ScR is going back up to 42 in 12 hours

You can see the long yellow line on the far right.
It’s Noon EST here, midnight there and it shot up to 42. My BP went up and headache again despite med and herb 🌿. There is no other reason. Slept great and sun is out. We HSP just have to roll…

I also got a “communique” from Michael who is in 5th density that it’s rough out where he is, lots of shakeup. I can feel people waking up today and it’s throwing off the c$%^&. They have no where to hide once the jig is up and humans are on to them. I need to meditate.

Sunday-High ScR

3:45pm it’s up to 42 sooner than I expected unless it’s a heads up before it hits.

Also…in the Red Skywalker 4D Time Portal at 37 degrees south 73 degrees west, a large earthquake. There have been many lately.

These are pulsing to the current HF45 Hx 22 at the root of the planet by Antarctica. This time portal is right next to the 3D hexagram.

If you watched the video I posted yesterday from Corey Goode you remember that Antartica is where the C$%^& are digging g for E.T. tech for themselves and where Atlantis used to be.


Chile has had: (M1.5 or greater)

  • 5 earthquakes in the past 24 hours
  • 10 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 48 earthquakes in the past 30 days
  • 711 earthquakes in the past 365 days

The largest earthquake in Chile:

This was August 7, 2022. Look at the Scr!

Take a look at this. There is no way the Resonance would be 85 anymore. This is more proof of the timeline shift as of October 5th. The ScR is either below the normal 8 which is most of the time, or it only goes up to 3x normal approximate.

This is for now. If all of a sudden humans lose their ever lovin’ minds even more than they have, god only knows what will happen in the Psi Bank. Again, this controls the Sun and what the changes will be for the planet.

The ScR Q-Factor at 4M EST

Q factors of the Schumann resonances are the factors which represent the sharpness of resonances of the earth ionosphere cavity. The earth as the lower boundary of the cavity can be recognized as a perfect conductor, while the ionosphere as an upper boundary is a leaky wall which has finite conductivities.

“An inverse relation between Q factors and solar activity was found and it is concluded from this that the effective height of the upper boundary of the cavity decreases as the sun becomes active. It is suggested that the sun may have some effect in modifying the conductivity profile below 56 km of the atmosphere.”-from the ScR pdf

You can see the Consecutive spikes in the Q spaces of the layers of magnetosphere; Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 which was the highest at 24.

I believe these are indicative of the depth of the ELM energy into the earth from the local system and causing quakes.

Since 4am the power frequency has gone up 18%. The Sun is reacting to another evolutionary shift.
The amplitude power is still 52 in all 4 Psi Bank cavities. The lowest one on the bottom is the earth and the top one is the ionosphere.
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