Before the Solar Flash…

I see the Psi Bank of Tiamat (the orbit of the asteroid belt) being absorbed by Earth’s magnetosphere, the asteroid belt turning to dust, and the Solar Flash occurring.

No time frame yet.

I’m Receiving a Channel Via Remote Viewing

This is an extension of what Michael, my fiance who died in 2016, came to me about yesterday. He was Red 1 Serpent and one of the good Reptilian fully in human form. But his physique was big, strong and smart like them.

He told me it was kind of fierce and conflictual in our sector but gave no specifics. I was eating lunch just now and saw it.

We are quickly embedding the future to present AC timeline into the cosmic web that switched over on October 5th, not long ago. In order to fully clean the past or the karma and the c%^&* out of our sector, along with the BS A.I. threat, Tiamat/Maldek’s Dreamspell holding the asteroid belt in orbit has to be swept away.

The GGLN and the Guardians want to do it but the Reptilians are concerned about what will happen to their minds since it is so heavily tied to the past and its mistakes with the planet blowing up plus Luciferian A.I. and the nanites in their bodies. A Dreamspell is A COLLECTIVE MINDSET around a planet with all of its memories and values and history. It is its magnetosphere just like 🌎. We are a collective, always. 🙏

It’s being adjudicated right now but the ICC and Orion group are threatening war over it, understandably. And…there are many Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin currently on earth who will also feel it. Actually all the RED TRIBES will. I feel it acutely being Red.

It’s hard to let go of our stormy past but humanity has to move forward. That asteroid belt needs to go, like a dead body sitting there too long! That dust needs to be blown away and buried.

But will it destabilize the OUTER PLANETS whose atmospheres already have the time disturbance affecting them. I post it on here often bc NASA keeps posting on it.

I don’t know. I feel this in my body.

This is what my Red Serpent Michael looked like. That man was fierce. Computer programmer and so into tech. Typical Maldekian. H1N1 took him.

Music; Maldek Mediates Today; Maldekian

Notice the dissonance at specific spots.

For me, this music evokes the energy of White 3 Electric Wizard~Red 3 Electric Serpent and the error that created the destruction of the planet. We are playing out the end of this Luciferian karma. Padme’s death, the wife of Anakin Skywalker and the mother of his children, Luke and Leah is archetypal of the death of the female equal with male and the value placed on the sacred human life the female brings forth. Darth Vader is archetypal of the ascent of the patriarchy and the slavery of earth and Mars that ensues. Mars was Tiamat’s moon.

Saturday-New Podcast on the Arrival of Humans from Maldek to Earth

Red Serpent~White Wizard kin, the Maldek memories are somewhere in your unconscious mind or even conscious mind! Many of these two kin have actually left earth now because earth is releasing Maldekian karma based on the Lucifer rebellion ( the c$%^&). At some point, the asteroid belt may turn to dust and disappear, I hope.

Red Skywalker~White World-Bridger kin holds the trauma and memory of the escape in our bodies. I am not sure yet whether at that time we stayed on Earth after the other kin safely landed in the ocean or left to heal on another planet. Our kin had extensive injuries as we saw to it that the remnant seed of Maldek got out so we were the last to leave. Currently, the Skywalker and World-Bridger kin I know have these health issues going on. We are healing with these new ascension frequencies though.

Our home is now a ring of rocks, held in place by its own dream spell, it’s still there, with its karma.

The History of Maldek cont. From Previous Podcasts on Other Posts

The podcast is below.

We cannot blow up earth. It already happened right next to us. GAIA only agreed to allow humans to come here as refugees after the explosion by agreeing that the Universe watchers would be allowed to step in and stop any humans purposely or willfully trying to create a cataclysm where it is not allowed nor necessary. The genetic evolution on Earth is priceless to the local universe and humans will not be allowed to be destroyed unless they want to be or allow it.

Note in this audio where it’s referring to methionine, the start codon Red Moon and the stop codon, Yellow Sun. These were additions to our DNA sequencing on Maldek. Note also that Red 12 Moon heads up HF33 which is implicate order programming from Galactic Center, meaning, Source needed to fix the tic in our DNA and did so through White13 Cosmic Dog, none other than J.C.

“In him was Life and that Life was the light of men”

The Logos John 1:4

Watch “Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent Seed – ROBERT SEPEHR” on YouTube

This highlights the origins of the Red Dragon tribe. Note at 41:30 the mention of Tiamat, the goddess of the chaotic Serpent.

Now recall that Tiamat/Maldek is the mediating planet for karmic Red Dragon/Serpent and dharmic analog White Wizard. Do watch this video. It gives insight into Tzolkonic archtypes.

Also note that the word dragon means “to see clearly”. On the body holon Red Dragon and White Mirror, its analog, rule the eyes. And of course we use our eyes to look into a mirror clearly once we’ve advanced in consciousness.

Listen for, “America is the land of the plumed serpent” according to the Inca.

Mars Trades with 900 E.T. Civilizations

As a Skywalker, I’m at ZERO with tyrrany. Remember, Mars was Maldek, Tiamats’ Moon. Tiamat is now the asteroid belt so do consider all I’ve taught you on here about Mars-Maldek karma. It’s coming to an end for Mars now as well as it did for Earth months ago. Mars mediates Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger.

Secret Mars Colonies Trade with up to 900 Extraterrestrial Civilizations

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