Zuck…Big Tech Technospbere Gets Checked

I just mentioned him on today's video. He is White 10 Planetary World-Bridger mediated by Mars. Remember Tone 10~4 balance are materialistic and ambitious. They think big and act big and have huge egos. Par for the course. These tone 10 folks aren't big on compassion or emotion but can feign it, tricking people. It's …

Harvard expert: Mark Zuckerberg is ‘continuing to derail’ Facebook

https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/12/harvard-expert-mark-zuckerberg-is-continuing-to-derail-facebook.html It's not as though he needs the money. But maybe the D.S. thinks they own him for their nefarious reset purposes and he has to get out somehow. That was the deal in the dream I had about him. If he can derail FB on purpose and get out alive, KUDOS to him!!! In …

Holy Crap!! I.M.O. This is Inappropriate Action by the FBI

Big surprise right? The U.S. has lost it's even keel in the ship of state. What else has been censored? I think media is trying to bring the entire government down now because they know their days are numbered. https://twitter.com/minds/status/1562927481945980928?t=Ue6MNf85TKqafaL0bjiVKw&s=09

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