I Focus on Physics at the Subatomic Level Because WE are Composed of Atoms

Time Continuum by Sandra Bauser

Think of Earth as a nursery. Unless that baby cries the parents don’t spring to action. A baby can hold a room of adults captive and the same is true for humans and all precious DNA life evolving in our system. We hold the focus of the universe lovingly watching over ALL life which then responds when we express ourselves or have a need just as human parents do with a cute, small child. Human parents are a vulgar analogy as of course, many parents are in error and neglectful but most aren’t.

Your DNA molecules look big compared to the subatomic FREQUENCIES that make up 98% of your body. We only appear dense and then believe what we see in the material world and thus vibrate at a super dense speed or frequency. We can change the speed and intention with which we vibrate and quantum physics teaches it. That’s what meditation does. It has a tremendous amount to do with which habitual emotions you run which are absorbed directly into your muscles and every cell of your body.

Think of this.What Gives Lightning Its Zap? Lightning happens when the negative charges (electrons) in the bottom of the cloud are attracted to the positive charges (protons) in the ground. That creates pure plasma and Plasma is manifested in our blood. Our blood is QI, and full of DNA which is the case for all life. Qi is similar to lightning which is an archetype for Blue Storm Tryptophan.

Physics has everything to do with biology, but as I’ve been podcasting, quantum physics has yet to irrevocably infiltrate it’s truth into biology academia in the medical schools. I’m not waiting for the geneticists who hug quantum MECHANICS to embrace quantum physics because I have seen too much human suffering in my office and around me that is cured by the movement of Qi, energy, the focus and intent of my mind and the patient’s mind on their body and the eradication of pain. Add to that the unlimited power of human blood in the muscle and it’s affect on all of the organs and tissue when it’s circulating properly and my patients get well and don’t have to keep coming back. I have a spate of new ones.

Isn’t healthcare supposed to be about people getting well, not having pain and living a good life? Not on this planet in this sick care system. They say it but they don’t do it or I wouldn’t be so constantly busy with patients coming in telling me horror stories of failure are the hands of surgery, drugs, and mandated vaccines. Now I see wellness coaches popping up. Not good enough. We have plenty of trained holistic doctors that all states need to license who can firmly tell patients what they have to do to get well. There is no suggestion here. Patient’s need to be taught the path to wellness that is thousands of years old and has always worked. Now it’s backed up by quantum physics.

Watch “Major Cosmic, SSP & Alliance End Game Updates Coming! Intergalactic Trials Have Begun” on YouTube

Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

Corey refers to “The Guardians” at 3:55 in this post. He has talked about them before so I knew he was in touch with them. I want you to see what Craig Campobasso has to say about them in his book and see a picture.

They are a diverse selection of species from across the length and breadth of the universe. They are called the Guardian Sacred Builders. They have BluePrinting programs. They also meet with the Angelic Corps bimonthly under the crystal dome. The picture below is an image of BluePrinters race that came from another universe to ours. They serve as Overseers of the BluePrinters and Ancient Builder Groups in a variety of universes. They are humanoid in appearance. They believe in the Cosmic Law of One.

They are protectors of worlds and their people and create enormous shields of protection around a planet or solar system by employing sacred geometry and physics by ways and means of their unparalleled manifestation of mind tech. (There are details in the book). Some oversee the Living Library of Akasha. (There is far more in the book). They exist in 4D and up. The first guardians were assigned to Earth more than thirty million years ago.

My note: These folks aren’t perfect and the Ancient Builder Race isn’t perfect. Many mistakes have been allowed to happen which have not been accounted for, especially with regard to Maldek. But I suppose that hearing will come up in the universe at some point. I don’t feel completely comfortable with them.


Well, what he says at the end here is what I am single-handedly doing because I have little money or attention and I KNOW what human DNA is made from and very few people are hearing me. I’m fully aware of that. As a woman, if I speak with authority on any social media platform I am immediately attacked or kicked off. That’s fine bc social media is full of indolence, sexism, and fear.

That’s OK. I’m going forward because I can feel it. I’m not waiting for anyone to rescue me. I never came to this planet and gave over my power for ONE HOT SECOND because God is real IN US! Love is real, IN US. Eternity is real IN US.

Anyway, I will post his update when it’s ready. Everything Corey says here is the EXACT energy Jose predicted that started July 7 and will somehow conclude Oct. 5.

My meeting with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) heads of the Michigan office is this Thursday. They loved my website and my information and talked to me for an hour on the phone.

I already gave part of my holistic story to Ryan Kelley who is running for Governor of Michigan. If the universe is behind me I can seed, here in Michigan, A HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE MOVEMENT based on the empowerment I teach on this blog. Time is us.

We can heal ourselves, we can release the past, we can change our DNA, we can focus our minds and change our habits. I’m personally doing all of it. Anyone can get out of the sick care revolving door of fear of death and suffering.

I want to start with rescinding a local ordinance that protects prostitution bodywork, which is what Jeffrey Epstein engaged in to lure poor women into his predatory world of elite abuse. There are videos about it. That kind of thing is right here in Grand Rapids in addition to sex trafficking. Then we need the governor to license all holistic practitioners in the state. The P.T. and the chiropractors like to block us bc they’re territorial.

We need to create a new way with our minds and bodies and I’m happy to lead it. In the process, it will bring gender balance to men and women because body integrity and mental focus are one with this issue.

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