The IChing Overlay on The Tzolkin makes 3rd and 4th Density Unified

MAP 42; The Psi Bank is Earth’s Mental Field or Brain
MAP 43; Our DNA, ALL DNA flows in and out exactly WITH the planetary movement and Solar Movement. The Psi Bank STORMS are depicted on the far right. We will be in the Eighth Storm in 100 days

For those of you that have a Dreamspell kit and the hard Harmonic Index of the Tzolkin handy this will be easier for you to understand.

In the first image above you can see 8, complete Tzolkin Harmonics of 260 days UNDERNEATH the I Ching Hexagrams that control them. Remember, the I Ching Hexagrams are the 3-letter DNA nucleotides, specifically designated by the trigrams or 6 lines. Reading from the bottom up, every 2 lines are ONE of the letters A, C, G, T (or U) which form the controlling nucleotide.

What Jose is making light of here is that the VIBE or control of the entire Hexagram OVERLAYS the entire planet and creates the Time Portals via the evolving DNA. Mindblower. Corey Goode saw this when he was off planet and described what he saw in a video he made. I have his direct permission to quote him in my book and he wants to know more about my work. Jose didn’t get as far as I have applying the exact amino acids to the Tzolkin harmonic but he is illuminating it on a MACRO scale as far as how things spiral.

You must know at this point that time IS NOT LINEAR. We’ve got that stiched up I hope. Time spirals because it’s DNA. Specifically, time spirals AS THE DNA DOUBLE HELIX. Here’s the new piece I understand but am going deeper into.

There is AC or aboriginal continuity time which is future back to the present (Back To The Future!) LOL, with a Negative electron electromagnetic charge controlling ONE ARM of the DNA double helix.

Then there is CA or civilizational advance time which is past forward to the present with a Positive Proton electromagnetic charge controlling THE OPPOSITE ARM of the DNA double helix so that they push up against one another IN EVERY CELL OF OUR BODY.

This is why we can think about the past and plan for, or LOOK INTO the future within seconds of each other in our minds. Our minds are one with our body. Our mind IS our body which is the only reason we can access it and read it, as well as apply our free will to it in our minds (our bodies). Here is where consciousness of choice and ability to choose is VITAL. We have access to all time lines, especially our own, past and future lives IN OUR BODIES via our DNA.

When you sit quietly and focus your mind, either remembering your past and recasting it (re-member-ing), the cast and crew are members of your kin group), OR deciding what you want YOUR future to be and then wishing the best for the collective but knowing that you only have control over your own destiny, you are at your most powerful as a co-creator with all that is. When you breathe and notice your breathing you are changing your RNA. When you increase your blood flow via exercise you are changing your RNA. This mindal energy is vibing out into the ether. It’s real. People can feel it when they walk into your presence or you can feel it when you walk into theirs!

It’s becoming clearer to me that I’m right and all the data is lining up. I will keep writing. If people start to process this and someone in science understands what I’m getting at, this is huge for humanity. Our lives, our bodies, our TIME are in our hands.