviously all about manifestation as a carbon-based lifeform. How alchemical! It’s also very basic. Everything is made of carbon. But consciousness comes from the female. That is not basic. Your soul is made in your mother with the help of Mother Spirit and Source.

Each amino acid listed lasts for 3 days!

  • 1 Cysteine, 7Stop Codon, 7Cysteine, 13Stop Codon = Spins for 12 days
  • 9Glycine, 13Tryptophan, 1Glycine, 5Tryptophan = “
  • 4Alanine, 6Tyrosine, 8Alanine, 10Tyrosine= “
  • 11Aspartic Acid, 12Asparagine, 2Aspartic Acid, 3Asparagine = “
  • 12Valine, 12Phenylalanine, 2Valine, 2Phenylalanine= Continue down the line the same
  • 4Methionine, 7Glutamic Acid, 7 Methionine, 10Glutamic Acid
  • 7Serine, 5Histidine, 9Serine, 7Histidine
  • 10Leucine, 2Glutamine, 10Leucine, 4Glutamine
  • 2Threonine, 11Arginine, 3Threonine, 11Arginine
  • 3Isoleucine, 10Lysine, 4Isoleucine, 11Lysine
  • 4Leucine, 9Glutamine, 5Leucine, 10Glutamine
  • 5Methionine, 8Glutamic Acid, 6Methionine, 9Glutamic Acid
  • 6Aspartic Acid, 7Asparagine, 7Aspartic Acid, 8Asparagine

José Argüelles-Founder of The Whole Earth Festival in 1970

A forerunner of Earth Day, April 22

Jose says we’re CAPACITORS on the planet.


  1. a device used to store an electric charge, consisting of one or more pairs of conductors separated by an insulator.

This explains our collective impact on the Schumann Resonance. When they say they’re measuring lightning strikes all over the planet, they are measuring all the ELM energy on the planet. All DNA INTERNALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY creates ELM, electromagnetic energy as QI. We create enough in our own bodies to power a light bulb, at least, but instead we are using it ourselves instead of giving it to a lightbulb. So is all of creation. The noosphere is the Psi Bank.

Manifesto for the Noosphere (excerpt)

We are the capacitators of the noosphere, the diffuse mental field around the planet, whether we know it or not. 

Like the “dreamtime” known to our aboriginal ancestors, the noosphere is the collective unconscious impelled into conscious awareness by the crucible of history. The super-subtle telepathic medium in which we live — whether knowingly or not — and which orchestrates the whole of our reality is the noosphere. Throughout our history, human beings acted as agents of the noosphere, bringing about this epochal transition but without awareness of this process or the consciousness that our tribal and individual actions would eventually lead to a new state of collective planetary wholeness. Humanity is now going through its final preparation to enter, as a harmonized collective, into this new conscious dreamtime.

In speaking of it as an entry into a new dreamtime, we are casting the Noosphere into the psycho-mythic framework of a planetary emergence myth. In such myths of the Hopi, the people are warned and given signs to take action in preparation for the wiping away of the old world and emergence into the new creation of the next world. This concept is applicable to the Noosphere as a planetary rite of passage. From the Hopi perspective, such a change is the emergence from the fourth into the fifth world, and in the Aztec-Mexican mythos, from the fifth sun of change into the sixth sun of consciousness.

As the medium through which a galactic order of evolutionary intelligence interacts with and ultimately transforms the material processes and organic expressions of the Earth, the noosphere is not restricted to a limited rationality or a linear either/or meaning. Instead, once we align with the noosphere, we will perceive and know radially. We will experience everything as multiple sets of correspondences that link everything to everything else in a synchronically harmonized multidimensional universe.

Opening to the noosphere, we avail ourselves of the thinking layers of cosmic civilization. The highly advanced telepathic intelligence communicated through the noosphere resonates different dimensions of meaning according to daily codes of synchronicity; the most fundamental of these is encoded as the 13-moon/28-day calendar. Synchronized being and simultaneous knowing are the chief qualities and characteristics of the shift into the noospheric phase of evolution.

This new system of knowing and consciousness channeled through the noosphere will provide the basis of an advanced knowledge and a psycho-technology making use of our psychic capabilities. This knowledge will displace all the separatist fictions that now bind us to an ongoing conflict of self and nature. In 2012, we initiate the new paradigm of synchronization; in 2013 and beyond, we access the Noosphere to implement a transformation of the Earth. This phase of implementation begins the epoch of the Noosphere, the long-awaited “mind shift.”

The shift into a noospheric state of being represents a collective focusing and unification of human consciousness hitherto undreamed. Synchronizing ourselves in ever-greater circles of harmony, we will become a new species — Homo noosphericus. Creative peace will be inherent in our new self-perception and developing awareness of the universe in which we find ourselves. The problems we face today will dissolve in the light of a consciousness operating according to a unified planetary program. Spiritually interconnected and acting with a truly planetary and galactic perspective, we will dance to the greater rhythms of the cosmic Supermind. Art will become our way of life.”

Manifesto for the Noosphere is not only a work of genius but a vital guide to making the shift from the biosphere to the noosphere, the next stage in the evolution of Earth consciousness. Argüelles integrates the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and the Mayans with Russia scientists’ “cosmism,” looking at issues of planetary and universal evolution as a function of the emergence of “living intellectual matter,” synchronized by cosmic mind. This is a work of immense importance and encouragement for us all.”
—Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

JOSÉ ARGÜELLES (1939–2011),  was the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time.  He held a Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago and taught at numerous colleges, including Princeton University, the University of California, Davis, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Evergreen State College. José was the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987 and he gained international acclaim that same year with his book The Mayan Factor, which introduced the concept of a transformative 2012 to the mass consciousness. He was the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.

In 2009 José convened the First Noosphere World Forum, a series of synchronized bioregional congresses, and won the Nicholas Roerich Peace Medallion in 2010, the highest award of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations for lifetime effort in promoting peace through culture. He was an honorary member of the Club of Budapest.

Clarification of Evolutionary Action in 4D

The Oracle, Keeping an Eye on Earth. God I love this picture so much. I feel like this about humans and earth and so very sorry for the suffering and the mistakes the Universe has made. God is perfect but the Universe workers are not. Everyone is evolving.

We live on a natural, evolutionary sphere that is a decimal experiment station guided by the Tzolkin Harmonic. The governing action is synchronicity which you can only see if you realize we live in a free-will hologram, not a dense reality of chance, coincidence, accident, or serendipity. Those don’t exist in time. The only tribes that create the Matrix are the last 4 (see the bottom). The rest are doing natural evolutionary processes coming from the earth.

There are no machines helping us evolve and there will not be. They are hindering our natural evolution with their erroneous programming. The only humans that are programs are those that allow their mindset TO BE PROGRAMMED by the MSM A.I. Programming on television, written media, the internet, and movies. Just turn it off. Our minds are totally programmable by us and it is 100% within our power to focus our minds according to our choosing. This is what all of my work is about; taking control of your mind setup, thus your body setup and spirit setup. Mind, Body, and Spirit are what the holon or holistic movement is all about and we’ve been saying it for about twenty years now. Maybe even since the ’70s!

The purpose of the first 4 tribes (amino acids); Red Dragon Cysteine, White Wind Glycine, Yellow Seed Valine, and Blue NightAlanine is to input energy into the body.

The purpose of tribes 5-8; Red Serpent Serine, White World-Bridger Threonine, Blue Hand Isoleucine, and Yellow Star Leucine is to process energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 9-12; Red Moon Methionine, White Dog Aspartic Acid, Blue Monkey Asparagine, and Yellow Human Glutamic Acid is to store energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 13-16; Red Skywalker Glutamine, White Wizard Lysine, Blue Eagle Arginine, and Yellow Warrior Histidine is to output energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 17-20; Red Earth Phenylalanine, White Mirror Tyrosine, Blue Storm Tryptophan, and Yellow Sun Stop Codon/Proline is to create the matrix.

(My son born in 1999 is in this last group. He and his friends are very much aware of their mission. They tend to be millenial/GenX)

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