True Time Update-3/10/23-Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior

5GForce for meditation

5GForce is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed on the astral level

I define in order to target. Measuring awareness I seal the input of flowering with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of universal fire.

We are mediated by Saturn which rules Capricorn.

In time, I perfect in order to question. Producing fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of flowering. We are guided by 10 Seed in time, and seal the input of flowering with 4Seed in Spirit.

True Time Update for 9Warrior-We Lose Fear by Questioning What We Fear.

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior

We all need to be sorted out now and again”.

I love the Brits.💜 I find them able to be genuinely positive in troubled times more than Americans. I don’t think people realize how oppressive and programmed our U.S. culture is. The c!@$ is something. We’re going to have to heal from it down the line.

The Mind is the greatest healer. True that.

It seems that in these earth changes there are conflicting pronouncements. Maybe some things just don’t stick to us. Therefore it isn’t true for us. Law of Attraction.

1. Cataclysm and death

2. It’s up to us to change the frequency, to create a collective vibe that allows us to ask that the changes be gradual and not so vast. Raise your frequency, remedy your hindrances and appetites, and Identify your distortions.

3. Abe-Hicks 101; “I promise you, you choose to die or stay here. It’s your choice. If you give over the decision to someone else to choose for you It’s still a choice. There are no victims.”

4. “If you say so.” Whatever comes out of your mouth and you really believe it and feel it, you are creating it. We don’t create for others we create for ourselves and then those we interact with bump into what we’ve created and either come into our vortex or are repelled by it because they don’t hang with you.

5. And then there is common sense like, if you drink poison it’s likely you’re going to die. Most will, some people miraculously don’t!

Which of rhese is true? We hear all of them but you can decide for yourself.

There are universal truths but within those is a ton of space for personal creation and freedom of mind.

Earth Holon

The Earth has a mind and cycle of her own just as the Sun does, but we absolutely interact with her. We are not independent of one another. We are interdependent. People lose their way when they refuse to accept that the planets, the stars, and our sun are SENTIENT. You either get it or you don’t.

I got into it with Alex the other day about A.I./tech, how bad it is for humans. He puts his arms out to his side and says, “Mom, I go outside and check the weather and merge with it and I love technology. I AM the balance.” It was a riot.🤣 Red 12 Earth checking the earth and synchronizing with it and navigating it. That kid is a stitch. I still say A.I. is evil. The kids don’t but they don’t like Musk at all or Twitter, or FB.

People are characters. If you don’t dismiss or judge them based on your bias you can find synchronicity with almost anyone.

Amplitude power is 19 of the frequency which is 7.88.

The 5GForce is Kin 44; Yellow 5 Overtone Seed ruled by Jupiter

“I empower in order to target. Commanding awareness I seal the input of flowering with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of free will.” (Yellow Human is our Guide Power today as well, Tone 9 Solar.)

3D and 4D Synchronize Dimensions-Spacetime

9Saturn, 9Earth, 9Mars, 6asteroid belt
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Aquarius
  • The Sun harmonizes with Mars, energizing us and supporting activity, initiative, and enterprise. Mars was recently retrograde but is now picking up speed after turning direct on the 12th.Today’s Sun-Mars trine helps boost our motivation. (Our antipode White Solar World Bridger mediated by Mars and Tone 9)
  • Energy and vitality are strong. We want to put plans into motion, take the lead, and get busy. Our sense of timing is good, and belief in ourselves comes naturally. This can be a good time to do what we love, follow our passions, or pursue a pleasure more heartily than usual.
  • Mercury’s trine to Uranus reinforces a theme of looking forward. With this mind-opening aspect, we seek answers that aren’t the most obvious, and we can get to some exciting places on a mental level. We’re expressing ourselves in different or unique ways rather than falling back on old habits of thinking and communicating, and it’s successful. Conversations can be gently provocative, leading to new ideas and perspectives. Mercury, too, was recently retrograde, and we might now get answers, solutions, or green lights for delayed projects and pursuits.
  • The Moon is still in Taurus (Earth ruled, our Guide Power Yellow Human mediated by Earth)
  • Saturn, our THEME, is in Aquarius where the Sun is right now.

From, me, and Time Passages

Tuesday Frequencies-New Moon, and Jupiter Goes Into Aries for 12 years Starting Today

The New Moon kept me awake last night so I’m running late and booked up this afternoon.

Being an Aries myself, it’s doubtful anyone will be able to stop this empowering information from spreading now that Jupiter is in Aries. ♈️ I have from 2022 to 2034. I could use you help sharing it if you aren’t afraid to admit you follow my blog.

Today is Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior Histidine pulsing ro the right shoulder. Tone 8 pulses to the right shoulder joint so we have big body synchronicity today.

DNA Evolution

We are now in the South Polar Zone of The Harmonic
8Histidine, 8Alanine, 8Stop Codon, 8Threonine and 6Serine are evolving\

The 5GForce is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed, Kin84.

“I organize in order to target. Balancing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled”

Earth Holon

ScR is 10 and going up. DNA life on earth is finally responding to the PSI Bank programming in the upper layers. We are the lower layers.

Solar System Holon

This is 3D. In 4D we are referring to Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle pulsing on Red Skywalker~White World Bridger. My fellow Harry is Yellow Seed and was strongly in my dream last night. He is still in his cave reforming his inner self as most Taurus are with Uranus still in their sign.

We are mediated by Saturn today. Pulsing are Pluto, Mars, and the asteroid belt.

  • The Moon spends the day in incisive, perceptive Scorpio, and we’re more inclined to read between the lines.
  • With a Mercury-Venus parallel, we tend to analyze our feelings and relationships.
  • Also today, Jupiter enters the sign of Aries. Jupiter first entered Aries on May 10th, but after turning retrograde on July 28th, it returned to Pisces on October 28th. Today, Jupiter re-enters Aries, where it will stay until May 16th, 2023. This transit encourages us to embrace our enterprising spirit and independence. With Jupiter in Aries, we make our own opportunities and thrive when we take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Prosperous areas are ones that allow us to innovate, head, and lead. Faith in ourselves can bring about favorable circumstances or good luck. Trust in our ability to reinvent our lives and move forward with confidence despite the challenges we might face is strong during this cycle. We believe that “life is what you make it,” and we enjoy competition as it pushes us to do better. Our belief in ourselves brings a spirit of the pioneer. We live in the “now” and quickly seize opportunities. However, we should watch for taking any of these things too far, a me-first attitude that can be insensitive, failing to consider others’ viewpoints and leaving opportunities behind as a result, over-confidence, not learning from past mistakes, and a lack of objectivity.
  • The void Moon occurs from 9:45 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Sagittarius tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21st, at 2:13 AM EST.


Thursday Daily Reading; Planetary Intelligence is Spiking

Our Body Evolving

10histidine, 10alanine, 10valine, 10threonine, 4serine. The 5gforce is 4valine

Earth Status ScR

The peak frequency is 48 but you can see it’s ramping up later today. Russia is 7 hours ahead of us.

Interplanetary Frequency

The theme is Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior and its support is Blue 10 Night both mediated by the planet of discipline and restriction; SATURN. It is in sync with planetary tone 10 calling for perfection or maturity in mind/body/spirit. The Guide Power is Yellow 10 Seed this morning which is very grounding and helps us focus on our bodies. The challenge this afternoon is planetary change and equality if we aren’t already aligning. Tonight at dusk, which is late, the Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent so we may be solitary in our intimacy tonight.

We’re not helping ourselves to make any more excuses for not raising our frequency, remedying our hindrances and appetites, and identifying our distortions. It’s time to live from our Higher Selves and not our identities that we will defend at any price to remain correct. I’m working on all of this also. The only difference between people is that some work on themselves to change and improve and others don’t. All of us are correct and incorrect part of the time so being accurate and correct about facts doesn’t make one perfect. I would say perfect is feeling better, acting better, and looking better than you did in the past as defined by you; happier and healthier. Beyond that, rising above decay and sickcare hypnosis that there must be something wrong with you, and if you think there is not, they’ll help you find it and end things slowly is also closer to perfection. We all need to win that one which is not easy against a mindset that is 3-headed hydra. My strategy is to fit into all of their irrational boxes, as an experiment, see how I feel, and rationally assess what happens. If they are wrong, and all of my numbers are perfect then we’ll have a discussion. If they are right and I’m on top of the world, I’ll be checked.

They’ll still find something wrong to keep themselves employed. It’s not about the patient it’s about holding up the narrative for profit.

This planet has no mind for wellness and wholeness which is completely out of line with truth, the Universe and the E.T. It’s a Mindset that you find when you can feel your QI within your own body. They have no idea what QI is, although it’s starting to wane. Sickcare is deranged with their machines, boxes, and pills, we aren’t. But they are hypnotized in a deep way. The system is about guilt, sacrifice, and addiction.

The Local System

We are mediated by SATURN today in 5th density.

  • The hands-on, spontaneous Aries Moon continues until 7:59 AM EDT, after which the Moon transits steady Taurus. You might start to feel calm and good this morning with this combined with Yellow 10 Planetary Seed. It’s a very grounding combination.
  • The Sun’s semi-square to Uranus can stir some restlessness that may seem too generalized to put to productive use. We may want to shake things up, make changes, and break the routine. However, we could also be tense if there are unexpected schedule changes or if we’re not in touch with what we need to change. It’s better to keep things simple.
  • A Venus-Chiron semi-square suggests focusing on differences rather than similarities in our relationships, which works for us only if we make a concerted effort to learn from the differences.
  • The void Moon occurs from 4:03 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus at 7:59 AM EDT.

Partially from

I’ll say it again, it’s not JUST human brains changing. ALL DNA on the planet and in the local system is ascending and evolving forward and THAT is what is changing the magnetism and the ELM field of earth measured by the ScR that I post. Now we have earthquakes on Mars as well.

What is it going to take for people to realize that collectively, our focused minds are vastly powerful CO-CREATORS? The E.T. already know it and power their craft and their worlds by the power of THEIR MINDS. Let’s get on board with this folks!!! Mind is over matter. Mind can create and does create matter. Mind changes matter. Millions or people already know this. Your mind, changes your body. Don’t be passive and don’t be negative in your thinking about yourself or others. Love and Light. Your other option is to die, get sick, decay and go over the cliff with everyone else. What good is that? Nada.

Sunday-All is Calm

Earth Holon-The S.R.

Psi Bank status for all DNA on earth is calm and close to normal. Mental stress level is low. People, animals and plants are chill today.

The peak amplitude is 9

Body Holon

We pulse to Tone 2 at the right knee today. All bodily areas of the tribes’ pulse include the front and back FLESH. 1069.2 is the meditation frequency

This will wake you up if you listen for one minute while drinking ice water. Try it! That is if you have to get something done. I am teaching a Reiki Master class today.


Venus, Mars, Jupiter and eptune are in Pisces ♓ . Those placements calm people.

  • The theme is Yellow 2 Polar Warrior or 2Histidine; Intelligence. Pulse is to the left shoulder flesh.
  • The Analog is Blue 2 Polar Night or 2Alanine; abundance. Pulse is to the right shoulder flesh.
  • The Guide Power is Yellow 2 Polar Star or 2Leucine; harmonious art. Pulse is to the right abdomen below the navel, thigh, and buttock.
  • The antipode is to the right upper thorax, lung, and heart area.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Red 12 Crystal Serpent or 12 Serine; sex. Pulse is to the right pec/breast.
  • The 5gforce is Yellow 12 Crystal Seed or 12Valine; Flowering in 5th density pulsing to the entire body. Time to prep your garden.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by SATURN today which forms a square to Mercury this morning so our brains won’t get in gear too quick at all. Drink water to wake up. Coffee won’t do it.

SATURN. Get a good look because its rings are disappearing.
  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and we gravitate to unusual and different activities.
  • However, Mercury forms a square to Saturn this morning, and we may need to get over a hump. There can be misunderstandings, information lags, criticism, or a lack of direction/instruction to manage. We could be preoccupied with serious or weighty issues. There can be difficulties getting our message across or physically getting somewhere. Temporarily, it’s challenging to trust our instincts. It may be best to seek the motivation to make changes rather than focus too heavily on flaws and limitations. Editing and improving make sense now as we may encounter resistance if we push ahead. We might deal with disapproval, and we should draw on patience. We might recognize some of our limits and adjust our speed accordingly–it’s a better time for maintenance than it is for moving forward.
  • However, as the day advances, a Mercury-Neptune sextile smooths things out, completely turning things around. It stirs our imagination. We can experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction. Intuition is highlighted or awakened, and we creatively apply it to practical matters. We appreciate subtleties, aiding our understanding of others and situations. We are more readily inspired, and we might inspire others with our words. There is psychic openness in our interactions, and our communications are notably gentler or more compassionate.
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:35 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Pisces tomorrow, Monday, April 25th, at 6:16 AM EDT.

Tuesday Daily Reading; A New 13-day cycle. Yellow 13 Seed Higher Self Comes Forward

The antipode and hidden wisdom from yesterday swap place today. 13Serine is now the hidden wisdom and 1Threonine is now the antipode. It’s another pattern in DNA sequencing that is new to me. They keep popping up.

Body Holon

Magnetic Tone 1 rules the day and pulses to the right ankle JOINT. This is the last day of HF49; I Ching 25; Innocence, the Unexpected.

  • The theme is 1histidine or Yellow 1 magnetic Warrior. Pragmatic, high standards.
  • Analog is 1alanine or Blue 1 magnetic Night. Possibility and strength to endure
  • Guide Power is itself
  • Antipode is 1Threonine or White 1 magnetic World-Bridger. Community-oriented and grounded in spirit.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 13Serine or Red 13 cosmic Serpent. Charismatic extremist
  • The 5GForce is 13Valine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed. The flowering of the Higher Self as an active dynamic. A spiritual creator.

140 Hz aligns the body today.

Synchronicity. This is magnetic unity consciousness at 144Hz

Earth Holon

We are pulsing in the SPZ (South Polar Zone) at the bottom of the planet

Psi Bank Peak amplitude is 7 today. It’s normal

The time portal is located at 30°N–60°W in the N. Atlantic off of the Bermuda Islands

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today. Notice in Ben’s video that the exploding star is shaped like a lemniscate (infinity symbol∞) and several features are shaped like DNA double helix. Turn the infinity symbol straight up and it’s a double helix. We are TIMELESS CREATURES folks!!Synchronicity indeed.

Saturn. It upstages everything.

Watch “Amazing Star Beam, Repeating Stellar Explosions | S0 News Mar.15.2022” on YouTube

Wednesday Daily Reading; Resonant Output of Intelligence

Today is tone 7 which is Resonant, aligns with the 5th or Voice chakra which is expressive and creative in synchronicity with the Yellow Star Guide Power. It pulses to the 7th cervical vertebral joint right between the shoulders, front, and back. From my bodywork experience, this Tone pulses closely with both shoulder joints, Tone 6 and 8, rhythmic and galactic, and the tribes Yellow Warrior∞Blue Night and Yellow Seed∞Blue Eagle controlling the flesh of both shoulders and arms.

Body Holon

Look how resonant Shiva is! Dancing. It starts at C7 and moves over and down. There is BIG energy in Chakra 5.
  • Theme is Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior or 7Histidine. Fearlessness. Pulse is to the left shoulder flesh.
  • Analog is Blue 7 Resonant Night or 7Alanine. Deep Logic. Pulse is to the right shoulder flesh.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 7 Resonant Star🌟or 7Leucine. Elegance. Pulse is to the right lower abdomen and thigh front and back.
  • Antipode is White 7 Resonant World Bridger or 7Threonine. Transformer. Pulse is to the right upper thorax.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Resonant Serpent or 7Serine. Life force. Pulse is to the right pec/breast.
  • 5gforce is Yellow 7 Resonant Seed or 7Valine. Flowering. Pulse is to the entire body from the right arm at 5th density level, or etheric.

Earth Holon

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn

  • The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio until 8:29 AM EST, when it moves into Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Moon is curious, adventurous, and spirited, encouraging us to explore, seek, and discover.
  • Mars forms a sextile to Neptune, and we actively seek inspiration. Our intuitive guidance can be put to practical use, especially if it helps increase our sense of security. There can be the letting go of anger or a softening of the disposition now. We prefer to cooperate or go our own way than compete. We are also ready to act on our compassion, communicating our intentions through our actions and gestures, and our intuition for making the right moves is strong. We might open up to unusual or alternative healing methods or the use of compassion and forgiveness for healing purposes. Creative arts can thrive.
  • While this energy is go-with-the-flow, Jupiter and Pluto form a semi-square, introducing tension. Something can subtly challenge our belief system, kickstarting a need for an attitude change. Or, we might have to face narrow-mindedness in others (or in ourselves). Attempting to force our beliefs on others will only lead to frustration. We might struggle between the desire to learn through experience and the need to follow the rules or our ambitions to succeed in the material world.
  • The Last Quarter Moon also occurs today, and we crave action or movement in our pursuits. It’s not the best time to start a significant project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes descent into unconsciousness. However, it’s solid energy for taking a mature look at a situation, and it’s a good time for finishing up details and processing recent revelations.
  • Further, we’re approaching a Mercury-Chiron sextile that’s strong for opening up healthy dialogues. We approach problems holistically, and problem-solving skills are high. This transit brings subtle but enhancing energy for communications.


Thursday Daily Reading; Going Past Fearlessness to Something Even Better; Self-Existing Intelligence

Body Holon

We are at the end of the wavespell and land on cosmic Tone 13 which pulses to the left ankle. The joints function according to occult or subconscious principles so they add up to 14 across from each other. The right ankle is tone 1. So tone 13 or 1 kin will have issues with their ankles, positive or negative.

  • Theme is Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior which pulses to the left arm flesh.
  • Analog is Blue 13 Cosmic Night and pulses to the right arm flesh.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun and pulses to the top right on the head.
  • Antipode is White 13 Cosmic World Bridger and pulses to the right upper throax lung/heart area.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 1 Magnetic Serpent and pulses to the right pec
  • 5gforce is Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed and pulses upper density energy to the right shoulder.

Earth Holon

Ben is my Tzolkin Cosmology apologist today. Everything he describes here is caused by the math and synchronicity of Mayan Harmonics; GAP kin, the gateways, the binary triplet configuration, the crossover polarity, alpha and omega points, the 13:20 ratio, radial polarity of the DNA, the psi bank, and more. It’s all in my book, “Time is DNA”.  This is a good one today. While he’s talking think, “That the Mayan Harmonic” because it is.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today for Yellow Warrior and Blue Night. Saturn rules Capricorn.

  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, aligning with Neptune, and bringing on a need to unwind, go with the flow, or accept and forgive.
  • Mercury stations and turns direct tonight after retrograde motion since January 14th. Over the coming weeks, recent problems with communications and decision-making should start to improve. The answers we’ve been waiting for can arrive. Plans or projects that have stalled might now resume. However, we can be flooded with energies that are hard to make sense of during today’s shift. Thus, we might avoid critical decision-making for the time being, if possible. It’s a better day to take in than to take action. It’s also a good idea not to rush conversations and observations.


Monday Daily Reading; CME Health Impacts Hitting Earth Tuesday. It’s a GOOD Aquarian Kind of Day.

Mercury stations direct this week on Thursday; Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior. It’s the end of the 13-day cycle in synchronicity with the end of the retrograde. It’s also a NEW MOON tomorrow. They tend to be more intense than Full Moons. We end the crescent moon today, also in synchronicity with the others mentioned.

Body Holon

We land on Planetary Tone 10 today whose attributes are producing, perfecting, and manifestation. Tone 10 kin are OCD, obsessive-compulsive, and workaholics. We think they are out of hand but they are just being themselves and will not change. In a relationship, you need to be independent in your own life, not needy, because they won’t attend to you for the most part. Just somewhat.

  • Theme is Red 10 Skywalker; perfected prophecy. Pulses to left chest/thorax area
  • Analog is White 10 WorldBridger; manifesting change. Pulses to right chest/thorax area
  • Guide Power is Red 10 Dragon; Producing birth or children or nurturing a creative project. Pulses to the right eye and face.
  • Antipode is Blue 10 Night; abundance through focused intuition first and the powerful manifestation. Jump from 5th density down to 4D. Pulses to the right shoulder.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-existing Star so this is an artist’s mindset where they are determined to explore the edges of an issue and bring it into form by paying attention to details. PUlses to the right lower abdomen below the navel.
  • 5gforce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Hand or working alone as so many are doing now.
  • IChing Hx 55; Abundance/Fullness in synchronicity with Blue 10 Night

Earth Holon

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars today.

New picture of the Martian Surface
  • The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn until it enters Aquarius at 4:43 AM EST. The Aquarius Moon is fair-minded. We tend to see all sides on a matter, and we can be more invested in our friendships, connections, and happiness goals. This is a good time to put in effort towards progressive causes and projects or bring new, unique, and exciting elements to our work. New techniques or options can emerge. However, what we begin now, we may not finish. With the New Moon occurring shortly into the day tomorrow, the Moon is Balsamic today. We’re symbolically in the dark as we clear the way for new beginnings. This is a time for review and reflection.
  • The Sun, Moon, And Saturn are in Aquarius ruled by Uranus. The time tunnels are unblocked and we are re-organizing our society and our bodies.
  • Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto and the Midheaven are in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Our communication, way of loving, way of asserting ourselves and seeing ourselves is getting some discipline.
  • Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces. Those in creative mode are ambitious and imaginative
  • Uranus, N.Node of Destiny and Rising are in Taurus. All things in 4D are pulsing to the Age of Aquarius.
Aquarius is on top right now.