Yellow 1 Magnetic Star; Saturday Journal of Synchronicity

Life in the evolutionary matrix is PROGRESSIVE not regressive and the Sun is a blessing not an enemy.”

Have you remembered the elegance in your purpose over the last four days? That was the purpose of this harmonic in time. Venus reminds us that there is no need for piles of ugliness on this planet. It’s up to us to create more beauty. The great thing about Earth though, is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think worms and insects are beautiful and as a kid I loved to pick up worms, just as an example.

Here we are in the last 13-day cycle of this overly dramatic, one gender dominated 260-day cycle. I hope we can get a grip in the next one which starts February 3, 2023.

The sun is now in ♒️ Aquarius so some revolutionary balance should be in the offing. I love Uranus ruled Aquarius. They make waves with a smile on their face and not much in their pocket. Most of them are artists of some type of which I’m partial. But I’ve never known an Aquarius kin that didn’t want to be of service to wayward humanity. They are usually golden, pulsing with Red Earth~White Wind in 4D Time. These kin can teach us everything about synchronicity with our fellow humans.

My Guide power is Red 13 Earth and to a great degree my Red Earth son is my teacher. We teach each other because he is a serious newb in our sector. I’m constantly saying, “That’s not how it goes on this planet Alex.” Earth is not normal folks and I hope you guide your young ones who have different values and are changing the world!

Time is Art

She is powerfully spinning up magic at the piano. This is passionate and emotional vibration. Pianist is Anna Tsybuleva. The piece is by Prokeviev, a Russian. I think she moves like a humanoid at the piano. 🤗

3D and 4D Synchronicity in spacetime

The 5gforce to uplevel your mind is Yellow 13 Cosmic Human, Kin52;

“I endure in order to influence. Transcending Wisdom I seal the process of free will with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of intelligence.”

All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in AQUARIUS as is the NEW MOON
1Venus, 3x, 1Neptune, 13Mars
  • The Moon continues its transit of solid Capricorn until 1:30 PM EST, when it moves into Aquarius.
  • The New Moon occurs early in the sign of Aquarius today at 3:55 PM. This lunation motivates or prompts us to start fresh with friendship, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, happiness pursuits, trying something new, or humanitarian efforts. We’re looking to the future with a new vision, and we’re doing more brainstorming and socializing. It’s an excellent time to see the value of developing more objectivity and a bit of detachment.
  • This New Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and separates from a conjunction with Pluto, and we’re ready to renovate and improve our lives now.
  • The Moon is void from 10:53 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 1:30 PM EST.


NYTimes: A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity

A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity

If diversity was defined by DNA and not surface appearance or gender, humans would see there is very little difference between us, meaning 98% the same genetically. That probably goes for E.T. humanoids as well. They are our E.T. ancestors and love us.

But for some strange reason, maybe our mirror neurons in our brains, earth humans note different appearance and make biased judgments based on that. The N.Y. Times has done it here. The whole media does it, all the time and it’s completely incorrect.

The assumptions about a person’s culture based on appearance are the worst. There are plenty of black people raised very much in the white culture with white values but that depends on class. Poor whites, middle class whites or rich whites? The same can be brought to every single ethnic culture based on economics. Money is the big dividing line in how people are raised and treated, more than culture.

Then consider that many people had parents from two different cultures so they are bi-racial but only appear so. Maybe their parents appear opposite but values and experience are the same culture for them. You must open your mind to real diversity which is INSIDE, not outside.

You get my drift. Don’t make assumptions about people based on APPEARANCE. Especially with humanoids walking the planet, we’re about to get a real lesson in diversity. Meaning, the Andromedan you meet looks completely human, and they do, but then they let you know they were not born in this galaxy…

Earthlings have maybe 10 years to get a basic grip on this.

I’m here to help, and as far as I know I’m an earth human, but patients don’t think so.😉

Sunday Daily Reading; Humans are part E.T. or Humanoid, almost all of us. The Exceptions are those with Neanderthal DNA which comes through in a DNA Test

Our Evolutionary Movement-the Mayan Oracle based on the Upper-Density Dimensions and High Spiritual Vibration ❤️

These symbols REPRESENT 6glutamic acid, 6Isoleucine, 6glutamic acid, 6glycine, and 8methionine, the start codon. This pattern represents the evolving tRNA cell

Yellow Human is all about free will, influence on earth, and acquiring wisdom. We are the vessel of Higher Power and Holder of the Chalice or the Holy Grail. We just have to choose to align with it and see it in us, in our bodies and minds and feel our magnetic QI. Blue hand kin are healers and knowledgable, cooperative, and artistic. The 5 GForce is 8Leucine or Yellow 8 Galactic Star. This is tremendous fifth-density support for improving our flesh and blood with the proper food, workout, and MIndset. Find out your blood type O, A, B, or AB to know which protein (amino acid) in food keeps your insulin level. Just call your hospital of birth and ask for medical records.

The Human E.T. are shown on pages 1-152 of “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac”. I recommend you have it on hand. You may very well see yourself and those you know on these pages. I did because they are our E.T. family. Most of them are ascended humans. The Human E.T. are:

  • Agarthan
  • Altarian
  • Andromedan
  • Angelic Corp
  • Antarians
  • Anunnaki-Very bad humans influenced by the Draco and A.I. (Some Red Serpent kin)
  • Apunians
  • Arcturians
  • Arians (I am partly as Aries). Blood type B
  • Cassiopeians
  • Ceitans
  • Celestials
  • Clarions (I am partly as Red Skywalker)
  • Clones
  • Created Beings (Valiant Thor)
  • Cyclops
  • Cygnus Alphans
  • Digital Immortals (they are human from the Mira system but are hairless and sexless)
  • Eridaneans
  • The Guardians (They’ve been on earth for 30 million years)
  • Itipurians (Interesting kin. I think many young people are this kin, new to the planet)
  • Klermers
  • Koldashans
  • The Lady of Light (Mother Mary and many other names)
  • Lyrans (I suspect Uranus kin came from Lyra so Red Earth~White Wind)
  • The Melchizedeks
  • Men in Black (Unknown origin and not good. They may be a hybrid but have human in them)
  • Original Human Orions. They aligned with the Draco before they turned to the dark side. Then their magic turned into the dark arts with them. Long story. Star Wars.)
  • Alcyone Pleiadians
  • Pleiadians
  • Renegade Pleiadians (Very bad, but human)
  • Procyonans
  • Proxima Centaurians
  • Sagittarians; Jupiter, so Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle kin)
  • Blue Sirians
  • Human Sirians
  • Titan Sirians-very powerful evolved humans
  • Solar Light Beings
  • Soulzars
  • Super angels
  • Synthetics-Biological, A.I. with an evil twist. Nevertheless, biological
  • Ummites
  • Vegans-Blood type A or A recessive
  • Venusians
  • Watchers

Which one are you? They have pictures. Get the book.

Earth Status-ScR-the Psi Bank

The peak frequency is 76, 9x normal

Our Local System-Astrology based on the Lower 3D Dimension Birth Family and psychology

We are mediated by the earth today.

  • The Moon spends the day in perceptive Pisces. However, the Sun forms a quincunx to Pluto this morning, which can complicate decision-making. An adjustment may be necessary before we can feel we’re moving forward. There may be a power shift or a setback that has us feeling temporarily out of sorts or powerless, prompting us to make changes. We might need to let something go to further our psychological growth.
  • With Mercury(The Hidden Wisdom ) and Jupiter heading toward a sextile, exact early tomorrow, our minds open and we seek a positive focal point as the day advances.


Baseball Star Aaron Judge…Humanoid? He Wouldn’t Be the First Human to Also be Humanoid, and He is A Yellow Star Kin

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 04: (NEW YORK DAILIES OUT) Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees throws on the field during summer workouts at Yankee Stadium on July 04, 2020, in New York City. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

He is Venusian. April 26, 1992, Sun in Taurus ♉️ which is ruled by Venus. Yellow Star kin are mediated by Venus. Big synchronicity. He is Yellow 13 Cosmic Star, Kin 208, or the 208th step of the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving where the Tzolkin went awry, probably 208,000 years ago or an increment of that. Remember the Tzolkin moves in 260, 2600, 26,000, and 260,000-year cycles. Or half or double that; 13 and 52 and then add zeros.

I think he looks like part Reptilian which is the case for some humans. My fiance Michael had a Reptilian look and he was Red Serpent. Today is Red 8 Galactic Serpent. Aaron’s jersey number is 99. 9×2 = 18. 180 is half of a 360-degree circle which is the justification for the 12-month calendar. Time is then LOCKED into 3D.

He is not helping us unlock our birth family’s subconscious minds to become cosmic citizens, IMO. But corporate sports took over neighborhood, and provincial baseball long ago to make huge profits for themselves and ball players. Time is money to them. No, it’s not in reality. Time is art and Time is DNA. Time is us. Our time belongs to us and so do our bodies.

In that vital moment during the magic flight from the 208th step of cosmic star toward Moon Genesis, another spell was cast. Instead of the 13:260 ratio already stored deep within the crystal core of timeship earth, the planetary kin received the 12:60 ratio, the dark dreamspell of history. The promise of galactic time magic and cosmic selfhood was stolen from the planetary kin.
The purpose of the twelve was to erase all memory of the monkey genesis when the planetary kin men and women equal in their magic powers lived by the thirteen moons. So the thriteenth moon was dismembered and added on as extra days to the calendar of twelve.

The Dreamspell, page 8-Jose Arguelles
Aaron Judge’s Birth Gateway. Big stuff for a big guy. 13Leucine, 13Asparagine, 13Glutamic Acid, 13Tyrosine, and 1Glutamine. Amazing physical energy.

I love baseball and grew up watching the Cubs, but they haven’t won much over the years. It’s not fun to watch your team lose a lot but these guys are pretty regular, garden variety Illinois, much like the ivy and brick walls at Wrigley Field. I used to live in that neighborhood and so did my Aunt who we would visit as a kid. Then we’d walk to the ballpark.

Wrigley Field and the Cubs are as middle west as it gets and I love it. The baseball diamond is a great metaphor for the evolving tRNA cell. That section is in my book on page 31 of “Time is DNA”. It is a sport that has manifested right out of our subconscious minds illuminating how our family and childhood affect our DNA. Play ball!

But this fellow, Aaron Judge does not fit with my metaphor. Look at him! He looks like a plastic human to me, or shape-shifted. If he is, which would be great to prove with a DNA test.

We’re supposed to have an even playing field in sports. If his DNA is not just human…well, maybe they should have different teams for them so it’s fairer.

E.T. humanoid look different. He is not a normal, average human athlete and most would agree with me. He is considered the best baseball player on the planet. I would love to see a full analysis of his blood.

He plays for the New York Yankees of course, who freaking win the World Series all the time because their deck is stacked with…?

Speaking of equality, why the hell do women still not have a women’s baseball league of their own?

Sphere-Being Alliance

This is a good read and puts it in a nutshell. The E.T. are people and are our stellar ancestors having pretty much the same DNA as us. Most of them look like humans and most humans are largely humanoid; crossed over genetically with a stellar ancestor. It’s in your Mayan birth theme-plex.

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