From Our Friend Pars Kutay

From Lisa;

I feel like our local system is SO off this morning. There is a power vacuum and people who are very negative habitually are LOST and their vibes are going nowhere.

Ringing and pain in the ears is indicative of frequency change. Keep drinking loads of water. Lemon clears the liver unless you’re mucking it up daily.

Best thing to do today is do your own happy ritual and keep away from people. Sit in your own vortex and spin up intentions. I’m so tired of people staying asleep to spiritual movement. I want nothing to do with it and will do my best to ignore it.

Here is Pars…

“Interstellar sources are Communicating that COSMIC SHIFT is Accelerating. . .and the Whole Universe is going through a Phase Transition into the NEW COSMIC Cycle.

So what We are about to experience is NOT only the Galactic Super Wave. . .but a COSMIC SHIFT on the scale NEVER experienced since the Creation of the Universe.

WE Are currently Shifting from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure Bodies.

The other thing that is Happening Right NOW as a result of all the things that We are moving through… is that our Ears are taking another Step into CHANGE.

Some of us will Hear Ringing that will go on and on and on and on. Take it as a Vibrational Imprint for it simply means that We are Vibrating in Harmonics with a NEW Alternate Reality which is very close to ours.

WE Are always Hearing the Sound of the Universe… that High-Pitched Ringing in our Ears. Simply that WE All Evolving and doing so at Unprecedented Rates.

These CHANGES are interpreted by our Physical Senses and can have the appearance of coming out of Nowhere for No reason.

There will BE Commonalities and also differences in how these CHANGES are interpreted by our Physical Senses.

What We are BEginning to Realize is that even what Constitutes Normal is CHANGING. Indeed there may NEVER BE a Normal Again.

But perhaps the Most Important thing to Remember from All of this information is to STAY OUT of FEAR. WE Seek Advice and Reassurance from our HIGHER SELVES at All Times.

WE KNOW that WE Are always Supported and Unconditionally LOVED!


Within the Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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