Find Your Psi Chrono Unit

Psi is short for psyche which literally means intuitive mind and chrono means time. So Psi chrono is the intuitive mindset in time under which you were born. If you have app it has your Psi chrono lineup included with your galactic signature and destiny Oracle now. It’s an added piece to your DNA evolution while you’re on the planet. Please remember that these symbols are just amino acid proteins in a sequence but amino acids are 5th dimensional as we now know.

For example. I am Red 13 Skywalker which you see on the far left. I am kin 13, born in the first 13-day cycle so I am 1:13:13:13. But on the Thirteen Moon calendar of 28 days each, I am 1.18 or Magnetic Moon, the 18th day in the psi bank of collective mind. That means my mindset in time is White 12 Crystal Wizard and it’s attributes are spelled out when you tap on it. It is exactly accurate about my mindset and why I’m here.

NOTICE the green squares which are the gap kin. They are THREE psi Chrono units so each of the 13 moons adds up to 28. So if you follow the ones 1. onto the green squares, you see 1.4, 5, 6, 23, 24, 25 and the bottom left green square, 1.26, 27, and 28. It is supremely interesting that each GAP kin accounts for 3 Psi Chrono units which correlate the 13 moons with the 260-day Tzolkin going through its seasonal cycles.

I will study this further. But the point is, this proves the math for the larger cycles for our local system, the earth, and the seasons, including us. When we turn 52 years of age we begin our second life. So, you should plan to at least live 2 lives and live to be 104. And our third life would be until 156 years old and so on. Why not? Our DNA is timeless. We just need to line it up and turn off the fake programming that is about to hit a wall..

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