Thursday Daily Reading-Are You Channeling in Meditation to Acheive Fearlessness?

Body Frequency

7Histidine, 7Alanine, 7Leucine, 7Threonine, 7Serine

The 5 gforce is Yellow 7 Resonant Seed Valine kin 124.

I channel in order to target. Inspiring awareness I seal the Input of flowering with the Resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of intelligence.”

Earth Frequency

Amplitude is 6

The 4D Warrior Time Portal is located at 30 degrees north–60 degrees west in the N. Atlantic off the Bermuda Islands. It’s in the Bermuda Triangle. We’re still in IChing Hx53 in the Northern Territories. The time portals in this harmonic have intersected there for 4 days.

Interplanetary Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness
  • With the Mercury-Saturn square’s reticence early morning behind us, we open up to beauty and faith as Venus forms a trine to Neptune. We trust others first before judging, preferring to cooperate, not compete. Seeing the best in people takes the pressure off in personal relationships. We’re also inclined to glamorize objects, situations, and pleasures. It’s easier to tap into our inner spiritual wisdom and draw on compassion. We prioritize spiritual and emotional concerns over material ones at this time and won’t step over others to achieve our goals.
  • The Sun, Mars, and Chiron connect creatively today, and we can benefit from strategy, focus, and willingness to grow and learn. We’re creative about going after what we want in life. Taking action to fix and heal can figure strongly. We’re absorbing and sharing what we’ve learned from past experiences and mistakes.
  • However, we approach a Sun-Saturn square, and we might face blocks or challenges. We can feel underestimated, unrecognized, unlucky, or unrewarded! We should watch for setting unattainable standards for ourselves, others, and situations. Our commitment to others can temporarily interfere with personal comfort levels. We face obstacles, but this puts us in the position to recognize our ability to overcome them. It can be a time to face reality or the practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility.
  • The Moon spends the day in mercurial Gemini.

Saturday Reading; Kin Who are Oppositional, Defiant, or Conflictual are usually Tone 2 and for Them, it’s Creative

I Polarize in order to Question. Stabilizing Fearlessness I seal the output of Intelligence with the polar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the power of Elegance.

Kin 236 in the Tzolkin 59:16:2:236

Saturn is the mediating planet today for Yellow 2 Polar Warrior and Blue 2 Polar Night; Histidine and Alanine. The picture on the right is Saturn’s Moon, Mimas. It really looks like that; a death star. Maybe it’s defunct now. I don’t know.

The coordinate guide above is the harmonic family, the archetype#, the tone and the kin#. I call it the Tzolkin GPS but it’s multidimensional, not just third and fourth density as our Earth GPS.

It’s too easy for Tone 2 folks to follow so it’s very beneficial for them to be oppositional. Those of us that find it natural and easy to be ourselves and not care what society or others think need to be patient with tone 2 kin. They are learning how to stabilize their true selves and help the rest of us see another side of an issue.

I just met a Yellow 4 Warrior and I know two, Yellow 2 Warrior personally. The 2Warrior are very artistic and expressive. Both are musicians. They have Yellow Star mediated by Venus as their guide so it’s modifying their vibe with music. Both of them are, were my friends. Skywalker and Warrior don’t back down to mandates or follow dumb orders. We use our minds. World Bridger is like that also. But that dualism can get in the way when it comes to balanced emotions.

The Yellow Warrior kin are very intelligent and like to share who they are with you, unguarded, and have a good sense of humor. All the mental energy of Gemini mixes well with Warrior as well as the earth signs; Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

They don’t have much intimate emotional energy though. It has to do with Saturn mediating which is why they do well with Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. They have inner discipline issues, is what they tell me. They appear to be very disciplined on the surface.

My Yellow 2 Warrior friend dumped me in no short order when she found out I voted for Trump and was no longer a Democrat. That’s tone 2 for ya. They are black and white on almost all subjects. My Yellow 4 Warrior friend has enough self-awareness to be smarter than that.

The Moon in Leo is in opposition to Saturn today so it’s a good time to take a break from routine and enjoy your home. Move like a turtle. Leo is in synchronicity with the guide power; Yellow 2 Polar Star so beautification of the home based on BALANCE will go forward favorably.

The New Moon is tomorrow. We start a new lunar cycle with a new vibe set up in Tone 3 Electric Red Earth.

There is also a Mercury-Neptune quincunx so the mind will be dreamy for those kin mediated by them.

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