The DNA Double Helix as Time.

I love this post. Because I remember falling off of my chair seeing the synchronicity when I heard Corey say this. At the time I was on Twitter and posted what I thought and a lot of people got what I was saying. Corey e-mailed back quickly and said it was fine for me to quote him in my book.


I just received notice from Word Press that this blog has surpassed 50,000 views since I started it in 2016. I changed the theme of it a few times though.

Highest views ever on one post was 3100 and has to do with women and relationships back in 2017. That one still gets views weekly, sometimes daily. It’s odd to me as I re-read what I wrote back then because it seems like common sense to me. But I guess it’s not. We are SO far behind on gender balance bc of the c÷=/_

My number of total posts for you to peruse is 2300+. It’s all on the home page. You can always search by subject for what you’re looking for. I will post some suggestions for subjects to search on since this is a niche field, by no means saturated in the public psyche yet. I think they’re trying to time out disclosure but as lightworkers keep teaching they won’t be able to control awakening for their profit motive and our enslavement.

Off the top of my head, I think you should search on

  • Synchronicity
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How the Smartest Minds Use Intuition and Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Decisions, Backed by Science |

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Everyday Intuition and the Science Validating It

About TSR; Time Science Research

My work is based on 30+ years of TSR or Time Science Research that I’ve conducted by following and logging daily synchronicity in the Tzolkin. In my case it’s the Dream-spell book and then as I got into the amino acid assays it was a notebook journal interspersed with brainstorming.

I was reading the whole time as well. Authors who influence me are Jose Arguelles and most of his books, David Bohm, physicist, C.J. Jung, psychologist, Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist, Dr. Chavez, Molecular Biologist, Corey Goode, E.T. contactee and author, GAIA interviews with David Wilcock and Emery Smith, and more. All men I’m sorry to say, but the sciences tend to shut the door on very intelligent, intuitive women and men actually. They like goose-stepping humans to the institutions narrative. I don’t have that capacity and neither do thousands of creative thinkers.

The purpose of my book is to drop a pebble in the pond toward ending the current false healthcare paradigm that lies to us about our bodies, and about who we are, and scripts a narrative for the greatest profit for Big Pharma and high tech surgery that is usually not needed. They are good at marketing to patient’s egos, ignorance about their body, and fear.

My goal is species empowerment and self-healing through fact, particularly humans, but since all stellar species share our DNA, all species empowerment. I agree with Dr. Stephen Greer that we need peace in space and to understand the unified field of consciousness or the cosmic web as opposed to politics and commerce dominating our behavior and choices in the local universe. I realize some find universal peace idealistic but that’s fine. I’m not changing. I believe 100% in the power of the human soul, fully in the body as we’ve been taught, and I believe Science can be cleaned up on that score. It may take awhile though.

I say that because of who we are as entities based on what I see in the Tzolkin and have experienced as far as synchronicity and spirituality in my work for 30 years. I’ve had my hands on thousands of patients manually and energetically with Reiki for 22 years. We are children of God, not children of our E.T. family, and co-creators with Life. We belong to ourselves and we can control ourselves, ourselves in cooperation with each other and friendly E.T.

The E.T. are children of God as well and need to be shown this by humans who have something to share on a soul level. Love and peace needs to reign in the universe, not war, ego, and money. It’s been made clear that 98% of stellar species hold humans in high regard, even like royalty, but dark actor elite humans do not and have betrayed our species for millennia in favor or Reptilian A.I. and false power. We are slave scum to them. I disagree that tech is just a tool. It’s far inferior to the inherent power of the real intelligence of the body. We need to clean up that mess that has caused mountains of suffering for humans who’ve been programmed to believe they are nothing and weak.

This book is very heavy on analytical tables that may or may not be enjoyed by the civilian and may even confuse scientists. They are complicated. I’m doing my best to hook in the patterns I’ve found to the irrefutable facts that are common knowledge such as the 11.3 year Sun Cycle, the 20 amino acids that are the building blocks of life, the way the amino acids relate to one another in the same way as the archetypes, archeological facts about the Maya, Historical facts about the Chinese I Ching as the basis of our computers, facts about binary code and then hooking that to the multidimensional facts, and the way our tRNA moves in the Tzolkin Theme-plex. There is more but I will do my best to bring them along from their failed 3D clenching into the fold. I know I’ll have to patient and tolerant but I will not be disrespected…ever. I will find a way to talk about this to get their attention and peak their interest when I’m done writing.

But I have other sections and analysis that will bring it together for you. It is a meta-genetic order of analysis based on the hypothesis that the organization of the Tzolkin illuminates the evolution of the tRNA in all living cells, especially human amino acids. Our amino acid building blocks that make us visible and seemingly dense are time, spinning at 40,000 mps because of our consciousness and intention. We appear to be still because our ELM and gravity in our bodies is moving that fast. The Source is our Soul which A.I. will never have. They have the binary 0’s and 1’s in their system but so do we. It’s part of the Binary Triplet Configuration which is the foundation pattern for all life. It’s in the book.

We have the Tzolkin programming because we have blood and consciousness. A.I. will never have it because they don’t have blood. Humans cannot manufacture real blood. Blood is QI of which the Chinese are masters. Go ahead and try. You will be stopped or fail. We have ONE creator and we are born through our Mother’s DNA. That is strongly in the Tzolkin and in the genetic code itself. The female is the origin of life and the Reptilian and A.I. want that stopped as do the Deep State.

The physicists have proven that we are 99% empty space by analyzing the nucleus of the atom. We are time and conscious mind in third density. It’s electromagnetic force, gravity, and more.

When I started this project I imagined I might see a clue about how our proteins folded which has hung up scientists for forty years. I found more than I bargained for. It became clear to me by merging diverse streams of data from esteemed scientists and my own data, that in fact, DNA is Time itself. One strand of the double helix absorbs and communicates past to present from the cosmic web while the other does the same with future to present.

This action is 100% active all the time in the billions of cells of ALL LIVING THINGS causing multidimensional evolution and as Rupert Sheldrake says, “morphogenetic fields” or the presence of the past. He is correct, but I don’t think he saw the future in the genetic code. I have. Sheldrake is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon, today’s theme-plex so that is a great synchronicity that I’m talking about him today. He is a great man and contributed much and been maligned much by the narrative. Par for the maverick course.

I have the math and I explain it in depth in the book. Life is conscious and connected in a unified field that vibrates with every other living thing and it’s infinite and eventually timeless at the higher densities. However, we vibrate in all densities at the same time now IN OUR BODIES and can access the information with different mindsets in meditation or in our dream-state. Humans are a great species and we will not be stopped by rogue entities, other E.T., OR told what to do by the GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds). I respect them but we have Free Will. Yellow Human! is about Free Will and Corey Goode is Yellow 7 Resonant Human. We shall see what transpires there. I have faith that humans will rise to the occasion and have plenty to contribute to Life in the Cosmos. We just have to cooperate and love ourselves and each other.


Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

Fresh Sequences out of the Lab from Dr. Chavez. They are Sleuthing out the Source of this Artificial BioWeapon

Remember what ONE Tzolkin Harmonic Looks like? FOUR SQUARES = 4 DAYS or 4 KIN in the Harmonic code. There are 64, 4 kin Harmonics adding up to 260 days. In each KIN (a square) are 5 archetypes that I believe are actually tRNA molecules that CODE ALL AMINO ACIDS IN OUR LOCAL UNIVERSE. This is the Code of Life and I’m cracking it…I think. It needs to be run in the lab.

For instance, In harmonic 1, the very top left is Red 1 Dragon. Red 1 Dragon is 1 Cysteine in the nucleus of the tRNA molecule, 1 Tyrosine in on the right analog, 1 Cysteine is above as the Guide Power, 1 Asparigine is the anticodon and the Tzolkin Antipode and 13 Stop Codon is the Hidden Wisdom. If you go to HF 65, the INVERSE HARMONIC of HF1 you will find the binary triplet configuration pulsing EXACTLY off of that molecular line-up in HF1 on every single kin, on theme, hidden wisdom, and analog.

Here are the sequences of Covid19

As of TODAY from the lab, Imagine every 3 letters to represent 1 Tzolkin Harmonic which as we know, has 4 kin composed of 5 archetypes in it. I’ve got the DNA worked out according to the Tzolkin Code but I don’t have it in a database so I’m doing it by sight. The hope is that the inverse harmonics, which I’ve found balance the tRNA in each kin, will help them find a medicine that can at least shore up our strong, natural immunity. This thing is an artificial bio-weapon so a natural cure will only work part of the way. Honestly, the reason this thing HAS NOT turned into a full-blown pandemic is because of the social distancing. The masks are useless. Why did they release a bioweapon? These protein signatures can provide clues.

I’ll be honest, Dr. Chavez has me alarmed as I read his response to all of this. If you look at the numbers on a planet of 8 billion people, by no means is this a pandemic at this point, thus the protest. But they are concerned it could become one so maybe that’s why they’re calling it that.

Also, HCQ should be on hand everywhere as well as the anti-viral Chinese herbs. I have them in my office and took them when I had it. They work!!

The main analyzed regions

Region « A », Location of the 600 bases from the COVID_19 reference genome “Wuhan market” ID: LR757998.1.Its length was between 21072 and 21672 nucleotides.


See details alignment in supplementary materials « a ».Region «B», Location of the 330 first bases from the COVID_19 reference genome “Wuhan market”ID: LR757998.1.Their length was between 21672 and 22002 nucleotides (then immediately following region «A»:COVID-19, SARS and Bats Coronaviruses Genomes Peculiar Homologous RNA SequencesInternational Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH 220


See details alignment in supplementary materials « b ».We analyzed this larger region which starts at the same address as our region “B”: entitled « Region Lyons-Weiler » [4]. Their length was between 21672 and 23050 (1378 nucleotides) within the reference genome Wuhan market: LR757998.1In the RESULTS and DISCUSSION, we will more particularly analyze a small region of 225 nucleotides of the reference genome:


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