Thursday-Podcast on the ELM Energy of the Body Producing our Aura, Similar to the Earth’s Psi Bank Producing Aurora Borealis

Your aura changes daily based on what you’re processing so there’s no point in paying someone to read it. Just get the therapy you feel you need to help you align it yourself. The aura is the emanations from your Light Body. The Light Body is TIMELESS whose Source is the brain and spinal column.

Monday-New Podcast on Applying the 52 GAP Kin to points on the Body

The points are the 52 Jin Shin Jyutsu points. But how do the GAP kin overlay on them?

I’m thinking out loud on this one, parsing, and reading. I will have to analyze the situation given what I know from my 23 years of being a holistic doctor and Reiki Master. I will also consult my acupuncturist. Of course, I am completely trained in anatomy, all of the organs, muscles, nerves, ligaments, etc., and then with the Reiki Master training, all of the chakras, the energy flow of the body, and more. What is for sure is that I am busy in my office, people get well and tell others word of mouth and it continues. I am a cash practice. No way, no how will sickcare white coats let me into their circus nor do I want to be. The things I see done to my patient’s bodies would make your hair curl.

There is no designation of right or left, front or back though for the FINGERS.

Thumb compression is used for points 1, 9, 16, 19, and 21 on the body, maybe both thumbs. In the Mayan system that is the Yellow Sun Right Thumb and the White Dog left thumb. Read the attributes next to the word “thumb” on the chart. They are the same as the attributes for Yellow Sun/White Dog. Interesting.

Let’s look at today. The middle finger of the right hand is White Wind pulsing down to Red Earth. Remember your analog is ONE with you so Red Earth~White Wind is ONE. The middle finger on the left hand is Yellow Human. If you read the attributes of the word “Middle” on the chart they are in line with White Wind and Yellow Human.

Sunday-New Podcast on The Tzolkin as the Light Body and Its Activation

My previous blog post goes along with this podcast.

The Violent Flame is a Meditative “go-to” when you are feeling sick or out of sorts. Hold the image in your mind and see it traveling through your body.

The Tzolkin is Referring to Our Light Body

I need an image of the Tzolkin rotating in 3D. Or just imagine it as your rotating human body, front, and back.

The squares or kin are not flat 2D facing out but little DNA spirals on their side facing out in 5D.

The Mayan Factor page 181

My podcast will be on this today.

Also, they look like the Chinese acupuncture meridians to me. I’m currently receiving acupuncture for my neuropathy and my acupuncturist is Blue 4 Eagle, today’s kin. I was looking at this last night choosing the podcast and thinking about him because he thinks we should merge businesses.

Then I woke up this morning and checked the oracle, I saw that today is his kin. Par for the course with me. I’m walking synchronicity.

Chinese Meridians. Acupuncture is different than Reiki. Acupuncture opens the gateway between 4D and 5D and gives you a taste of what it feels like to swing it open. It’s up to you to meditate and set your mind so that it stays open for ascension or so that you can open and close it at will.

Reiki opens and clears all 13 chakras which pulsate with the energy bodies in 5D. I close them before you go out my front door.

I’ve had amazing Reiki experiences in my office over 23 years

Thursday-New Podcast on the Auroras

I personally can’t pull myself into apocalyptic thinking in 3D as the men are; Ben, Corey, and Jose. I SEE that our society, in the last two years has had a MIND cataclysm. Yes? Good Grief. Who knew how lockstep most humans were with media? If the TV tells them something they think it’s the truth and if the TV tells them to do it, they do it without question. Good God. It was shocking to me and a few of my friends. Not once did I obey. Here we are two years into realizing how obedient and programmed most humans are. But now they are doing a very good job of saying, “Hey wait a minute! No.” I’m very pleased. But they had to think about it.

It has taken many unnecessary deaths for humans to see the abysmal, unethical failure of mainstream science and sick care in the face of an artificial virus. Now, how metaphorical is that with the artificial TIME VIRUS of 12:60. Everyone accepts the clocks on the wall and the Church Gregorian Calendar as well which completely throws our bodies and minds out of alignment. We are now in 13:20 galactic synchronizations with our E.T. ancestors and friends in an inhabited universe. Let us commence with a better world, please.

Jose foresaw a circumpolar rainbow bridge and the end of an age in 2012, manifesting in 3D. It didn’t happen that way. It’s been more gradual. It’s been spiritual and mental. There HAVE been major changes since 2012 so he wasn’t totally wrong but the men have fantasies dominating their minds on so many levels. But, women know that. Ben sees us being shot back into the Stone Age by our magnificent, but apparently dangerous sun in his view, and his thousands of followers agree. Corey agrees with Ben apparently, not me. Jose left the planet before 2012 and didn’t actually finish illuminating the manifestation aspect of his phenomenal vision, which I respect.

I’ll stand alone in wishing good things and empowerment for all humanity and seeing it unfolding that way. I hope you do as well.

Stockholm, Sweden.
The Auroras are caused by the ELM energy created by the Tzolkin Harmonic working in tandem with Galactic Center and our Sun. They are precipitated by the Evolution of all DNA in the local system, in other words, us and all DNA sentient life; humans, animals, and planets in a Collective Mind Field creating the Psi Bank–Pole-e1mln5d

Wednesday; New Podcast-Evolutionary Ascent, Spiritual Descent

This is just the way I perceive what Jose is saying. Ascent is Dharma, and Descent is karma. There is no judgment and both are for learning. As the Tao Te Ching says, your position is shaky whether you go up or down the ladder.

Sunday-Second Podcast on Bridging the Physical Body to the Light Body Gradually

We just moved into Blue 3 Electric Monkey which is the activation of the lower body to the upper body along with Yellow Star. It is 3Asparagine.

Asparagine helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter).Nov 1, 2018. This shores up Cysteine and Serine as brain neurotransmitters. It’s obvious that we need to uplift our reptilian occipital hindbrains as humans. That kin was definitely a large part of our DNA evolution but now they may be waning.

I misspoke on potassium. It shores up YOUR HEART. Your heart needs ELM energy and the high ELM in the magnetosphere will challenge your heart. Arrhythmia is caused by low potassium and sodium so it’s a big deal.

A Blue Monkey. LOL.–we-Moved-into-the-Antipode-Challenge-kin–3Asparagine–Balancing-our-Bodies-is-the-Challenge-e1m75i3

Monday’s Podcast-Weaving the Light Body on the Loom of Maya

I lowered the background music. It was too loud before. And the Anchor podcast site is having trouble communicating with the WordPress site. So every time I post this it’s in a different format. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

Body Truth; Activating the 13 Chakra System

I posted this in 2017 and it got 132 views so here it is again. Use this when you meditate.

I work with the immaterial energy centers of the body all the time in my office while I’m doing Reiki. It’s 4D. My patients can feel it because I’m working with Qi or Ki. In addition, my pendulum can pick up the direction of their spin very easily but I don’t need to use it much anymore.  My hands can feel it.  I only use it when a patient needs to see how their energy is affecting something they can see; the pendulum moving.

Please note there is no longer just 7 chakras because we are in the beginning stages of a NEW BODY coming forward. Our ancestors had to go through this too and we all know that they did not look exactly like us.

My intuition says the 13th one will come forward when the 13th crystal skull is found. It may be below Earth Star which is under our feet, u derground connection. Chakra 12, stellar gateway is the Pineal gland fully open and generating a new portal. CV2 opens it.

Corona means Crown by the way. That’s why so many people are afraid of it. They’re afraid to feel the real power in their body and brain. I had the brain version of Covid. It changed my glasses Rx. If you resist it it can do you in though. Fear does taht..


Chakra means “wheel”.  Most people are used to working with the 7 chakras, but in this time of increased spiritual growth and ascension, it is important to work with the 13 chakras.  That said, only do it when you’re ready, especially if you’re just now becoming aware of your qi and the chakras.

12-Stellar Gateway chakra is accessed in deep meditation or even in the dream state at night when you’re out of the body yet still tethered.

11-Soul Star-The Soul Star Chakra is located about six inches above the crown chakra (top of the head) & is the bridge from the human to the spiritual realms. …

10-Causal-The causal body is the layer of energy beyond the higher mental body and is linked to the throat chakra and the causal chakra at the back of the head. This is the doorway to higher consciousness and links the personality to the collective consciousness of the planet.

9-Crown Chakra-This is where we learn, on a spiritual level, to love unconditionally, allow compassion for our fellow soul’s who we realize are on their own path, just like us. It’s also where we open up to lessons directly given from spirit guides and what opens wider when we seek an adventure.

8-Third eye chakra or clairvoyant seeing.  This one spins constantly for me as I live by my intuition first and then I run it through the filter of my rational mind.  It’s psychic vision or a sense of what you are creating going forward for yourself.

7-Throat chakra-how you express yourself.  Whether speaking, writing, playing, crafting, painting…you are speaking in your voice that is unique to you.  For people that feel they must hold their tongue or were taught to guard their cards closely, this will be very low functioning.  There is a good middle ground here.

6-Heart Chakra-who and what you love lives here.

5-Solar Plexus-Your power chakra.  How you express your strength, what you’re good at in the world or not who you are to the outside world, confidence level.

4-Naval chakra.  This is the Dan Tien and is the center of your body.  Your birth qi is seeded here by your mother, who also formed your subconscious mind.  This is very personal and sometimes we need to talk deeply about this.

3-Sacral chakra-personal feelings.  Relates to all reproductive and digestive issues.

2-Root chakra-Your grounding, sense of connection and security in the body related to sex, reproduction, money, ability to walk, willingness to walk, desire to run, relaxation and movement of the feet, hip, knee, ankle, and feet will be directly affected by your attitudes, values, feelings and actions with regard to all of these issues. Security, territory, property, what propels you to stay in the body and keep interacting on Earth in this unique manner.  The ten chakras above it are what energize you with “your agenda”.  Everyone is walking the Earth for different reasons.  The soles of your feet bring in the energy directly from the Earth like a two-pronged plug plugged into an electrical outlet.  Be sure you’re plugged into the Earth.

1-Earth Star.  The condition of your earth star will tell a practitioner whether you’re plugged in the body or compromised.

Chakra healing is now a widely known method of energy healing, and although most people are familiar with the 7 chakra system, there are in fact many chakras.  The higher ones are transpersonal.

It’s important to work with your Reiki practitioner closely to activate and balance both front aspect and rear aspect chakras.


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