In This Halloween Season…A Mother’s Love

Harry Potter…

Lily Potter is murdered by Lord Voldemort while standing in his way to Harry. Sacrificial protection (but it’s not a sacrificial LOSS. It is a change in TIME or a timeline by moving from 4D physical to 5D Light Body thus giving the protectee more 3D time in physical) is an ancient, powerful and long-lasting counter-charm that is endowed when one person ultimately gives his or her own life (Time) willingly and out of deep and pure love to strongly save the life of one or more people.

Note that Harry’s scar is a lightning bolt, an archetype of Blue Storm Tribe which is true to Harry’s destiny. He has to self-generate from being raised by ignorant muggles into a conscious wizard.

Daniel Ratcliffes Birth oracle. Remember the first scene of the first movie The Sorcerer’s Stone with the snake? Red Serpent tribe comes after Red Dragon. Harry can speak to snakes because of his tribe. And Hagrid has a discussion with Harry on the bus that Dragons are vastly misunderstood creatures.

Yellow 7 Sun is a super powerful gateway to be in the subconscious mother position. Look at the zig zag mirror as his analog and the mirroring he had with Voldemort. And what was his challenge? Resonant magic with his friends. Harry was ultimately guided by the Skywalkers but he hails from Red Dragon, where ALL humans began.

Remember the Mirror of Arisett scene that shows Harry what he wants, desperate desires of your heart. It is one thing to have a dream but the only way it can be manifested is if you live. Anyway, Harry’s analog is White Mirror in line with his destiny oracle.

Harry’s vault 687 at Gringotts adds up to 11! After that is vault 713 which is the second 11 so it’s 11:11. Lol

Platform 9 and 3/4 is 9.75. 9.75 x 2 = 19.5 which is the latitude on all of our local system planets where evolutionary events take place to change the planet body such as volcano and storms.

The Hogwarts train # is 5972=23. 1: 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers – a number that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits. Primes have been described as the “atoms” of mathematics – the building blocks of matter.

The quidditch snitch is an archetype for the subatomic nucleus of our DNA cells. Harry is a seeker for the game of control over time which is our body. Notice that after the quidditch game the snitch comes OUT OF his body and they win.

There are Tzolkin archetypes around every corner in all of the Harry Potter movies.

Tuesday Daily Reading; White 7 Resonant Wizard

The vibe you see right there, the enigmatic Alan Rickman who seemingly was ONE with his character Snape in Harry Potter sets the tone for the day. He’s my favorite and today is Rickman’s birth themeplex.

I Channel in order to Enchant.
Inspiring Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the resonant tone of Attunement.
I am guided by the power of Death

The Dreamspell; 64:14:7:254

Attributes of White Wizard are psychic, intelligent, aligned with divine will, magician, sensitive, heart knowing shaman and concerned with spirituality.

The analog support is Red 7 Serpent ruled by Tiamat; survival, instinct and life-force. Gee…NAGINI!! Look at Snape leaning forward at the end of the table on the right. Then there is DRACO Malfoy on the left. What was JK Rowling tuned into…or chanelling?

Looks like the United Nations to me, although the Tiamat karma is over with. The Draco and it’s progeny Red Serpent are exiled from this planet. I’m not sure what that means for those born Red Serpent or White Wizard but they’re going to have to align with a new DNA line-up.

Once Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct this DECEMBER 21 the mutual energy of both planets is going to be co-opted INTO Earth’s Dreamspell. I will post on this because at Tiamat’s destruction, Jupiter and Saturn took over the energy of Tiamat’s Dreamspell.

Crazy synchronicity there. Voldemort could easily be in synchronicity with Jupiter and Saturn, the satanic time thieves and the serpent Nagini who killed Snape was one with Voldemort. Here we have the karma of TIAMAT and Maldek/Mars encapsulated.

*Note-Mars was named Maldek while Tiamat was still a planet. Maldek was Tiamat’s moon. After Tiamat blew and part of Maldek with it, the Red planet was named Mars. Corey Goode verified that in the movie, “The Cosmic Secret”. Please watch that.

The Guide Power is White 7 Resonant Worldbridger which is in complete synchronicity with the vibe around Tiamat; destruction, death, and change.

The Antipode Challenge is Yellow 7 Resonant Seed which is mediated by a Time Thieving planet in the past; Jupiter. As I said before, once the Great Conjunction happens on the 21st, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt are going to have adjusted Dreamspells. This is Universal, literal, movement and I can only intuit what is going to change. I’ve got three weeks to vibe it out. It is far more than a significant astrological alignment or pagan holiday to be sure.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 7 Resonant Hand or Inspiring Healing and Accomplishment. This is a very positive vibe; generous, peaceful, opener of gateways, cooperative, etc. Come dusk as the Moon moves into LIBRA, this is a very conciliatory vibe after what may be a bit of a tense day.

The Galactic Fifth Force Group is helping to uplift the entire themeplex with White 7 Resonant Worldbridger. NOTICE THAT IT’S THE SAME AS THE GUIDE POWER! Very odd. It is kin 46. Whenever we have this DIRECT PULSING or reverberation that is happening here with a GUIDE POWER OF WHITE 7 MIRROR on kin 46 with resonant Tone 7, this an opportunity to balance significant karma with the new DNA sequences that are streaming onto earth. You would be wise to meditate and channel some attunement OF YOUR BODY and attitude today if you can make time. Equalizing means balancing all parts of the body.

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