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I finished the Ivana Trump post if you’re the least bit interested here is the link.

Astrology birth chart for Ivana Trump

My god, she ruled the roost. This pic is hilarious. That was probably the last time anyone ever dominated him. She was way more than gutsy. She was indomitable. It was very helpful to him while it lasted. Contrast this with the dynamic between Bill and Hillary. Not even close. Donald is Blue 3 Electric Hand mediated by Earth, she by Venus. They are about money and business. The Clintons are Red Skywalker and White WB so they are mediated by Mars and are analogs. They are about POLITICS. Trump will never be a politician. He’s a businessman.

Astrology birth chart for Ivana Trump

Pretty interesting merged with her 5th density Mayan oracle. I will add to this today so check back. I have patients to tend to for a living.


Ivana Trump Birth Destiny Oracle. HF12; The taming power of the great/Potent energy
Kin# 48
9Leucine, 9Asparagine, 9Valine, 9Tyrosine, 5Glutamine. 5GForce is 5Glutamic Acid.

This Destiny Kin is spinning art, beauty, elegance, athletic muscles, human free will, and a desire to expand through exploration. The solar tone gives strong intention but does not always follow through if there is fear (Sun in Pisces). She had an Aries N. Node so she did manifest her intentions for the most part in an aggressive way, more than her husband which is saying something.

Merging it with her 4D Astrology;

Sun in 1° 1’Pisces-Ruled by Neptune. It’s her antipode challenge in 5D. White 9 Mirror is ruled by Neptune whose analog is Red 9 Dragon. It’s Draco energy.

Moon in 0° 36’Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter mediates Yellow 9 Seed, her Guide Power whose analog is Blue 9 Eagle. Jupiter is home to the time thieves. This gives a career focus that is very ambitious and expansive.

Mercury in 5° 53’Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This gives a very independent spirit and an ability to communicate with people from all walks in life.

Venus in 17° 0’Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus. A Venus in Aquarius woman cannot be managed in a love relationship. If Donald tried to subdue her through force he has big karma for that. She was ruled by Venus in her theme and support so she was extremely expansive and open about art, and beauty and expanded her empire in novel ways.

Mars in 6° 30’Pisces-These two seem to contradict but here we have her Hidden Wisdom. Mars mediates Red 5 Radiant Skywalker. Skywalker kin isn’t usually radiant. We make a mess. She did not and it was her secret power. The fact that it was in Pisces meant she could assert her vision but change her mind as long as did it neatly. Because her Sun was in Pisces, she could totally get away with it. This is mischievous.

Jupiter in 21° 31’Capricorn alludes to her Yellow 9 Seed Guide Power. This is her business acumen which can also be ruthless.

Saturn in 2° 56’Virgo (r). This is ruthless in detail and I’m sure she helped Donald find dirt on people.

Uranus in 26° 35’Gemini(r)-President Trump is a Gemini so her Aquarian acumen really helped him FOCUS which I believe he has an issue with. Many Gemini do. They both had sun placements going in opposite directions; Pisces the two fish and Gemini the two faces so there was definitely duplicity about the two of them together; quite dangerous if you ruffle their feathers. But they understood each other.

Neptune in 14° 51’Libra(r) Libra is ruled by Venus but we saw Neptune in her White Mirror Antipode. It looks like her reflection and rumination were always on beauty and hosting. Having parties.

Pluto in 15° 0’Leo(r)-Not showing up in the upper density

North Node in 28° 47’Aries(r)This is her Hidden Wisdom or subconscious programming ruled by Red 5 Skywalker. Big synchronicity since they are both mediated by Mars. The N. Node is your destiny. She was destined to be a leader, considered a great woman.

Chiron in 8° 21’Sagittarius-Chiron is the wounded healer. Her gregarious, adventurous spirit eventually got squelched by her fear of Covid. Last two years she didn’t go anywhere.

Ascendant in 24° 51’Scorpio-She appeared powerful and sexual. That’s Scorpio. Plus Yellow Star and Blue Monkey pulse below the navel down to the knees.

Ivana Trump Was Yellow 9 Solar Star

Did she ever embody her destiny oracle! She was as glitz and glamour as possible. But don’t judge people because they are different than you. She had a destiny to fulfill as we all do, that is different from others. Love and accept people AS THEY ARE. Life on this planet is difficult when it comes to being understood. We tend to be so mentally programmed by the media.

Ivana was the pinnacle of Trump’s 3 wives. She eclipsed him so he slowly watered the women down to be less threatening. Melania is White 4 Self-Existing Mirror so she is the antipode or challenge of Yellow Star and an introvert, not very social.

Ivana Marie Trump (née ZelníčkováCzech: [ˈzɛlɲiːtʃkovaː]; February 20, 1949 – July 14, 2022) was a Czech-American businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, author, and model. Trump was also the first wife of later U.S. president Donald Trump. She lived in Canada in the 1970s before immigrating to the United States, and held key managerial positions in The Trump Organization[1] as vice president of interior design, CEO and president of Trump’s Castle casino resort, and as manager of the Plaza Hotel.

Ivana and Donald were prominent figures in New York society throughout the 1980s. The couple’s divorce, finalized in 1992, was the subject of extensive media coverage. Following the divorce, she developed her own lines of clothing, fashion jewelry, and beauty products which were sold on QVC London and the Home Shopping Network. Ivana wrote an advice column for Globe called “Ask Ivana” from 1995 through 2010 and published several books including works of fiction, self-help, and the autobiography Raising Trump.

She is an apt archetype for Yellow 9 Solar Star

Ivana had her own beauty line and was an accomplished athlete; a skier. The amino acid leucine gives good muscle tone and physique which she had as a model. Here she is in her Yellow Star Chair always focused on beauty. There is nothing wrong with that. She ruled the roost with Donald for sure. I highly doubt there is another human being on the planet that eclipsed him. Strong, accomplished woman shining bright. Good for her.

Yellow Star theme, Blue Monkey Support. Perfect. This kin rules the area below the navel down to the knees. Sex, in other words.

And I must say it’s a bit of an omen that she fell on her steps at home and died yesterday. That’s exactly what happened during Yellow Star in the Dreamspell when the Time Thieves took over Earth. It was kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star. It was THE TIME ERUPTION and an omega ending point in the Tzolkin, HF52. My laptop motherboard fried that day. Yellow 1 human was the GForce. Yellow 5 Human was Ivana’s GForce. Radiant Humans, basking in Free Will, at least we’re supposed to.

This is her Birth Destiny Oracle.

Today is White 6 Rhythmic Mirror, her antipode but a different tone. The birth and death gateway is definitely functioning in the Matrix and the family group. I’m guessing yesterday, Red 5 Radiant Earth pulses off of someone in the family or her mate that was very significant emotionally to her.

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