CDC Data: Vaccinated Now Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths

CDC Data: Vaccinated Now Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths

Hippocratic vs. Technocratic Medicine From Brownstone Institute

Hippocratic Medicine is Holistic or Natural Medicine

Source LINK: Hippocratic vs. Technocratic Medicine

“A recent pre-print study in the medical journal The Lancet found that the mRNA vaccines showed no net benefit for all-cause mortality.

Furthermore, CDC data, as well as data provided by life insurance companies stratified by age, showed a 40 percent rise in all-cause mortality among working-age adults (18- to 64-year-olds) in 2021 during the mass vaccination campaign, as compared to the previous five-year baseline. To put this into context, actuaries tell us that a 10 percent rise in all-cause mortality is a once in 200-year disastrous event. The United States didn’t see this kind of spike even during World War II. When age groups were further stratified, life insurance mortality in quarter three of 2021 during the mass vaccination campaign showed even more alarming excess-mortality statistics among middle-aged adults:

  • 81% increase for 25- to 34-year-olds
  • 117% for 35- to 44-year-olds
  • 108% for 45- to 54-year-olds
  • 70% for 55- to 64-year-olds.
  • The mRNA vaccines produced no net mortality benefits for the population.”

Do read the article but the scientist they quote is obviously and A.I. Prophet.-Lisa T.

“According to advocates, this was merely an early experiment for these genetic therapies (one cannot plausibly call them vaccines any longer, even with the CDC changing its definition of vaccine last year to accommodate these products).

Jamie Metzl recently published an article in Newsweek on the future of mRNA technologies with the headline, “Miraculous mRNA Vaccines Are Only the Beginning.” Metzl claims that these vaccines offer an “early look at how the miraculous tools of the genetics revolution will transform our health care and our world over the coming years.” We now have powers to hack our DNA, he opines, and “the new vaccines are perfect early examples of this ‘godlike technology.’” (Emphasis mine.)

These are his words, not mine. Metzl explains, “The vaccines, in essence, transform our bodies into personalized manufacturing plants producing an otherwise foreign object to trigger our natural immune response.” The possibilities are endless, he waxes: “This approach will soon create a whole new platform for fighting cancers and other diseases, as well as for providing enhancements even more profound than vaccination.”

While these transformations were well underway before the pandemic, COVID “supercharged the genetics revolution,” which “will soon touch our lives ever more intimately.” This revolution will include not just enormous advances in agriculture, industry, and medicine, it will also “recast our evolutionary trajectory as a species.”

12:60 Rules our Institutions and The Sciences. It’s Patriarchy. It’s incorrect Math and Not in Alignment with 13:20.

“Our DNA is manifested and grown in utero by our Mother on the Loom of Maya and it’s coordinate is 13:20. It’s a fact of nature. If we refuse to accept it, we will end a portion of the species and the Earth Changes will be more difficult than they need to be.”

Lisa T.-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Institutions of government, Church, State, and Academia are still patriarchal. Women and children are to be objectified and used for the purposes of men at all costs. We are not protected or loved. 12:60 creates dependency and blame.

Think of every single Tone of CREATION. 12:60 in shadow spins up the opposite; mis-creating.

  • Magnetic Tone 1-No bond. No magnetism
  • Polar Tone 2-Unlevel, no stability. One side and one gender dominates
  • Electric Tone 3-Too many electrons in the body makes the body too dense. We need protons, neutrons, and 5D energy added to bring the light body forward so there is 3D clenching onto illusory manifestation.
  • Tone 4 Self-Existing-There is no Love of the Higher Self which Christ taught. There is only lower self, doormat crucifixion and sacrifice. He wasn’t teaching sacrifice with his crucifixion. He was personally yielding to a situation he chose. He didn’t ask us to be crucified.
  • Tone 5-Radiant. Dull instead, boring, redundant, in shadow
  • Tone 6-Rhythmic. Ill sense of timing, no sweet beat, no music. Drum machines in other words
  • Tone 7-Resonant. No resonance, no sharing, no circulation. Recluse energy. Lockdowns. Fear. Anti-social.
  • Tone 8-Galactic. There is no inhabited galaxy. There are no E.T. or UFO’s. Denial of THE TRUTH of the inhabited universe and our ancestry to dis-empower us. There are millions of species.
  • Tone 9-Solar. Solar forcing, eyes on the sun, the Sun is in charge and it’s MALE. It’s also blind and in error.
  • Tone 10-Manifestation. No manifested LOVE. No more children. Women no longer want to have a baby or have breasts. They’re cutting them off. Men want the woman’s body for himself as his food. No children to compete with. The only manifestation is what the man needs and loves. It’s Draco Reptian agenda bc they made bad decisions in the past desiring 3D power more than love.
  • Tone 11-Spectral. There is no liberation or free will. Earth is a prison/slave planet run by Elon Musk and McDonalds.
  • Tone 12-Crystal. The crystals at the center of the Earth are ignored. Their teaching about sharing, meditation, communing are silent on the surface.
  • Tone 13-Cosmic. We are banned from the cosmic web and the news from the Universal Circuits because the elite men have to play with the nuclear bombs that look like a penis. Have you seen the garden in N. Korea?
Haesingdang Penis Park…Seriously.
It’s a good thing the entire freaking planet is a pussy park; ALL of creation.

Wednesday-Daily Reading; Blue 4 Self-Existing Hand-Isoleucine

Remember that we are here to heal ourselves, to feel and know Source IN US. No one else is going to do it for us. Today’s gateway is focused on it.

Also it is against universal law for our E.T. ancestors to cross a line interfering. But they have a legal and moral obligation to protect the local universe from nefarious human c$%^& folly that hurts the entire Cosmic web. I don’t make the rules but I do feel that eons ago I had some input, even before earth existed. It’s a general principle on any new evolving sphere.

Body Frequency

See my post today on the inverse tone 10, manifestation to gain more insight into the tone 4, tone 10 pulse.

Chakra 1-Grounding. It’s right in line with today’s gateway. Week 4: (Yellow) Power Ripens Fruit.
Plasma 2 - Seli"I attain the power of peace"Seli – luminic force (flow)
We land on Blue 4 Self-Existing Hand~Yellow 4 Human which is a GAP kin.

The 5GForce

It is Red 10 Planetary Skywalker mediated by Mars/Maldek. This pulses UP the Hidden Wisdom; White 10 Planetary Wizard. It would need to wouldn’t it since all that mediates White Wizard is an asteroid belt.

“I perfect in order to explore. Producing wakefulness I seal the output of space with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of birth. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me”.

Kin 153

Earth Frequency

ScR is 26

Interplanetary Holon Frequency

We are mediated by Earth today and pulsing are Saturn, Uranus, and the asteroid belt.

  • There can be a strong tendency to misjudge matters very early today. Transits impact our perceptions and decision-making as we try to make sense of the information before us and attempt to find meaning in it. We might inflate the positive of a situation. Motivation or energy levels may wane as we can feel overwhelmed with possibilities and uncertain about our next step. It’s temporary, and a break from the action or detour can ultimately help redirect us. We should watch for scattering our energies or taking on too many activities at once–we could be looking so far ahead that we forget the important details or disclaimers. Positively, we might entertain possibilities that we wouldn’t normally consider.
  • However, the Moon is in steady Taurus all day, helping ground us. (Synchronicity with the 5D Gateway and the 5GForce!!!)
  • A Moon-Pluto trine this afternoon is deliberate and decisive. We appreciate gentle challenges, as we feel alive and vital as we meet them.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:42 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini tomorrow, Thursday, October 13th, at 1:09 AM EDT.


Thursday-We Are Back to Binary Polarity In our Cells

Meaning…the excessive pain and inflammation of evolution forward at the faster rate should ease. Also, and markedly, the ScR has been normal or even low for a week, since we got CLOSER TO THE NEW TIMELINE. This was a big indicator to me that our collective mind body was turning the corner. We see it manifest in the Psi Bank.

There is nothing abstract here. Our bodies, brains and minds are changing which mean TIME is changing. It’s obvious all around us in new human behavior and EARTH behavior.

Humans are either more violent, more peaceful, more sexually confused, celibate or in flux and peaceful, gaining or losing weight. I have seen so many women who are putting on weight quickly. Men just a few.

This week, since Red 7 Earth many of my patients and people they know have had insomnia. My sleep cycle and brain feel totally different on this new AC timeline. I already posted about time with my healer teacher while sleeping. Then I used it in my office and my patient who had a hernia operation in his abdomen years ago had a major healing experience yesterday with me. He saw a very bright purple light as I used the new technique on him. He also canceled his CT scan for pain in his side because I got rid of it!

My future timeline is here. My healing practice is going to increase for everyone’s benefit. In addition, I’m going to have the small toned body I’ve always wanted but wasn’t raised to have in lieu of BAKING. Then I can keep working. Aboriginal Continuity is the dreamtime. I receive the most help there. We all can. We are now on the AC timeline. The changes are happening IN US. I hope that’s where you’ve been looking.

May 6,2022-Amazing, Crazy Synchronicity for Me on this date

My gardenia. I brought it in because in Michigan it gets below 40 at night now.

I don’t think I ever blogged on this day because I’ve been healing from it for 4 months.

My neck injury happened on his gateway in May 2022, stimulating my karma with my mom from 2017 on THIS gateway, Yellow 2 Human, her mate Norm in HF33. Crazy stuff. And now today also, bc it is Yellow 2 Human, that is pulsing off of Raul who is my Hidden Wisdom governed by our mother’s synchronicity.

I believe I told you that the curtains in Raul’s hallway in his house in San Jose were exactly the same as those in my mothers bedroom. I was in the twilight zone which is the tip off that you’re crossing timeliness in your DNA. I walked into my mom’s bedroom and she said, “Look at my new curtains!”. They were very pretty. I said, “Umm, they are they are exactly the same as Raul’s in his hallway in San Jose. I made a mental note of them for some odd reason.” Mom, “How can that be?” ” Because he is my Hidden Wisdom which is the subconscious mind programmed in utero by your mother. You two pulse on each other.” She didn’t understand all of it although she understands the subconscious mind in the hidden wisdom position.

It has happened to me so many times. Mom did not buy those in a store but at a sale.!!! Not easy to duplicate.

Yellow 1 Magnetic Star~Blue 1 Monkey. Hidden Wisdom is me, Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

I was doing my morning workout in May using barbells, doing normal reps and nothing was different. I was aware that it was my Hidden Wisdom that day, Yellow 1 Star.

Then I felt a snap in my neck but it didn’t hurt. I finished my workout. That night as I lay in bed, forgetting that we were in my exact kin at that hour, I started to feel pins and needles on the right side, neck, shoulder and arm. I sat up and looked at the oracle.

Holy crap. I’m in my own kin. I asked spirit what was going on. They said, “You will be OK but you asked us to stop aging in your body and for it to be whole again. SO, you have a lot of issues to release on your right side and right hand. You will not have pain but we have to get at this.” From the neck down I felt zaps of electricity or…energy of some type and they asked me to flow with it. Right!

I could walk, no pain, but this was parasthesia, pins and needles. My son was keeping an eye on me and testing me. My mind and strength were fine. I was icing and taking Ibuprofen but mostly I was meditating.

I thought, this is my fire hand, went down the right side of my body and  I thought of all the events and people in those tribes who had severely wronged me and never apologized. I had forgiven them but they had hurt me deeply. Sun, Wind, Night and many Seed kin, right abdomen, and hip, 3 blue hand, right abdomen, my mom. Right lower abdomen and thigh, yellow Star, all the objectification of me as a performer by skads of people, my right tone 2 knee, bashed it badly after the worst Thanksgiving in my hometown, and my right ankle I had sprained 3x.

Spirit wasn’t kidding. I needed zapping. because I asked for release in my entire body. It’s not as though I was being hurt. Nothing hurt. It was just uncomfortable. Ask and you will receive. That doesn’t mean it will be easy.

My friend took me to the E.R. which was no biggie but they didn’t understand my neck injury at all. They just freaked out over my blood pressure. I felt fine. They forced it down with med and I felt high like a zombie. She called me a unicorn because I felt fine. In the meantime my psychic senses were on fire and I could see energy of staff that walked in and would drop comments. I was bored. Lol

They wanted a reading and I was spot on but then I put a stop to it as I was supposed to be resting. Once I got to the hospital, I asked them my room number. It was 1-11. I made her back up so I could check it. Omg. The nurse said, “I’m not lying to you.” OK, this is meant to be.

I had mixed feelings about this because I had read that psychics and sensitives tend to run higher BP or QI pressure because of our energy. However, I had asked Spirit to help balance my energy so I could remain in the body for as long as I wanted. My choice. I needed to accept that the physical body had to ascend in stages and I want to remind my readers of that.

I was only in there for a day and continued to get quite a few spiritual questions from staff. I was planting seeds in the sick care environment so these people could wake up. That’s why this was happening in addition to me slowing myself down. One nurse asked me what I thought about recovery from addiction because patients always returned. I said, “Forgiveness. It’s a spiritual issue.” And then I clarified what real forgiveness was. You have to literally let the negative emotion and trauma and receive help from an energy worker. It’s very doable.

She agreed. Real healtcare is mind-body-spirit or holistic and I kept saying it in there. IT’S NOT RELIGION OR THE BIBLE. But I’m in Grand Rapids so it’s an uphill battle. The young people get it though.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The QI is so compressed and awful in the hospital because they are the opposite of nature and healing vibe. It’s a failure and dangerous.

My BP quickly went down to 110/70 which is what they force it to now, even at 60 years old? I told my doctor that was a super chill, young receptive woman vibe ready to be relaxed and impregnated for God’s sake. Men say, ..”RELAX!”. Right. For their purposes.

My Chinese doctor had a fit. In China, for a 60 year old, they say 140/80 is fine. Americans. They are SO biased toward youth and even push older people into those youth boxes. That, and you never see older people on ads stretching, thin and happy. I’m just working with it now. My body is changing very quickly.

It’s all good with synchronicity all around. Relating this back to mom. While I was in the ICU she never responded to my call or text; my own mother. This is par for the course with my mom. Oversight and neglect since I was young because of ADHD. It runs in my family. She apologized profusely but this always happens. I needed to forgive her. This is just who she is so I’ve covered my own bases in life and don’t rely on my family at all.

Everything happens for a reason and it is really up to us to negotiate the state of our bodies on this very compressed planet. No doubt our telomeres take a hit but we can reverse damage to the them as well by reducing the level of ELM energy in our cells. It’s the negative polarity. Yes, we are manifested and visible but we could be in the minimum range until the frequencies on the planet are cleaned up. It is incredibly dense here. We have to remember to lighten up on every level.

It’s Just About Our Bodies

To control your time and love your time you have to control your own body and mind, love it, and take care of it. Stay in your personal vortex in as much self created personal vibe as possible.

You’ve heard of your bodyclock. Well that IS THE REAL CLOCK and it is totally synced to the Sun, the earth, the Moon, the local system and its cycles. This couldn’t be simpler or more ancient. It is tuned into the Biosphere.

We don’t even really need any 2D calendar to look at. We just need to pay attention to the light, the seasons, our precious trees, flowers and insects, our mischievous animals and deluded but funny humans.

Time as the body is not hard folks. I think it’s common sense when you feel your body and engage your senses. It’s better to be alone than to compromise your authentic self to be around others. Do you want to live or not? Giving control of your life and soul over to others is a slow, painful, unnecessary death. There is no love in giving up what you want and need to a great degree, just to fit in or to please others.

America Is Falling Apart at the Seams by NY Times David Brooks

David Brooks is a Centrist politically, like me. I am a conservative and a believer but refuse Church. But I am also an artist, cultured, educated and raised a Democrat so it’s all in me. Don’t ditch my blog just because I believe Trump is being scapegoated by a failed Dem party with a pitiful leader that is crapping all over The Constitution.

We’re not having fun anymore and not friends anymore. We’ve been programmed by media and politicians to attack each other. The answer to this conundrum is we need an accurate perception of TIME which is our body!! People need to become one with their body instead of trying to destroy it or hating it.

I really don’t think my readers are turning off their MSM TV news or I would have more followers.

The New York Times



America Is Falling Apart at the Seams

Jan. 13, 2022

Credit…Ashley Gilbertson for The New York Times

By David Brooks

Opinion Columnist

In June a statistic floated across my desk that startled me. In 2020, the number of miles Americans drove fell 13 percent because of the pandemic, but the number of traffic deaths rose 7 percent.

I couldn’t figure it out. Why would Americans be driving so much more recklessly during the pandemic? But then in the first half of 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle deaths were up 18.4 percent even over 2020. Contributing factors, according to the agency, included driving under the influence, speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Why are so many Americans driving irresponsibly?

While gloomy numbers like these were rattling around in my brain, a Substack article from Matthew Yglesias hit my inbox this week. It was titled, “All Kinds of Bad Behavior Is on the Rise.” Not only is reckless driving on the rise, Yglesias pointed out, but the number of altercations on airplanes has exploded, the murder rate is surging in cities, drug overdoses are increasing, Americans are drinking more, nurses say patients are getting more abusive, and so on and so on.

Yglesias is right.

Teachers are facing a rising tide of disruptive behavior. The Wall Street Journal reported in December: “Schools have seen an increase in both minor incidents, like students talking in class, and more serious issues, such as fights and gun possession. In Dallas, disruptive classroom incidents have tripled this year compared with prepandemic levels, school officials said.”


This month, the Institute for Family Studies published an essay called “The Drug Epidemic Just Keeps Getting Worse.” The essay noted that drug deaths had risen almost continuously for more than 20 years, but “overdoses shot up especially during the pandemic.” For much of this time the overdose crisis has been heavily concentrated among whites, but in 2020, the essay observed, “the Black rate exceeded the white rate for the first time.”

In October, CNN ran a story titled, “Hate Crime Reports in U.S. Surge to the Highest Level in 12 Years, F.B.I. Says.” The F.B.I. found that between 2019 and 2020 the number of attacks targeting Black people, for example, rose to 2,871 from 1,972.

The number of gun purchases has soared. In January 2021, more than two million firearms were bought, The Washington Post reported, “an 80 percent year-over-year spike and the third-highest one-month total on record.”

As Americans’ hostility toward one another seems to be growing, their care for one another seems to be falling. A study from Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy found that the share of Americans who give to charity is steadily declining. In 2000, 66.2 percent of households made a charitable donation. But by 2018 only 49.6 percent did. The share who gave to religious causes dropped as worship service attendance did. But the share of households who gave to secular causes also hit a new low, 42 percent, in 2018.


This is not even to mention the parts of the deteriorating climate that are hard to quantify — the rise in polarization, hatred, anger and fear. When I went to college, lo these many years ago, I never worried that I might say something in class that would get me ostracized. But now the college students I know fear that one errant sentence could lead to social death. That’s a monumental sea change.

It has to be said that not every trend is bad. Substance use among teenagers, for example, seems to be declining. And a lot of these problems are caused by the presumably temporary stress of the pandemic. I doubt as many people would be punching flight attendants or throwing temper tantrums over cheese if there weren’t mask rules and a deadly virus to worry about.

But something darker and deeper seems to be happening as well — a long-term loss of solidarity, a long-term rise in estrangement and hostility. This is what it feels like to live in a society that is dissolving from the bottom up as much as from the top down.

What the hell is going on? The short answer: I don’t know. I also don’t know what’s causing the high rates of depression, suicide and loneliness that dogged Americans even before the pandemic and that are the sad flip side of all the hostility and recklessness I’ve just described.


We can round up the usual suspects: social media, rotten politics. When President Donald Trump signaled it was OK to hate marginalized groups, a lot of people were bound to see that as permission.

Some of our poisons must be sociological — the fraying of the social fabric. Last year, Gallup had a report titled, “U.S. Church Membership Falls Below Majority for First Time.” In 2019, the Pew Research Center had a report, “U.S. Has World’s Highest Rate of Children Living in Single Parent Households.”

And some of the poisons must be cultural. In 2018, The Washington Post had a story headlined, “America Is a Nation of Narcissists, According to Two New Studies.”

But there must also be some spiritual or moral problem at the core of this. Over the past several years, and over a wide range of different behaviors, Americans have been acting in fewer pro-social and relational ways and in more antisocial and self-destructive ways. But why?


As a columnist, I’m supposed to have some answers. But I just don’t right now. I just know the situation is dire.

More on America’s bad behavior

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David Brooks has been a columnist with The Times since 2003. He is the author of “The Road to Character” and, most recently, “The Second Mountain.” @nytdavidbrooks


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