Big Synchronicity between the Capital Insurrection on January 7th and Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021

I feel a lot of disturbance coming in the U.S. I hate to say it but I’m being honest. Next week it will really be safer to stay home.

Disclosure personnel are strongly advised to be silent, peaceful and let the tumult play out because The Government is not going to be what it was, is what some our intel says and what I see. Meaning, Trump will likely be a temporary head but I don’t think the U.S. will continue to have a real President. The Congress is going to be mostly cleaned our from arrests due to serious crime. The details of how that will come forward are not clear but I can see some of it. It’s because the underground info. left here by Stellar Species will be the main thing we need as a country. Everything is going to change.

The day Pence became a treasonous traitor on the day of elector certification was January 6, 2021 but the day of the Capital Insurrection by Antifa was January 7. The lineup that day was Yellow 11 Spectral Seed, Analog Blue 11 Eagle, G.P. itself, Antipode White 11 Wizard and Hidden Wisdom Red 3 Earth. The Hidden Wisdom points 13 days into the future to January 20 which is Red 11 Earth, same spectral tone but center stage on January 20th.

This was January 7th, 2021, Yellow 11 Spectral Seed
This January 20, 2021, Red 11 Spectral Earth
  • These two kin are 13 kin or one wavespell apart
  • Yellow Seed is #24
  • Red Earth is #37.
  • Remember Trump is Blue Hand, the challenge to Red Earth (Pelosi). Even with ridiculous impeachment and his fatherly words today about abiding by the law, he will continue to be irrationally hated on because of lies seeded by MSM.

Looking at the one on the right you seed a chaotic seed was planted by the chaotic vision of the Eagle or dominance and violence really, in this case. Many countries have the eagle as their emblem and it unfortunately stands for war most of the time. It’s a misuse or abuse of power. The Hidden Wisdom is Electric tone 3 propelling the karma.

In this case it propelled it back to DC again in the lap of Nancy Pelosi who is Red 9 Solar Earth. Inauguration day, per the constitution is going to all about her abuse of power as Speaker of the House supported by White 11 Spectral Wind. Wind, her analog, supports communication and speaking. You see it right there in the themeplex on the left. I saw this on Twitter this morning as far as what to watch for on January 20th.

JOHN DeSOUZA FBI Special Agent (RET.) John is in my intel circle with Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla and more. The foundation of the Disclosure movement as far as Extra Terrestrials and the nature of Time in the Universe are Military Whistleblowers who have worked with the aliens. The Cabal are the Democratic Party and Some Pub. 84% of Congress is implicated in corruption at the moment and there may be a clean sweep.

This is the energy of Red 11 Spectral Earth. I dissolve in order to Evolve. Releasing Synchronicity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Spectral tone of LIBERATION. I am guided by my own power doubled.

I will blog more later but I feel we have a very rough week coming up next week and this whole thing will be shaking down until January 24th.

We’re about to get hit by a Blue Solar Storm that began Last Night During Blue 5 Radiant Storm. And Yesterday was White Solar Wind. So…exact.

Daily Reading; January 6th, next Wednesday Will Be the Final Battle Between the Eagle and The Serpent

“I polarize in order to Create. Stabilizing Mind, I seal the output of Vison with the lunar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.”

The Dream Spell Kin #15

The destiny patterns are in the Tzolkin and readily visible for those who have eyes to see.

Today is Blue 2 Polarizing Eagle which is illuminating the event coming up in about a week where the electors from the electoral college will be affirmed by the Senate or rejected determining the President of the United States. The Eagle are The U.S. Patriots who voted for Trump, fair elections and the Constitution. Supposedly they are actors in the Ascension but that remains to be seen.

Blue Eagle Attributes: Create, Mind, Ascension, Vision, Independent, committed, artistic, compassionate, exacting, receiver, visionary belief in self, dreamer, ZEUS, God of the Sky. Enlil is the eagle.

Enki is the serpent. It’s not good vs. evil. It’s two sets of different values that have been at war while humans evolved. Enki is related to Red Dragon and Red Serpent and The Earth, blood memory and primordial mother. The Red Dragon tribe believe this is their planet and they started off our DNA here. This is the Old Religion, Earth Magic, Druids, Stonehenge, White Wizard who is analog of Red Serpent. All of the Red Mayan Tribes are connected to Red Dragon/Serpent.

Enlil is the God of War. This is globalists and patriots. Every culture who has an eagle emblem for their flag are full of their own patriots. The U.S. is no different. In fact our founding fathers did not want the eagle representing us. They wanted a turkey which brings a whole new meaning to the ritual of sparing the turkey at the White House Thanksgiving ceremony. It’s a nod to the Founding Fathers and then an arm swipe off the table as we all eat turkey for the holiday. But it is important to note that all conquering civilizations are unsustainable.

The Bad Actors in the Government

The Head of The Senate is Vice President Mike Pence who is Red 9 Solar Serpent. The plan is that he will NOT affirm the electors because the election was carried out illegally and they have a mountain of proof. However, it seems FORMER Attorney General Barr who is Red 11 Spectral Serpent has a say in the matter because he was AG during the election and was fired by Trump. This could have just been a strategic move leading up to this event on Jan. 6. The FINAL say over the election goes to Pence.

In the mix, another Red Serpent; Kamala Harris is Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent and of course Biden is White 2 Polar World Bridger. They are on the sidelines and not directly involved on Jan. 6. Trump, who is Blue 3 Hand is not directly involved either as his fate is in the hands of Pence.

There is so much Maldekian karma here it’s thick. Mars rules White World Bridger (Biden) but Mars used to be called Maldek when it was Tiamat’s moon before Tiamat became the Asteroid Belt. Trump, being Blue Hand and ruled by Earth is the RESCUER here; THE SHIELD for the Eagle who are the American citizens. But he happens to be in today’s themeplex. What you see are ALL of the players here. It is super fascinating and actually gives me a stomach ache. The vibe is very strange today.

Gemini is everywhere; Trump, Pence and Barr are all Gemini ruled by Mercury; dualism.

The 5GForce is Red 12 Serpent; Communal BLOOD MEMORY or Ancestral DNA. So much Maldekian Karma

The analog support today is Yellow 2 Seed. We are fruit of both the eagle and the serpent seed.

The Guide Power is Blue 2 Hand (Trump). We need to heal this division and unify.

The antipode challenge is Red 2 Polar Serpent (Enki), God of the Earth.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 12 Worldbridger (Biden is tone 2 WB) so he’s in there. Are we going to communally come together and balance things out without bloodshed this time?

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