Kari Lake Says ‘Powerful People’ Recently Tried to Bribe Her to Leave Politics

No intelligent, articulate, high-integrity, authentic females are allowed to lead or speak in politics or science.

Now, what will they do to get rid of her?


She EMPOWERS people and seals FREEWILL. The c%^&* can’t have that. Today is Yellow 6 Human and we are in the BLUE HAND 13-day cycle, her analog.

August 23, 1969. Check it yourself. Google Kari Lake birthday

She is in good with Trump and it’s been suggested that she would run as his V.P. She will tell him who these people were and he’ll be all over it. Clear as day. He is her analog; Blue Hand ✋️

From Corey Goode on Telegram-And This On Top of What I Just Posted

Kari Lake in AZ. She’s a Conservative.

Kari Lake: “Sex trafficking is tied to the smuggling going on at our border. And this is why my border plan is so aggressive. It’s the most aggressive border plan anywhere in the country. & we’re ready for it. We’re ready to stop the cartels from having control of our border.”

Don’t forget adrenochrome production. The cartels probably have contracts with the ICC and the Reptilians as our current government does. Blood lust. Eat the young. It’s deep shadow from Maldek/Mars- L.T.

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