CCP Seeks to ‘Replace’ US With ‘Tech-Powered Dystopia’: Select Committee Testimony

They can seek it all they want, but they won’t find it. The CCP doesn’t have more authority on earth than us, the GGLN, The Watchers, or J.C. No A.I. Dystopia.

The new timeline is secured into implicate order, 5D, beyond the 4D Time portals into HF33, kin 130 so they can eat it.

Fully-vaccinated former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies of COVID complications while battling Parkinson’s and blood cancer

HEAD’S UP. Powell Was A Major C^&*( Gatekeeper

He was Yellow 2 Polar Human, residing in HF33. Very significant. His Hidden Wisdom, Red 12 Crystal Moon is ALSO in HF33. Unreal. He guarded the front door, Red 12 Moon and the back door to Implicate Order, Yellow 2 polar Human for the Cabal. What reason? To make sure WAR continued on this planet. His 5GForce was Yellow 12 Crystal Star, in synchronicity with today.

“Mr. President, there is no WMD in Iraq that we know of.” Bald faced lie. This was Sadaam Hussein’s regime who the U.S. hung.

Colin Powell Birth Gateway

Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury. He helped block the Time Tunnels in the Cosmic Web. It’s obvious to me. It’s very odd that he is an Aries and there is no Mars alignments here. That indicates to me that he did not come for soul lessons but the be a SHADOW PLAYER against humans.

I’m Having Archetype Fun with the New Spiderman Movie Trailer

Keep an eye out for the green street sign, 33rd Street. Start it at 1:14 and look on the left. Like the matrix movies they are hinting at HF33. It goes by in one second. IT’s A HACK of our information. Now just imagine was CNN is putting in their news daily.

My son just encouraged me to watch this. I want you to see how they plant some info., but not all, in our minds through the media. We view it as just fictional entertainment but it’s not just that at all. It’s important to pay attention folks.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Mysterio. He’s a Magician warlock so that is an archetype of White Wizard Tribe. Notice he has a pentagram around his neck which evokes Jupiter. The Jupiter evocation ties him to Spiderman in Yellow Seed Tribe which is mediated by Jupiter. And of course the pentagram is a symbol of HUMANS and is used in ritual by Wiccan people; warlocks and witches. The 5-sided star represents the head, 2 arms and two legs. Then I decided to dial up Mysterio. Benedict is Yellow 3 Electric Human in real life. Synchronicity.

Spiderman is an archetype for an invertebrate arachnid with 8 eyes which falls in Yellow Seed Tribe. So spiders are also invertebrate which synchronizes with Doc Oc on this issue as well as time that they “shared”. 8 means galactic on our end.

Doc Oc comes back in this movie. He references an octopus which is an invertebrate amphibian; he has no spine, no mystic column, axis of the the eternal present.

White Wizard and Yellow Seed kin are both in the Gateway Earth Family on the Earth Holon. Yellow Seed in in the Fire Clan and White Wizard is in the Truth Clan.

The movie is basically about Mysterio casting a time spell between CA and AC timelines. Notice his mention of space-time which so many movies do.

Trinity was in Room 303. We are in Harmonic 33

Room 303 was a room within the Heart O’ The City Hotel from Mega City in the Matrix. It contained a hardline, and so was a location that redpills could use to safely escape from the Matrix. I don’t think hardlines actually exist by the way although you can encrypt your hard drive. Otherwise, anything that goes through our router can be spied on. The archetypes for the Red Pillers, Trinity and Neo, 303 and 101 are archetypes for the Tzolkin Matrix Harmonic 33. We enter that today.

The Matrixovies are a Hollywood hack of HF33 to attempt to turn earth I to an A.I Controlled machine planet. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Today is kin #129, Red 12 Moon which is about being dedicated to community, universal flow. We’re sealing the process of universal water with the crystal tone of cooperation. There is no energy support in the grid for DICTATORIAL egos so humans need to act on the freedom that is given them by universal forces and act accordingly. The dictator politicians will be swept away with no support. Ignore them.

The analog is White 12 Dog, the Guide Power is Red 12 Dragon, the antipode is Blue 12 Storm and the Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Human. We are in the very center of the Tzolkin and this harmonic turns in on itself meaning it’s inverse is itself whereas, for example, HF1’s inverse is HF65, the first and last harmonic in the Tzolkin.

Crystal, community, Flow of Emotion.

This is the center of the binary triplet configuration that creates the DNA double helix spiral, radial polarity that is our DNA and Time itself. I believe it’s the doorway to Implicate order that David Bohm, physicist, speaks of in his work, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”. The Implicate order is Galactic Center, where God is. You could think of this kin as the Door to the Spiritual Crystal temple where the collective gathers. It’s the universe and the temple is everywhere.

Tomorrow, kin 130 is the Trinity, 303, 33, The Father-Mother, Son-Daughter, and the Holy Spirit. The female is equal to the male in the Universe. Patriarchy on Earth is not in reality at all and has wreaked havoc. That is over now. Kin 130 is also the Omega point, the end point, White 13 Dog, Cosmic Love, Loyalty and Heart. Christ Consciousness.

The next kin, 131 is the Alpha point, Blue Monkey Wavespell 11, Power of Magic, the Dragon Genesis Complete as the Dragon Tribe, Red 1 Dragon began our evolution on Earth. Kin 131 is Blue 1 Monkey which is about unifying and creating.

The last kin of this harmonic is Yellow 2 Human, dualistic, stabilizing, 2 strand DNA humans. We polarized in order to influence. Polarization is not negative! It stabilizes wisdom and creates free will. We’re going through it right now. We have Red Pill and Blue Pill, Republican and Democrat, Right wing and Left wing, Lovers and Haters, Empowered and Victim, Independent and Dependent and the list can go on. At some point in our lives we have been on both sides. It depends on where we are in our personal lives. But we should not judge or abandon each other because we’re DIFFERENT. Polarization is challenging but by no means does politics DEFINE OUR SOULS. This is where we find ourselves today and I believe it’s because humans have given over control of their bodies to the system. Your body IS your soul and your mind. It’s time to take control of your body and mind for yourself and stop giving it over to everyone else and letting the sick care system hex you into oblivion with their bad magic.

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