My Books are all For Sale on the “Books For Sale” Tab. There are Four of Them Now

My latest book to be published, which you can pre-order on Amazon is “Everyday Intuition” And the Science Validating it. It’s 124 pages long compilation of essays I wrote for this blog a few years ago. This would make a great gift for anyone!

When I blog daily on here I often refer to “Time is DNA” which is like a 144-page college book on the subject. It’s short.  It would be helpful for you to understand the subject matter if you had it on hand. Then you can slowly digest what I’m talking about.

We are time~The Axis of the Eternal Present is our CNS. Only your perspective mindset is past or future.

Books For Sale Tab on the Home Page

These are my four books for sale. The newest one is on the left. I really like all of these books. The third one includes the fascinating letter from Einstein to Roosevelt before the atomic bomb was built by the Manhattan Project. The fourth book, Healer has documentation of the crazy synchronicity around the death of my son’s father, my ex-husband and my fiance. I had finished the book and my editor asked me to include all of those events in it so they are at the end. Healer means I have healed myself, not that I heal others. I talk about we can all be healers our ourselves.

The easiest way to buy them is from Amazon. Just search on my name, Lisa K. Townsend and they will all come up.


Lisa T.

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