The 5GForce, the 5th Density Galactic Source

In my Mayan Daily Reading blog post, I added the image of the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map. Note at the top, we see the Omnigalactic Source or in the Urantia Book, PARADISE where God resides. It’s tone 13. Note that Hunab Ku is not Source and it’s Tone 12. It holds the balance between the Alpha and Omega Galaxies which I need to research. It looks like Alpha Galaxy is on the female side and Omega galaxy is on the Male side. Indeed, our mothers start life with the egg, then the father chimes in.

Fifth Density frequency and upward come from here. It is Source vibration that filters through the cosmic web. The ultimate metaphor for humans in understanding love is the picture of new parents adoring their baby. This is universal folks. Criticize the limits and foibles all you want about heterosexual reproduction which is rampant these days, but it is an example of how our cosmic parents adore us in a most unreasonable, irrational, passionate way.

I am a mother and my baby is 23 years old. I still adore him. His White 4 Wizard father is still present in spirit but has left the body. Every parent I know, and I survey them in my office, adores their children no matter how old they are. They break open our hearts, fight with us, judge us, behave badly, don’t listen properly, leave us then come back and even die sometimes which makes you want to die, but the love of a parent for their child is COSMIC. And children love their parents in return, irrationally so, even if they aren’t very kind because of their own troubles.

Now take that heart love from human parents times a million and that is the love that Source has for us only perfectly. Our human parents are imperfect. We need to forgive them. The only reason for this love is because Source wants to. Why do humans reproduce? Because it’s an overwhelming desire and passion to the point of 8 billion people on the planet. GOOD! The more diversity in the gene pool the better. As far as resources, that would be no problem if the government would disclose all the military secrets in the E.T. milabs that they have left for us!! Our current system of energy production and food is a disgrace and unsustainable. It doesn’t have to be this way but of course, the D.S. hoards for their profit at our expense because of their mental/heart illness. It’s going to end.

Back to the subject. Looking at the Tzolkin, it is as important to understand the dynamics of the 5GForce each day as it is the Hidden Wisdom which I said I’d make a video on every four days.

Here is a list:

  • Red Dragon Cysteine; 5GForce is always Blue Storm Tryptophan
  • White Wind Glycine; 5GForce is always White Mirror Tyrosine
  • Blue Night Alanine; 5GForce is always Red Earth Phenylalanine
  • Yellow Seed Valine; 5GForce is always Yellow Warrior Histidine
  • Red Serpent Serine; 5GForce is always Blue Eagle Arginine like its antipode. Fascinating given Reptilians karma, Enlil and Enki, the Annunaki. This is the only tribe whose 5Gforce pulses on its antipode. This is extremely telling given its choice to align with nanites and the history of Lucifer on Maldek and our own alignment with Reptilians.
  • White World-Bridger Threonine; 5GForce is always White Wizard Lysine
  • Blue Hand Isoleucine; 5GForce is always Red Skywalker Glutamine (My mom and I)
  • Yellow Star Leucine: 5GForce is always Yellow Human Glutamic Acid
  • Red Moon Methionine; 5GForce is always Blue Monkey Asparagine (Human reproduction, sex based on emotion, the Start Codon in a DNA sequence.
  • White Dog Aspartic Acid; 5GForce is always ITSELF, White Dog (Aetheric Father Sun at the left foot, male side of the body)
  • Blue Monkey Asparagine; 5GForce is always Red Moon Methionine
  • Yellow Human Glutamic Acid; 5GForce is always Yellow Star Leucine
  • Red Skywalker Glutamine: 5GForce is always Blue Hand Isoleucine
  • White Wizard Lysine; 5GForce is always White World-Bridger Threonine
  • Blue Eagle Arginine; 5GForce is always Red Serpent serine!!!
  • Yellow Warrior Histidine; 5GForce is always Yellow Seed Valine
  • Red Earth Phenylalanine: 5GForce is always Blue Night Alanine
  • White Mirror Tyrosine; 5GForce is always White Wind Glycine
  • Blue Storm Tryptophan; 5Gforce is always Red Dragon Cysteine
  • Yellow Sun Stop Codon; 5GForce is always Yellow Sun Stop Codon (Aetheric Mother sun at the right eye)

So as far as becoming more cognizant of 5th density pulsing in synchronicity with your life in 3D, you need to be aware of which kin around you are in 5D pulse. My mother is my 5D pulse which is major for me and we do have that kind of relationship. It’s not easy.

The White Worldbridger tribe must have been tight with the Maldekian priests on Maldek. That is the Wizard/Jaguar tribe of the MAYAN priests. Makes total sense.

Well, we had a plan and a contract upon landing on earth and had alot of help but there were rebel factions in Skywalker and WorldBridger that sided with the Reptilian/Nazi types. We know who they are. They’ve made earth a hell planet when it wasn’t before. Still, we’ve seeded a tremendous amount of good work here.

I trust we’ll make it through. As much trouble as the Reptilian have been, we have to remember that we would not be mammals without them as far as evolution goes, so we can be grateful for their contribution. Maybe a remnant will survive their poor choices. Not all of them are bad.

Thursday-Daily Reading

We Extend the Yellow Galactic Spectrum. Note that Yellow Sun and White Dog Always Have Themselves as their 5GForce. They are the Only Tribes Like That.

Earth Holon

Coordinate: 30:20:3:120 That’s good and round and…0, 1, 2, 3 is prominent! AND…0=20 in the 0-19 code is the Stop Codon and Proline in the amino acid sequencing. We are moving right along at a clip folks!!!

What does that mean? The Sun becomes Occult, which means it becomes our 5D Mother/Father in the Hidden Wisdom, subconscious relationship pulse. Today, the Red 11 Spectral Dragon is the Hidden Wisdom which is very significant; blood memory and primordial mother are evolving. No other tribe has its own tribe as its 5GForce kin except White Dog, which is also in today’s gateway. It’s a big deal. The tones add up to 14. Remember the Mayan inter-dimensional Star Map? We have Aetheric Mother Sun and Aetheric Father Sun as tones 2 and 3.

The SUNS are OUR 5D PARENTS!!! Look at this. Parents don’t typically kill their children or abuse them unless their planet cabal programs people’s minds via media and the church. Consider the source. If people have not pivoted from their own childhood abuse, which DOES occur sometimes, they are in shadow and cannot give entirely accurate information. Notice the Great Central Sun, Sol, is Tone 4. I adore this map. Thank you, Maya!

We are 20 days from Yellow 10 Planetary Sun. Have you figured out how you are of service to humanity? Meaning, are you helping yourself and others rather than hurting yourself and others? The inverse HF is 45 which contains Yellow 11 Spectral Sun. It is Polar kin and transports the yellow galactic spectrum.

Be very careful about being whipped up about the sun with fast-talking science and fear porn from Google and Ben. Corey even agrees with him. I don’t. The magnetic poles are shifting but it’s going to be gradual. Humans are a coveted genetic experiment by our E.T. ancestors who love and watch over us. The scientists don’t have a clue about that nor do they likely believe it. Please don’t forget it as the popular folks gain thousands of followers. When you’re an outlier and intuitive, it isn’t likely that most people will understand. Don’t expect them to. They care more about the throng agreeing than they do about the truth or love. That’s the way it’s always been on Earth. Synchronicity, if you can slow down and observe it proves it and runs the 5D realm.

Body Holon

3Stop Codon~3Tryptophan
specifically evolving in our bodies. The 5GForce is Yellow 11 Sun in exact Occult pulsing with the theme creating a significant upload to Galactic Center with J.C. monitoring as the antipode
The 13 Moon Calendar. We land on the 6th chakra today which is the 3rd eye pineal gland in the brain. Yellow Sun is about enlightenment. There is one more HF in this Moon.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune and pulsing are Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto

  • The Moon continues in the sign of deliberate, patient Taurus until 4:17 PM EDT, harmonizing with the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto (5D synchronicity) before it leaves the sign. The Moon in Taurus is stabilizing and practical, but we also attend to our spiritual, emotional, or mental health needs. It’s natural to cooperate and harmonize with these influences.
  • The Moon moves into Gemini at 4:17 PM, and we begin to seek more variety or mental engagement. We’re communicative, connected, and curious later today. (Antipode White 3 Dog occurs from noon to dusk mediated by Mercury. This is J.C.’s gateway so you may get into a spiritual discussion)
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:59 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini at 4:17 PM EDT. (5D synchronicity with the Hidden Wisdom Red 11 Dragon mediated by Pluto and the antipode White 3 Dog mediated by Mercury merging into the hidden wisdom at dusk.)


The Weather

No one has ever contended that the Sun did not affect the weather or that the changes in the natural solar cycles aren’t drastically affecting earth. DUH.

But what …or WHO…initiates or precipitates these changes to the Sun? Does it just automatically happen? It is THE SUN after all. It has a mind of its own if anyone dares ascribe sentience to it? Do they? I think the scientists believe their own sentience and interpretation control the Sun’s narrative.

Actually, what I hear is the male scientists’ interpretation of TIME in history in 12:60 cycles supposedly controlling the Sun. Maybe male time controls the Sun. Voila! What do the French say? “Au Contraire mon ami. Le soleil est le grand parent de nous tous.”

In ancient wisdom, the Sun is mother and father in the ether, tending to all evolving life in our Sol Ring. Tending to, not controlling, not beating, not killing. A section of the Urantia Book is the story of the birth of our earth and local planets being born out of our sun so there is the parentage. It starts on page 651 if you want to google, “The History of Urantia” It’s Part III and quite moving.

Our Sun was born from the Andronover nebula. This was 987,000,000,000 (billion) years ago so…And it is in direct communication with Galactic Center, Source. So, it’s all good. I love this book. It’s mind-blowing and precise.

6 billion years ago marks the current functioning of our sun for our system. That’s on page 655. Our sun’s Number on universe records is 1,013, 572. The birth of our solar system or Sol Ring is on pages 656-659. Our Sol Ring is 3 billion years old and was originally called Monmatia. I love that name. Sounds like “My Mother” in Spanish. There is nothing more nurturing than our Universe and its Directors. Any suggestion to the opposite is a pure error.

987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of materislization phenomena in a certain sector of the, then, easterly segment of Orvonton.

The Urantia Book, page 651
Note Etheric Mother Sun and Etheric Father Sun. This is the Mayan Way.
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