A Manifesto of Attack on Corey Goode from Michael Salla and Lawyer Duke Brickhouse


This thing is whack and a dagger in Corey’s back. I disdain it and have read it.

Traitors all. I had stopped supporting Salla because my gut told me he was 2 White Dog in shadow focused on power politics, takes no prisoners. He is a traitor from way back in our deep past, and he has turned on Corey. Not the first time.

Damn. It’s long. AND THEY SUPPORT A.I. and think we’re over-reacting.

This is the height of ignorance regarding who we are as humans. And not enough people are reading and understanding my book. I have to change this up.

This last comment from Corey that we’re all going to die is Ben talking from Suspicious Observers. Corey is more empathic than he is rational, and when it comes to assessing Ben, that’s not a good thing. They live in the same town, which is suspect.

Corey has been manipulated by these alpha clever men, IMO. You can see he has been trying to understand their psychology by looking at his posts. What gives these alpha men their voice are the strong women in their lives who let the men blather to the rooftops! Corey doesn’t have that. Stacey has her hands full being a mother to their two kids.

This is where your own rational higher mind needs to kick in with your intuitive higher mind to keep you safe. This is spiritual warfare from our deep past, and maybe it’s time for women to lead on this issue. That said, I believe Corey. Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. It’s the most resonant kin in the Tzolkin.

The View From my Red Couch

Of course I have a red couch; I’m Red Skywalker and an Aries. 🎈🧧💃

Friday night 7:00pm eastern standard time.

I think we’re exhausted from the ScR. It was very high today, 59 power.

I’m thinking about filling the void, the vacuum, I’m looking forward and seeing with this collapse of everything, no more two party system, the way our governments run, The Reptilian control, the Deep State Control, body control, the MSM media control is going to be gone. There’s going to be a vacuum, a hole that we all need to fill as a collective Humanity with what we want our species to be. What do we want for our children. what do we desire for art and beauty, what kind of food do we want, what kind of body care-Health Care do we want. It’s time for us to start to dream up, plan, organize and see what world we want. Let’s not continue to obsess on this world we know we don’t want from which we are sick. It is time to focus on what we DO want, not on what we don’t want. Remember what Corey said. We’re going to win.

Thursday Podcast on the History of Lunar Time-Keeping

The consciousness of earth remained static and earth-focused until some four hundred years ago, (1600’s) whereas a conscious comprehension of the Law of Time is dependent on a WHOLE-system perception of the orbiting Earth in relation to its local star, the sun, as well as to the solar system and the galaxy as a whole. This is a new CONTEXT for humans to think about time, even today. Thus I refer to all three as the Earth holon, the Body holon, and the Interplanetary Holon as the accurate context within which all DNA sentience is evolving.

Wednesday-ScR is 81 or More and Going Up

The earth is stormy today and evolving aggressively so the magnetosphere is expressing it. The earth and the other planets affect the sun and God only knows what the sun is going to do. It’s a modulator of all the activity in our local system but by no means does it control it. The Sun is in direct communication with Galactic Center, Source, so we are being cared for, not destroyed. The elite are the ones who like destroying things ON EARTH, not God nor us.

The vibes are creative bit tense today. We are guided by Blue 11 Spectral Night right now until noon when we move to agitated Red 11 Spectral Skywalker who will not be as patient encouraging release of the past. We need all of the helpful tech and Healthcare info. on the surface now, especially the reverse aging by correcting the telomeres. No other species in the universe ages and dies. It’s horse and buggy or as bad as the combustion engine and vaccines. Give me a break.

It’s 3:20 am and woke me up. ScR is up 40%.

This is a rough one: At midnight the unconscious mind was released. What dissolves is a portion of the 3D identity with its distortions of reality. Meaning, that what most people call normal life is a pretty significant distortion of the truth. It’s 4am in Michigan.

Your Intuition, the higher mind knows the way to peace and wholeness. Others don’t have your answers. Meditate. Breathe. Sleep, ask in faith for what you need, be sincere, listen to your body, and don’t blame others or yourself. Accept, forgive, release, and move on, and into what you want, not what you don’t want.

Saturn, Mars, and Neptune are mediating. Tone 11 is spectral or ghost-like and helps release and dissolve what is no longer needed. The 5GForce is 3 Electric Red Earth or 3Phenylalanine and is mediated by Uranus.

Interplanetary Holon

We see the synchronicity with Aries, Mars, and Red Skywalker and Uranus, the 5GForce in today’s astrology.

  • The Last Quarter Moon is exact this morning when the Sun in Cancer forms a square to the Moon in Aries. We’re beginning to see recent events in a more mature light. The next few days are good for reassessing matters from a more experienced viewpoint. For now, we can feel tense or conflicted.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 2:24 PM EDT, after which the Moon is in steady, deliberate Taurus.
  • However, Venus semi-square Uranus today points to some unpredictability and fickleness. We could follow whims or feel restless until we recognize the need to freshen up our relationships or pastimes. Rumblings of the need to change unhealthy patterns with relating and spending can occur.
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:20 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to the Sun), until the Moon enters Taurus at 2:24 PM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Let’s try this today. It’s pulsing in chest. There is no emotion moved here. This one is very base level DNA work.

Intuitive Categories on my Home Page

The ancient Mayan Round. Parse it down and it illuminates our DNA from our birth family and our star family.

I am currently working hard to categorize and make sure tags and categories are accurate on all of my Mayan posts over the last two years.

I started posting on the Mayan Oracle in May 2020, pretty much when Covid hit after I saw the sequences given to me by Dr. Chavez lining up with their manipulation of the mRNA in the lab to make the vaccine. Dr. Chavez had a huge fit and then as you know, consequently had a stroke and lost his vision. I believe his brain is healing now but I haven’t heard from him.

So, most of those posts should show up under the category Mayan or Mayan Oracle. Just take a look at the home page. I’ve posted about 1400 posts so…there is plenty there to read, including my old subject matter of relationships, gender balance, and dating. Lord have mercy. 🙂

Intuition in the Scientific Method

This is a paper written by Ph.D. physicist Dr. Smith who worked on the Manhattan Project. He had a different perspective on the efficacious and ethical use of Intuition. I own the copyright.

I wrote the preface, history, glossary and added bios and pictures at the end. This booklet would be useful in history, science research methodology, or physics classes at the college level. You can find the paperback and ebook on Amazon for 14.99 and 4.99.

Intuition is High Intelligence

Some of my followers may remember when I posted on this blog about intuition. The posts are still on here. You just have to go back about a year. I’ll see if I can find the date.

I also have a short book I put together on the subject under my books tab.

Commanding Radiant Intuition

This blog used to be about the Intuitive Mind from a rational perspective. Now I’m trying something else because I’m just as passionate about DNA as Time as I am about uplifting the Mind via the Intuition, intuition being the Higher Mind. Both males and females have it so it should not be used for gender discrimination, another passion I have. If we all tuned into our intuition every aspect of power in human society would be managed.

Today is Blue 5 Overtone Night. It is the amino acid Alanine and it’s analog is∞Yellow 5 Warrior or Histidine. The guide power is Blue 5 Monkey are Asparagine, the antipode challenge is Red 5 Skywalker or Glutamine and the Hidden Wisdom is White 9 Solar Mirror or Tyrosine

The 5GForce is Red 9 Earth or Solar Synchronicity. So once again, the Schumann Resonance is pulsing strong to get the Earth lined up with the universal stream.


I empower in order to Dream. Commanding intuition I seal the input of Abundance with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of Magic.”-The Dreamspell

In this themplex which evolves in our DNA and thus in Time, we have big influence from our unconscious mind. Today is a great day for daydreaming while we do chores, reading and writing, journaling or just emptying our minds and meditating. In addition, it’s the Summer Solstice and the first day of the Sun in Cancer.

The mediating planet of Blue Night and Yellow Warrior is Saturn which is placed nicely in it’s own sign of Capricorn so it is fairly easy to get some things accomplished at home or at work today. We’re guided by some fun and magic with Blue Monkey mediated by Venus but Venus is retrograde so it could easily turn into detrimental mischief. Watch your step!

Challenging us is Mars which is in it’s home sign of Aries right now with someone around you going directly for the truth and not pulling any punches. I know about that because it’s me (Aries/Skywalker). No fear. Do the right thing. Tell the truth. Right…very few people are doing that right now so you’d rather we all be quiet and go away. This position is also a gift.

A solar mirror as hidden wisdom means our connection to the sun asks us to stop looking at others and society and look in the mirror at what we have personally evolved into. Self-examination is a good thing.


We’ve got that pentagon going on in Histidine. It’s the 5 pointed star which is an archetype of humans; head, 2 arms, 2 legs. For most of human history we’ve been warriors and fought each other and that is the Mayan archetype; Yellow Warrior. It might be controversial, but the reason humans got around, intermarried and became so diverse and strong is because of war. So, honestly, war was not all bad for the human race and despite the deaths, our reproduction rate has been prolific tipping our environment by the billions!

Synchronicity is there between Arginine and Glutamine which are right next to each other in the themeplex. They have the same lineup but my archetype has an extra carbon and Hydrogen molecule. That’s deep affinity for Yellow Star∞Blue Monkey which is mediated by Venus. Indeed, it’s my hidden wisdom placement and someone I love is Yellow Star.

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